Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4100, Hunt Down and Kill


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Just then, Yang Kai secretly spoke to Xu Zhen in his mind, “What will happen if two people choose the same spirit fruit?”


Besides trying to differentiate the qualities of these spirit fruits, the reason he had been staying put for so long was to see what would happen if two people selected the same spirit fruit. Unfortunately, no two people entered the World of the same fruit simultaneously. All of them had selected different targets.


A glint flashed across Xu Zhen’s eyes as he realised Yang Kai’s intention, then he replied, “Brother Yang can give it a try.”


Apparently, he had no idea what the outcome would be.


After Xu Zhen was gone, Yang Kai chose a particular World Fruit and grabbed it. The next instant, his figure disappeared.


An incense stick later, a figure appeared like a phantom. He was none other than the short man who had obtained the gourd vine. At this moment, he sported a fervent expression as he stared at the 3,000 Worlds Tree and chuckled, “World Fruits… There are such amazing things in the Primordial Land.”


He had been hiding nearby and it wasn’t until this moment that he appeared.


In a nonchalant manner, he approached the fruit tree and used his gourd vine in an attempt to coil it around a spirit fruit, but regardless of how hard he tried, he was unable to pull it down. The fruits seemed easily obtainable, but they were clearly fixed in place.


After several failed attempts, the short man sighed, “It seems that I have to enter the World inside the fruit.”


Upon finishing his words, he extended his hand towards a fruit.


Right then, something unexpected happened. 


A great sense of danger engulfed him, and at the same time, a voice was heard shouting, “Solidify!”


The space around him froze in an instant, which rendered him immoble. The World Fruit was well within reach, but he was unable to move a muscle. From the corner of his eye, he saw a figure slowly appearing in mid-air. Flabbergasted, he finally realised that he had been ambushed.


He had always been a careful person; otherwise, he wouldn’t have remained hidden for such a long time before approaching. However, he hadn’t expected that after he confirmed that everyone had entered the Worlds inside the fruits, someone was still hiding in the dark, and that person had evaded his inspection earlier.


Judging from the voice, he believed that the person was Zhu Jiu Yin’s Bearer, Yang Kai, who had made a name for himself in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Upon that realization, his expression darkened.


In fact, there were no grudges between Yang Kai and him. It was just that after receiving Jin Wu’s order, he decided to ambush Yang Kai in the seven-coloured passageway. He thought that he could kill his target with one strike, but Yang Kai only suffered some minor injuries. It was then he realised that Yang Kai was indeed famous for a reason.


Earlier, in order to deal with Ding Yi, he had no choice but to expose himself. Apparently, Yang Kai was still resentful of him, so he had hidden in order to ambush him here.


In an instant, this short man figured out everything. Although he wasn’t flustered, he still hurriedly communicated with the gourd vine that had been wrapped around him. The seven small bottle gourds on the vine faintly radiated a seven-coloured light.


Yang Kai appeared from the Void and strode towards the short man. Then, he clapped his hands and pulled them apart, after which a huge Moon Blade took shape. Staring coldly at the short man from a short distance, he bellowed, “Die!”


The Moon Blade broke through the air and cut across space before slashing at the short man.


This person was Jin Wu’s Bearer, and he had plotted against Yang Kai in the seven-coloured passageway some time ago. Since grudges had been formed between them, there was no way Yang Kai would let him off.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t show him any mercy. He had the Shadowless Veil, so he was able to conceal his figure and aura. Just now, he seemed to have entered into the World inside the fruit, but he had actually never touched the World Fruit. Prior to that, he had already activated the Shadowless Veil to hide his whereabouts.


After just a moment, this short man indeed exposed himself.


This guy also had a way to conceal himself, and he had obtained the Divine Medicine gourd vine. If he wasn’t killed now, he would become a huge problem for Yang Kai in the future.


Moreover, Yang Kai was also interested in the gourd vine and seven small bottle gourds.


Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom were also Divine Medicines, and they were both invaluable. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the gourd vine was more attractive to Yang Kai. The seven small bottle gourds on the vine corresponded to the Yin, Yang, and each of the Five Elements, and they were all in the Fifth-Order. If he could snatch the gourd vine, it would represent an inexhaustible source of Fifth-Order materials.


Yang Kai naturally didn’t really need such resources, but they would certainly be useful for the people in the Star Boundary. Without holding back, he attempted to kill the short man. The Moon Blade whooshed forward and reached the short man in just a moment.


Just when the short man was about to be decapitated, the seven small bottle gourds around him suddenly shone brightly as the seven-coloured light undulated. Yin, Yang, and Five Elements mutually reinforced one another as a sturdy layer of protection formed.


With a loud boom, the Moon Blade slashed at the seven-coloured barrier but only formed a small gap in it, which still made the short man shudder a little, but he remained unharmed.


Seizing the chance, the short man broke free of the restriction of Space Principles and turned his head before uttering resentfully, “I’ll kill you sooner or later!”


Yang Kai snorted and pushed out a fist, whereupon a black dot flashed across his knuckles.




The violent force of the fist tore the seven-coloured barrier apart and the short man grunted and spat blood. Flustered, he hurriedly grabbed a Word Fruit and disappeared from the spot.


