Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4105, Cheating


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Previously, Yang Kai was worried that he would stay inside the fruit for too long, thus becoming trapped in the Primordial Land. Now, it seemed that his worries were unnecessary.


It was no wonder that the others hadn’t come out, and he was the first one who managed to do so. Time passed faster inside the World Fruit was different from that in the outside world. Although he had stayed inside the World Fruit for a month, it had only been half an incense in the outside world.


After releasing the cultivator from Emperor Heaven, Yang Kai patted his shoulder and said, “Be careful when going down the mountain.”


The cultivator was both shocked and doubtful, but he wouldn’t dare to remain. After thanking Yang Kai, he walked down the mountain again.


It was then Yang Kai looked up at the tree full of fruits as a light flashed across his eyes. All of a sudden, he pounced on a fruit and extended his hand.


However, this time, he didn’t fall into the World Fruit like what had happened previously. Instead, an immense repulsive force was felt coming from the fruit. Regardless of how hard Yang Kai tried, he was unable to tighten his grip, let alone touch the World Fruit. If he exerted more force, he would be driven away.


Seeing that, Pu Bai Xiong scratched his head and said, “Master, the little fatty said that every person only has one chance to obtain a World Fruit. Now that you’ve got one in your hands, how are you going to enter a different one?”


“It doesn’t cost anything to give it a try.” Yang Kai was dejected. Although he had obtained a World Fruit, which could be considered a gain, it was just a Low-Rank World Fruit that could only help a cultivator ascend to the Third Order at most. Such a fruit couldn’t be sold for a high price, which was why he was unsatisfied.


Unfortunately, after a try, he realised that just like what Xu Zhen had said, every person only had one chance. Now, he couldn’t even touch a different World Fruit.


After several attempts, Yang Kai was still unable to achieve his goal. Unresigned, he circled around the World Tree.


With so many fruits hanging on the tree, he wasn’t willing to give up as he had only gotten one. He wouldn’t dare to hope to get an extremely rare High-Rank World Fruit, but this trip would be worthwhile if he could get a Mid-Rank one.


A moment later, a thought sprang into his mind as his eyes brightened. Stopping in his tracks, he looked up at the tree with a fervent gaze.


A speechless Pu Bai Xiong asked, “Master, what do you want to do?”


Instead of responding to him, Yang Kai put Little Mushroom and him inside the Small Sealed World. Then, he communicated with Meng Hong and the others who were inside the Small Sealed World.


A few breaths later, with a single thought, two figures instantly appeared in front of him. They were none other than Meng Hong and Lang Qing Shan.


Both of them were looking up at the tree with longing gazes.


A while later, Meng Hong said, “Is this the 3,000 Worlds Tree with fruits that can help an Open Heaven Realm Master ascend to the next Order?” He was from Great Moon Province, which wasn’t an important great force to begin with, so he had never heard about a being called 3,000 Worlds Tree that could help an Open Heaven Realm Master reach the next Order. This thing was truly Heaven-defying.


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right. This is the 3,000 Worlds Tree, and those are World Fruits; however, the World inside each fruit is dangerous. If you get trapped inside it, you’ll never get out again. Brother Meng, you have to give it careful thought.”


Meng Hong shook his hand, “With such an opportunity right in front of me, if this Meng wouldn’t dare to give it a try, what’s the point of cultivating? I should go home and pick up sewing instead.”


He seemed eager to give it a try. 


It had been a smooth ride since he came to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. First, he came across Yang Kai and followed him to Scarlet Star’s Star City. Although he suffered a setback in his love life, he obtained something more important as he managed to wipe clean his Third-Order foundation and condense a Fifth-Order Fire Element. Over the years, he had condensed Earth, Metal, and Water Elements as well. The remaining Yin, Yang and Wood Elements were also in his possession, so when he had the time to refine them in the future, he would stand a chance to become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Nevertheless, he knew that all this was thanks to Yang Kai. A Fifth-Order Fire Element material was given to him by Yang Kai, and the other materials were collected in Scarlet Star’s Star City. Without Yang Kai giving him his full support, he couldn’t have achieved all this.


Meng Hong would always remember this favour, but at the same time, it felt as heavy as a mountain to him. The idea of repaying Yang Kai had been on his mind for quite some time, and the 3,000 Worlds Tree full of fruits was his chance.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai wasn’t aware of what was on his mind. Seeing as Meng Hong was resolute though, he stopped dissuading him and told him to be careful.


With a smile, Meng Hong replied, “Don’t worry, Brother Yang. This Meng will definitely come back safely.” Upon finishing his words, he dashed forward and disappeared into a World Fruit.


To the side, Lang Qing Shan was dumbfounded upon seeing that. Although he had heard from Yang Kai about how amazing the World Fruits were, it was a different story when he saw it with his bare eyes.


“Sir, what should I do?” Lang Qing Shan asked.


“Get in and bring me with you.” Yang Kai grinned.


Lang Qing Shan didn’t understand him at first, but a realization soon dawned upon him.


After tossing the Sealed World Bead at him, Yang Kai said solemnly, “I’m not even sure if I can successfully get in this way. If I can’t, you should summon all the others and join forces with them to decode the mystery in the World Fruit.”


