Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4080, Portal Appears


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Yue He and the rest had arrived long ago and were looking forward to the Primordial Land’s opening. They were able to find a spot and were waving incessantly in Yang Kai’s direction.


After meeting up with each other, they asked Yang Kai about what he encountered during the past month and were soon quite shocked.


After some small talk, Yang Kai said, “Senior, I think it’s time you tell us about the Primordial Land.”


“I know nothing.” Zhu Jiu Yin shook her head.


Yang Kai was shocked, “How could you know nothing?” He had never asked Zhu Jiu Yin about the Primordial Land before, thinking that she would explain everything to him when the time came. Who knew that he would get such an answer when he took the initiative to ask her?


“It’s not as if this Queen can enter the Primordial Land, so how should I know?” Zhu Jiu Yin snorted. If the Divine Spirits could enter the Primordial Land, then why would they need to choose a Bearer? They could have gone in to fight for the opportunity themselves.


Yang Kai frowned, “Even though you’ve never been inside, didn’t you have a Bearer before…” Speaking up to this point, Yang Kai suddenly understood. It was true that Zhu Jiu Yin had Bearers in the past, but they clearly died inside, so it was reasonable that she knew nothing about what happened inside.


“Then, what do you know? What should I do after going in?” Yang Kai tried to ask for the next best thing.


Zhu Jiu Yin said, “I only know that the treasures inside are countless, but the most important one is the Innate Fruit Tree. The Innate Fruit Tree will appear every time the Primordial Land opens, but only one Innate Spirit Fruit can be picked before it disappears. For native Divine Spirits like us to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins, we must consume that Innate Spirit Fruit, and that is why it is called the Spirit Seizing War.”


“Innate Spirit Fruit!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. Anything that can be described as Innate must be extraordinary.


Zhu Jiu Yin rolled her eyes, “Forget about it. Eating the fruit will not bring you much benefit. Us Divine Spirits are born and raised in this Grand Ancient Ruins, but we are also trapped by it. Fortunately, this Innate Spirit Fruit was created especially for us Divine Spirits. If you can bring it out for me, then you will definitely be rewarded.”


Yang Kai nodded, but in his heart, he was unconvinced. He had some doubts about her words. Zhu Jiu Yin was probably afraid that he would eat the Innate Spirit Fruit, and that was why she said what she did. Whether it was useful to him or not was yet to be known.


“You will have to search for the Innate Fruit Tree yourself. As for what it looks like, you will also have to identify it by yourself. Don’t have any funny thoughts. Just be a good boy and bring that spirit fruit out to me, and this Queen will make sure it is worth your time.”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, thinking that once the spirit fruit was in his hand, then it was not up to her to make the terms.


As if sensing what Yang Kai was thinking, Zhu Jiu Yin shot him a deep look, and a sardonic smile emerged on her lips.


“Senior, I’m going to meet some of my friends over there. I hope Senior can accompany me.” Yang Kai pointed to where Xu Zhen and the rest were standing.


“What are you seeing them for? No point in complicating things on purpose. This Queen needs to adjust her breathing so be good and wait here.” Zhu Jiu Yin coldly snorted before sitting down cross-legged. She had also expended a lot of energy during this past month, so she naturally wanted to recover as soon as possible.


Yang Kai was speechless. Glancing over at Xu Zhen and the others, he shook his head.


Without Zhu Jiu Yin to shelter him, he did not dare move around by himself. The Divine Spirits chasing after Zhu Jiu Yin would not easily let go of the opportunity to kill him. As long as they could kill him, then Zhu Jiu Yin’s plan would fall through, so they naturally wouldn’t be hesitant about attacking.


Time passed slowly, but the 200,000 people gathered outside the Primordial Land were all waiting quietly.


Ten days later, the ever-changing seven-coloured glow suddenly froze for a moment before distorting and warping at an even faster speed. At the same time, the World Energy in the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was madly gathering at this place, drawing up a gale. Rocks and sand flew, and suddenly, the light disappeared from the sky.


All the Divine Spirits were shaken, and they all lifted their heads to look at the Primordial Land’s portal.


“It’s opening!” A Divine Spirit shouted.


The 200,000 people were also shaken, and all of them turned their eyes to the portal.


Zhu Jiu Yin also opened her eyes to look into the sky, “Brat, come here.”


Yang Kai went over obediently, “What orders does Senior have?”


“I only have one sentence for you. This trip can only end in success, not failure. If you fail, then you will be worthless to me. You know what that means, right?” Zhu Jiu Yin looked indifferently at him.


Yang Kai nodded expressionlessly, “Naturally.”




At the same time, many Divine Spirits were also talking to their respective Bearers, some encouragingly, others threateningly.


Gu Pan stood in front of Kui Niu, saying seriously, “Rest assured, Grandpa Ox, I will definitely get you the Innate Spirit Fruit and bring you out of here.”


Kui Niu transformed into a kindly old man with an all-white beard and long eyebrows, smiling, “Just do your best. The most important thing is that you return safely.”


Gu Pan nodded hard.


Fei Yi had also taken on a human form with two heads and a wicked appearance. Forked tongue slipping out of his mouths, he hissed, “Ugly girl, if you fail, then do not blame this King when you are eaten.”


“Yes, yes, yes, all you think about all day is eating. I’ll also grab that Innate Spirit Fruit and have a taste of it.” Qu Hua Shang fumed.


Fei Yi’s two faces paled, “I was just kidding! En, you must bring me the Innate Spirit Fruit. I will definitely offer you many benefits.”


On the other side, Xu Zhen was covering his head angrily, “Can’t you just talk normally? Why do you keep hitting me?”