Yang Kai charged forward and pushed out a palm, but all he hit was air as his opponent had snuck into the World inside the fruit.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai also extended his hand towards the same fruit.


The short man had been injured, so now was the best time to end his life. Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t want to miss this chance as he was determined to ruthlessly kill him.


What made Yang Kai feel at ease was that as soon as he came into contact with the fruit, he could clearly feel a pull coming from it, as if he was falling into a chasm.


It seemed that even if two people chose the same World Fruit, they could enter the World at the same time.


At that instant, Yang Kai’s curiosity was piqued as he wondered what the World inside the fruit looked like. Simultaneously, he surged his strength to protect himself and remained vigilant.


In the blink of an eye, he entered a very peculiar world. Upon scanning his surroundings, Yang Kai was stunned.


That was because he was inside a gigantic bubble at this moment. There were more bubbles around him, and they were all pressed against one another. He couldn’t see where the end was as there were countless bubbles present. It was as though the entire world was made from these bubbles.


What shocked him more was that the World Energy in this bubble was ample, and this World seemed to have its own World Principles, which were fairly complete.


Upon sensing it, Yang Kai realised that if he cultivated in this World, assuming that there was nothing wrong with his aptitude, he could definitely ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.


That realization amazed him. This was just a World inside the fruit, but it was already able to help a cultivator reach the Open Heaven Realm. These World Fruits were indeed extraordinary. It was no wonder that they could help an Open Heaven Realm Master to ascend to the next Order.


Yang Kai supposed this was a Low-Rank World Fruit because, upon inspection, he realised that the best one could achieve was Third-Order in this place. This feeling was vague, but he was certain about his inference.


Before Yang Kai could find out about anything else though, he saw an anomaly from the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he saw someone else in a bubble over there. His figure appeared somewhat contorted as he was breaking free from his current bubble and rushing into the next.


He was none other than the short man!


Both of them entered this world one after the other, so they should have fallen into the same area.


Earlier, the short man was struck by Yang Kai’s fist, and at this moment, his aura was weak, so it was apparent that he was injured. Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t miss this chance as he bellowed, “Where do you think you’re going!?”


As Space Principles fluctuated, he attempted to race after him.


With a crash, Yang Kai felt as though he had collided with a mountain as he was forced to stop. He began seeing stars, and the soreness on his nose almost made him tear up.


On both of his shoulders, Little Mushroom and Pu Bai Xiong were rolling over as they exclaimed.


Yang Kai shook his head and took a step back. After a glance, he was rendered speechless. That was because what blocked his way was the wall of the bubble. It was the bubble that had cut off his Instantaneous Movement and stopped him from leaving.


Raising his hands, Yang Kai grabbed Little Mushroom and Pu Bai Xiong before throwing them into a Small Sealed World. Following that, he tore the bubble with his hands and shot into the next one.


What was strange was that this bubble was able to seal off the space inside of it, making Instantaneous Movement useless, but the bubble itself could be easily torn apart.


However, after Yang Kai dashed into the next bubble, the gap healed itself.


At this moment, he didn’t have the time to ponder on it as he stared fixedly in the direction the short man was fleeing. As Yang Kai broke apart layers of bubbles, he attempted to hunt down and kill his enemy.


A while later, Yang Kai guffawed, “Even the Heavens are on my side!”


That was because he could see that after the short man barged into a certain bubble, a raging flame suddenly appeared and made him jump. At this instant, he looked pretty pitiful.


Before Yang Kai could finish his words though, a rumble was heard and following that, a bolt of lightning struck him and caused him to stagger.


His expression changed when he raised his head and saw that countless bolts of lightning had been formed in the bubble he was in. In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a thunderstorm. The lightning strikes caused him to feel numb and tremble violently.


There were many forms of danger that were hidden within these bubbles apparently. From the outside, they appeared identical, so one wouldn’t find out what was inside until they entered it.


After just ten breaths’ time, Yang Kai broke free from the bubble that was filled with lightning. At the same time, the short man escaped his fiery predicament. Apparently, he could feel someone chasing after him, so he kept dashing forward without even turning his head.


A furious Yang Kai passed through the bubbles before him as he pursued his prey.


As they charged forward, it wasn’t certain how far they had left their original spots behind. The gap between them shortened and then widened from time to time.


Yang Kai clenched his teeth so hard that they almost cracked. If it weren’t because of these strange bubbles, given his mastery over the Dao of Space, he could’ve captured this short man with ease. However, these bubbles were able to stop him from using Instantaneous Movement, which infuriated him.


A few days later, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and panted heavily due to exhaustion.


Several dozen bubbles in front of him, the short man fell on his backside and lay down on the ground with his limbs spread.


After days of pursuit, both of them were weary, so they had no choice but to take a rest.


While Yang Kai was stuffing Spirit Pills into his mouth, he yelled, “Keep running! When this King captures you, I’ll let you have a taste of the most excruciating torture!”


With difficulty, the short man hoisted himself with his hands and stuffed some pills into his mouth. Still panting, he said, “What can I do so that you’ll let me off?”


Yang Kai sneered, “Let you off? Do you think that’s possible? Besides the fact that you ambushed this King in an attempt to kill me, both of us are Bearers, so we’ll definitely have a life-and-death battle one day. Instead of waiting, I should end your life here to save the trouble later.”




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