Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4106, World of Swords


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A shocked Lang Qing Shan instinctively tried to dodge the attack, but his figure had already turned into a Rusty Iron Sword. No longer as agile as before, he directly collapsed to the ground.


Now that he was in this frail body, if he was struck by such an attack, he would break into halves.


Just then, Yang Kai charged forward and parried the attack with a clang. Upon impact, the other Rusty Iron Sword shook and was sent flying away.


While Lang Qing Shan was still in a dazed state, Yang Kai had already fallen into a scuffle with that Rusty Iron Sword as he yelled, “Attack!”


Without hesitation, Lang Qing Shan got up and dashed forward from the side.


Inside the Small Sealed World, the shaved-headed man and the others were dumbfounded. Three similar-looking Rusty Iron Swords were in an intense battle at the moment, which was truly bizarre.


It was the first time Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan dealt with their enemies in such an awkward state; however, with the suppression of the World Principles in this place, they were unable to use their usual abilities. Initially, they were not used to it, and they had been slashed by the Rusty Iron Sword several times, which made their blades become chipped.


Nevertheless, as time passed, they got the hang of it and cooperated with one another to suppress and defeat the Rusty Iron Sword.


After an incense stick of time, following Yang Kai’s slash, the enemy Rusty Iron Sword broke into countless pieces and scattered everywhere.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan stopped moving and traded glances, speechless.


Although the battle lasted only for a short time, it was a difficult one. Both Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had turned into Rusty Iron Swords, and their blades had become chipped after the fight; therefore, they might not be able to fight again any time soon.


Right then, a weak light shot out from the broken pieces of the Rusty Iron Sword and penetrated Yang Kai’s figure.


Following that, the chips healed and the blade became as good as new. Besides that, some of the rust on the blade fell off. Moreover, Yang Kai could feel that he had gained some additional strength.


“Sir, you…” Lang Qing Shan looked at Yang Kai in puzzlement as he didn’t understand why the latter had gone through such a transformation.


Yang Kai checked on himself and his gaze brightened, “I understand now. There’s a special kind of energy in other swords that can nourish us. The one giving the sword the last blow gets the benefits.”


Just now, it was Yang Kai who shattered the Rusty Iron Sword, so the energy inside the sword streamed into Yang Kai’s figure, not Lang Qing Shan’s.


Upon that realization, Lang Qing Shan said, “I see. Sir, in that case, should we look for more swords like the one we just destroyed?”


“Of course.” Yang Kai nodded, his blade trembling slightly, “Moreover, I figure that this is the key to decoding this world’s secrets.”


Without hesitation, the two swords skipped forward and set off on their journey.


After a while, they came across three more swords that were also rusty. It seemed that these swords hadn’t bumped into anyone for years.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan traded glances before the latter said, “Sir, I’ll lure two swords away. After you destroy the third one, you can come over and help me.”


“Be careful,” Yang Kai said.


Lang Qing Shan nodded awkwardly before charging towards the three swords. Soon, they discovered him and hopped towards him.


Following that, Lang Qing Shan turned around and ran away. Yang Kai charged forward from the side and targeted a particular Rusty Iron Sword before making noises in order to attract its attention.


Yang Kai’s sword body had been nourished and repaired. It looked better and sharper than before, and it had also become more agile. In a one-on-one fight, the enemy Rusty Iron Sword was no match for him at all.


Just a moment later, he managed to break the Rusty Iron Sword into pieces. As expected, mysterious energy streamed out of the pieces and penetrated his figure, which made him feel that his power had increased.


Before Yang Kai could examine his newfound power though, Lang Qing Shan had lured the other two Rusty Iron Swords back. Yang Kai rushed forward and clashed with the swords while Lang Qing Shan assisted him from the side. Soon, the two swords were broken as well.


Yang Kai had given the chance to shatter the swords to Lang Qing Shan so that the latter could grow stronger as well.


In the following days, the pair looked for new targets and strengthened themselves constantly.