Zhu Yan slammed his fist down, causing a visible bulge to appear on the little fatty’s head that glowed brightly. Zhu Yan then snorted, “If you do not bring me the Innate Spirit Fruit, then you will receive more than just a beating. You hear me?!”


Xu Zhen gritted his teeth, “Just you wait! Once I bring you out of here, I will make you my mount for five hundred years!”


Zhu Yan sneered, “If you really do have this ability, then what does it matter for this King to act as a mount for five hundred years?” Divine Spirits lived extraordinarily long lives, so five hundred years was a mere snap of a finger for them.


“If you succeed, you live. You fail, you die!” Kun Sha declared succinctly to Lin Feng.


Lin Feng’s face was dark, “I don’t need you to tell me that.”


Not far away, Ning Dao Ran had a relaxed look on his face as if nothing could disturb him. Zhu Jian transformed into a strong, middle-aged man, looking worriedly at him, “Boy, put your heart into it. That Innate Spirit Fruit means a lot to me. When it comes time to snatch it, then you have to snatch it. Do not show those people any mercy.”


Ning Dao Ran saluted him, “Rest assured, Senior. I will do my best.”


Zhu Jian sighed, “If only that was the case.” 


He felt indignant. Why did he choose a guy like this to become his Bearer? Someone as relaxed as him would not be able to achieve great things.




World Energy was continuously converging towards the Primordial Land’s portal. The seven-coloured glow was becoming more and more solid and radiant.


Three days later, the glow suddenly reached a peak. Following that, it was as if a pair of invisible hands split it apart, revealing a seven-coloured passage that connected straight to the Primordial Land.


Everyone was shaken at the sight and fixed their eyes at the centre, but they were simply unable to see the scenery beyond the portal.


The Primordial Land’s portal was finally open.


Among the crowd, several figures turned into streams of light that entered the seven-coloured passage in a flash, disappearing in the blink of an eye; however, some people were unable to hold back and rushed ahead of the others.


Everyone was making their move. More than 200,000 cultivators were rushing to the portal. Even though the portal was large, there were too many people gathered in this place. As the cultivators poured in, some of the people were squeezed out of the seven-coloured passage, falling into a deep abyss.


Screams came, and in front of everyone’s eyes, the cultivators that were forced out of the seven-coloured passage had their flesh peeled from their bodies. In less than three breaths of time, they had become nothing more than skeletons. Following that, the bones that remained of them also broke little by little, turning into dust that scattered away, completely dissipating into the world.


“The outside of the passage is dangerous!” Someone shouted. Face paling, the cultivator quickly retreated.


The cultivators who realized this also did not dare to crowd the portal anymore lest they were squeezed out and met with death.


Many Divine Spirits were looking happily at this scene, and those cultivators were all cursing at that. The Divine Spirits obviously knew about this, yet none of them came and informed them of this fact. Quite clearly, their deaths were not worthy of mention in the eyes of these Divine Spirits. They only needed to look after their own Bearers. Why should they care about anyone else?


Hundreds of lives were lost, and the danger beyond the passage became clear. The cultivators that came after were all careful to stay away from the edges of the passage.


Soon, however, another change occurred. Some cultivators who were moving at the centre of the passage also screamed. Their flesh left their bodies, and they turned into a set of bones.


The cultivators around them were shocked. They all turned their heads to look at each other, none understanding what was going on.


But this did not happen to just a single cultivator. A dozen others met with the same fate, dying inside the seven-coloured passage.


Many cultivators were perturbed at this sight and had no idea how these people had suddenly died in the passage.


However, someone suddenly realized what was happening and shouted, “Open Heaven Realm! They’re all in the Open Heaven Realm! Those in the Open Heaven Realm are not allowed to enter the Primordial Land or they’ll die!”


When they heard him shout, everyone came to their senses. After careful thought, it was indeed true that the dozen who died were all in the Open Heaven Realm.


Under the leadership of the Managers, the group from Scarlet Star were just about to step into the passage when the Head Manager stopped them. Chen Tian Fei and the others behind him were all covered in cold sweat.


They had almost stepped into the passage just now, and if they had done that, then they would have died on the spot.


Not far away, Yang Kai’s face sank as he turned his head to look at Zhu Jiu Yin, “Senior, are those in the Open Heaven Realm not allowed into the Primordial Land?”


Zhu Jiu Yin looked deeply at him, “If those in the Open Heaven Realm could enter, then would I have to seek you out to be my Bearer?” The Sword Pavilion’s Pavilion Master had a cultivation in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Zhu Jiu Yin would naturally have chosen him instead.


“Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Yang Kai was furious.


Zhu Jiu Yin smirked, “Is it too late to say it now? It’s not like you have anything to lose.”


Yang Kai held back his anger, “Not too late!”


But this was troublesome. He was thinking that he could bring Yue He and the others with him. It would be best if he could get the Innate Spirit Fruit in the Primordial Land, but if not, then he could just run away with them.


Zhu Jiu Yin was strong, but Yang Kai was also prepared, so it may not be impossible for him to escape her pursuit.


But now, all his plans had gone up in smoke. Yue He and the others could not enter the Primordial Land. They had to stay behind with Zhu Jiu Yin, which was just like leaving a hostage in her hands. Unless Yang Kai did not care about the life or death of Yue He and the others, then he would definitely have to face her after coming out of the Primordial Land no matter what.


Zhu Jiu Yin obviously anticipated this, so she did not tell Yang Kai on purpose just to catch him off guard.


They both knew each other’s plans well, but in the end, it was Zhu Jiu Yin who came out ahead.




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