“Yes!” Lang Qing Shan took the Sealed World Bead and replied respectfully. Then, he turned to look at the fruit tree, “Sir, which one should I choose?”


“You can choose any one of them as you please. Where you end up will depend on your luck.” Then, Yang Kai snuck into the Sealed World Bead. From inside, he looked through the World Barrier and observed the outside as he secretly prayed.


After several attempts earlier, Yang Kai realised that he couldn’t even touch another World Fruit, let alone enter the World inside of one. However, there were already several dozen people in the Sealed World Bead with him when he entered the previous World Fruit.


Were those people considered to have entered the World Fruit? Prior to this, Yang Kai still wasn’t certain, but upon seeing that Meng Hong successfully entered a World Fruit, he knew that the people hiding inside the Sealed World Bead were not regarded as having entered the World Fruit.


In that case, he could also hide inside the Sealed World Bead and let someone else bring him in.


It was a clever method only Yang Kai could use.


There were quite a few people in the Small Sealed World, and every one of them had a chance to enter a World Fruit. If everything went well, Yang Kai would be able to obtain several dozen World Fruits. With so many World Fruits in possession, he was sure to obtain at least one Mid-Rank one. If he was lucky, he might even get a High-Rank one!


Nevertheless, all this was just his speculation. It could only be proven after Lang Qing Shan entered a World Fruit.


Under Yang Kai’s attention, Lang Qing Shan targeted a particular World Fruit and leapt into the air. Like a roc spreading its wings, he pounced on the fruit and disappeared.


The next instant, he was already inside the World Fruit.


Inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai, who had been watching him, widened his eyes in disbelief and asked, “Qing Shan, what’s going on with you?”


A puzzled Lang Qing Shan asked, “Sir, I don’t understand.”


“Look at yourself!” Yang Kai hurriedly replied.


It was then Lang Qing Shan scanned himself with Divine Sense and became rooted to the spot.


“What’s wrong? What happened?” The shaved-headed man walked up to Yang Kai and asked. Unaware of what was going on in the outside world, the others were puzzled as to why Yang Kai looked so shocked.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai waved his hand, whereupon the view of the outside world became visible to all of them. After a glance, all of them were startled.


Following that, the shaved-headed man covered his belly and guffawed, “Sir, is that stupid-looking thing Lang Qing Shan?”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “I think so.”


The shaved-headed man convulsed with laughter as his tears almost slid down his face.


“Why did he become like this?” Someone else asked in shock.


Not knowing how to reply to him, Yang Kai leapt out of the Sealed World Bead and arrived at the World inside the fruit.


At this moment, he was fully vigilant; after all, he had entered the World inside a fruit and obtained a World Fruit already. This time, Yang Kai essentially cheated his way into a different World Fruit, so he wasn’t sure if there would be any consequences.


There were indeed some consequences as he could feel the World Principles inside this World penetrating him, which made him clearly feel that his body was going through some transformation. Nevertheless, he wasn’t kicked out.


After scanning himself with Divine Sense, Yang Kai sighed, “It’s just like what I had expected!”


“Sir?” Lang Qing Shan was heard calling out in a hesitant voice.


Yang Kai wanted to nod his head, but he was unable to do so, so he just grunted instead.


“Sir, why are you and I…” There was a tinge of fluster in Lang Qing Shan’s voice.


“It should be the influence of the World Principles in this place. After you leave this World, you’ll return to your original form, so don’t worry.” Yang Kai consoled him.


Inside the Small Sealed World, everyone fell into a dazed state as they watched the sight in the outside world. Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan were nowhere to be found as all they could see were two swords.


There were two rusty iron swords that looked like two pieces of scrap that had been put in a corner and forgotten about for years. Nevertheless, the faces of Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan were right on the blades, which made them look amusing. The bitter expression on Lang Qing Shan’s face was similar to that of Ah Ku.


“Sir, why have you also become like this?” The shaved-headed man said in amazement, “Could it be that anyone who enters this world will become a sword?”


“It’s indeed an amazing World!” In the outside world, Yang Kai exclaimed in admiration. The World Fruit he had entered previously was made up of countless bubbles, but the cultivators were not affected one bit by the environment. However, it seemed cultivators would become swords upon entering this World. Now, it seemed that all the Worlds inside the fruits were different.


Yang Kai felt fortunate that he managed to come in safely with the help of the Sealed World Bead.


As a Rusty Iron Sword, he didn’t have any limbs, and after giving it a try, Yang Kai realised that he was unable to use any of his usual powers. If he attempted to move, he had to skip forward as a sword.


[This is troublesome.] On the blade, Yang Kai’s face was seen furrowing his brow.


Lang Qing Shan stared fixedly at him, not knowing what to do.


Just then, a series of clanging sounds were heard and a shocked Lang Qing Shan said, “Sir, someone is coming.”


Turning around, Yang Kai looked at the source of the clanging and became speechless, “It’s a sword that’s coming.”


From a distance, a Rusty Iron Sword that looked just like them skipped forward and reached them after a short while.


Lang Qing Shan stepped forward and asked, “Hey…”


Before he could finish his words though, the Rusty Iron Sword leapt into the air and attempted to slash at Lang Qing Shan’s head.




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