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Martial Peak – Chapter 4095, Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Emperor Heaven was a group that sprang up in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and was founded by Ding Yi. He had gathered a lot of people these years, and under the exclusion of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Primordial Land, only those in the Emperor Realm could enter, which was a great advantage for Emperor Heaven as they were all in the Emperor Realm.


Previously, inside of the seven-coloured passage, Ding Yi led his Emperor Heaven subordinates to block the passage, causing many deaths and injuries.


However, he had suffered a loss under Yang Kai some years ago and almost lost his life. Since then, he had been very afraid of Yang Kai, so he always gave him face, whether it was at Yuan Magnetic Mountain back then or inside the seven-coloured passage.


Ding Yi’s body was also covered in injuries, so his journey here must not have been peaceful.


There were only a total of around a thousand people below the mountain, and now two to three thousand from Emperor Heaven appeared all at once, which was two or three times their number, so how could anyone not be wary? Such a huge great force could completely change the flow of the situation here.


In an instant, the people from Emperor Heaven reached the foot of the mountain. Ding Yi, who was carrying his ghost-headed sabre, swept his eyes all around him. Suddenly, his gaze was fixed on someone, and he bellowed, “Seems like I didn’t travel all the way here for nothing. You little thief! You dare to snatch my Divine Medicine? Now I’ve caught you. Let’s see whether you can stay alive or not!”


He pointed his sabre forward, targeting the short man who had obtained the gourd vine.


The short man frowned, obviously realizing the trickiness of this situation. If it were Ding Yi alone, then he would not be worried as the might of the gourd vine was extraordinary. Not to mention one Ding Yi, even ten or a hundred would just be nothing to fear; however, Emperor Heaven had too many people. If they really fought, then he would surely suffer a loss.


The short man thought for a moment before speaking back to him, “Ding Yi, this Divine Medicine is extraordinary, and among the presence of the able, it chose me, so it is fated to be with me. Why do you have to force it?”


“Fate my ass!” Ding Yi was furious, “If you hadn’t interfered, then this Divine Medicine would have been mine! You shameless thief! Snatching my Divine Medicine from me in secret, and now you still have the face to say such drivel?”


The short man coldly snorted, “You keep talking about it as if it was your Divine Medicine. Call out to it and see if it responds to you!”


Ding Yi fumed, “Call me Grandpa and see if I respond to you!”


The two were arguing so loudly that they attracted the attention of countless people. Even Yang Kai was surprised.


He was guided by Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom to look for the gourd vine previously, but someone else had gotten there first. From the traces they saw there, a battle must have taken place, and it was between a good number of people.


Now, it seemed like it was Ding Yi leading his men from Emperor Heaven to fight against the gourd vine, only to be plucked away by this short man at a critical moment.


Anyone would be angry if they were to encounter such a thing, and they would not give up so easily.


Ding Yi, who led the group to this place, probably did not expect to meet this thief who stole his Divine Medicine, but now that he saw him, there was no way he would let him go so easily.


“Right now, the Divine Medicine is in my hands. What are you going to do about it?” Despite standing as one against the thousands from Emperor Heaven, the short man was not afraid.


Ding Yi snickered, “What else can I do? Naturally, I will kill you and get my Divine Medicine back! No one has ever taken advantage of me, Ding Yi, ever!”


Saying so, he flicked his cloak behind him and his thousands of subordinates immediately made their move. Emperor Heaven was founded more than ten years ago when the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary just opened. In these years, under the leadership of Ding Yi, the cultivators of Emperor Heaven had been active in all parts of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, experiencing countless battles, both big and small, even withstanding several Beast Tides. At this moment, they did not need their leader to say much as each of them would do their own job. In a moment, the short man was surrounded by thousands of people.


The short man’s face became grimmer.


“Ding Yi, the Innate Fruit Tree is right in front of our eyes. If we could gain the Innate Spirit Fruit, then would that not be a harvest worth more than a simple Divine Medicine? Why don’t we settle our grudge after we fight for the spirit fruit?” The short man suggested.


Ding Yi pointed his sabre at him, “My enemy stands before me. I don’t care about any spirit fruit. Speak! Do you want me to kill you in a single stroke, or do you want me to slice you up little by little?”


The short man shook his head and sighed, “Looks like there’s no way around this. Haiz, I do not wish to kill you, but since you take the initiative to court death, I will grant your wish.”


Saying so, he shook the gourd vine.


The seven small bottle gourds hanging on the gourd vine rolled down, instantly transforming into little people. Each one of these little people were wearing a leafy green shirt and had bare feet. A different coloured little bottle gourd lay atop each of their heads.


One bottle gourd raised a hand and said in a crisp voice, “I am Da Wa!”

(Silavin: I am the Biggest Baby. ‘Wa’ is basically baby in this case)


Another bottle gourd took a half-kneeling stance, “I am Er Wa!”

(Silavin: I am the Second Baby)


Another bottle gourd came over, roofing his eyes with his hands in a monkey overseeing the ocean pose, “I am San Wa!”

(Silavin: I am the Third Baby and so on…)


The fourth bottle gourd stood with crossed arms and quickly said, “I am Si Wa!”


*Sou sou…* Two bottle gourds flew onto the shoulders of these four bottle gourds, one foot on each shoulder.


“I am Wu Wa!”


“I am Liu Wa!”


