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Martial Peak – Chapter 4103, Sorry

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Yang Kai had his Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation while the man surnamed Gou was able to use the might of the Open Heaven Realm through the gourd vine. Both of them were able to use powers equivalent to that of a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, so it could be said that they were equally matched.


The great Sun dazzled the World in the fruit with its golden glow while the gourd vine penetrated Heaven and Earth and broke through the void.


The clash between them was like two stars colliding with one another.


Following a deafening boom, a horrifying shock wave swept out which caused the bubbles around them to explode and vanish into thin air. Yang Kai widened his eyes in fury as he had infused all his energy into his strike, and it was the same case for the man surnamed Gou.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The world paled as countless Void Cracks appeared. Apparently, this world was unable to bear the impact of this violent explosion.


Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards. At the same time, the great Sun died out.


The man surnamed Gou sprayed out a mouthful of blood as his face turned ashen. The sounds of bones breaking were heard coming from his body. The lights of seven colours on the gourd vine dimmed and seven bottle gourds reappeared. He was also sent flying away like a sack.


The clash resulted in both sides being heavily injured. Neither Yang Kai nor the man surnamed Gou had gained the upper hand.


Upon landing on the ground, Yang Kai circulated his power in an attempt to get up, but he was unable to do so. Just now, he had almost exerted all of his strength into that one attack, so right now, both his physique and Dao Seal had reached their limits. If he forcefully did anything else, he might suffer from irreversible damage.


At that instant, he was astounded as he hadn’t expected to end up in such a state. At the same time, he secretly reflected upon himself and thought that he should never underestimate his enemies. The man surnamed Gou wasn’t a renowned figure, but he possessed such terrifying power. He was just one of the Bearers of those Divine Spirits, so how powerful were the other Bearers?


Of course, this guy’s power was built on the gourd vine.


Fortunately, while Yang Kai was unable to get up, the man surnamed Gou had also become paralysed on the ground.


As an Emperor Realm cultivator, this guy had been forcefully using the power of the Open Heaven Realm. The damage he had suffered from must be equivalent to, if not worse than, that of Yang Kai.


*Pa pa pa pa…* 


Impacted by the force of these two people, the bubbles in the world kept bursting. As though a chain reaction had been triggered, these bubbles wouldn’t stop exploding, accelerating as time passed.


In the blink of an eye, all the bubbles burst into oblivion, leaving only a palm-sized bubble hovering in mid-air.


This bubble was inconspicuous and both Yang Kai and the man surnamed Gou had never noticed it. They had run around for a long time and passed through many bubbles, but they had never seen this particular one.


After all the other bubbles burst, this one appeared unique.


Yang Kai batted his blood-soaked eyes and stared fixedly at the bubble. All of a sudden, his gaze brightened as he realised that this bubble was the key to controlling this World Fruit. If he could refine this bubble, he might be able to obtain the World Fruit.


Not willing to waste any time on taking a rest, he squirmed and crawled towards the bubble as at this moment, he didn’t even have any energy to get up and walk.


Not long after he crawled forward, he felt a grip on his ankle. Turning his head, he secretly cursed.


He was completely attracted to that unique bubble, so he had forgotten about the man surnamed Gou. The other party had used the gourd vine to coil it around his ankle and in the next instant, a force pulled Yang Kai to the back of the man surnamed Gou and caused him to roll over for a moment before he managed to stabilize himself.


Initially, he was closer to the bubble, but after the man surnamed Gou used a dirty trick, the latter became the one who was nearer the bubble.


Apparently, the man surnamed Gou also seemed to have realised the uniqueness of that bubble, so at this moment, he was squirming and crawling towards it.


Yang Kai felt fortunate that even though he was pulled back by the gourd vine, he wasn’t harmed because of that. Obviously, this man surnamed Gou didn’t have any energy left to deal with Yang Kai; otherwise, he wouldn’t have let him off easily.


A furious Yang Kai expended more energy to chase after him.


Presently, both of them were squirming forward like two worms as they slowly approached the bubble.


The injuries of the man surnamed Gou was apparently more severe, so he was surpassed by Yang Kai just a moment later. With a disdainful look, Yang Kai shot him a scornful glance, “After this King obtains this World Fruit, I’ll kill you!”


The expression of the man surnamed Gou darkened and without uttering a word, he wielded his gourd vine again.


Once again, Yang Kai was pulled backwards, his expression turning grim as he cursed and raised his Azure Dragon Spear before jabbing it at the gourd vine.


Right then, a series of exclaims were heard. All seven bottle gourds on the vine opened their eyes and looked aggrievedly at Yang Kai as they said in unison, “You’re hurting us!”


Ignoring them, Yang Kai forcefully thrust his weapon towards the gourd vine and finally peeled it off.


The man surnamed Gou shook the gourd vine, whereupon the seven small bottle gourds dropped onto the ground and transformed into the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers. However, at this moment, their auras appeared extremely weak. It was apparent that during the clash with Yang Kai earlier, their foundation had been damaged.


Presently, the Seven Brothers were lying on the ground. The first Brother said lethargically, “I’m Da Wa.”


The Second Brother said, “I’m Er Wa.”


The Third Brother said, “I’m San Wa.”



One by one, these Seven Brothers introduced themselves and gathered together before shouting in unison, “We’re the Seven Bottle Gourd Brothers!”


The man surnamed Gou bellowed, “Shut up and hold him back!”


Hurriedly, the bottle gourds rushed towards Yang Kai, whereupon they grabbed his hair and clenched his arms. One of the brothers waddled towards Yang Kai’s thighs and wrapped his arms around them. He appeared determined to not let him move forward.


