Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4101, Life-and-Death Battle


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Seeing as Yang Kai was relentless, the short man barked, “Hey, surnamed Yang. Don’t you think that this Gou is afraid of you! I just don’t want to get into an unnecessary fight and let others take advantage of me!”


Yang Kai snickered, “Killing you isn’t an unnecessary fight… You want to live? Good. Leave your gourd vine to me, and I’ll stop chasing after you.”


That man surnamed Gou bellowed, “Keep chasing after me, then! Let’s see who can run faster!”


If it weren’t because he had been struck by Yang Kai’s fist earlier, he wouldn’t have appeared so battered when running away. With the gourd vine in his hand, he wasn’t afraid of anyone in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; however, that attack had indeed injured him. If it weren’t thanks to the gourd vine’s protection, he likely would’ve been ground to dust.


While they were trying to restore their energy, they kept bickering with one another. Apparently, neither of them intended to let the other party rest peacefully.


One hour later, Yang Kai got to his feet and tore apart the bubble before charging forward.


The man surnamed Gou was flabbergasted. Before he could fully refine the medicinal efficacies of the pills in his stomach, he hurriedly fled from where he sat.


Over the next several dozen days, life was like a living Hell for the man surnamed Gou. Yang Kai’s restorative capability was obviously vastly superior to his. In the time it took him to restore a bit of his strength, Yang Kai already became fully energetic again and raced after him, which forced him to flee while he was still in a terrible state.


His injury didn’t get the treatment it needed either, and instead of healing, it had actually become worse.


He knew that this situation couldn’t go on forever. While he was weakening, Yang Kai became stronger. One day, Yang Kai would be able to capture him, and by then, he wouldn’t even have any energy left to resist.


Recently, the gap between Yang Kai and him had been shortening. Initially, they were several dozen bubbles apart, but now, there were only a few that came between them. It could be said that the distance between them was short.


While he was running away, he had also been exploring the secrets of this World in an attempt to comprehend the mysterious principles and become the owner of this World Fruit. Unfortunately, even after days of trying, he still couldn’t achieve his goal.


Naturally, Yang Kai had been doing the same thing.


The entire World was made up of countless bubbles which were pressed against one another. All the bubbles looked identical, so one couldn’t tell the difference between them.


Although Yang Kai had been pursuing the man surnamed Gou, which caused the latter to become exhausted, he was secretly anxious as well; after all, many days had passed, and no one knew what was going on in the outside world. If he missed the closing time of the Primordial Land, he would be trapped in this place forever.


If he couldn’t leave, Yue He and the others would end up in a miserable state as well.


Therefore, Yang Kai didn’t hold back any of his strength when hunting down his enemy. Only by killing this guy as soon as possible could he have the chance to comprehend the mysterious Principles of this place in peace.


After adjusting his breathing for a short while, Yang Kai ignored the fact that he hadn’t fully restored his energy and broke the next bubble apart. Then, he dashed towards the man surnamed Gou.


This time though, the other party didn’t flee; instead, he remained seated with his legs crossed while staring coldly at Yang Kai. His gaze was tinged with ruthlessness and resolve.


Yang Kai grinned, knowing that this guy was left with no choice and had decided to risk it all in a life-and-death battle with him. This was the outcome he wanted.


Just a moment later, Yang Kai broke through several bubbles and arrived at the bubble the man surnamed Gou was in. After several dozen days, it was the first time they were confronting each other at such a close distance.


“Lock!” Yang Kai performed a hand seal with one hand. As Space Principles undulated, the space inside this bubble became sealed. By doing so, he could ensure that this man surnamed Gou couldn’t flee easily, unless the latter broke his space barrier. But even if he really did that, he would only be exposing his back to Yang Kai, giving him a chance to finish him off.


“It seems that one of us has to perish on this day. That’s such a shame. This Gou didn’t intend to send you to Hell so soon, but you’ve left me with no choice,” Instead of becoming flustered, however, the man surnamed Gou seemed confident of winning the battle.


Upon finishing his words, he let out a breath and slowly got to his feet. As he hoisted himself, his aura turned from weak to imposing.


Yang Kai stared dispassionately at him and said calmly, “You shouldn’t make bold claims without the strength to back them up, lest you embarrass yourself. Let us see who the last one standing will be.”


As their eyes met, sparks seemed to fly between them.


The next instant, both of them made a move as though it had been agreed upon.


Yang Kai repeatedly flicked his fingers as Moon Blades shot at his opponent and engulfed him. Wherever the Moon Blades passed, space was cut apart.


On the other hand, the man surnamed Gou performed a hand seal with both hands as a large awl swirled into existence.


Shattering Dao Seal Technique!


This Divine Ability specifically targeted the enemy’s Dao Seal, and its power was quite horrifying. Yang Kai had suffered a small setback in the past because of this technique and Ding Yi had also almost lost his life because of this Divine Ability.


Since Yang Kai had seen this technique twice though, he immediately put his guard up by diverting some of his energy to strengthen his Dao Seal so that it wouldn’t be shaken. At the same time, a thought flashed across his mind as the Moon Blades turned around and slashed at the Shattering Dao Seal Technique.


Whooshing sounds were continuously heard and in the blink of an eye, the Shattering Dao Seal Technique was destroyed while the still intact Moon Blades came at the man surnamed Gou again.


The man surnamed Gou bellowed as a golden light radiated from his body. As the power of his Seventh-Order Power of Metal undulated, he turned into a golden figure. Following that, he balled up his fists and punched at the Moon Blades, which caused them to shatter.


The main characteristic of the Metal Element was offence, and it was extremely sharp.


