Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4084, Pu Bai Xiong


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Yang Kai had no idea what strange existence these seeds were, but they were clearly very dangerous. Once one touched a cultivator, it would dig into their body and suck up all of their essence in a short amount of time, turning them into withered bones.


But the Golden Crow’s True Fire was so domineering that the seeds simply could not resist.


Those who died of the three parties died, and those who fled, fled. Soon enough, Yang Kai was the only one left in the mountain valley.


Stepping forward towards the dandelions, the flower puffs broke apart, and seeds danced in the air once more.


Yang Kai’s body was surrounded by raging flames though, allowing him to burn his way through and soon arrive in front of the Spirit Medicine. Leaning over to smell it, the fragrance was very pleasant, lifting his spirits.


“Good stuff!” Yang Kai sighed in admiration. Even though he had no idea what uses this Spirit Medicine had, it was undeniably a Grand Spirit Medicine that was incredibly rare and precious.


He grabbed the grape-like berries with his hand to snap them off the vine.


It was at this moment that something strange occurred. Following a rumble from the ground, a root suddenly emerged from the ground, twining around Yang Kai at a great speed before pulling him down violently.




Yang Kai’s entire body disappeared as he was pulled directly into the depths of the earth.


Three breaths later, Yang Kai broke out of the ground, furious!


While he was not paying attention, he had been caught in the Grand Spirit Medicine’s trap. The roots twining around him earlier were clearly the work of the vines. Even though the root was strong, it could not suppress Yang Kai’s outburst, allowing him to escape quickly.


He sneered through gritted teeth and shouted, “You thought you could kill me? Unfortunately, your bullying ends here!”


He then grabbed at the vine.


He originally intended to take the grape-like berries from the vine first, since the essence of the Grand Spirit Medicine was in those berries; however, after eating a loss from it, Yang Kai immediately changed his mind to take the entire vine with him.


But before he could even grab the vine, it suddenly shook, and one by one, its roots emerged from the ground. Several branches also sprouted on the vine. As if it had grown limbs all of a sudden, it sprinted off into the distance.


Yang Kai was stunned.


He looked listlessly at the Grand Spirit Medicine in the distance, lost in thought.


This Grand Spirit Medicine… has gained sentience!


Yang Kai was both shocked and amazed. When he was trapped by this vine, he already felt that this Grand Spirit Medicine was something extraordinary, but now, it seemed even more shocking than he imagined. This Spirit Medicine he could not identify, had obviously been living for an extremely long time in the Primordial Land, gathered enough of the world’s essence, and gained sentience. It instinctively knew how to avoid danger, and would even take the initiative to run off if it sensed that it was facing a crisis.


The medical efficacies of such a Grand Spirit Medicine were sure to be extraordinary, something rare even taking the entire 3,000 Worlds into consideration.


Overjoyed, Yang Kai teleported right in front of the vine and smiled, “Where will you run to in front of this King? You better surrender obediently without a fight!”


Reaching out his hand, the surrounding space became viscous.


The vine sliced through space with its branches and twined around Yang Kai’s limbs. Then, a fist appeared out of its arm-like branch that blasted at Yang Kai’s face.


Yang Kai was taken by surprise again. He was shockingly punched in the nose by the vine and was immediately seeing stars.


Taking advantage of this, the vine broke out from Yang Kai’s grasp once more and continued running.


Yang Kai covered his nose and tears fell down his face. Becoming angry out of shame, he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it fiercely towards the front. The spear broke through the air like a Great Dragon dancing in the sky. The Azure Dragon Spear stabbed accurately in front of the vine as Dragon Pressure filled the air, shaking the surrounding world.


The vine stopped in place and trembled.


Yang Kai’s breathing was ragged as he approached from the back, rubbing his nose as he walked.




The vine fell to its knees, transforming into a small little man that was only 15 centimetres tall. He had hands and legs and a face with seven orifices, as well as a bunch of grape-like berries on his head.


When he saw Yang Kai approaching, he lifted his hand and plucked a purple grape that was almost glowing red from his head and held it out with both hands, speaking in human words, “Please spare my life, Sir! This one offers Sir a grape and begs for mercy!


Yang Kai also did not care to rub his nose anymore as he narrowed his eyes at this little fellow and muttered, “You… You can assume human form?”


Sure enough, the Grand Spirit Medicine has turned into a spirit and could even assume human form. It had the appearance of a small old man, but Yang Kai had no idea how long it had actually been alive for.


There were spirits in everything, and with the right opportunity, they could gain sentience. It was not only flesh and blood beings that could achieve this in this world. There were jade essences among stones and spirit seeds in medicines. Only, as they lacked bodies, such existences would find it extremely difficult to cultivate, and would often need to gather energy from the world around them for eons before managing to further evolve. The Grand Spirit Medicine before Yang Kai had gained sentience and could assume human form, even speaking in the Human language, a feat that likely took tens of thousands of years of cultivating to achieve.


This Grand Spirit Medicine was already at a level where it can be described as a Divine Medicine!


The small old man looked up and smiled flatteringly when suddenly, it stretched out a foot and swept it at Yang Kai’s bottom, knocking him to the ground. Then, he ran off while wildly laughing, “Even if you think you’re slick, you still have to drink Uncle Pu’s footwash!”


