Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4102, The Might of The Open Heaven Realm


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The Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers were all extraordinary as they were able to activate Fifth-Order Powers. Most cultivators were not a match for them as only a small number of cultivators had condensed Fifth-Order Elements, making them unable to even parry the attacks from these Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of them. Even the weakest Element Power he had condensed was in the Seventh Order, so why would he be frightened by these Fifth-Order bottle gourds?


Upon leaving the gourd vine, the Seven Brothers struck different poses, trying to appear imposing, but before they could introduce themselves, the man surnamed Gou suddenly wielded his gourd vine again, whereupon it straightened, and under the shocked gaze of Yang Kai, penetrated the back of the First Brother and stuck out from his chest.


What was strange was that even though the gourd vine had pierced through the First Brother, he didn’t seem harmed one bit.


Without stopping, the gourd vine penetrated the Second Brother, followed by San Wa and Si Wa…


After just a short moment, all Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers became a string of bottle gourds.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai became apprehensive. He thought that these Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers were the trump card of this man surnamed Gou, but he hadn’t expected such a turn of events.


Without hesitation, he surged all his might. Following a Dragon roar, a Dragon Pressure permeated the bubble and the Azure Dragon Spear seemed to transform into a Great Dragon as it pounced on the man surnamed Gou.


With a dispassionate expression, the man surnamed Gou stared at Yang Kai. He appeared so aloof that it was as though he was looking down at an ant.


Following that, he wielded the gourd vine and lashed out at the Azure Dragon Spear.


With a loud boom, Yang Kai felt a horrifying force coming right at him, and he was sent flying backwards. Even the Great Dragon illusory phantom on the spear became dim upon impact.


Upon crashing into the membrane of the bubble, Yang Kai spat a mouthful of blood and widened his eyes, “Open Heaven Realm Power?”


During the short moment of contact earlier, he could feel a thick Open Heaven might coming from the gourd vine. The power showcased far exceeded this man called Gou’s own strength, which was why he suffered a setback.


At this moment, the seven small bottle gourds, which had been connected by the gourd vine, turned into lights of seven colours and streamed into the vine. Seven colours could be seen flowing around the gourd vine, which made it look extremely beautiful. The Yin, Yang, and Five Elements Powers mingled with one another as they mutually restrained and reinforced one another. 


In order to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, a cultivator had to condense Yin, Yang, and Five Elements before splitting Heaven and Earth apart in their body, forming a Small Universe within themselves. By doing so, they could generate World Force all on their own. This was the fundamental reason an Open Heaven Realm Master was far more powerful than an Emperor Realm cultivator.


Yang Kai hadn’t managed to do this yet, but he had seen someone else ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


When Bai Qi was ascending to the Fifth Order, Yang Kai was there to observe by his side. When an accident occurred, fortunately, he managed to feed Bai Qi some World Source Liquid; otherwise, Bai Qi would’ve lost his life.


The images from that day flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he watched the sight before his eyes. Presently, Yin, Yang, and Five Elements mingled with one another in an endless cycle. 


The seven small bottle gourds on this gourd vine corresponded to the Powers of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. Just like a cultivator who had condensed seven Element Powers, the gourd vine was able to use the might exclusive to Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Moreover, it was the might of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. After all, every Little Bottle Gourd possessed Fifth-Order Element Powers.


In other words, the gourd vine in the hand of this man surnamed Gou was actually a Fifth-Order Open Heaven weapon that he could use as he pleased.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai was horrified. Although he was strong, he was nowhere near a match for a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He was fully aware of that. Yue He was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Given his current power and condition, the only outcome for him was death when he faced such an enemy.


Without thinking, Yang Kai turned around and tore the membrane apart before running away. The situation, which was supposed to be in his favour, turned into a crisis.


Behind him, the man surnamed Gou was heard saying in a grim voice, “Where do you think you’re going? You’ve forced me to use this move, so you can die with no regrets now!”


