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Martial Peak – Chapter 4092, Some Fish Slipped Through

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“This is… Golden Crow’s True Fire!?” The face of one cultivator changed dramatically as he exclaimed.


The little Golden Crows were so vivid and distinctive that it was hard for one not to recognize it.


Many cultivators were shaken and they hurriedly backed off, but how could they escape? The small Golden Crows swooped down and turned them all into burning balls of fire, leaving them to scream as they fell to the ground.


This cleared the scene at once!


Nearly half of the thousand were either killed or injured in this one exchange.


The cultivators who managed to survive all shouted in terror and tried to escape.


“Trying to run now? Too late!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Space Principles rushed out and the surrounding thousand-metre radius with him at the centre was instantly placed under his control.


Some cultivators tried to look back as they fled, only to be met with a horrifying discovery. No matter how hard they tried to run, they could not move any further away from Yang Kai. It was as if they were stuck in place.


This scene was familiar to them as it felt just like their previous encounter in the invisible cage.


The invisible cage they had been caught in was just like this. They were all rushing desperately towards the white jade trough, but no matter how they tried, they could not get even a little closer.


[Could it be? The barrier reappeared?]


This thought had just come up in one of their minds when a Golden Crow swooped down, covering them!


Ten breaths later, charred corpses fell one by one, their vitality wiped from this world. Nearly a thousand cultivators fell here. Other than the hundred or so that escaped after recognizing Yang Kai, the rest were all burnt to death without burial.


Yang Kai exhaled a breath, not feeling too surprised; however, a look of contemplation soon appeared in his eyes.


It was naturally impossible for the barrier to reappear, and the reason why so many cultivators re-experience the same event where they could only run in place was because of Yang Kai manipulating the local Space Principles.


Unravelling the mysteries of folding space and expanding space allowed him to discover another method of utilizing the Grand Dao of Space, from which he benefited greatly.


When manipulating Space Principles, Yang Kai could now create a similar restriction. This technique was not a Secret Technique, nor a Divine Ability. It was just a flexible method of using Space Principles.


He had never thought of using them this way before, but this encounter opened a new window for Yang Kai that allowed him to further his attainments in the Dao of Space.


When he tested it out for himself, the result was truly remarkable.


Turning around, Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Many thanks, Brother Xiang, for the help!”


Previously, Yang Kai thought that Xiang Ying was also acting on greed and wanted to make things difficult for him, but when the others made a move against him, he realized he was wrong. Xiang Ying had been among the crowd, silently tapping his purple bamboo here and there, secretly attacking those people.


However, his movements were extremely stealthy and with everyone’s attention drawn to Yang Kai’s treasures, nobody even noticed when Xiang Ying secretly struck.


More than a dozen died by his hands during that time.


“My help was unnecessary.” Xiang Ying shook his head and put the purple bamboo away, “We shall part here. Surely, we will meet again!”


This Xiang Ying seemed to prefer solitude, and he only took action just now because he did not agree with these people bullying others with numbers. Only, after seeing Yang Kai’s strength with his own eyes, he realized that these people would not have been able to do anything to Yang Kai even if he did not interfere.


Looking at his back, Yang Kai watched him leave, thinking to himself that this guy was quite an interesting person. He had no idea where this man came from, or which Divine Spirit had chosen him to become their Bearer.


But no matter what, Xiang Ying was able to obtain the Purple Bamboo Divine Medicine and also had a Divine Spirit to help him with building a solid foundation. If he could leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary alive, then he will surely be able to gain a foothold in the 3,000 Worlds in the future.


As a matter of fact, every time the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary opened, many younger generation Masters were created. There were far too many treasures in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and high-quality materials that were rare in the outside world were all over the place here. As long as one’s luck was not too bad, they would surely be able to gain some opportunities in this place and lay a solid foundation to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.


However, the prerequisite to it all was to leave this place alive.


Thoughts churning, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense enveloped the area to scavenge the Space Rings left behind by the dead cultivators. Even though Yang Kai had many treasures already, these people had been working hard in the Grand Ancient Ruins for more than ten years, so they would surely have some good things on them. Yang Kai wasn’t about to toss away free wealth.


One by one, Space Rings flew in his direction and were tossed into his Small Sealed World.




All of a sudden, Yang Kai raised his brow and looked in a certain direction, surprised, “So there are still fish that slipped through the net?”


Flicking his wrist, a Moon Blade was sent flying in that direction.


His Divine Sense perceived a faint aura coming from that direction, so obviously, someone survived and was secretly hiding, which was unexpected to Yang Kai.


Only, they were not able to hide perfectly. Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was extremely powerful, so he was able to see traces the moment he did a proper scan of the area.


The Moon Blade cut through the air and sped off in that direction.


Below a charred corpse, a figure shot into the sky. The Moon Blade happened to brush past the bottom of his feet, almost severing them, but the man was unperturbed. Flipping in mid-air, they quickly disappeared into the distance with nimble movements.


Yang Kai laughed, “Still trying to run?”


Thoughts flashing, the folding space reappeared. In an instant, no matter how the person tried to run, they were unable to break free.


Yang Kai frowned. Despite seeing that the person was in fact stalled in place, they were still moving slowly forward. Even though it was very slow, they really were moving nonetheless.


Being affected by his controlled Space Principles, this person had no way of escaping from the ever-expanding space, but it seemed he was not as powerless as those from before.


[This guy… has some ability!]