The final bottle gourd flipped in the air and stood atop the rest of the bottle gourds, laughing as he stood akimbo, “And I am Qi Wa!”


The bottle gourds then spoke in unison, “We are the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers!”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded at this display. Next to him, the corners of Xu Zhen’s mouth were twitching, “This Divine Medicine… is quite interesting.”


Pu Bai Xiong snorted, “Playing cheap tricks!”


On the other hand, Little Mushroom shook her fists with starry eyes, “Big Brothers Bottle Gourds, be careful!”


The seven bottle gourds turned their heads and grinned meaningfully at Little Mushroom.


Ding Yi’s face darkened and he pointed at them with his sabre, “Kill that little thief, but don’t hurt the bottle gourds!”


As soon as he finished speaking, an overwhelming attack was launched on the short man.


The bottle gourds rolled together, and Da Wa rushed forward, shouting, “Look at my Stainless Golden Body!”


A golden glow emerged, instantly enveloping a ten-metre radius with a light barrier. Countless attacks fell on the light barrier, but it was able to block most of it.


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “A Fifth-Order Metal Element Power!”


The Power that Da Wa exerted was of the Fifth Order! The Metal Element Power had turned into a layer of protection that was as solid as gold.


Even though Emperor Heaven had strength in numbers, not many of them have condensed Fifth-Order Elements. The ones who condensed powers under the Fifth Order were only able to cause a light ripple on top of the light barrier.


Only attacks of the Fifth Order could cause a substantial impact.


However, there were too many such attacks, and the Metal Element barrier was not able to compete with them, only lasting a short time before it broke.


However, this short moment gave the short man enough time to prepare.


The rest of the bottle gourds each activated their own Element Powers, which was a layer of protection formed of all of Yin, Yang and the Five Elements, guarding the short man inside.


Once the seven layers were all broken, the attacks disappeared without a trace.


The short man coldly snorted and shook one of the gourd vines, shouting, “Go!”


San Wa and Si Wa instantly lunged at the group. In mid-air, they each sucked in a large breath of air and spat it back out.


San Wa spat out extremely pure Water Element Power, while Si Wa spat out Fire Element Power.


As water and fire came together, they caused a huge explosion. An incomparably large shockwave spread out from the centre.


There were screams as hundreds of cultivators from Emperor Heaven sustained varying degrees of damage. Then, they fell from the air like dumplings into a pot.


At the same time, the short man shook the gourd vine in his hand again. Liu Wa and Qi Wa formed a Yin-Yang beam, crossing like a huge pair of scissors, cutting through the men of Emperor Heaven.


*Chi chi chi…*


The sound of fresh blood splashing out could be heard as dozens of cultivators were cut off at the waist, their five viscera and six organs were tossed into the air before falling downwards uncontrollably. Some of the men in the air panicked and quickly tried to stuff their guts back into their abdominal cavities, but they could not regain their lost vitality.


All the cultivators who saw this were horrified.


Yang Kai was also appalled.


He did not expect the bottle gourd Divine Medicine to be this strong. Seven bottle gourds corresponded to the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, each one of them Fifth-Order. Ordinary cultivators were simply unable to compete with this.


After this exchange, Emperor Heaven suffered a huge loss, losing as many as two hundred men.


It was no wonder why this short man was unfazed despite being surrounded by Emperor Heaven. It turned out he was prepared.


“Amazing!” Xu Zhen exclaimed, his eyes glowing as he looked at the gourd vine. Anyone would wish to get their hands on that.


However, even though the gourd vine was fierce, Emperor Heaven had many members who were all experienced in battle. Even though they suffered a stifling loss, they did not panic. In the face of the Yin-Yang scissors, the thousands of men took on battle formations with over hundreds in each group, pressing onward step by step to surround it tightly.


Another few hundred elites completely ignored the little bottle gourds, rushing toward the short man to attack him.


Three bottle gourds remained by the short man’s side, corresponding to the Metal, Wood, and Earth Elements.


Seeing the enemy approaching, the short man’s expression remained unchanged as he shook his gourd vine again.


Da Wa immediately turned into a golden light that rushed out.


In front of the battle formation, a cultivator reached a hand out to Da Wa, grinning meaningfully, “Little Bottle Gourd, you dare to throw yourself into the net?” He had seen the Stainless Golden Body used by Da Wa before, so he thought that this bottle gourd’s main power was in defence.


However, Ding Yi’s face changed as he shouted, “Watch out!”


His words had just come out when Da Wa swung a fist out.


There was a loud bang, and the cultivator at the front was hit by a powerful force, causing him to fly out uncontrollably. In mid-air, his arms burst open. Even his bones were shattered.


“Impressive strength,” Yang Kai sighed in amazement.


“The Metal Element has always been the strongest when it comes to killing. That man was too careless.” Xu Zhen shook his head and sighed.


After blasting the leader away, Da Wa suddenly began to spin. His hands and feet, as well as each and every part of his body, had transformed into unstoppable sharp weapons, slicing through the battle formation in the blink of an eye.


*Peng peng peng…* The sounds were endless as other than a dozen or so who were lucky, the rest of the cultivators in the battle formation were all badly injured. Blood splattered everywhere.


However, Da Wa did not stop. Turning into a golden drill, he crashed through them from behind.


Another battle formation came from the other side, and the leader shouted, “Heaven-Wielding Earth-Locking Net!”


A large net covered Heaven and Earth, coming down above Da Wa’s head.



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