The sound of something breaking through the air was heard as Yang Kai felt a chill shoot up his spine. There seemed to be a viper racing after him. Turning his head, he widened his eyes in disbelief as the man surnamed Gou remained in the same spot, but the gourd vine in his hand extended infinitely and came right at him. Wherever the vine passed, all the bubbles exploded as they were unable to stop its advance.


If Yang Kai were in a different environment, he could’ve used Instantaneous Movement. However, these bubbles greatly restricted his freedom.


Although Yang Kai was madly pushing his Space Principles to extend space behind himself, it couldn’t stop the gourd vine from pursuing him. The Principles were destroyed by the Open Heaven might from the vine, rendering them useless.


After just three breaths’ time, the gourd vine was only an arm’s length away.


There was no way Yang Kai could evade. Feeling the horrifying force that was coming from the gourd vine, he gritted his teeth and whirled around. Then, he infused all his power into the Azure Dragon Spear and thrust out.


Following a loud boom, Yang Kai was sent flying back as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood while the gourd vine’s attack was hindered for a moment.


After Yang Kai crashed into another bubble membrane again, cracking sounds were heard coming from his body. At that instant, over ten of his bones had broken. Although he was going through excruciating pain, his gaze brightened and instead of becoming horrified, he appeared ecstatic.


Earlier, he was shocked by the Open Heaven aura radiating from the gourd vine and thought that this man surnamed Gou could really use the might of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. After the exchange just now though, he realised that it was an unfounded fear.


After the gourd vine merged all seven small bottle gourds, it indeed could display the might of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm; however, the man surnamed Gou didn’t have sufficient strength or foundation, so he was unable to fully utilize the gourd vine’s power.


The most he could draw out was Second or Third-Order Open Heaven Realm power. If this wasn’t the case, Yang Kai wouldn’t have survived despite the fact that he had tried to parry the attack with the Azure Dragon Spear.


Another possibility was that it had something to do with the special World Principles in this place. It was a Low-Rank World Fruit, so Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was its limit. Therefore, it wouldn’t tolerate any power that exceeded its limit.


If that was the most the man surnamed Gou could bring out, Yang Kai reckoned that he could still fight it out.


Upon that realization, he stopped running and turned around before charging towards the man surnamed Gou.


The other party remained on the same spot with his gaze lowered, muttering under his breath, “So you realised it? But so what? An Emperor Realm cultivator like you isn’t able to resist the might of the Open Heaven Realm! Go to Hell!”


The gourd vine broke through the air and came at Yang Kai again. Countless spear shadows emerged from Yang Kai’s weapon. With his mind at ease, his spear seemed to have become one with him as he could fully utilize its power.


In the blink of an eye, several hundred clashes took place. The surrounding bubbles were annihilated as a violent force swept out and a dazzling light formed in a circular form.


Yang Kai was sent flying away once again, and before he could stabilise himself, the gourd vine struck at him. Its Open Heaven might flared as though it was going to ruthlessly end Yang Kai’s life.


After choking down the blood in his throat, Yang Kai clenched his teeth and wielded his spear as he was determined to battle against the gourd vine.


Repeatedly, he was sent flying away, coughing up mouthfuls of blood. He appeared completely battered and was clearly at a complete disadvantage. It seemed that he was totally unable to counter the attacks from the man surnamed Gou.


Nevertheless, he remained calm and collected. Despite the fact that his eyes had been shaded with blood, they were still filled with determination.


The man surnamed Gou on the other hand bellowed, “Why aren’t you dead yet?” After he sent Yang Kai flying away again, he began panting heavily.


After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Yang Kai grabbed his contorted left arm and twisted it to reconnect his fractured bones before snickering, “It’s extremely difficult to kill me. Given your might, you won’t be able to end my life!”


