Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4086, Dense Fog


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The giants with eyes all over their bodies were huge, but Yang Kai was even taller than them.


Dragon Breath emerged from his nostrils, scorching even space itself. Yang Kai watched the giants as they approached rapidly, feeling an endless surge of power inside him.


The roar that came from his mouth was a pure Dragon Roar that shook the nine Heavens.


Raising his hand, the Azure Dragon Spear was summoned into his grasp.


As a spear refined from the body of a Great Dragon, only those with the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, or those with a Dragon Source could truly activate its power. Otherwise, the Giant Spirit God, Ah Da, would not have given this Azure Dragon Spear to Yang Kai.


With his spear in hand, the blood in Yang Kai’s blood flowed even more fiercely. A strange feeling rose from his heart as if the object in his hand wasn’t a divine spear, but rather a companion. It was like a partner that could share his pain and suffering, one that would walk together with him in life and death.




The Azure Dragon Spear shook, and a huge illusory phantom of an Azure Dragon suddenly emerged, its body emitting majestic Dragon Pressure. Looking at Yang Kai with its dragon eyes, there were three points of gratification, three points of relief, and three points of recognition.


Then, the illusory phantom sank into the spear and disappeared without a trace.


One of the giant creatures had already arrived a thousand metres before Yang Kai.


With a shake of his spear, Yang Kai thrust its tip straight ahead at the approaching giant creature.


The Supreme Limitless Spear that Yang Kai had spent so much time cultivating finally had its time to shine. Before fighting with the mantis head, Yang Kai had been using the Azure Dragon Spear purely based on instinct; however, it was different now. The spear in his hand moved as naturally as if it were his own limb. One by one, spear flowers bloomed, and spear shadows pervaded.


Unrestrained in either conduct or bearing, his spear was free, his heart unbound!


When Yang Kai passed by the first giant creature, it suddenly turned stiff. In an instant, its body was hit by dozens of spears, and in the next moment, it burst apart.


Followed by a second, then a third…


A reign of terror emerged wherever Yang Kai passed. Not one of the giant creatures, their bodies covered in eyeballs, could resist the assault of his spear, and the sound of their bodies bursting apart was endless.




Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw latched onto the last giant creature’s head and pinned it to the ground, creating a deep and huge crater beneath it.


Dragon Claw clenching, the giant creature’s head burst.


Over a hundred giants were wiped out by Yang Kai without even requiring a half cup of tea’s time. Yang Kai slowly straightened his body and stabbed his spear into the ground, silently feeling the power coursing through his body at this moment.


A beautiful feeling was flowing through every part of his body, and the surge of power was almost intoxicating to him.


Pu Bai Xiong’s trembling voice suddenly emerged, “Sir! They’re not dead yet!”


“En?” Yang Kai suddenly turned around, and what he saw caused his Dragon Eyes to widen.


On the battlefield that stretched behind him for dozens of kilometres, the giant creatures that had burst apart wriggled and writhed before sticking back to each other and fusing. The very first one he killed had already fused more than half of its body, and it seemed like it was going to revive at any moment.


Yang Kai was staring so hard that his eyes almost fell out of his sockets. [How can these things be so hard to kill that even the Azure Dragon Spear can’t handle them? If I’m going to get rid of them completely, then I’m afraid I’ll have to burn them to ashes with my Golden Crow’s True Fire.]


However, trying to burn so many of these giant creatures with the Golden Crow’s True Fire would drain an immense amount of energy from him.


Yang Kai had a toothache just from the thought. After dispelling his Dragon Transformation and restoring his body to its usual form, he grabbed Pu Bai Xiong and tossed him straight into the Small Sealed World. Body shifting, he instantly disappeared from where he stood.


Inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had not dared to use his Instantaneous Movement at will; after all, there were many strange principles and natural Arrays. If he tried to perform Instantaneous Movement, he might just land himself in some unknown danger.


If it was just a normal risky situation, then he could still handle that; however, if he were to fall into a powerful natural Array, then he might get trapped in this place for eternity.


Because of this, Yang Kai did not use Instantaneous Movement to escape the pursuit of those giant creatures just now.


But now, he had no other choice. The giant creatures were so resilient that if he waited for them to recover, it would lead to an unending chase.


After Yang Kai left, it did not take more than a few moments before the giant creatures fused back together without the least bit of an injury left on their bodies. Without a target to chase after though, they just stood in place and roared. After a while, they finally withdrew into the ground, turning themselves back into a swamp full of puddles.


After a long time, another group of cultivators flew over the swamp and could not help themselves from falling down into the puddles, turning into withered bones.


At the same time, Yang Kai stood inside a fog, feeling livid as he stayed on alert with his Divine Sense probing his surroundings.


He cursed in his heart as he knew that using Instantaneous Movement in this damned place was sure to come to no good results. As expected, his worries came true.


The fog flowed around his body like water, and it enveloped him in a strange feeling. No matter how he pushed his vision, Yang Kai could not see far away.


Not only that, but his Divine Sense was also suppressed to a range of just ten metres around himself.


Yang Kai could not help but shiver at this realization. His Divine Sense was so powerful that it was no worse than an ordinary cultivator in the First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it was clear that something strange was going on in this place if it could be suppressed to such a degree.


