Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4083, Spirit Medicine


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Qu Hua Shang refined Sixth-Order Elements and aspired to achieve the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm with her initial breakthrough, so she naturally had this confidence.


Yang Kai warned, “Senior Sister should not lower her guard. This Shattering Dao Seal Technique is truly powerful.” He had refined more than a dozen drops of Divine Dao Water, so his Dao Seal was incredibly firm, but the Element Powers inside of him were still shaken into disarray, much less anyone else’s. Even though Qu Hua Shang’s heritage was not bad, if she was caught off guard by a sneak attack, then she would surely suffer a great loss.


Qu Hua Shang nodded incessantly, “En, en, I will remember.”


Seeing how careless she looked, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but on second thought, he had only eaten a loss because he had let his guard down earlier. Qu Hua Shang and the others came from Cave-Heavens and Paradises; thus, they were very knowledgeable and would surely recognize the Shattering Dao Seal Technique if they saw it, allowing them to take appropriate measures.


“We’ve finally reached the end. The road here was really too long.” Qu Hua Shang’s eyes brightened.


Yang Kai looked up, and sure enough, there was a ray of light coming from the front. It was obvious that they had reached the end of the passage. While talking, the two of them did not stop advancing forward. After calculating the distance, it seemed this seven-coloured passage ran for hundreds of kilometres.


Yang Kai was secretly speechless.


“Be careful, Junior Brother. There just might be an ambush at the exit!” Qu Hua Shang reminded him.


Yang Kai chuckled, “I will scout the way for Senior Sister!”


As he said that, his body teleported out of the entrance. Sure enough, as soon as he emerged, countless attacks came at him from all directions.


The number of cultivators gathered at the exit was quite large, and they most likely came from the same great force. There were over a thousand of them, and as soon as they saw someone coming out, they attacked without asking any questions, releasing their Secret Techniques and artifacts towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai coldly snorted and used Nihility to immediately merge with the Void.


Even though there were many attacks, all of them landed on nothing.


The cultivators gathered at the exit were stunned, thinking that they had pulverized Yang Kai to dust, but in the next moment, Yang Kai’s body re-emerged where he originally stood. Fire was released around his body as the Golden Crow’s True Fire formed into numerous tiny Golden Crows before scattering in all directions.


Miserable cries rang out one after another as the cultivators were burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, turning to ash at a rate visible to the naked eye.


“It’s Scarlet Star’s Killing Star!” One person who recognized Yang Kai screamed in horror.


“Fall back!” Someone else shouted.


The cultivators who were still alive dared not stay and all scattered, leaving behind more than two hundred corpses that were burned to ashes by the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Yang Kai did not intend to pursue them. With a flick of his sleeve, the Golden Crow’s True Fire which had flown out returned and disappeared into his body.


Qu Hua Shang leapt out of the exit and looked around before spitting out her tongue, “How unlucky for them. They could’ve messed with anyone, but they just had to run into Junior Brother.”


Yang Kai said indifferently, “They are just asking for death by waiting here.” Even without him, these people would suffer a great loss sooner or later.


Since ancient times men have died for wealth just as birds died for food.


“Will Junior Brother really not accompany me?” Qu Hua Shang looked at Yang Kai with a look of anticipation.


Yang Kai turned around and waved, “We shall part here. I wish Senior Sister Qu good luck!”


“Smelly man!” Qu Hua Shang pouted and her breasts heaved, but soon, she smiled again, “Junior Brother must leave the Grand Ancient Ruins alive. This Senior Sister must still try out many Yin-Yang Union techniques with you once we have the time!”


Yang Kai stumbled and almost fell to the ground when he heard Qu Hua Shang’s bell-like laughter from behind him.


The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was, just as it was named, an ancient place, but the Primordial Land was even more so.


The entire Primordial Land was filled with a vicissitudinous aura. This peculiar place seems to have been preserved from a very long time ago. Its World Principles also had some subtle differences from the Grand Ancient Ruins and showed traces of ancient times.


The World Energy was so dense that Yang Kai could feel it penetrating through his pores even as he breathed, sending a comforting feeling through his body. Cultivating in such a place would definitely provide twice the result with half the effort. Even recovering from his injuries would be faster than usual in this place.


More than 200,000 had flocked to this Primordial Land, and even though there were many losses along the way, more than 100,000 cultivators still remained. If there was truly anything good to be found in the Primordial Land, then it would surely not be missed by these cultivators.


After coming out of the exit, Yang Kai took a random direction and sped off.


On his way, he saw cultivators fighting, either for Spirit Herbs or precious treasures. The inseparable fights went on until lives were extinguished from this world, dyeing the ground with blood.


Yang Kai received massive gains in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so his standards were naturally quite high. It was difficult to move him with ordinary treasures. His most important target in this trip was the Innate Spirit Fruit. Naturally, it would be great if he could gain other harvests, too.


