Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4094, I’m So Sad


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[So this is the Ah Ku that Grape and Little Mushroom mentioned?]


Yang Kai’s expression changed and he began observing the Divine Medicine, Ah Ku. He had no idea whether to laugh or cry, because the Divine Medicine’s appearance was truly terrible. He had no idea what sort of miraculous effects it had.


At that moment, Ah Ku heaved a heavy sigh, “I’m so sad!”


His sigh was so long that he seemed to be able to exhale all his five viscera and six organs.


Yang Kai’s heart suddenly felt shaken, and a feeling of depression overwhelmed him. He suddenly felt as if everything was meaningless. So what if he spent more than ten years in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and collected unimaginable wealth? They could pile up in his Space Ring, but they were merely dead things.


So what if he put his life on the line to search for the Innate Spirit Fruit in the Primordial Land? In the end, he was only doing it for Zhu Jiu Yin’s sake, and he could not even take a bite of the fruit.


What could he get in return for his efforts of escaping from this world and getting back to the Outer Universe, after narrowly escaping death so many times? Maybe by the time he found the World Tree, the Star Boundary would have already collapsed, and the trillions of lives living there would have vanished.




All kinds of negative emotions hidden in the depths of his heart poured out along with the Divine Medicine, Ah Ku’s sigh that was almost able to drown his consciousness completely.


Yang Kai gradually slowed down; he had lost his goal of moving forward and fighting.


On Yang Kai’s shoulder, Pu Bai Xiong covered his face with a root tendril and sobbed, “I, Pu Bai Xiong, change my name to Pu Ninety-Nine Xiong from now on. How else am I going to face the world? Just let me die…”


Little Mushroom, who was sitting on Yang Kai’s other shoulder, bawled and cried, “What am I crying for? I’m so sad, wahhh…”


Yang Kai stifled a grunt and bit down the tip of his tongue ruthlessly. As the taste of blood spread out in his mouth, the Soul Warming Lotus protected his Soul and finally cleared his mind.


He was so shocked that his body was covered in a cold sweat as he looked at the Divine Medicine, Ah Ku, with fear.


This thing was truly bizarre. It was no wonder Little Mushroom was so afraid of him. She said that she felt extremely sad each time she saw this guy, and sure enough, that really seemed to be the case.


His sigh sounded like nothing out of the ordinary, but it had the strange ability to stir up the darkness in one’s heart, making it impossible for them to hold themselves up.


The one who obtained Ah Ku was a young man with a clean appearance. He did not look much older than Yang Kai, and he had a gloomy look on his face at this moment. Suddenly smashing his fist on Ah Ku’s head, he gritted his teeth and snapped, “Shut up! Don’t talk unless I tell you to!”


Ah Ku shrank his head when he was hit, and his wrinkled face furrowed even more as he sighed, “But I really am sad…”


The young man tumbled mid-flight and almost fell headlong into the ground. Without even looking at Yang Kai, he left in a hurry.


It was not until he left far away that Yang Kai breathed a heavy sigh. Grape and Little Mushroom had also recovered and wiped their eyes, blinking in confusion. They had no idea why they felt so sad just now.


“Did we run into Ah Ku?” Pu Bai Xiong asked in surprise.


Yang Kai nodded. Looking at the tall mountain in the distance, the young man seemed to be moving towards the same goal as him. He was able to come here so quickly because he received Pu Bai Xiong’s guidance, so that young man should have been led here by Ah Ku.


In that case, the group of people who obtained the Divine Medicines must also be able to receive directions from them. It would probably not be long until they all gathered here.


“I knew nothing good would happen if we ran into Ah Ku! That guy is just bad luck!” Pu Bai Xiong cursed.


“Are you sure the fruit tree is on that mountain?” Yang Kai asked.


Pu Bai Xiong answered, “I’m sure. The old tree has always been on the mountain. He’s never moved!”


Yang Kai breathed out, “It looks like we’re going to have to see that Ah Ku again.” With that, his body shifted, and he sped in that direction.


The destination was not too far away, but it was not close either. It was a whole 2,000-kilometre distance.


Pu Bai Xiong warned Yang Kai along the way, “Sir must be very careful. Nothing good comes out of meeting Ah Ku. He didn’t say anything to you, did he?”


Yang Kai said, “No, he just said he was sad.”


Pu Bai Xiong was relieved, “That’s good. It would have been bad if he said anything to you.”


Yang Kai did not understand, but he did not ask further.


After an hour, Yang Kai gradually approached the mountain when suddenly, his expression changed. Gazing towards its peak, he saw a lofty fruit tree with an imposing canopy so huge that it covered the entire mountain.


[The Innate Fruit Tree!]


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. Pu Bai Xiong was right, the old fruit tree was really here. He just had to grab an Innate Spirit Fruit and bring it back to Zhu Jiu Yin in exchange for the safety of Yue He and the others. This was the main reason he was in this Primordial Land to begin with.


However, Yang Kai was a little surprised to find a very faint trace of World Force drifting from the top of the mountain! This caused his brows to furrow. Where was this World Force coming from?


It had to be known that within the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, the Small Universe within the Open Heaven Realm Masters was suppressed and sealed, so it could not be accessed. Naturally, World Force from a Small Universe could not be exerted; otherwise, Yang Kai and the other Emperor Realm cultivators would not have been able to shine. The Open Heaven Realm Masters would have robbed the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary clean already.


And, those who entered the Primordial Land were all Emperor Realm Masters. Having not split Heaven and Earth apart within their bodies yet, they were all incapable of possessing World Force, much less exerting it.


