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Martial Peak – Chapter 4093, Where the Old Tree is

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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“If you want to talk, we can talk later. Hand over your Space Ring. I’m sure you must have gotten a lot of good things from the Solid Earth Black Tortoise, right?” If not for his tortoise shell, then Yang Kai would be shoving his hand to the man’s nose. 


Fang Yue fumed, “Senior Brother, how can you do this? You have so many treasures, so do you still need to covet these petty trinkets of mine? Even if you rob me, it still won’t increase your wealth by much!”


Yang Kai was indifferent, “If you do something wrong, then you must be punished.”


Fang Yue was angry, “I really didn’t do anything…” After a pause, he said weakly, “Fine, I secretly attacked you, but I didn’t have any intentions to kill you. I just wanted to see the gap between you and I!”


He should have recognized Yang Kai long ago, and he had also heard of Yang Kai’s various deeds. Even though he had received the nurturing of the Solid Earth Black Tortoise, and used its Monster Core to condense his Earth Element, he was still not confident in being able to beat Yang Kai. He only joined in with the crowd earlier to try and verify how much he had grown in these recent times.


However, who knew that this would be the result of that? He was devastated.


If he fought against such a person, would he be able to snatch that Innate Spirit Fruit and satisfy the requests of the Solid Earth Black Tortoise?


He sighed, “Senior Brother, you won’t be able to kill me. My rock seal is indestructible. With this seal, no one in the Primordial Land has any hopes of killing me.”


Yang Kai argued, “Indeed, your Divine Ability is not bad, but it must consume quite a lot of power to maintain, right? Without mentioning whether or not I can break your tortoiseshell, even if I can’t, I can still kill you by exhausting your strength. That is unless you have a way to escape from my hands, of course.”


Fang Yue’s face paled and he swayed as if he were about to collapse, “Senior Brother has a poisonous eye!”


Yang Kai was right. Even though the defence of this rock seal was incredible, it was true that a lot of power was consumed in order to maintain it, and it was quite taxing on his body, especially long term. Under his best efforts, he could at most be able to maintain it for an hour. After an hour, he would definitely be exhausted, and the rock seal would break by itself.


Worse, Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so there was no hope of escaping. Delaying was meaningless. It could be said that Yang Kai’s every word hit him right where it hurt.


Fang Yue’s expression wilted, “Junior Brother concedes. Senior Brother, please be merciful.”


Saying so, he heaved a big sigh and released the rock seal himself. Taking the Space Ring off his finger, he tossed it to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai took it and swept his Divine Sense through its contents before looking up at him, “There really are a lot of good things in here.”


Indeed, many good things could be found in the man’s ring. He even had two Sixth-Order materials. Fang Yue alone should not have been able to collect these, so it was probably the Solid Earth Black Tortoise that he got them from. These Divine Spirits in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had lived for countless years here, and each of them had accumulated great wealth over the years. Since their chosen Bearers were expected to fight for the one and only opportunity to escape this place, the Bearers would naturally try and get some benefits from them, too.


Yang Kai was no exception. If not for Zhu Jiu Yin, how would he have been able to obtain the Divine Dao Water? And how would he be able to cultivate the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture?


Fang Yue saw Yang Kai take out treasure after treasure from his Space Ring, which made him so depressed that he was about to spit blood as he wailed, “Enough, enough! At least leave some for me, Senior Brother!”


But Yang Kai ignored him and continued going through the ring.


After a long time, he finally threw the Space Ring back to him.


Fang Yue caught it and checked its contents. At once, he let out a grunt and grabbed his chest with a grieving and painful expression on his face.


Even though the ring had not been cleaned out, all the good things had been taken away. Fang Yue felt like over ten kilograms of flesh had been shaved off from his body. It hurt so much that he could die.


Grabbing the Space Ring, he turned and left as far as he could, “We will part ways here. Farewell!”


He did not want to run into this guy called Yang Kai again. Though, he still accepted the result of this incident. Even though he was robbed of a lot of things, he did manage to keep his life.


Fang Yue ran for at least a thousand kilometres before turning back to look, and he discovered that Yang Kai did not chase after him. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief and consoled himself, “If one survives a great calamity, they will surely be blessed later. Material possessions do not come with birth and are not kept in death. If it’s gone, then so be it!”


Landing on a boulder, he could not help but feel some trepidation as he recalled the previous encounter. They were both in the Emperor Realm, and he had been nurtured by the Solid Earth Black Tortoise for many years; however, he discovered that the disparity in strength between him and Yang Kai was still so overwhelming, and he could not help but feel a little discouraged because of it.


While he was feeling gloomy, the peculiarity of the boulder beneath him suddenly caught his eye. It resembled a lotus flower in bloom with layers upon layers of petals, and he was standing on the flower’s stamen. Raising a brow, he looked at the flower with interest.


In the next moment, the ground beneath him shook, and the stone lotus suddenly closed shut. Fang Yue was caught off guard and was trapped at the very centre of it, unable to break out, shocking him greatly. It was true what they said, when it rains, it pours. His ship sailed late and he was met with a headwind.


After swallowing Fang Yue, the stone lotus immediately uprooted itself. Its roots became two long legs that had actually begun to run off.


Within the stone lotus, Fang Yue shouted, “Stand Eternal as a Mountain!”




Ten days later, Yang Kai climbed atop a tall mountain and was guided by Pu Bai Xiong to a certain spot on the peak.


When he arrived at the place, Pu Bai Xiong jumped off Yang Kai’s shoulder and shouted, “Little Bottle Gourd, Little Bottle Gourd, Old Pu is here to see you!”