As he journeyed along, Yang Kai would also occasionally collect a few Spirit Medicines and toss them into his medicine garden so that the two Wood Spirits, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, could take care of them. He also found several Elemental materials, but their quality was not too high.


Three days later, Yang Kai was speeding along when his expression changed. He stopped and his nose sniffed the air before his eyes lit up


A peculiar fragrance entered his nose, which cleared his thoughts and eliminated the distractions in his mind. There was also a strange resonance coming from his Dao Seal, speeding up the flow of the Elements within.


Then, he had a realization. This must be the aroma coming from a very precious Spirit Medicine. He had no idea what it was, but its effects must be extraordinary.


Shaken, Yang Kai followed the trail of the aroma and soon entered a mountain valley. The mountain valley was beautiful and refreshing like a spring day with pleasant scenery all around; however, there were three parties in conflict at this moment, which consisted of a great number of people. Each party numbered in the hundreds, and they were all gathered at the center of this mountain valley, throwing threats and sizing each other up.


These three parties had obviously followed the smell of the Spirit Medicine here, just like Yang Kai, but rather than battle, they were all at a standstill.


When they saw Yang Kai, the faces of the three leaders sank. The longer they dragged on, the more people would arrive. If someone came, someone they cannot afford to provoke, then they would definitely miss out on this Spirit Medicine.


A burly man, leader of the group on the left, coldly snorted, “Another has come to court death?”


The woman leader on the right said, “We can’t delay this any longer. Hurry up and lay out your rules. If we keep delaying this any longer, more are going to come.”


The leader of the last party of cultivators was an elderly man, who stroked his beard, “This Old Master has more people with me, so I want half. You can divide up the rest.”


Both the burly man and the woman sneered, “In your dreams!”


Licking her lips, the woman turned to the burly man, “Why don’t you and I join forces to kill off this old thing, then we can split it half and half between us. Wouldn’t that be nice?”


Upon hearing this, the burly man seemed moved and nodded, “Good idea!”


The old man’s face went cold, “If you want to kill this Old Man, then it will depend on whether you have that ability or not!” 


Raising his arm, he roared, “Boys, follow me. We must snatch the medicine!”


After saying that, he took the lead and rushed towards the Spirit Medicine.


Seeing this, the burly man and the beautiful woman did not care anymore and called on their subordinates to move out. They were previously at a standstill, all of them wary of each other, but now that one of them had taken action, the other two could no longer sit still. They had to fight.


Yang Kai looked up, only to see vine-like things at the centre of the mountain valley, bearing grape-like berries. The bunches of grapes were green and purple, and were emitting an attractive aroma.


Yang Kai had a curious expression on his face. [Just what Spirit Medicine is this?] He did not know much about the treasures in the Outer Universe, so he really could not tell what it was.


But this was no time for him to be thinking about that. Since the three parties clashed together, they might accidentally destroy the Spirit Medicine. Just as Yang Kai was about to head over to snatch it, puffs suddenly fluttered out around the vines, dancing with the wind.


The Spirit Medicine was surrounded by a dandelion-like plant that produced many flower balls, and when the hundreds of people fought, the flower balls were agitated, rising to the sky.


Then, the balls separated into individual seeds that landed on each cultivator’s body.


No one paid them any attention at first; however, a shocking sight appeared next.


Where those seeds fell on their bodies, it was as if they had suddenly taken on a life of their own, digging madly into their bodies.


Following their screams, one by one the cultivators fell to the ground. The seeds grew quickly like monsters, sucking up the essence from the cultivator’s bodies.


In less than ten breaths of time, the lives of the cultivators were extinguished, and they turned into withered corpses that fell to the ground with grim faces.


The three leaders were strong enough to perceive when things looked bad and circulated their might to resist; however, the woman and the elderly man lasted for only a few moments before falling like their subordinates. The burly man was decisive enough to cut off his own arm, so as fresh blood spurted from the wound, he retreated in fear.


Looking over, he could see his arm withering quickly as the essence was sucked dry by the seeds that landed on it.


The fluffy seeds filled the air, and as if they had a life of its own, were all floating towards the burly man now.


The burly man’s face sank. How could he still dare to stay here any longer? With a scream, he ran off.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded!


He didn’t think much of the dandelions before, and he didn’t even notice them to begin with. All his thoughts were sucked in by the Spirit Medicine, but who knew that its surroundings could be so dangerous?


The scene was so frightening that hundreds died in just ten breaths worth of time.


As if the seeds could sense vitality, they continued flying towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai stood in place and waited for the seeds to approach before lifting a finger. A small Golden Crow flew out from the tip of his finger, meeting the seeds mid-air.




The sky was set ablaze, and the seeds were all burned in a short amount of time, clearing the scene.




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