Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4081, The Road Ahead is Dangerous


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“Rest assured, I will take good care of these subordinates of yours. Don’t get distracted in the Primordial Land and serve this Queen well,” Zhu Jiu Yin urged him.


Yang Kai responded with affirmation, but his face was grim.


Since those in the Open Heaven Realm could not set foot in the Primordial Land, that meant Yue He, Lu Xue, and Guo Zi Yan had to stay outside, which greatly reduced his battle power. But this was not the most important point. The most important point was the fact that the three of them were now in Zhu Jiu Yin’s hands, so even if Yang Kai had the thought to rebel, he still did not dare to do so.


Guo Zi Yan looked at the cultivators who had followed him to join Yang Kai early on and shouted, “You must follow Sir and protect him to the death, understood?”


The men shouted in unison, “Understood!”


Yang Kai looked at him, shook his head, and smiled bitterly. Even though they had cultivated hard over the years and greatly improved their strength, if they really did encounter any danger that even Yang Kai himself could not resolve, then they would not be able to provide much help.


“Let’s go,” Yang Kai called out to them and several dozen people followed behind him and stepped into the portal.


In just a short few moments, tens of thousands of people had already entered the Primordial Land. By the time Yang Kai led his group into the seven-coloured passage, only a little over half of the 200,000 remained.


The seven-coloured passage was just like the mouth of an invisible beast, constantly swallowing cultivators.


The passage was crowded and bustling, but the group guarded Yang Kai at the centre as they flew onwards, side-by-side.


It was not long before they heard an angry shout from the ground, “You impudent bastards, you dare to provoke the majesty of our Emperor Heaven? Brothers, cut them down!”


In the next moment, violent energy fluctuations burst out ahead of the passage. Countless people broke out into a large fight. Secret Techniques and artifact attacks emerged, turning the passage ahead into a brawl.


Screams broke out and bodies fell while rivers of blood formed.


Yang Kai looked toward the disturbance with a puzzled expression, and then he saw a familiar figure.


The voice earlier was familiar; it was none other than Emperor Heaven’s leader, Ding Yi. Yang Kai had not seen this fellow ever since they parted ways on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain; however, he did occasionally hear news about Emperor Heaven in recent years. He learned that this guy was making waves in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, even gaining a lot of benefits.


At this moment, in the sky ahead, Ding Yi was holding a demon-headed sabre. He was clad in a scarlet cloak as if he were a divine warrior who descended upon the world and gave off an aura of awe-inspiring might. It was not known what sort of grudge he had against these people, but he started a big fight in the seven-coloured passage.


The battle was a large and chaotic melee, with both sides unable to break away or withdraw as thousands of other cultivators were swarming around them, but Ding Yi simply laughed out loud, seemingly delighted at the situation. Slashing his sabre down, a sword light came shooting down with imposing momentum.


Suddenly, Ding Yi stopped and raised his eyes in Yang Kai’s direction. When he had a clear look at Yang Kai’s face, he greeted him with delight, “So it is Brother Yang! How have you been in recent years?”


Yang Kai laughed, “I’m doing well. Brother Ding also seems to be doing well.”


Ding Yi scratched his head and said cheerfully, “So-so.”


Yang Kai asked, “Brother Ding, I wish to go forward. May I ask Brother Ding to make way?”


“No problem!” Ding Yi waved his hand boldly and ordered his men, “Brothers, make way for Brother Yang to pass!”


With his order, the men from Emperor Heaven opened up a path for them. Yang Kai nodded in thanks at Ding Yi before bringing Meng Hong and his several dozen subordinates through the battlefield.


The sound of shouting and killing could still be heard behind them, so it was likely the turmoil was not going to stop for a while.


Among Yang Kai’s team, the shaved-headed man said with a look of admiration, “Our Sir’s face is truly big! This subordinate has heard that man called Ding Yi is reckless and untamed, giving face to nobody. More than ten Open Heaven Realm Masters have already died by the hands of Emperor Heaven’s subordinates, but he actually acts so politely with Sir!”


Lang Qing Shan replied indifferently, “Sir’s strength is unparalleled, How could Ding Yi dare to stop him?”


The shaved-headed man was surprised, “Even a block of wood like you knows how to flatter people?”


Lang Qing Shan blushed and snapped at him, “I am merely telling the truth, how could this be flattery?”


The two of them argued ceaselessly, which made the road ahead feel less boring.


With Emperor Heaven blocking the road under Ding Yi’s command, the passage ahead became much emptier. The seven-coloured passage was also incredibly long, so much so that Yang Kai could not find an end in sight.


The group sped forward, when suddenly a large net covered the front. At the same time, wicked laughter broke out, “I made this path and planted this tree. If you seek passage, then leave your riches and life behind!”


The big net enveloped the entire passage and was Heaven Sealing and Earth Locking, so much so that it deterred one from even thinking of avoiding it. 


All their faces changed.


Lang Qing Shan shouted, “Watch out, Sir!”


He stepped out from the group and thrust his fist out. A ball of light burst out on his fist like a blazing sun, bearing unbridled burning power.


Lang Qing Shan was one of the cultivators with the greatest aptitude among the group who joined Yang Kai. When Yang Kai was distributing rewards, Lan Qing Shan asked for a Fifth-Order material, and he had also refined several other Fifth-Order Elements after all these years, so his strength could hardly be compared to the past.


