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Martial Peak – Chapter 4088, Purple Bamboo

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After being captured by Yang Kai, he had tried several times to escape, but still failed to do so. Now, Pu Bai Xiong had given up, but this guy was still bad-natured and could not stand to see others living good lives while he had to suffer such a misfortune. Naturally, he wanted Yang Kai to take away the rest of the Divine Medicines to share in his misery.


Little Mushroom’s neck shrank back as she muttered, “That guy is tricky to deal with. I think you should just forget it.”


Grape glared at her, “Our Master is so powerful that even you couldn’t catch him in your illusions. Even though that bamboo is a tricky one, how could he defeat our Sir?”


“Bamboo?” Yang Kai raised a brow, “What kind of Divine Medicine is this bamboo?”


Grape explained, “Sir has no idea, that guy is no ordinary bamboo. He has a very fragrant taste. If you stew him into soup, it will surely help Sir become stronger!”


Yang Kai was noncommittal in his response, “Since it’s nearby, let’s go take a look.”


“This way, Sir! Let me show you the way!” Pu Bai Xiong was very attentive. He had probably suffered a big loss from that bamboo before this and hoped to take revenge through Yang Kai’s hand.


Though he knew this, Yang Kai did not point it out. Whether or not that bamboo was a Divine Medicine, since it could assume human form, then it must be an extraordinary thing, so there should be no fault in him taking it away.


Half a day later, a purple bamboo grove appeared before them.


Pu Bai Xiong climbed onto Yang Kai’s shoulder and shrank his head wretchedly as he stared warily at the bamboo grove, whispering, “Sir, this is that guy’s lair. Sir has to be careful since these bamboo are all that guy’s disciples. They’re not easy to mess with.”


Yang Kai nodded in response and stepped forward. Soon, they were in the bamboo grove.


All around them, the purple bamboo moved by themselves despite there being no wind. Suddenly, one of the poles of bamboo attacked him with thunderous momentum.


Yang Kai exclaimed in surprise and raised his hand to block it, only to feel the force of ten thousand kilograms on his arm, which caught him by surprise.


*Chi chi chi…*


One by one, the purple bamboo danced, as if they were alive, raining down on Yang Kai like a torrent.


Yang Kai let out a soft grunt and the Golden Crow’s True Fire blasted out. At once, the purple bamboo fled as if the flames were poisonous snakes or scorpions, not daring to come any closer.


“I’m going to be roasted!” Little Mushroom wailed and teared up on Yang Kai’s other shoulder.


Pu Bai Xiong shouted, “Sir will protect you and me, what are you worried about!?”


Little Mushroom reached out to touch her body and noticed that she was fine. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.


The flames rolled out, leaving no more obstacles blocking their way. Very soon, Yang Kai arrived at the centre of the bamboo forest, but he did not see the bamboo that Pu Bai Xiong mentioned; instead, there were traces of a battle that seemed to have taken place here.


From the traces that were left, the fight happened suddenly, but ended just as quickly. One party must have been easily subdued.


“Someone took that bamboo away from here before me,” Yang Kai pondered for a moment. Even though the bamboo had assumed human form, it must not have much combat power, just like Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom. It was only natural for it to be subdued by another cultivator.


Pu Bai Xiong felt that it was a pity, “If I had known this would happen, we should have rushed here early on.”


Even though Yang Kai also thought the loss was a pity, he did not mind too much. He had already obtained two Divine Medicines, so his trip to the Primordial Land had been worthwhile. Of course, without the Innate Spirit Fruit, which was his most important goal here, it was unlikely for him to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary safely.


Yue He and the others were still in Zhu Jiu Yin’s hands, so he had to get the Innate Spirit Fruit to exchange for their safety.


After leaving the purple bamboo grove, they did not have to walk for long before they suddenly encountered a group of cultivators. The group of cultivators looked dirty. Some were even injured, and their clothes were covered in mottled blood stains.


They were surprised to see Yang Kai, but after realizing who it was, the cultivator at the lead exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “Foreign Elder Yang?”


Yang Kai did not pay them much attention in the beginning, but when he heard his name and title being called, he looked over and scanned the group, “You’re from Scarlet Star?”


Only Scarlet Star’s disciples would refer to him in such a way; after all, he was technically Scarlet Star’s Foreign Elder, and it was through that very title that he managed to rake in a great mass of wealth from Scarlet Star.


“Scarlet Star’s Deng Qi greets Foreign Elder Yang!” The cultivator standing at the head of the group hurriedly came forward to salute Yang Kai. The rest of his group also saluted Yang Kai in a hurry before looking at him with fear and awe.


Then, they were surprised to find Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom sitting on Yang Kai’s shoulders.


Yang Kai nodded in response to their greetings, “What happened to you?”


Deng Qi answered embarrassedly, “We brothers were ordered by the Managers to come into this place to look for treasures. We found something over there, but unfortunately, we were driven away before we could explore deeper…”


Yang Kai frowned, “Do you know who they are?”


Sweat rolled down Deng Qi’s face, “We do not know. We’ve never seen them before.”


“Were they a large group?”


Deng Qi looked even more ashamed as he responded, “It was just one person.”


Yang Kai raised his brow. To be able to drive Deng Qi’s group out alone must mean that this person was quite strong. It had to be known that Deng Qi’s group consisted of more than a hundred people, and Deng Qi himself was a Junior Commander in Scarlet Star.


[Could it be Lin Feng or Xu Zhen? These Cave-Heaven and Paradise elite disciples should be able to achieve that.]