Yang Kai was envious of this short man because he was lacking a Metal Element Power. He was upset at the fact that the Divine Spirit that had found him was Zhu Jiu Yin instead of Jin Wu. If it had been Jin Wu, he could’ve made use of his Monster Core to condense a Seventh-Order Metal Element Power. Once all Five Elements were complete, he would officially enter the half-step Open Heaven Realm. After condensing the Yin and Yang Elements, he could ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, this was his fate. Since Zhu Jiu Yin had found him to be her Bearer, there was no way Jin Wu would welcome him. That was the fundamental reason behind this battle.


After breaking through the storm of Moon Blades, the man surnamed Gou remained imposing. His short and sturdy figure looked like a raging bull as he charged towards Yang Kai and reached him in the blink of an eye. His fist, which was engulfed in Seventh-Order Metal Element Power, shot towards Yang Kai’s chest. Before his fist even reached Yang Kai’s chest, a sharp aura was already felt coming from it, stinging Yang Kai’s skin and causing his shirt to tear.


However, Yang Kai didn’t attempt to dodge the attack. With a dispassionate expression, he looked mockingly at the man surnamed Gou.


The next instant, the expression of the man surnamed Gou changed as he realised that regardless of how hard he tried, he was unable to land a fist on Yang Kai, and there was always a distance of a palm’s length between them.


He could clearly feel that he was charging forward, but the gap between them never shortened one bit, which was extremely strange.


In order to snatch the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water some time ago, Yang Kai was faced with a naturally formed barrier. Upon comprehending the Principles behind this barrier, he gained some benefits as well as new insights into the Dao of Space. With some practice, Yang Kai had become adept at using Space Principles to infinitely extend space.


The man surnamed Gou was unable to shorten the gap between Yang Kai and him, just like how he was unable to shorten the distance between the white jade trough and himself in the past. The space between them was extending, so while it might appear unmoving, it was actually moving at the speed of lightning.


Ten breaths later, the man surnamed Gou had no energy left as his aura weakened. Just then, Yang Kai stuck out a finger and said dispassionately, “Die.”


A petite Golden Crow shot out from the tip of his finger with a fierce cry. The man surnamed Gou could see the crow expanding right in front of him as though it was going to engulf him.


Golden Crow’s True Fire was horrifying, and it even surpassed the Metal Element Power of Jin Wu he had condensed. If he was struck by this fire crow, he would end up in a horrible state.


At the critical moment, the man surnamed Gou didn’t dare to hold back his power any longer. Upon extending his arm, his gourd vine shot forward as though it possessed spirituality and penetrated the Golden Crow, which caused it to break apart. Following that, it came right at Yang Kai’s glabella. The Powers of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements swirled around the gourd vine as it was able to break through his space extension and reach him in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he arched his back in an attempt to dodge the attack.


The man surnamed Gou was relentless, however. With the gourd vine in his hand, he used it like a whip. After he wielded it, the gourd vine spiralled towards Yang Kai and engulfed him.


After several attempts, Yang Kai realised that he was unable to shake off its pursuit, so just when he was about to be caught by the gourd vine, he yelled and extended his hand towards the void before grabbing the Azure Dragon Spear. Man and spear uniting as one, Yang Kai thrust out his weapon.


There didn’t seem to be any technique involved in this thrust, making it look like the simplest of attacks, but in fact, it was an extremely precise move as his weapon pointed right at the centre of the spiralling vine.


A violent force exploded as the man surnamed Gou grunted and was forced back. In an instant, Yang Kai had reversed the situation.


Without stopping, Yang Kai wielded his spear as freely as a Dragon would its claws, sending countless spear shadows to surround the man surnamed Gou.


At that moment, the man surnamed Gou was forced into a defensive stance. He had never expected that Yang Kai also had such attainments in the Spear Dao. Since his attack was resolved, he had no choice but to passively protect himself.


The two became locked in an intense battle, with no one seeming to have the upper hand.


As the battle dragged on though, the man surnamed Gou was astounded. The spear in Yang Kai’s hands seemed like a living creature as it was able to keep attacking his weakest points, which caused him to be drenched in a cold sweat.


It wasn’t pure luck that he was selected by Jin Wu. The Divine Spirits had their own standards when it came to choosing their Bearers. If someone’s heritage was insufficient, the Divine Spirits wouldn’t even spare them a glance.


The man surnamed Gou became a Bearer because of his strength and ability. Afterwards, he had been trained by Jin Wu for years, and he obtained the gourd vine upon entering the Primordial Land, so he thought that no one in Grand Ancient Ruins was a match for him. However, he hadn’t expected that there was someone who was able to counter him.


After several life-and-death moments, the man surnamed Gou was finally certain that using his current methods, he would never be able to defeat Yang Kai. The spear in Yang Kai’s hands was definitely an extraordinary artifact as it was able to remain intact even after clashing with his gourd vine. Moreover, it faintly exuded the aura of Divine Spirit, which slightly restrained him.


Gritting his teeth, the man surnamed Gou shouted, “I didn’t want to use this move, but you’ve forced my hand. It is your honour to get killed by this method!”


Yang Kai felt his chest tightening, knowing that this guy was certainly going to use his trump card. With that said, he too had a trump card left, so with a sneer, he said, “How dare you still boast so shamelessly!? I’ll break your teeth for that!”


“Whether it’s shameless boasting or not, you will learn soon!” The man surnamed Gou snorted, “Rise!” he bellowed.


Following that, he wielded his gourd vine as the seven small bottle gourds fell to the ground.


Yang Kai swung his spear and stepped backwards as he stayed vigilant with a cold gaze.


He had witnessed the powers of these seven small bottle gourds before, and they were all extraordinary. Earlier, he had already put his guard up against them, but his opponent didn’t seem to have the intention of using them. Was this man surnamed Gou going to make use of the Powers of these bottle gourds now?




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