Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4097, Thunderbolt Breaking Through The Void


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Following the source of the power from before, Ding Yi looked over and saw Yang Kai’s palm facing him, and space was turning and twisting behind that big hand.


Then, it made sense. Yang Kai had saved his life at the critical moment, for which he was immensely grateful.


Yang Kai looked at the short man and grinned fiercely at him, “So it was you! You bastard!”


Before those words had even emerged, he had already slammed his palm towards the short man, causing the World Energy around them to shake as it formed a large foggy green palm that enveloped Heaven and earth.


The short man’s face changed slightly. Taking in a breath, he shook the gourd vine in his hand. 


*Sou sou sou sou…* 


Noise broke through the air as the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers flew into the sky and landed on the gourd vine, turning back into seven small bottle gourds.


The gourd vine’s power soared, breaking through the green palm in one light blow. Without delay, the short man formed hand seals with one hand, and his body suddenly disappeared into the void.


“Still want to run?” Yang Kai coldly snorted and manipulated Space Principles, sealing Heaven and Earth. Sensing a life aura rapidly flying away, he threw a punch to one side.


There was a muffled grunt, and the short man’s figure reappeared; however, he soon rushed into the mountain as blood sprayed out of his mouth. It was clear that the punch he took from Yang Kai earlier caused him to suffer a big loss. He turned around and glared at Yang Kai with pure hatred in his eyes, but his body disappeared once again.


Yang Kai frowned. He could no longer sense his presence with his Divine Sense, which was certainly because of this guy’s mysterious concealment method, but also due to the strange situation inside the mountain that stopped his Divine Sense from extending deeper within. Otherwise, there was no way he would let that guy escape so easily.


“You have a grudge against him?” Xu Zhen looked at Yang Kai with curiosity.


He realized this the moment he saw Yang Kai make his move.


Staring at the direction in which the short man disappeared to, Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Xu Zhen was thoughtful, “That Divine Ability earlier must be the Shattering Dao Seal Technique. Could he be from Purple Jade Cave Heaven? But why have I never met him before? If he truly does come from Purple Jade Cave Heaven, then Brother Yang should be careful.”


Yang Kai snorted, “I don’t care whether he’s from Purple Jade Cave Heaven or not! I’m killing him!”


Before this, when he was entering the Primordial Land, Yang Kai had been ambushed by someone using the Shattering Dao Seal Technique in the seven-coloured passage. If his Dao Seal had not been reinforced using Divine Dao Water, then he may have suffered a huge loss back then. Even though he searched for the attacker immediately after, he could not find a trace of him, and it was from Qu Hua Shang that he learned about the Shattering Dao Seal Technique.


Yang Kai never thought that he would see this Divine Ability again in this place.


In other words, there was a nine out of ten chance that the short man was the very one who attacked him back at the seven-coloured passage. All the techniques he displayed thus far were in line with Yang Kai’s guess.


First of all, this guy was proficient in concealing his aura and body. Yang Kai had already confirmed that he was unable to find him back at the seven-coloured passage itself, and this short man was also proficient in the same kind of Secret Technique.


Moreover, there was no such thing as an unprovoked grudge, much less an unprovoked favour. Yang Kai was not sure why he would ambush him like that, but if this grudge was passed down from Jin Wu and Zhu Jiu Yin, then it all made sense.


Jin Wu and Zhu Jiu Yin had a deep grudge against each other. As Jin Wu’s Bearer, the short man must have received Jin Wu’s orders to find a way to eliminate him before entering the Primordial Land, so as to cut off Zhu Jiu Yin’s hopes.


Xu Zhen was troubled, however, and spoke, “Brother Yang, if he truly was a disciple of Purple Jade Cave Heaven, then I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.”


Cave-Heavens and Paradises certainly competed with each other, and many of these fights tended to be large-scale, but there were also allies between them. Divine Cauldron Heaven and Purple Jade Cave Heaven shared a good relationship with each other. If their disciples were to meet each other on the outside, then even if they did not mutually support each other, they would still not give each other a hard time; otherwise, it would be hard to explain to their Masters once they return.


Yang Kai said, “I won’t trouble you, Brother Xu.”


Xu Zhen sighed and did not try to persuade him, “If you really come to a life-or-death juncture, Brother Yang must be wary of this!”


Yang Kai looked down to see Xu Zhen fiddling with his own Identity Token.


Expression turning grim, Yang Kai nodded lightly.


For disciples of Cave-Heavens and Paradises like Xu Zhen, an Identity Token was not merely a means to prove one’s status, but also a life-saving treasure that held a Divine Ability of their Master within it.


It was already benevolent of Xu Zhen to remind Yang Kai of that.


At that moment, Ding Yi came over to thank him. If Yang Kai had not moved him out of the way using Space Principles earlier, then he would have been hit by that Shattering Dao Seal Technique. In his current state, his Dao Seal would have been at risk of collapsing if he were hit by that attack.


Yang Kai’s helping hand saved his life.


“Thanks are not enough for this kindness, Brother Yang. If you ever have any need for my, Ding Yi, and Emperor Heaven’s help, then please do not hesitate to ask. We will surely not refuse!” Ding Yi spoke with great zeal, and he waved his hand, “What are you still waiting for? Get in and find that guy! I must skin him alive!”


