Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4082, I Am Very Soft


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Yang Kai casually tossed the Profound Dragon Binding Net to Lang Qing Shan, and the latter was stunned for a moment after catching it. Then, he was overjoyed, “Many thanks for the reward, Sir!”


The others looked enviously at him. They were also bound by the net earlier, so they naturally knew how powerful this artifact was. They did not dare to say that it could deal with Masters in the Open Heaven Realm, but at the very least, those under the Open Heaven Realm were powerless to resist it.


With this net in hand, one could become invincible when facing those under the Open Heaven Realm.


But even though they were envious, they did not have any stray thoughts. Previously, Lang Qing Shan was the first to rush out in the face of danger, so it was only natural that he would receive a reward from Yang Kai after showing his loyalty.


“Refine it carefully. This net… Huh? Watch out!”


Yang Kai suddenly shouted. When he turned his head around, a large awl was spinning through the air in front of them in the seven-coloured passage, swiftly approaching them.


This attack came without warning, and it happened when their guards were down after beheading the old man, so it was clearly planned beforehand.


The large awl spun extremely quickly and reached them in the blink of an eye. The several dozen subordinates behind Yang Kai all showed great changes in their expressions.


But Yang Kai took the initiative to move three steps forward and extended a large hand, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water Element Power spreading out as he grabbed at the large awl.


But he failed to grab anything. The large awl completely ignored his attack and easily passed through it, reaching his body in an instant.


“This…” Yang Kai’s face changed. He did not have any time to react before the large awl attacked his body. His entire body shook violently and blood spilled from his mouth. His face paled.


Behind him, the several dozen people all grunted, and their auras grew thin.


“A Divine Ability!” It finally dawned on Yang Kai what was going on. When he saw the large awl’s shocking aura, he thought it was some sort of artifact; however, only now did he realize that this was no artifact, it was a Divine Ability, and an extremely insidious one.


This Divine Ability specifically targeted a cultivator’s Dao Seal!”


As soon as the large awl hit his body, Yang Kai felt like his Dao Seal was being shaken. His Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water Element Powers were thrown into disarray inside of his Dao Seal, but fortunately, a part of his mind was always occupied in circulating the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture; otherwise, this alone would have been enough to destroy his foundation.


It was thanks to the fact that he refined a lot of Divine Dao Water before that his Dao Seal was much more robust now; otherwise, the consequences of this attack would have been unimaginable.


Yang Kai’s face sank. Body swaying, he disappeared in place. By the time he reappeared, he was already many thousands of metres away. He smashed his fist at a certain point in space, using Rupture, but nobody was there.


“He sure escapes quickly!” Yang Kai had a troubled look on his face. He immediately tried to seek out its trail after being attacked by the large awl, but he could not find the one responsible for it, which showed that the attacker was also very afraid of him. The attacker must know how strong he was, so after this attempt, regardless of whether it was a success or a failure, they immediately escaped.


Yang Kai was annoyed that he did not even get to learn who it was who attacked them!


Was this person here to rob others like the skinny old man, or was he being targeted specifically?


Thoughts churned in Yang Kai’s head and he soon determined the latter possibility was very high! If this were just a robbery, then there was no way that person would leave immediately after attacking them, but that was exactly what they did, so it was obvious that he was being targeted; however, it may not be just him specifically, but rather all Bearers chosen by the Divine Spirits!


[That guy must also be a Bearer!] Yang Kai saw through the plot. The enemy had set up an ambush here so that he could eliminate some of his opponents in advance.


“Sir!” Lang Qing Shan and the others quickly came to his side with regretful looks on their faces.


It had only been a half cup of tea’s time since they followed Yang Kai into the seven-coloured passage, and yet they had already been attacked twice. They had also been completely unable to help during the second attack. Yang Kai had been the one to save them from the first attack by killing the skinny old man, and during the second, Yang Kai had taken the brunt of the attack for them.


As his subordinates, Lang Qing Shan and the others all felt ashamed and uneasy.


The large awl was a Divine Ability that targeted one’s Dao Seal, but Yang Kai bore about half of the attack’s power while the rest was distributed to Lang Qing Shan and the others. Even though their Dao Seals were shaken, none of them lost their lives.


Yang Kai glanced at them and immediately understood that they were no longer in any shape to fight, so he quickly said, “Relax your minds, I will send you to a good place!”


Saying so, he grabbed them with his hand.


Lang Qing Shan and the others did not understand what he meant by this, but they quickly relaxed themselves.


Once they were grabbed by Yang Kai’s hand, their vision was turned upside down, and when they came back to their senses, they discovered themselves in a place with picturesque mountains and clear water.


They all looked at each other in shock. Just as they were wondering where they were, they heard Yang Kai’s voice say, “Focus on recuperating. Don’t worry about anything else.”


The voice rang in their ears, but they saw no trace of Yang Kai.


Lang Qing Shan and the others answered him respectfully before quickly sitting cross-legged, cultivating in silence.


In the middle of the passage, Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood. Wiping his mouth, he stepped forward.


The passage was long, but there were corpses littered along its entire length. Clearly, the cultivators who came here before him had been fighting. Yang Kai went by some of the bodies that had fallen to the ground and took a closer look at them.


The bodies showed no wounds and their wealth had also not been taken away. The bodies still retained their Space Rings and the bodies were still warm, so it was obvious they had just died.


Sweeping over the corpses with his Divine Sense, he discovered that their Dao seals had been shattered.