Yang Kai condensed his Wood Element from the Immortal Tree’s essence and possessed an extremely powerful Dragon Vein. When it came to resilience and recovery, almost no one in the world could surpass him. As long as it wasn’t a lethal strike, he could always heal himself regardless of how severe the injuries were.


The might of the Second or Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was indeed formidable enough to render Yang Kai powerless to resist, but it wasn’t enough to end his life.


Upon slowly getting to his feet, Yang Kai brushed the blood away from his eyes so that he could see clearer, and with a mocking gaze, he stared at the man surnamed Gou, “But, how long can you last?”


After a pause, he went on to say calmly, “You’re an Emperor Realm cultivator too, so you definitely have to pay a price to forcefully use the might of the Open Heaven Realm, and that price is certainly quite hefty. Otherwise, you would’ve used this move a long time ago instead of hiding it. Is your Dao Seal still stable? Can your physique last? It seems that you’re the one who is going to die instead, bastard!” Then, he pointed his spear at his opponent in a provocative manner.


The expression of this man surnamed Gou darkened.


Just like Yang Kai said, he indeed had to pay a heavy price for forcefully using the might of the Open Heaven Realm while still in the Emperor Realm. Every time he wielded the gourd vine, he could indeed harm Yang Kai, but at the same time, he would suffer immense backlash. His physique, Soul, and Dao Seal all shook violently with each strike, so if this dragged on, he would lose his life to those effects before he could even kill Yang Kai.


Realizing this, he clenched his teeth and roared, “I’ll definitely end your life before I go to Hell!”


Upon finishing his words, he wielded the gourd vine again and infused all his energy into it. The lights of seven colours rapidly swirled around the vine, and at the same time, his physique visibly shrunk a little. It was apparent that he was sacrificing his own vital essence to draw out more power, damaging his foundation. The arm of the hand holding the vine had its flesh broken apart and started bleeding.


Yang Kai turned solemn, knowing that the other party was now laying his life on the line. The next move would be the key to Yang Kai’s victory or defeat, and he had been waiting for that moment!


The next instant, the gourd vine broke through the air again. This attack was more horrifying than all the ones prior, which made Yang Kai feel that it had exceeded the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm and reached the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


Hurriedly, he moved and yelled, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


A high-pitched caw was heard as a golden Sun rose behind Yang Kai. At that instant, the light expanded and dazzled the beholder. A terrifying aura undulated around the great Sun, where a Golden Crow was seen flying and frolicking, which caused the expression of the man surnamed Gou to change.


He had already heard that Yang Kai had comprehended a Divine Manifestation, but it wasn’t until this moment that he finally witnessed it with his own eyes. Despite the fact that they were on opposing sides, he couldn’t help admiring his enemy’s talent and capabilities.


When the Head Manager of Scarlet Star saw this Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation, he surmised that with it, Yang Kai would be capable of fighting a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master even though he was just an Emperor Realm Junior, which went to show just how powerful the Divine Manifestation was.


Yang Kai lifted his spear and pointed at the Great Sun before swinging it down and thrusting it forward, sending the Great Sun flying over and crashing into the gourd vine.




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  1. Hmm, I thought the relevant power of the Open Heaven Realm was the world force from their small universe, not just having seven elements in sync with each other. I guess its just not mentioned here how the small universe of the gourd formed or that what is actually used to attack is world force? Because if its just the elements YK should be able to dominate still in the same way he could handle all the other OHR masters in the Ruins.

    1. Could be that the “Open Heaven Might” is World Force or at least something like World Force (Pseudo World Force?), or that the “splitting Heaven and Earth” is equivalent to the gourd piercing/splitting the brothers

    2. Well, so far we did observe that beasts, dragons and divine medicines work on significantly different sets of mechanics from cultivators. Who knows, maybe the whole concept of Open Heaven Realm has been inspired by something ridiculous like these seven brothers managing to turn up to eleven when their elements start working together? And then, æons later, after much trial and error some insane genius figured out how to approximate it with a human physique…

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