It was not a good idea to stay in such a place for long, but just as he was about to leave this place using Instantaneous Movement again, Yang Kai suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching in his direction.


Yang Kai looked over and shouted, “Who’s there?”


The footsteps stopped, followed by a meek voice, “Senior Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai was stunned to hear this voice before he came to his senses and called out, “Junior Sister Gu?”


It was the voice of Gu Pan from Lang Ya Paradise. Happy to find her presence here, Yang Kai went towards the source of the voice and sure enough, he did not have to walk far before he saw a beautiful figure standing before him.


Both of them looked at each other and were clearly happy to have met.


“Junior Sister Gu! Why are you here?” Yang Kai asked.


“I came here to look for you!” Gu Pan looked at him.


Yang Kai did not understand, “To look for me? How did you know I was here?” A thread of suspicion emerged in his head. He was here because he used Instantaneous Movement while trying to escape from those eye monsters, so how could Gu Pan come all the way here to look for him?


Gu Pan smiled but did not answer.


Yang Kai frowned. He had the vague feeling that something was not right, but he could not tell what, “How long has Junior Sister been here? Do you know how to get out of here?”


Gu Pan said, “I just came in, too, so I’m not sure.”


Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, let’s walk together. Don’t stray too far from me, Junior Sister.”


“En,” Gu Pan nodded obediently.


Side by side, the two walked through the fog in search of a way out.


After walking some distance, Yang Kai couldn’t help but ask, “Junior Sister, is there a girl called Zhang Ruo Xi in your Lang Ya Paradise? She would have only joined in recent years.”


Gu Pan shook her head, “I haven’t heard of her.”


Yang Kai’s face turned gloomy. Zhang Ruo Xi definitely went to Lang Ya Paradise; after all, that was where her ancestor came from, so one could say that she was returning to her roots by going there. Only, he had no idea whether she had yet to make it, or if Gu Pan simply hadn’t heard of her.


There was another rustling sound around him as Gu Pan seemed to be busy with something again.


Yang Kai chuckled, “Is Junior Sister eating dried fish again?”


When he turned his head to look though, the smile on Yang Kai’s face froze, “Who are you?!”


The head of Gu Pan, who was standing next to him, had turned into a fish. Even though it retained a human’s body, it looked extremely bizarre.


The fish head turned to look at him, “Sir, it’s me, Ruo Xi!”


While speaking, the fish head really did change into Zhang Ruo Xi’s face. She stared at him without looking away, her face filled with endless joy.


“Ruo Xi?” Yang Kai was dazed. Was it not Gu Pan standing next to him? So how did it become Zhang Ruo Xi all of a sudden?


“Husband, are you picking flowers outside again?” Zhang Ruo Xi opened her mouth to speak, but her voice seemed to overlap with someone else’s as if there was more than one person speaking. Her face was also constantly changing, turning into Shan Qing Luo one moment, Xia Ning Chang the next, then Su Yan, Xue Yue, Yu Ru Meng, and more…


Yang Kai was infuriated, “An illusion?”


Wiping his finger across his left eye, he shouted, “Demon Eye of Annihilation!”


Immediately, his left eye turned into a golden slit with a divine light glowing from its depths.


The person in front of him disappeared immediately, replaced by a broken branch. What frightened Yang Kai even more was the fact that he was somehow holding the branch without realizing it.


In other words, he had been talking to a branch this whole time, and he seemed to have enjoyed himself a great deal doing so!


[What a powerful illusion!] Even he was unknowingly caught by its trickery.


Divine Sense sweeping around him, he perceived that the branch in his hand was just an ordinary piece of wood. Coldly snorting, he discarded it before turning his head to look at his surroundings.


He had no idea whether it was a Human that cast the illusion on him, or if it was a natural occurrence. If it were the former, then there must be a Great Expert here. If it were the latter, then Yang Kai guessed that he must have fallen into a naturally-formed Illusion Array, which would make things slightly troublesome for him. His Instantaneous Movement might not work inside of this Illusion Array.


Thoughts flashing, he immediately manipulated Space Principles and disappeared from sight.


Once he re-emerged, Yang Kai’s face turned dark.


He was still standing inside the fog. In other words, there was a high possibility that he had fallen into a naturally-formed Illusion Array, and unless he broke the array, then there was no getting out of here.


He silently observed his surroundings, but he could find no clues. Even the Demon Eye of Annihilation, which was said to be able to break through all illusions, was powerless against this.


Divine Sense moving, he pulled Pu Bai Xiong out of the Small Sealed World and asked, “Hey, do you recognize this place?”


Pu Bai Xiong was surprised. Being thrown into the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai and released again, the scenery was changing so quickly that it confused him; however, once he looked around him, he laughed, “Sir, you’re lost!”


Yang Kai’s face was dark, “This fog has an illusory effect, and it’s very strong. I was accidentally caught up in it earlier.”


Pu Bai Xiong stood on Yang Kai’s shoulder and said proudly, “Sir must not know that this is no ordinary fog. This is something created by that mushroom. Unless they are born of the same roots as a Divine Medicine, then ordinary people really won’t be able to resist its effects.”


“Mushroom?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


“En. This is Little Mushroom’s territory.”


Yang Kai’s heart stirred, “Is the Little Mushroom that you speak of also a Divine Medicine?”


Pu Bai Xiong answered, “Exactly!”




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