Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4090, Grand Dao of Space


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Since the old man was the one to propose the joint effort to break the array by force, he was naturally the one who managed the operation. Everyone was stuck running in the same place and were unable to get closer to each other, much less move forward or backwards. Even though there were many people here, they had no way of setting up a Formation to combine their strength. So, they had no choice but to attack separately.


After the discussion was over, the old man was just about to give the order when he saw Yang Kai’s expression change, “Friend, have you made any discoveries?”


With gleaming eyes, Yang Kai nodded, “I see something, but I don’t quite understand what it is yet. I’ll need more time.”


The old man’s eyes lit up, “Since you have found something, why don’t you tell everyone and we can discuss it together?”


“That’s right! Two are stronger than one. If this friend can tell us what you’ve discovered, then we can work out this discovery together,” some echoed in agreement.


Yang Kai sneered, “If this King made a discovery, then it’s this King’s ability. Why should I tell you?”


The man’s expression sank as he rebuked, “This Junior is so rude.”


The old man beside him also shook his head, “Friend’s words are improper. We are trapped in this place, and we must work together to get out of this trap, so you should not hide any information from us at such a time.”


Yang Kai answered indifferently, “It’s not that this King is unwilling to speak, but rather that you would not understand it even if this King were to tell you.”


The old man shook his head and sighed, “Valuing one’s own old broomstick will only end up harming oneself and everyone around them.”


“What fart is this brat talking about? Once we get out of here, you better not run! I want to have a good talk with you!”


Yang Kai ignored these people and shut his eyes. Releasing his Divine Sense, he silently sensed the trace he found.


Seeing him like this, the old man no longer forced him to speak. Coordinating with the crowd, the Secret Techniques and Artifacts burst out at once when the word came down which caused the energy around the area to fluctuate violently, forming ripple after ripple that expanded outward.


Everyone watched with bated breath until their Divine Abilities dissipated, but they did not see any change in their surroundings.


The old man’s face sank as he bellowed, “Again!”


Another round of Divine Abilities were released.


The rumbling sounds were incessant, and the scene of hundreds of cultivators releasing their Divine Abilities at once was spectacular. In order to get out of the trap, no one held back. Each strike could be said to have been dealt at full strength.


The space shook and the world felt like it was being turned upside down. The aftershocks of their attacks spread out as round after round of light erupted endlessly.


An hour, two hours, six…


The hundreds of cultivators were so tired that they were almost spitting blood by now. Each one of them was pale-faced and their auras had become unsteady. They were all in the Emperor Realm, and though they gained many opportunities here in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and gathered numerous Element Powers, it was still difficult for them to keep attacking at full power for such an extended amount of time.


Despite how long they kept up their barrage, their hard work resulted in absolutely no changes at all, which left many of the cultivators discouraged.


The old man was constantly trying to boost morale, but there was nothing he could do. He had no choice but to let them rest for now in order to restore their strength.


Turning his head around, he saw that only Yang Kai remained standing in place, not moving, and he could not help but feel a little annoyed. They were all working hard and joining forces so that they could break out of this trap and get away from here, but this young man was just standing there, aloof. He was seemingly trying to work out some profound mystery, but who knows whether he was just trying to save his energy and waiting for the right moment to jump out and pick the peach.


Hundreds suddenly poured in at once during this moment and landed in the invisible cage. It was those cultivators who were caught by the illusion earlier and had finally recovered. They were all trying to get the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, but ended up meeting with their predecessors along the way.


These newcomers rushed forward desperately just like the cultivators before them, but they could only run in place and were unable to get any closer to the white jade trough.


The cultivators all looked at these latecomers with pity, as if they had long known about this tragedy.


“Now that more friends have landed in this place, our strength has increased greatly. This time, we’ll definitely be able to break out!” The old man’s spirit was reinvigorated, “Everyone hurry up and adjust your breathing! We will strike together in an hour!”


All the cultivators roared in approval.


After an hour, the nearly one thousand people executed their Divine Ability and Secret Techniques under the old man’s order, and their force was indeed more than twice as strong as before.


After a few more hours though, nearly a thousand people stood pale, panting, and defeated.


Despite so many of them working together, they still could not shake the invisible cage in the slightest. Everyone’s hearts sank to the abyss. They had no idea what else to do in this situation.


“There is no unbreakable array in this world. This Old Master does not believe it! Everyone, rest and we will try again later!” Even though the old man’s strength was greatly depleted, he was still full of vigour.


It was a pity that the morale that was aroused by the first roll of the drums, was depleted by the second and exhausted by the third. Many people were now pessimistic and no longer as enthusiastic as before.


By the time they made their third attempt, many were barely even trying. Even though the old man was annoyed, there was nothing he could do about this.


Suddenly, Yang Kai, who had been trying to work out the mystery around him, suddenly laughed. Opening his glowing eyes, he stared at the Void ahead of him and exclaimed, “Wonderful! So that is how it is!”


Saying so, he suddenly took a step forward.


As soon as he took a step out, everyone widened their eyes and looked at him in shock.


That was because he really did manage to take a step forward. Before this, all of the cultivators who were stuck here seemed to just be running in place no matter how or where they tried to run.