Yang Kai was speechless at that, and seeing as the man surnamed Gou was slowly approaching the bubble, a thought flashed across his mind as he summoned out Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom.


Pu Bai Xiong exclaimed, “What happened?”


He and Little Mushroom had been kept inside the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai since they entered the World inside this fruit, so they had no idea what had happened outside, yet right after they left the Small Sealed World, they saw seven bottle gourds making things difficult for Yang Kai, so they were both puzzled and shocked.


Little Mushroom grabbed her mushroom cap with both hands and said weakly, “Big Brothers, what are you all doing?”


Certainly, the bottle gourds didn’t have the time to respond to her as they were trying to torment Yang Kai.


Yang Kai shouted, “Don’t just stand there! Help me get rid of them now!”


Standing just beside Yang Kai, Pu Bai Xiong darted his gaze around before placing his hands akimbo and guffawing, “Brat, you had it coming!”


Like a nasty person taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, he looked down at Yang Kai and laughed in an arrogant manner.


The expression of Yang Kai darkened. Pu Bai Xiong was truly a disloyal fellow. Now that Yang Kai was weak and in trouble, he certainly would come up with ways to humiliate him.


“When you oppressed Uncle Pu, you never expected that this would happen to you one day, right? When you picked my grape, it never occurred to you that you would need me to save you in the future, right?” Pu Bai Xiong squatted and, using his roots, he pinched Yang Kai’s nose so that the latter couldn’t breathe.


Yang Kai yelled, “What do you want? I’m warning you not to be so arrogant; otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson after this!”


Pu Bai Xiong chuckled and got up, “You dare threaten me? If it weren’t because you’re actually a kind-hearted person, I wouldn’t care about your life or death.” He paused for a moment and meaningfully grinned, “Call me Uncle Pu, and I’ll save you.”


“Uncle Pu!” Yang Kai directly said.


Pu Bai Xiong became startled and batted his eyes, then he barked, “Do you know no shame at all?” He shook his head and stepped onto Yang Kai’s figure. Then, one by one, he kicked away the bottle gourds who had been harassing Yang Kai.


To the side, Little Mushroom was terrified as she watched the sight.


Pu Bai Xiong was a Divine Medicine who had assumed Human form, but he certainly wasn’t specialized in fighting like the Bottle Gourd Brothers. If it weren’t because these bottle gourds were exhausted, there was no way Pu Bai Xiong could have oppressed them.


After Pu Bai Xiong kicked away two of them, two other bottle gourds came over and grabbed his roots before punching him, which caused him to start wailing.


“Stop fighting! Stop fighting!” Little Mushroom cried out, but she was suddenly punched by someone, which resulted in a dark circle around her eye. Falling on her backside, she started bawling her eyes out.


With all four of his roots clenched by the bottle gourds, Pu Bai Xiong was rendered immobile, so turning to Little Mushroom, he yelled, “Stop crying and grab the vine, now!”


Upon hearing that, Little Mushroom cried harder.


Pu Bai Xiong bellowed, “Go now! Otherwise, I’ll beat your Big Brothers to death!”


An astounded Little Mushroom hurriedly stopped crying and got to her feet before dashing towards the man surnamed Gou.


Certainly, the man surnamed Gou was fully aware of what was going on. He was still wiggling towards the bubble, and he was only a thousand metres away from it now.


Seeing Little Mushroom coming at him, he snorted and ignored her.


Before this, he had seen the two Divine Medicines that belonged to Yang Kai, but they didn’t seem able to fight. Although he was weak, he wasn’t afraid of a Divine Medicine who had assumed Human form. If she dared to offend him, he wouldn’t mind gobbling her up.


Upon reaching him, Little Mushroom stared at him for a moment before bowing to him. Then, she said meekly, “Can you… give me your gourd vine?”


“Fuck off!” The man surnamed Gou rudely yelled.


Little Mushroom turned ashen and took a few steps back in horror. Then, she turned to look at the bottle gourds and Pu Bai Xiong, who were still locked in a scuffle, and clenched her teeth. All of a sudden, she puffed out a breath at the man surnamed Gou, “I have to save my Big Brothers. You sleep!”


At that instant, the man surnamed Gou felt the world around him spinning as his Soul sank and a sense of sleepiness swept across him.


“You…” Before he could finish his words, he suddenly relaxed entirely and started snoring on the ground.


“Sorry!” Little Mushroom repeatedly bowed her head to apologise. Then, she pounced on him and forcefully pulled his hand apart before taking the ground vine.


After she gently shook it, the seven small bottle gourds, who were harassing Yang Kai and Pu Bai Xiong, turned into seven beams of light and shot into the gourd vine.


The next instant, seven bottle gourds grew on the wine as they lamented in one voice, “So tired. This time, we can finally take a rest.”


After they finished speaking, they closed their eyes and remained hanging there in silence. Although they were potent Divine Medicines, they had expended a lot of energy as they were driven by the man surnamed Gou to battle against Yang Kai. Now, they had to take a long rest.



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  1. I don’t understand why he didn’t use his Dragon Transformation, though. In am isolated world, where you expect the other person to die, why not bring it the transformation?

    1. I can think of 2 reasons.
      1. The bubbles weren’t big enough to fit his 2500 meter form.
      2. He’s an idiot.
      3. (Yes, I know I only said 2 reasons) All of the above.

  2. So instead of taking one of the grapes off pu’s head that revitalizes. Yk instead asks the old man who he knows can’t fight….to fight.

    This was dumb but I guess it’s supposed to be comic relief.

    So if they had gone to a higher ranked fruit yk would be dead right now. Interesting

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