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Since you were lucky enough to survive, then you should cherish the opportunity. This Primordial Land is full of dangers, so be careful.”


Seeing that Yang Kai had no intention of standing up for them, Deng Qi could not help but feel a little disappointed; however, as a Great Commander of Scarlet Star, he also knew of the goodwill and enmity between Yang Kai and Scarlet Star, so he did not dare to harbour any resentment towards him.


Seeing that Yang Kai was about to leave, Deng Qi stopped him, “Foreign Elder Yang, please wait!”


Yang Kai stopped and looked at him, “What is it?”


Deng Qi cupped his fists, “This one wishes to let Sir know that the place my brothers and I found earlier seems to have Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water.”


“Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Are you sure?”


Deng Qi explained, “It was too far away so I wasn’t able to see it clearly, but there’s a high possibility that it is Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water.”


Yang Kai hastily asked for directions, and naturally, Deng Qi held nothing back. He pointed the way to him, and Yang Kai sped off.


If it was just a common treasure, then Yang Kai may not put it in his eyes. He had amassed a great fortune over the years in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so his vision was extraordinarily high. He had also harvested two Divine Medicines since coming into the Primordial Land, so why should he care about common treasures?


However, Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was different. This was a very rare and precious thing.


Meng Hong was able to rebuild his foundation by relying on this Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water to wash away the Yin, Yang and Five Elements Powers from his Dao Seal. It could be said that the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was the capital for a cultivator to start this process all over from the beginning.


If any cultivator like Meng Hong wished to re-establish their foundation, then the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was required.


Meng Hong’s opportunity also came as a coincidence. The value of one portion of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was no less than a piece of Sixth-Order material.


Even though such things were useless to Yang Kai, he may have friends that would need such a thing in the future. Even if it was not needed, he could keep it to trade with other cultivators. Since he was lucky enough to encounter it, why let the opportunity go?


As quick as lightning, Yang Kai arrived at the place Deng Qi had pointed out.


Looking around, Yang Kai was slightly stunned. Many people had gathered around the scene, and there was a fight going on. It was a chaotic mess.


It had been less than an hour since he bumped into Deng Qi, and based on what Deng Qi said, he had been chased away by a single person.


In other words, these people also arrived here within the past hour, probably attracted by the energy fluctuations from the previous battle.


However, even though their numbers were high, Yang Kai was not too bothered about it.


Everyone’s attention was being drawn to a white jade trough in which clear water was flowing quietly. Yang Kai’s spirits were lifted as he confirmed it really was the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water.


He had seen it in Meng Hong’s hand before, so he would not be mistaken when he saw it again.


The value of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was immense, so it was no wonder so many people had been attracted to fight for it here. It was hard to see how many groups were in battle in this chaos and from time to time, Yang Kai even saw cultivators being killed and falling to the ground.


There were also many spectators standing on the sidelines. Though they tried to remain calm, they could not hide the greed in their eyes.


Yang Kai’s arrival did not attract much attention, but the two Divine Medicines resting on his shoulders attracted some covetous glances.


Little Mushroom trembled in fear and shrank under her umbrella top, not daring to face anyone. On the other hand, Pu Bai Xiong suddenly came close to Yang Kai’s ear and said, “Sir, it’s that bamboo!”


Surprised, Yang Kai looked over and sure enough, a cultivator that was holding a purple bamboo was looking in his direction. That purple bamboo was about one meter long and its body was a bright and elegant purple. This was obviously an extraordinary treasure.


[Is this the bamboo that Pu Bai Xiong mentioned?] Pu Bai Xiong had brought him to the purple bamboo grove in order to harvest another Divine Medicine, but Yang Kai never expected that someone would have taken it before him. So, he did not expect to bump into it here.


The one in possession of the purple bamboo was a black-robed youth who did not look very old and he had a cold demeanour.


He was currently looking in Yang Kai’s direction, and he eyed both Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom for a while before nodding at Yang Kai.


With a thought coming to mind, Yang Kai leaned towards the black-robed youth’s direction. The black-robed youth frowned and clearly seemed afraid of him, but he stood firm in place and did not move.


A few moments later, Yang Kai stood still. Before he could speak, he saw Pu Bai Xiong jump down and stand akimbo, shouting, “Stinky Bamboo, so you also have this luck? You’ve been plucked, huh? Hahahaha!”


Eyes grew out of the purple bamboo in the youth’s hands that looked down at Pu Bai Xiong and sneered, “I was wondering who it was. So it’s you, you dead grape. Are you looking for a fight?”


Pu Bai Xiong fumed, “Little brat, you don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! Grandpa Pu was always going easy on you in the past, and now you really think I’m afraid of you?!”


The purple bamboo shook violently and broke free from the youth’s hands. As it landed on the ground, it turned into a bamboo monster with a long and slender body, two feet and two hands, and two bamboo branches growing on either side of its head that even had a few leaves sprouting out of it. Plucking a bamboo branch, it whipped it towards Pu Bai Xiong, “You dare take advantage of me? I’m going to smash your grapes today!”


Unwilling to show weakness, Pu Bai Xiong’s roots moved like long whips, fighting up a storm with that bamboo.


Suddenly, there was a yelp, and a large bulge formed on Pu Bai Xiong’s head. Being whipped hard by the bamboo, he was in so much pain that tears ran straight down his face; however, the purple bamboo did not stop there. Pulling off another branch from the side of its head, he brandished the two branches like two swords, forcing Pu Bai Xiong back. He lost so miserably that even a few of his roots were chopped off.



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