When he swung his fist out, it was branded by the power of the Sun’s True Fire. As though carrying the Sun, he slammed his fist down with great momentum.


But in the next moment, he was actually caught in the net. It was not known what sort of material the net was made of, but it was incredibly tough, not even allowing water or fire to seep past. Even a Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire was unable to burn it.


In the blink of an eye, Lang Qing Shan was caught in the net, but the net kept going and wrapped everyone up tightly.


A small, thin figure emerged from the void with an ape-like chin, the head of a buck, and the eyes of a rat. Stroking the goatee on his chin, he grinned meaningfully, “The third batch! A group of fools who only know how to seek treasures in the Primordial Land. In this Old Master’s eyes, you are the treasures!”


The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had been open for more than ten years, so the cultivators that were still alive were more or less able to gain a harvest from their time here. The skinny old man stood there, waiting for gains without pain, robbing the cultivators who came by. It was a good plan.


With a few hand seals, the net shrunk abruptly, tightening around everyone. The faces of Meng Hong and the others changed dramatically. They were shocked to find that they could not circulate the strength inside their bodies well, as if it were completely suppressed.


Only then did they realize that this was no ordinary net. It was no wonder why the skinny old man dared to act in such a way despite being alone.


“Let this Old Master see what you have!” The skinny old man stepped forward with a wretched grin on his face, but then, he suddenly stepped back in fear when he saw a certain person in the net. Gulping hard, he stuttered, “S-S-Senior Yang?”


“You know me?” Yang Kai looked calmly at the skinny old man through the net.


The old man’s eyes darted around for a moment before he squeezed out an ugly smile, “Senior Yang’s mighty name has been spread far and wide, having destroyed Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion. You are known to be taking care of Scarlet Star. This Old Master has long admired… Ah! Ahem! So even you will fall for something like this, huh, you brat? Since you’ve fallen into my Profound Dragon Binding Net, then don’t even think about getting out! Even a Dragon will be trapped inside my net. I heard that you razed Sword Pavilion’s Star City and killed tens of thousands, walking away with all of their riches, isn’t that right, boy? Now that I’ve caught you, I’m rich, rich I say! After this batch, this Old Master will never have to worry about cultivation resources in the future!”


Looking at Yang Kai with a wicked look, the old man grinned, “Brat, hurry up and throw out your Space Ring or this Old Master will strangle you to death right this instant!”


The skinny old man grinned meaningfully, “Senior Yang is very powerful, who knows if you have any other tricks up your sleeve? This Old Master should take precautions. If you throw out your ring now, then this Old Master can spare your life!”


Lang Qing Shan fumed, “Shameless old dog, what kind of skill is sneaking up on others? Release me if you have the ability. This Lang will fight you!”


The skinny old man looked at Lang Qing Shan with contempt, “You must have something wrong with your head, you bastard. You are now a fish on a chopping block. Your life and death can be decided with one thought from this Old Master, so why should this Old Master release you?”


“It’s too early to see who is the fish here. If you don’t come over here, then this King will go to you!” While saying that, Yang Kai suddenly stood up. Holding the net, he went forward step by step.


The old man’s face changed as he gritted his teeth, “Senior Yang is indeed amazing, having the strength to walk even under my Profound Dragon Binding Net. It seems like this Old Master has underestimated you, but this is not the full might of the net. Bind! Bind! Bind! Bind! Bind! Bind!”


He shouted six times while going through many seals on his hands. The profound Dragon Binding Net’s silk threads tightened abruptly. Lang Qing Shan and the others suddenly grunted as even the air inside of the net felt abnormal, as if it had become solid and stagnant.


Yang Kai’s pace also gradually became slower before he was frozen in place.


The old man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said with his heart still beating fast, “The ship almost capsized on calm seas. Luckily, this Old Master’s treasure is not bad!”


“Your treasure is indeed good, but you aren’t much!” Yang Kai grinned. Then, his frozen steps continued.


The old man jumped in fright, leaping back almost a thousand meters, “How did you…”


Yang Kai strode forward as swiftly as the wind towards the old man’s direction, speaking in a grim voice, “Indeed, your net is extraordinary. Anyone caught in the net will find it hard to circulate their strength; however, there is one flaw, and that is that it does not limit one’s physical might! Using this net against me means you are seeking death!”


The skinny old man shrieked. Not caring about his precious net any longer, he turned around and ran into the distance. But before he could escape, he felt his neck tighten. A large hand was now wrapped around it, lifting and choking him like a chicken.


The old man stiffened at once and slowly turned his head around.


“Any last words?” Yang Kai asked.


“This is all a misunderstanding…” The old man smiled flatteringly at him.


With a snap, Yang Kai snapped his neck, breaking it completely. His headless body twitched as the head rolled down. Fresh blood spurt out of the wound like a fountain.


The moment the old man died, the Profound Dragon Binding Net came loose. Yang Kai pulled away the net, instantly freeing the group. The ability to circulate their Qi was also restored. The group were staring stunned at him.


Only then did they recall how terrifying this young man in front of them was. They were simply unable to even lift a finger in the net, but Yang Kai could completely ignore the net’s power and slaughter its owner.




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