[It’s that guy with the awl!]


Yang Kai looked up towards the front of the passage and manipulated Space Principles. His body fluttered forward, chasing after the person. The master of the large awl was definitely a Bearer. Perhaps they were proficient in this tactic themselves, or they were taught these strange methods by some Divine Spirit, but this kind of tactic was really impossible to prevent. Even Yang Kai was almost caught by it, much less anyone else. Any cultivator whose foundations were not deep would see their Dao Seals crumbling away when hit by such an attack and dying.


He was curious to know which bastard it was who dared to use this trick against him!


While chasing after them, Yang Kai went past batch after batch of cultivators. All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he came to the woman’s side in a few steps.


Before he could greet her, the woman suddenly flung her hair, and the red ribbon binding it turned into countless silk threads that launched in Yang Kai’s direction.


“Mercy, Senior Sister!” Yang Kai shouted as Earth Element Power enveloped his body, turning into several Dragon Shields. Each Dragon Shield was formed out of a Great Dragon biting its tail, and the Dragon Scales on their Dragon Form were exquisitely detailed.


The red silk threads launching at Yang Kai were all blocked by the Dragon Shield.


When the girl turned around, her eyes lit up, “Junior Brother Yang?”


“Senior Sister Qu!” Yang Kai smiled.


This woman was Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Qu Hua Shang. She had entered the seven-coloured passage before Yang Kai, but she did not advance too quickly, so Yang Kai was able to catch up.


“It seems we are tied closely by fate.” Qu Hua Shang smiled as delicately as a flower. The red silk threads retracted and turned back into a ribbon which tied up her long hair. She looked Yang Kai up and down, beautiful eyes glowing bewitchingly.


Yang Kai laughed, “We were bound to meet since we are all headed for the Primordial Land. Is Senior Sister Qu alone?”


“Who else would I be with?” Qu Hua Shang looked at him cheerfully, “Does Junior Brother Yang want to join me? We can join hands. If we happen to meet Lin Feng and the others, we can beat them up together.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Of course, I would not say no, but once we are to find the Innate Fruit Tree…”


Qu Hua Shang mumbled, “Junior Brother Yang is a big man, can’t you give way to a soft and weak little woman like me? That Fei Yi is ugly, but he’s not weak. I made an agreement with him, and if I can get him out of the Grand Ancient Ruins, then he will become my Protector for 400 years. I would like that Innate Spirit Fruit very much.”


Yang Kai laughed, “But Senior Sister Qu is no soft or weak little woman…”


“I’m really soft, you know!” Qu Hua Shang pouted and came closer to Yang Kai, “If Junior Brother Yang does not believe me, then give it a pinch and you will know.”


Yang Kai’s eyes involuntarily moved towards the towering mountains that lay below. Clenching his fists, he coughed, “Senior Sister Qu, we have yet to find the Innate Spirit Fruit, so please withdraw your Charm Technique!”


Qu Hua Shang giggled at once, “You really are interesting.” 


She no longer asked him to join her as both of them knew that even if they did accompany each other, they would still turn into enemies in the end. They may not take each other’s lives, but in order to fight for the Innate Spirit Fruit, they would still give their all.


This was not merely concerning the benefits of gaining a Divine Spirit as their Protector for hundreds of years, but also their standing thereafter in their respective Sects.


Imagine, if they could really bring a Divine Spirit out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, then their status would surely rise in their respective forces, and those Cave-Heavens and Paradises would definitely cultivate them even more diligently.


It was because of this that the Divine Spirits would agree to become their Protectors.


If you want a horse to run, you must feed it first. This was a condition that no Bearer could refuse.


Yang Kai did not manage to get the time to discuss with Zhu Jiu Yin about this, and now Yue He and the others had also fallen into her hands. No matter what, Yang Kai had to get an Innate Spirit Fruit; otherwise, knowing Zhu Jiu Yin’s temper, Yue He and the others were sure to die!


“Senior Sister, have you noticed anyone passing you by?” Yang Kai asked.


Qu Hua Shang responded, “Yes, many people. They all ran even faster than rabbits. Who knows what they were all in such a hurry for.”


Yang Kai was speechless. This way, he would not be able to trace the whereabouts of the large awl’s master.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “Senior Sister Qu must be very careful. I encountered some guy earlier that wields a Divine Ability that targets one’s Dao Seal!”


He then went on to explain what he knew about the large awl.


Qu Hua Shang’s face turned grave, “Isn’t this Purple Jade Cave Heaven’s Shattering Dao Seal Technique?”


Yang Kai wondered, “Senior Sister recognizes this Divine Ability?”


Qu Hua Shang nodded, “What you describe sounds a lot like Purple Jade Cave Heaven’s Shattering Dao Seal Technique. This Divine Ability was created specifically to target a cultivator’s Dao Seal, but I have never seen it before, so I am unable to verify it.” She was doubtful, “Could someone from Purple Jade Cave Heaven be here? But I have not heard about that!”


Yang Kai guessed, “Perhaps someone from Purple Jade Cave Heaven did come, or one of their disciples was a Bearer in the past. Later, the Divine Spirit could have learned the Divine Ability and passed it down to their current Bearer.”


Qu Hua Shang nodded, “That is a possibility.”


“No matter what, Senior Sister should be careful.”


Qu Hua Shang covered her mouth and giggled, “Many thanks for Junior Brother’s concern, but rest assured, this Divine Ability can work on an ordinary cultivator. It is a little lacking against this Senior Sister.”




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