Of course, this also was partly to do with Yang Kai himself. He had just learned this technique, so he was not too skilled with its use. He could bully some weaklings, but it was still lacking when he was facing a Master.


The man ran for a while and probably sensed that something was wrong, which caused him to turn back around to see Yang Kai approach him step by step. Knowing that he could not escape, the man sighed and simply decided to stop, laughing bitterly, “Is Senior Brother going to kill me now? I didn’t attack you earlier. I was just watching for fun.”


“Then the price you have to pay for watching the show is going to be a little high.” Yang Kai looked at him with a smirk.


The man shrugged, “I guess it is.” 


Then, his face turned serious, “What do I have to do for Senior Brother to let me go?”


“Did I say…” Yang Kai raised his hand and palmed his fist, “I was going to let you go?”


As the cry of a Golden Crow broke out, it swooped down at the man.


The man’s face froze and he suddenly formed seals with his hands, shouting, “Stand Eternal as a Mountain!”




A beastly roar resounded through the clouds, and immediately afterwards, this man’s body was surrounded by a khakis-coloured glow that radiated a potent Earth Element Power. The Earth Element Power was so dense and pure that it was almost comparable to Yang Kai’s Earth Element. It had to be at least a Seventh-Order Earth Element Power. 


The Earth Element Power twisted and transformed into the illusory phantom of a giant tortoise that protected this unknown man beneath it.


The Golden Crow swooped down and hit the giant tortoise illusory phantom, but it did not hurt the man below in the slightest. It was completely blocked!


The Golden Crow’s True Fire failed. It was the first time that someone was able to block it!


Yang Kai exclaimed, “A Divine Manifestation!” 


But soon, he realized that something was wrong. This giant tortoise illusory phantom had not reached the level of a Divine Manifestation yet. It should be merely a Divine Ability which this man had gained through the enlightenment of his own Earth Element Power, similar to Yang Kai’s own Dragon Shield.


*Chi la la…* 


The Golden Crow’s True Fire clashed with the giant tortoise illusory phantom constantly. After a few moments, the Golden Crow dissipated, but the giant tortoise illusory phantom remained as solid as a rock.


The man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and squeezed out a smile, “Senior Brother, when it is possible to forgive others, one should be forgiving.”


“You’re the Bearer for the Solid Earth Black Tortoise?” Yang Kai raised a brow.


He had seen all kinds of Divine Spirits outside of the Primordial Land before, some in their original forms, and others in human form, but Yang Kai did not see the Solid Earth Black Tortoise’s true body. He was obviously blending among the crowd in Human form.


Since the defensive Divine Ability used by the guy in front of him took on the image of the Solid Earth Black Tortoise, then, it clearly meant that he had received it directly from the Solid Earth Black Tortoise.


Zhu Jiu Yin told him before that the Divine Spirits would go to great lengths to strengthen their Bearers, and some would even divide some of the powers of their own Source and Monster Core to help their Bearers with condensing one of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, all so they could assist them in gaining victory in the Spirit Seizing war.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s Monster Core attribute was not suitable for this, so Yang Kai never asked her for such a thing.


However, the Solid Earth Black Tortoise was different. It was an Earth Element Divine Spirit, and its Monster Core contained a pure Earth Element Power. If it could give some of it to its Bearer, then they could gather a Seventh-Order Element.


These Bearers were able to use some of the Divine Spirit’s abilities from receiving part of the Element Power inside their Monster Cores, and it was very strong. Zhu Jiu Yin had warned him to be careful if he were to meet a Bearer like this, because it was hard to tell what sort of tricks they had up their sleeves. One wrong move could lead to death with them.


Yang Kai never expected to meet such a Bearer that received the inheritance of a Divine Spirit so soon.


The Solid Earth Black Tortoise’s other skills aside, its defensive ability was first class. This Bearer in front of him had received the power of his Divine Spirit, so he was naturally able to withstand the burning of the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


The man greeted him with an erect palm, “Fang Yue greets Senior Brother Yang. This Fang has long heard of Senior Brother’s great name, and seeing you now, Senior Brother is a noble man as expected! Little Brother sighs in awe!”


The grape called out, “Sir, this guy’s ass-kissing is too good!”


Meanwhile, Little Mushroom also nodded her head on his other shoulder, scowling at the other party.


Fang Yue remained serious though and said, “From the bottom of my heart, this one is not trying to kiss Senior Brother’s ass!”


Yang Kai raised a hand, knocking it on the giant tortoise illusory phantom around his body, which made a muffled knock, “Your tortoiseshell is quite hard.”


Fang Yue smiled, “The Solid Earth Black Tortoise specializes in defence, and this Junior Brother has inherited its skill. This Fang has embarrassed himself in front of Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai praised, “I’m afraid only the Divine Spirits can hurt you now in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary with this ability.”


Fang Yue sweated, “But Junior Brother is still not Senior Brother’s opponent. Senior Brother’s achievements in the Dao of Space are deep and profound, and there is nothing that the Golden Crow’s True Fire cannot burn. An ability to burn thousands in one move is truly awe-inspiring.”


“Hand over your Space Ring.” Yang Kai reached out his hand.


“Huh?” Fang Yue was stunned.


Yang Kai stared at him, not saying a word.


The grape then shouted, “Brat, are you deaf? Sir told you to hand over your Space Ring. Our Master is trying to rob you!”


Fang Yue’s mouth twitched as he quibbled, “Senior Brother, I thought we were like old friends the moment we met. We can sit down and talk about this, yes?”



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