The reason why he came to this place was that Pu Bai Xiong told Yang Kai that another Divine Medicine lived here.


In the Primordial Land, there were not many Divine Medicines that had assumed human form, but there were some. Pu Bai Xiong knew of at least seven different Divine Medicines, and each of them had extraordinary power and unique effects.


For example, the two that Yang Kai was in possession of. Pu Bai Xiong’s grapes had extraordinary medicinal efficacies. Not only could they heal wounds, they could also solidify one’s cultivation, so he could be said to be a very rare type. On the other hand, the Profound Multi-Coloured Illusionary Mushroom had the ability to create illusions. Once her invisible spores flew out, no ordinary cultivator could resist. When Yang Kai was caught in the fog, he had also accidentally fallen for its trick. In the end, it was with the combined help of the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Soul-Warming Lotus that he kept his clarity.


Then, there was also Xiang Ying’s purple bamboo, which seemed to have an extraordinary ability to nullify all techniques.


Divine Medicines were not all used for consumption. When plants or herbs gained sentience and assumed human form, they became Divine Medicines.


According to Pu Bai Xiong, the Divine Medicine here was a gourd vine, and there were seven bottle gourds on that vine, corresponding to each of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. Its quality was also very good. If one could get their hands on this gourd vine, then they would have inexhaustible cultivation resources.


Only, despite all his hardships in getting here, Yang Kai did not sense any vitality with his Divine Sense in the area.


Pu Bai Xiong shouted again and scratched his head with his root arms, “Where did that bottle gourd go?”


Yang Kai frowned. Stepping onto a place, he observed some traces and said, “No need to keep shouting.”


Pu Bai Xiong rushed over when he heard his words and climbed onto his shoulder. Following his gaze, he saw traces left behind from a battle that was filled with different Elements and he immediately shouted, “Little Bottle Gourd has been fighting!”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m afraid that someone else has gotten to him first.”


This was also the case when he went to get the purple bamboo. It was after that that he discovered that Xiang Ying was the one who obtained the purple bamboo. During the last ten days or so, Pu Bai Xiong had been pointing Yang Kai around to find the Divine Medicines that have assumed human form, but unfortunately, they came up empty at every turn. Those Divine Medicines had either gone into hiding or were taken away by others before they arrived.


This was already the third spot that Yang Kai had visited, but the three Divine Medicines, including the Little Bottle Gourd, were nowhere to be found.


Yang Kai was not sure what happened to the other Divine Medicines, but this one should have been taken away by someone. The signs of battle were scattered everywhere, which indicated that many people were fighting for one Divine Medicine. No matter how amazing the gourd vine was, it still could not block four strikes with two fists.


There were still many blood stains on the ground that had yet to dry, which should be from the injuries those cultivators sustained from the gourd vine.


Pu Bai Xiong was chagrined, “If I’d known this would happen, we should’ve come sooner. Don’t worry, Sir. I’ll take you to see Ah Ku. That guy lives only a three-day trip away from here.”


Little Mushroom shrank her neck, “Let’s not see Ah Ku. I get unlucky every time I see him.”


Pu Bai Xiong scolded, “Sir wants Divine Medicines, so when has it become up to you to tell me what to do?”


Little Mushroom pouted in anger and turned away from him.


Yang Kai shook his head, “No need. We have more important matters to attend to. Take me to the fruit tree instead.”


The Primordial Land had been flooded with people. Even though there had been numerous deaths and injuries during this period, most of them probably survived. These people were actively prowling all over the Primordial Land, so if there were any good things, they would most likely have found them. The Divine Medicines were the best example of that.


Yang Kai was afraid that if they delayed any longer, then even the Innate Spirit Fruit would be taken, then he would have nothing to bring back to Zhu Jiu Yin. At that point, Yue He and the others would be in danger.


“You want to see that old tree?” Pu Bai Xiong responded, “Good. However, Sir has to be careful. That old tree is not easy to provoke, and the place where he lives is covered in danger. One can easily fall if they aren’t careful.”


“Just lead the way!”


Pu Bai Xiong immediately pointed the way out to Yang Kai. After descending the tall mountain, Yang Kai sped along on his journey.


They did not stop along the way, but they did pass by many cultivators on the road, and there were also those that were fighting each other ceaselessly. Someone died in the Primordial Land practically every moment.


After travelling for only two days, Pu Bai Xiong said, “Sir, we’re almost there. You see that mountain up ahead? The old tree lives up there.”


Looking up, Yang Kai did in fact find a tall mountain in the distance, but it was too far for him to see it too clearly.


It was at this moment that Yang Kai discovered something. Turning his head to look in a direction, he saw a figure there that was also rushing in the direction of that tall mountain.


That person did not look very old, only in his early twenties, but his aura seemed extremely dense. He clearly had a solid foundation; however, that was not what Yang Kai was concerned about, but rather that object on the man’s shoulder.


It was a Divine Medicine!


The Divine Medicine looked like a bitter gourd with wrinkles all over its body. On the gourd was a face that looked gloomy with furrowed brows, as if all the misfortune under the sky were concentrated on it. It looked irreconcilably upset.


“Ah Ku!” Little Mushroom suddenly called out.


Silavin: Yes, it is I. Ah Ku the Shogun of Sorrow, the Deliverer of Darkness…



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    1. You are right ah ku was the one they would have gone to after the bottle gourd. I was confused as well but then I realised. Ah ku wasn’t described as a bottle gourd, it was described as a bitter gourd. They are different things. Besides the bottle gourd consisted of 7 gourds on a vine, based on the description ah ku wasn’t like that. So it wasn’t a mistake, their names were just very similar. Bottle gourd vs bitter gourd.

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