Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4091, Come Take it Yourself


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Since ancient times, man has been easily swayed by money and treasure. If it were just an ordinary treasure, then it may not be so, but this Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was extremely precious. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary itself was a giant natural treasure trove where nobody had set foot in for a thousand years, but nobody had heard of any Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water emerging during these recent years.


It was only in the Primordial Land that they would have the opportunity to find it, so it was not surprising that so many people were fighting for it.


Not to mention, Yang Kai had Divine Medicines that had assumed human form on each of his shoulders.


Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom had long since caught the eyes of the crowd, but those people were trapped previously and did not have the mind to think about it. Now that they were freed, greed immediately surfaced.


Two Divine Medicines that had assumed human form and a pool of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water. That was enough for anyone to lay their lives on the line!


Dozens of people made the first strike, each of them bearing an aggressive and unforgiving attitude. They clearly had the intention of killing Yang Kai and robbing his treasures.


The rest were slower to react, but they also followed suit, each one shouting at the top of their lungs.


Yang Kai stood in place, looking around him with cold eyes. He remained aloof even when he was being pounced on by dozens of cultivators and snorted indifferently, “If not for this King, you would still be trapped in that invisible cage. This King freed you, and I would not blame you if you had not thanked me, but now you’re even repaying kindness with enmity? Your lack of moral conscience disappoints this King greatly.”


A man laughed, “Little Brother is right, so hurry up and come with me! Don’t pay attention to these ungrateful people.”


He was the first to arrive in front of Yang Kai and try to grab him. Several Element Powers gathered in his palm, mutually reinforcing one another as they flew straight towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not even spare this man a glance though and simply lifted his finger to tap on his forehead.


An arrow of blood shot out from the back of the man’s head. He stood there with his hand outstretched, but he could not move, as if his body had been fixed in place.


Dozens of Divine Abilities rained down in the next moment. Yang Kai’s body shifted, and one by one, Dragon Shields surrounded him in mid-air. In the next instant, the sky was covered with light.


There was a rumble, and someone shouted, “Not so rough! Don’t ruin those two Divine Medicines!”


However, the shout obviously came a little late. When he saw Yang Kai’s figure disappear under the many Divine Abilities, the man’s face twitched. The two Divine Medicines could not have been saved under such a chaotic barrage. They had probably already been turned into dust.


As the Divine Abilities dissipated, a figure reappeared, which immediately changed the expressions of everyone present. They were all shocked that Yang Kai stood unharmed, without even a wrinkle on his clothes.


On the contrary, the first several dozen cultivators who jumped over were suddenly fixed in place. Following a puncturing sound, blood arrows shot out from the backs of these people’s heads before they fell face-first to the ground, the vitality draining from their bodies in an instant.


Each one of these cultivators had a bloody hole on their foreheads that went straight through their skulls, obliterating their Souls. Their eyes were still filled with shock and horror as if they had seen a terrifying sight before their deaths.


There were gasps, and the figures rushing in Yang Kai’s direction stalled in place, looking ahead with trembling eyes.


During that moment of chaos, nobody saw how Yang Kai had actually attacked. They only saw these dozens of people take the lead to attack, but all end up dead!


Pu Bai Xiong was shaking on Yang Kai’s shoulder, his face pale. Earlier, he thought he was dead when he saw Yang Kai being surrounded. Who knew that the several dozen people who attacked would all now be dead after just a single exchange? He sighed in his heart as he muttered, “This brat is actually this strong?”


He was a Divine Medicine that had assumed human form, so he did not know too much about the typical strength of Human cultivators; however, if Yang Kai could instantly kill more than a dozen people alone, then he was obviously strong.


Fresh blood spilled out, filling the world with the stench of iron as hearts pounded loudly.


Dozens of people lay dead on the ground, which left the remaining ones shocked and even disbelieving. The atmosphere felt extremely heavy for a while. Even though there were many people here, they were all loose sand. They had only united earlier to break out of the trap. Now, each of them naturally had their own thoughts about snatching Yang Kai’s treasures away, so it was difficult for them to work together with one mind.


Among the crowd, someone scrutinized Yang Kai’s face for a moment before his eyes suddenly bulged and he began shaking violently.


[It’s him! Scarlet Star’s Killing Star!]


Even though Yang Kai showed off his great power at Scarlet Star’s Star City and allowed many people to see his face at that time, he rarely appeared before others in recent years, so the ones who knew him were actually not many. Only those cultivators who had been there in Scarlet Star’s City from the beginning had seen his face before. The ones who came later only heard his name, but knew not his appearance.


However, that did not mean that nobody could recognize him.


There were more than a thousand people present, so inevitably one or two had been in the presence of Yang Kai’s fierce and noble bearing before. Previously, they did not care much while they were trapped in that invisible cage, but now that he looked carefully, they recognized Yang Kai.


At once, a few faces paled and they turned around in an attempt to run.


As early as a few years ago, Yang Kai had single-handedly killed off thousands of Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion members. After that, he massacred the entire Star City belonging to Sword Pavilion. What could they do to him here with just a thousand people?


If they really were to fight, it was still not known how many would actually survive. This was a great risk to undertake. Divine Medicines with human forms and the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water were certainly valuable, but what could be more important than one’s own life?