“Friend… Friend?” The old man looked nervously at Yang Kai, “How did you do it?”


Even though Yang Kai had a smile on his face, his eyes looked serious, “Folding space, expanding space. Everyone looks just a thousand metres away, but no matter how one tries to advance, the space under one’s feet expands infinitely to compensate, giving one the illusion of stepping in place. So the Grand Dao of Space can be used in such a way… Such profundity!”


As he spoke, Yang Kai took another step forward. At the same time, the Dao Seal inside his body suddenly hardened.


His Dao Seal was formed around the Grand Dao of Space. Now that he had fallen into this predicament, Yang Kai had gained some enlightenment after a long time, which helped his Dao Seal become even stronger.


It had to be known that his Dao Seal had already been hardened by the Divine Dao Water, so refining it further was going to be a very difficult task. It could be seen how great his harvest this time was.


“Folding space, expanding space?” The old man and the other cultivators listened in confusion; however, Xiang Ying also frowned thoughtfully.


“You won’t understand even if I tell you, so just stand here and wait. Once this King retrieves the Divine Water, you will be freed!” Yang Kai did not bother to explain further. This was something concerning Space Principles and the Grand Dao of Space, so no matter how much he tried to talk to someone who did not cultivate it, they would not understand.


Step by step, Yang Kai slowly walked forward, but he was still moving closer to the white jade trough.


After Yang Kai took ten steps, Xiang Ying suddenly waved his purple bamboo in the direction that Yang Kai had stepped out in, and a purple glow emerged from it. Even though Xiang Ying was not moving, strangely enough, his body had moved a metre forward.


Yang Kai noticed his movements and turned around just in time to see it happen. Stunned, he wondered whether Xiang Yin had also cultivated the Dao of Space.


Xiang Ying looked up at him and gently nodded, “Many thanks to Senior Brother Yang for the explanation!”


The purple bamboo in his hands moved forward again and a purple light rippled out, causing his body to move forward once more.


Xiang Ying did not cultivate the Dao of Space, and Yang Kai knew it because he did not feel any fluctuation of Space Principles coming from the former’s body. So, he was doing this solely relying on the power of the purple bamboo!


The purple bamboo felt like it had the ability to nullify all things. Strictly speaking, the strangeness of this place could also be called a type of Divine Ability, but it was a natural phenomenon. Under the effects of the purple bamboo, it would naturally not affect Xiang Ying.


[So this purple bamboo is actually that strong?] Yang Kai looked over his shoulders at the grape and Little Mushroom, instantly getting the feeling that these two guys were extremely weak.


In front of the eyes of almost a thousand people, Yang Kai went forward step by step as Xiang Ying drifted forward like a ghost. Neither was faster or slower than the other, and they were constantly approaching the white jade trough.


Even though Yang Kai was a few steps ahead, Xiang Ying soon caught up with him.


In less than half a cup of tea’s time, the two were only several tens of metres away from the white jade trough.


Xiang Ying suddenly raised his hand and tapped Yang Kai with the purple bamboo, “Please excuse me, Senior Brother Yang!”


After being tapped by the purple bamboo, Yang Kai tried to take another step, but he was unable to move. He was stuck in place.


In that instant, Xiang Ying had pounced onto the white jade trough and summoned a jade bottle, snatching up the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water from within it.


Yang Kai laughed, “If you had not made a move on me, then I would still remain hesitant. Since you are unkind, then do not blame me for being unrighteous.”


Space Principles erupting, he shouted, “Return!”


Xiang Ying was about to bottle up the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water in the stone trough when a light suddenly flashed in his eyes, and he bottled up nothing. By the time he came back to his senses, he found that he had been sent back to the original spot, which was a whole thousand metres away from the stone trough!


Xiang Ying’s face instantly became as black as the bottom of a pot.


Even though the purple bamboo in his hands had the ability to nullify this Divine Ability, allowing him to approach the stone trough little by little, how could it compare to Yang Kai’s understanding the essence of this Divine Ability and borrowing its power for his own use?


One broke, while the other comprehended, the difference was obvious!


Yang Kai stood alone by the white jade trough, looking down at the Divine Water within, grinning.


Without needing any container, his Divine Sense moved, opening up the Small Sealed World, where he sent the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water in the white jade trough into, storing it carefully.


There was quite a lot of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water in the trough, at least a hundred portions.


In just a few moments, Yang Kai had collected all of the Divine Water.


The surrounding group was envious and annoyed at Yang Kai’s actions. He did not even leave them with a single sip.


The moment Yang Kai collected all of the Tai Yi soul Cleansing Water, the white jade trough in front of him suddenly distorted and gradually grew transparent. Soon, it disappeared.


The Tai Yi soul Cleansing Water was a treasure which seemed to appear only at certain times. This white jade stone trough seemed solid, but it was in fact just the manifestation of the world’s Grand Dao. As soon as the Divine Water was gone, its vessel also disappeared with it.


At the same time, the invisible force which had been binding the cultivators all this while disappeared completely.


The moment they were freed, dozens of people rose into the air and lunged straight towards Yang Kai, roaring, “Junior, leave the Divine Water behind!”




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