He had a fierce look on his face and it was clear how much he hated that short man.


Of the two to three thousand cultivators from Emperor Heaven, hundreds were dead and wounded in battle, but they were still huge in numbers. With one order from Ding Yi, they rushed into the mountain in a rumble.


Yang Kai warned him, “There seems to be some danger in that mountain. Tell your men to be careful.”


Ding Yi was stunned. He began fighting the short man as soon as he arrived here, so he really did not know about this and quickly warned his subordinates. When they received the order, all of them put their guards up.


The thousands of people gathered here to watch could not hold back once they saw Emperor Heaven moving, so all of them rushed into the mountain as well.


“I will also be going, Brother Yang. We will meet again at the top of the mountain.” Xu Zhen cupped his fists and left towards the mountain.


He had no idea whether the short man was from Purple Jade Cave Heaven, so he could not go with Yang Kai; otherwise, he would not be able to help either one once Yang Kai was to clash with that man. With that thought in mind, Xu Zhen decided it would be better for him to set off alone.


Yang Kai nodded and asked him to take care.


He waited until Xu Zhen left before stepping forward; however, he frowned as soon as he stepped into the mountain because this place was indeed very strange. It was covered in a fog similar to the one produced by Little Mushroom that had the ability to suppress one’s Divine Sense so that one’s detection radius was severely limited.


Even though Yang Kai had no idea what mysteries were hidden inside of this mountain, he was certain that there was danger. The best proof of that fact was the death of all those who entered here before him.


On the other end, Xiang Ying stepped towards the mountain with his purple bamboo in hand, looking at the old tree at the summit with a face as tranquil as an ancient well.


Thousands of meters away, another young man rushed over. Someone turned their head to look at him, and when they saw the Divine Medicine, Ah Ku, squatting on his shoulder, they exclaimed in amusement, “What is that weird thing? It looks so ugly!”


Ah Ku looked up at the cultivator with a bitter and begrudging expression on his face, “You’re a handsome young man. You have a long life ahead of you!”


The man laughed and tugged at his companion, “Look, that ugly thing can actually talk!”




A thunderbolt suddenly struck down, hitting the man who spoke. The thunderbolt was immensely powerful, and it was not known where it came from, but it left no traces to seek the source. Under the violent power, the man’s body was blasted to pieces. His limbs and bits of his flesh flew into the air from the impact.


The companion next to him was stunned in place when he saw this, and a chill ran from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. If the thunder had just been slightly off earlier, then he would have been the one dead.


Ah Ku looked at him and said in a deep voice, “You’re a handsome one, too!”


With those words, another thunderbolt came down and struck the man, zapping him out of existence!


The cultivators all around them were horrified. Even though they had no idea what just happened, they instinctually backed away from Ah Ku, looking at him as if he were a monster.


Ah Ku looked up at the sky and sighed heavily, “I am so sad!”


The sound of cracking thunder was incessant. Prior to this, the crowd gathered at the foot of the mountain did not discover how dangerous the mountain was, but after stepping into it, it was as if they had activated some sort of invisible restriction and danger rushed at them one after another.


The thunderbolt breaking through the void was so powerful that no ordinary cultivator could resist it, and often, one thunderbolt was enough to take away one life.


Yang Kai was also paying close attention to his surroundings. Even though his Divine Sense was being suppressed, it was still somewhat usable. Even so, he could not sense how the lightning had formed, and by the time he did sense it, it was already too late, and the only thing he could do was to resist it.


Fortunately, he had a sturdy body, so eating a few lightning strikes was no problem for him. However, it did make his body numb, and turned his clothes into rags.


“Watch out for that fog!” Pu Bai Xiong suddenly cried out.


He and Little Mushroom, who were sitting on each of Yang Kai’s shoulders, were also paying close attention to their surroundings and would warn him as soon as they discovered anything.


Yang Kai turned around to look, only to see a grey fog floating over towards a dozen people just a short distance away.


The dozen people did not pay too much attention to it, but when the grey fog reached them, a chilling sight appeared.


A dozen white skeletons were left in place of the cultivators, scattering onto the ground.


In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen lives had been bizarrely taken away from this earth before they could even make a sound.


Only at that moment did someone exclaim, “This isn’t a fog, it’s some kind of insect smarm!”


The greyish fog actually turned out to be composed of countless tiny insects that could not be seen clearly with the naked eye.


When they saw the cloud of insects drifting towards their side, some of the cultivators in that group panicked and launched Divine Abilities at it.


The cloud of insects broke apart into several dozen smaller swarms that broke through the group in an instant, burrowing into their bodies from every orifice. All of a sudden, these people began to shake and scream as if they were being subjected to great torture.


But in just an instant, their screams ended.


Their flesh disappeared, and the living people turned into dead bones. The insect cloud grew and regrouped into one mass before swooping towards Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai was stunned. It was only now that he realized how dangerous this mountain was. The lightning was nothing. It could be easily resisted with some ability and preparation, but this insect cloud looked even more powerful than the thunderbolt. It was simply difficult to guard against!




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