However, Yang Kai clearly felt a faint World Force coming from where that Innate Fruit Tree stood.


At this time, many cultivators had already gathered at the foot of the mountain, roughly a thousand in total. These people were all looking up at the peak of the mountain, watching the Innate Fruit Tree with greedy eyes.


Many cultivators were alone, but there were also those in small groups of three to five. A few larger cliques had formed, with the largest numbering in the two hundreds. They were obviously from the same great force.


Scanning the scene, Yang Kai saw several familiar faces.


Ah Ku and the young man that he saw on the road were there, standing alone at the side. The man stood with his hand behind his back, unaffected by the people around him.


There was also Xiang Ying, who was holding Purple Bamboo and nodded lightly at Yang Kai.


With Purple Bamboo leading the way, it was only natural that he could find his way here.


At this moment, Yang Kai felt something and suddenly turned his head to look in a certain direction. There, he saw a short but vigorous-looking young man retracting his gaze.


A vine was wrapped around the man’s body, where seven small bottle gourds hung.


Yang Kai frowned. Even though it was only for a moment, he sensed a hint of hostility from this man.


However, Yang Kai had never met this person before, nor did he know what he could have done to offend him.


What caught his attention was the vine wrapped around the man’s body. It was clearly a Divine Medicine, and it must be the Little Bottle Gourd that Grape mentioned before. The seven small bottle gourds represented each of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. The Power contained in each bottle gourd was different.


The short man was wounded and bloodied, which meant that he must have fought with someone. From his travel-worn appearance, he must have arrived not long ago.


“Brother Yang!” Someone suddenly called out to him.


Yang Kai turned around, only to see Xu Zhen walking over from nearby. The little fatty had a big smile on his face, and while walking over, he observed Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom who were on Yang Kai’s shoulder with interest. When he was close, he commented, “So these are Divine Medicines?”


He was the Bearer that Zhu Yan chose, and he had also gotten many good things from Zhu Yan. Even though he had been cultivating hard in retreat all this while, he kept in contact with Yang Kai. In the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, besides Yue He and the others, this man could be considered one of Yang Kai’s closest friends.


“Brother Xu!” Yang Kai greeted him.


Xu Zhen clicked his tongue in amazement, “I heard that there were only seven or eight Divine Medicines that had assumed human form in the entire Primordial Land, and Brother Yang alone has two of them. This is truly an amazing fortune worth admiring.”


“I just got lucky,” Yang Kai smiled.


Xu Zhen stared at the grapes on Pu Bai Xiong’s head with interest, “These grapes… What effect do they have when eaten?”


Pu Bai Xiong was furious, “Eat your head! Come over here you little fatty! Uncle Pu will fight you for 300 rounds!” 


He moved his root tendrils like a fox assuming the majesty of a tiger, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. Yang Kai had previously eaten one of his grapes, and he was still upset about it now. Seeing this little fatty eyeing his grapes upset him instantly.


“What an interesting little thing!” Of course, Xu Zhen would not lower himself to his level, so he just laughed.


“Brother Xu, if you have already found the Innate Fruit Tree, then why are you still here?” Yang Kai asked doubtfully.


Over a thousand people were gathered here, but they were all just looking at the fruit tree at the top of the mountain with nobody trying to go up. Yang Kai did not understand why this was.


Xu Zhen shook his head and sighed, “It’s not that simple. This mountain may seem calm and quiet now, but a murderous intent is hidden deep within. One will be fine if they do not enter the mountain, but once inside, great danger will descend upon them. Before this, a number of people went inside, but unfortunately, none survived.”


Yang Kai was surprised to hear this. Looking carefully at the mountain, he saw the bodies of many cultivators. Roughly counting their numbers, there were at least a hundred there.


These people died in a variety of strange ways. Some turned into stone sculptures, while others were burned until they were unrecognizable. There were also those whose bodies were covered in cruel wounds.


These must be the cultivators who had entered the mountain, but unfortunately met with their ends.


“But we can’t just wait here forever,” Yang Kai frowned.


Xu Zhen nodded, “Everyone is waiting. Nobody wants to be the bird that pokes its head out first, so we’re all at a stalemate now.”


Yang Kai understood. These people had probably gathered here because they wanted to observe for a while to see what methods could be used to get past the dangers of this mountain.


It was at that moment that a large group of people arrived. The overbearing man at the front was carrying a large sabre decorated with a monster head, and the group that he came with was very large. There were two or three thousand people in total, pouring in like a torrent with unstoppable momentum, causing all the cultivators gathered here to go pale.


“Emperor Heaven!” Someone whispered under their breath. They were able to recognize these people


At the same time, Yang Kai saw the face of the man at the front, Ding Yi.




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  1. I am getting a bit annoyed again at how the Soul Warming Lotus is handled. If you need to collect yourself first before it helps you whats the point…

    Also, YK once again ignoring the obvious hint that something much worse will happen if the Depression Fruit talks to you directly, but “he did not understand and did not ask further”. So probably wont take 5 chapters until exactly that situation will happen that could have been easily avoided if he just “did ask further”.

    1. Well, if you are sinking at the same rate you are dragged up by a floaty, then you might need an extra arm stroke to get your head above water. If someone’s trying to bring you out of catatonia – until you notice them, their efforts are in vain. I can easily see the Lotus merely preventing YK from spiraling out into suicidal depression (like the prune had done), until he actually made an effort to break the mental effect. It’s not a universal “nullify all mental pressure” by this point.

    2. My thoughts exactly. What the hell does this even mean?!

      Yang Kai did not understand, but he did not ask further.

      What happened to “know yourself, know your enemy and you’ll win a thousand battles”?

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