Yang Kai jumped up and grabbed his Azure Dragon Spear. Then, he muttered with his face as black as the bottom of a pot, “I’ll kill you, I’ll definitely kill you and eat you up!”


A few moments later, the small old man fell to his knees again, scrunching his face and presenting the grape he plucked from his head, saying pitifully, “Please show mercy, Sir. This one does not dare to do it again!”


Yang Kai sneered and grabbed him before pressing his fist to his head, digging it in as he ground his teeth, “Now tell me how you want to die!”


The little old man’s face distorted in pain from Yang Kai’s fist and pleaded, “Please stop, Sir! My head is going to split… Oh, it actually feels quite nice.” Scratching his face with two roots, his face relaxed comfortably.


Pissed, Yang Kai summoned a ball of Golden Crow’s True Fire, slowly bringing it closer.


The little old man’s face twisted again and he struggled to get out of Yang Kai’s hands. He shook his head, “No, please! I’ll be burned to death!”


“Death ends all troubles. This is a good opportunity to cook you into a pot of medicinal soup! Drinking it will definitely prolong my life and increase my strength!” Yang Kai had a ferocious look on his face.


“I’m poisonous, I’m inedible! You’ll die if you eat me!” The old man screamed in horror. Seeing that Yang Kai was unmoved, he quickly tossed out his master card, “Don’t kill me, I’ll bring you to other medicines! They’re more delicious than I am!”


Yang Kai’s hand finally paused, “Other medicines? Ones like you?”


The old man shook his head, “There are few like me, but some little brats have not fully grown yet. However, they are still useful to eat.”


The brats that he was talking about must be those that have yet to assume human form, despite that, they must have been growing for many years. If they were found by the cultivators who entered this place, then those cultivators would surely scramble for them.


“Do you know of a fruit tree that bears a special kind of spirit fruit? Only one of them can be picked before it disappears!” Yang Kai asked. He was worrying about where he was going to find the Innate Fruit Tree, but he did not expect to come across such a strange Divine Medicine. It was a good chance for him to ask for information.


“You mean that fruit tree?” The old man thought about it for a moment, “I know! That old thing is even older than me. It’s pretty tough.”


Yang Kai was overjoyed, “Bring me to it and I’ll let you live!”


The little old man was also beaming as his eyes glowed, “Truly?” Suddenly, it looked suspiciously at Yang Kai, “Swear on it!”


Yang Kai instead punched him on the head, “Your life or death is already in my hands and you want me to swear?”


The old man held the bump on his head with an aggrieved look.


“That fruit just now…” Yang Kai looked at the top of his head.


The old man reluctantly offered it to him with two hands, “It’s here.”


Yang Kai took it and observed it carefully, discovering that this was not much different from an ordinary grape. Only, the spiritual energy contained inside of it was shocking. If such a grape was consumed, it would likely rapidly heal any injuries one had.


Yang Kai opened his mouth and stuffed the grape inside. As soon as he bit through the peel, he felt an incomparably pure World Energy exploding into his mouth like a small universe.


Yang Kai hastily closed his mouth and nose, but there was still an unstoppable stream of World Energy flowing out from his seven orifices into a dense radius of a thousand metres.


The old man watched him with a grimace. A sad cloud hung over his head as he sighed, “From this day on, I, Pu Bai Xiong, will change my name to Pu Ninety-Nine Xiong!”


The string of berries on his head numbered exactly 100, so he called himself Pu Bai Xiong. Now that Yang Kai ate one of them, only 99 remained.


After a long time, Yang Kai breathed out lightly, feeling inexhaustible strength coursing through his body as even his blood was flowing more smoothly. He could even hear it crashing down like a strong river stream.


The medicinal efficacy of Pu Bai Xiong’s one grape was truly extraordinary. Even though it could not revive the dead, as long as they had one breath left, it could restore them to their peak in short order.


When he turned back to Pu Bai Xiong, the spirit was much easier on Yang Kai’s eyes.


“Don’t get any funny ideas. If you dare to run again, then I will eat you up once I catch you,” Yang Kai threatened viciously.


Pu Bai Xiong nodded repeatedly, “I won’t run, I won’t run! I can’t escape anyway.”


“Bring me to the fruit tree!” Yang Kai commanded.


Pu Bai Xiong leapt up and sat on Yang Kai’s shoulder, giving him directions.


Pu Bai Xiong was a local tyrant in the Primordial Land. He had lived here for a long time, so he knew a lot about this place. What was more, he had assumed human form long ago and had also travelled all around the Primordial Land over the years, so he had seen a lot. Yang Kai was able to save a lot of trouble by having him lead the way.


He avoided many dangers along the way, and under Pu Bai Xiong’s lead, Yang Kai also harvested many precious treasures; however, he did not meet other Divine Medicines like Pu Bai Xiong. Based on what the spirit said, there were less than ten Divine Medicines like him that could assume human form here in the entire Primordial Land, and they were all tricky fellows that were hard to catch. The reason why his ship would have capsized on calm seas was that he never expected that Yang Kai could possibly ignore the threat of the dandelions, making it too late for him when he tried to run.


A few days later, Yang Kai arrived at a swamp.


Pu Bai Xiong looked grave as he spoke, “Sir, this place is very dangerous, so you must be careful not to fall in. If you fall in, then both of us will die!”




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