*Shua shua shua…* 


Almost a hundred people swiftly left. It was not that they all knew Yang Kai, but they had each formed teams to search for treasure in this Primordial Land. As long as one person recognized Yang Kai, they would naturally call on their companions to hurry away from this place; otherwise, they would be in trouble.


The ones remaining had no idea why these guys would leave in such a hurry and just thought that they had been scared off by Yang Kai’s bizarre methods.


The old man who called on the rest of the cultivators to break the array earlier called out, “Don’t be afraid, he’s only one person! There are so many of us! We can easily drown him with our spit if each of us spits just one mouthful!”


Someone echoed his sentiments and nodded, “That’s right! This boy is alone, so there is nothing to fear! Who cares if those cowardly rats are gone? We just have fewer opponents to deal with now!”


With a compassionate face, the old man stroked his long beard, “Little Brother, the Heavens care for all living beings. If you are willing to leave the two Divine Medicines and the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water behind, then this Old Master and everyone else will also be unwilling to kill you ruthlessly. This Old Master can guarantee that we will allow you to leave in one piece. Are you willing?”


Yang Kai glanced at him, “There are so many of you, but I only have two Divine Medicines. What’s more, the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water is also not enough for all of you to share. What should I do? Why don’t you fight each other first, then when only two of you are left, you can come and share this King’s treasure. That way, there will be no problems.”


The old man smiled, “Things have already come to this point, so why is Little Brother still trying to sow discord?”


Someone shouted, “Leave your Space Ring too! This brat must have other good things with him.”


“Exactly! That way, we won’t have to worry about there not being enough to divide between us!”


Yang Kai said casually, “Indeed, there are many good things in my ring.” Saying so, he took out an object.


“Sixth-Order material!” Some people gasped.


“A Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone! If one were to refine this, then they would be able to cultivate the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!”


Before this man finished speaking, Yang Kai took out another Sixth-Order material, fiddling with his hands.


Then came another shout, “Another Sixth-Order material! That must be a Blood Flame Jade. If refined, then one could cultivate the Soul Burning Blood Flame!”


“Another Sixth-Order…”




There were constant gasps. One after another, Sixth-Order treasures appeared in Yang Kai’s hands. The crowd’s expression changed from their initial surprise to shock, then to endless greed.


In a short period of time, Yang Kai had brought out more than twenty kinds of Sixth-Order materials, and none of them were duplicates. Each one was different from the other!


A huge question came to everyone’s mind. Where did this brat get so many treasures from? It had to be known that they had all been in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for ten years now. Even though they had gotten some good things themselves, most had never come across Sixth-Order materials before! Yet this young man was able to amass more than 20 different treasures of that Order, and those were merely the ones he had taken out to show them. How many more were left inside his ring?


This brat was simply a moving treasure vault!


A loud laugh erupted as a man looked at him with glowing eyes, nodding, “Little Brother does in fact have many good things. It is definitely enough to share.”


Yang Kai nodded, “My only worry is that you have the life to take it, but no life to spend it.” Looking towards the crowd, he grinned, “Does Brother Xiang also want to make things difficult for me?”


Xiang Ying stood there silently with a cold expression, not saying a word.


Yang Kai sighed, “After laying dormant for so many years, it seems the world has forgotten my prestige. Now even pitiful weaklings also dare to provoke this King’s majesty!” Putting away the treasures in his hand, Yang Kai said with a cold expression, “Enough nonsense. If you want treasures, then come and get them yourselves!”


The old man shouted, “Since Little Brother remains stubborn, then do not blame us for not showing mercy. Go!”


*Shua shua shua…* 


One by one, the cultivators lunged towards Yang Kai. Almost a thousand people were attacking him at once in such a spectacular scene. Before they had even arrived, their Divine Abilities were already brought out.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, and he seemed to be standing in place as if he was scared silly. Pu Bai Xiong grabbed his hair nervously and shouted, “Hurry up and dodge!”


Little Mushroom shrank her neck and her entire body underneath her umbrella top.


A Heaven destroying and Earth shattering aura came over Yang Kai’s head. As their attacks were about to make contact, Yang Kai’s body suddenly shook, and raising his hand, a Golden Crow emerged from his fingertip.


The Golden Crow was small, only the size of one’s palm; however, it looked as exquisite as if it were a living creature.


The Golden Crow flapped its wings and let out a piercing cry before flying towards the Divine Abilities with flames blazing all around its body.


The Divine Abilities hit the Golden Crow’s body, but instead of breaking it into pieces, the power in the Divine Abilities was being sucked up by the Golden Crow, turning one into two, two into four, four into eight…


In the blink of an eye, Golden Crows filled the sky, swooping down on each cultivator while following the source of their Divine Abilities.


Many cultivators were shocked, and some retreated in a panic. Others resisted, forming protective barriers on the surface of their bodies.


However, the Golden Crow’s True Fire was overwhelming enough that even an Open Heaven Realm Master would not be able to resist it, let alone these Emperor Realms cultivators. Any cultivator touched by the Golden Crows instantly lit on fire and turned into a burning ball of flames, screaming incessantly.


One by one, the cultivators fell like dumplings into a pot of boiling water as they dropped out of the air, their vitality draining before long.




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