This was a world of swords with unique World Principles. Cultivators who entered this world would turn into swords, and they were unable to use their original powers.


The strengths of the swords varied as well, but they could be judged by looking at their appearances. Initially, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan were both Rusty Iron Swords, which seemed to be the lowliest existence. After destroying some swords and getting some nourishment, the rust on their blades fell off and they transformed into Bronze Swords and radiated a light hue.


Days later, they transformed into Black Iron Swords, which meant that they were already much stronger than when they first arrived at this place.


Their cooperation was perfect as they dealt with their enemies. Even though there were only two of them, they were not afraid when facing a large number of enemies. Usually, they were able to ruthlessly shatter all their foes without any difficulty.


The most dangerous battle was when they encountered a Silver Sword and somehow offended it, which prompted the Silver Sword to hunt them down for an entire day. In order to help Yang Kai escape, Lang Qing Shan was almost cut in two. Fortunately, Yang Kai came to his rescue at the last moment; otherwise, the consequence would’ve been dreadful. Everyone in the Small Sealed World was on edge as they watched the battle.


After one month of exploration, the pair had a better understanding of this world.


Following an insane slaughter, over 100 Bronze and Black Iron Swords were shattered. Streams of mysterious energy penetrated Yang Kai’s figure from all directions.


The Black Iron Sword, which he had transformed into, was standing tall on the battlefield. The blade showed signs of becoming whiter and sharper. It also radiated a cold glow.


When the last beam of light left the last broken Black Iron Sword and shot into Yang Kai’s figure, a clear sword cry was heard. A glow swirled around Yang Kai as his Black Iron figure rapidly transformed into a Silver Sword.


There was a much greater power flowing within the blade and he couldn’t help but feel that he was able to slash through anything in this world.


“Congratulations, Sir!” Lang Qing Shan said.


He was still a Black Iron Sword as, although he had made a significant contribution in the previous battle, he didn’t break any swords. All the benefits had streamed into Yang Kai’s figure to allow him to become a Silver Sword as quickly as possible.


Yang Kai opened his eyes and said with a smile, “Let’s go, Qing Shan. It’s time to get our revenge!”


Previously, they were almost killed as they were hunted down by the Silver Sword. Now that Yang Kai was powerful enough to battle against it, he had to get revenge.


Half a day later, the pair reached the upper part of a valley that was surrounded by mountains. In the valley, over a thousand swords of different grades were busy as clanging sounds were continuously heard.


When they arrived at this place previously, the pair already realised that these swords seemed to be mining a kind of special ores which contained a power that could help any sword slowly grow.


The weapon that was in charge of this place was a Silver Sword. There were 50 Black Iron Swords, 200 Bronze Swords, and over 1,000 Rusty Iron Swords that worked under this Silver Sword.


This valley was like a treasure trove for Yang Kai. If he could shatter all the swords in the valley, his power would surge again, and it was guaranteed that Lang Qing Shan would also become a Silver Sword.


“Sir, what should we do now? Do you want me to lure some of them away?”


“There’s no need.” Yang Kai stared fixedly at the only Silver Sword in the valley, “If we want to destroy our enemies, we should kill their leader first. I’ll deal with the Silver Sword now. Be careful!”


After he finished speaking, he leapt into the valley.


Wind was heard howling as a cold glint flashed across Yang Kai’s blade.


The Silver Sword, which was in charge of this place, seemed to have noticed it and turned his head to look up. There was a wrinkled old face on the blade as he bellowed, “Brat, you dare show yourself here again?”


Previously, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had come across this Silver Sword and were forced to escape from his pursuit. Naturally, he would not have forgotten them so quickly.


The swords in this world had sentience; however, the lower their grade, the worse their sentience was. It was impossible to communicate with a Rusty Iron Sword while a Silver Sword had a more complete sentience.


Upon finishing his words, the Silver Sword turned around and was ready to clash with Yang Kai.


Yang Kai guffawed, “Old Fart, quit being arrogant. Today I shall end your life!”


Following a plunge, he slashed out at the Silver Sword.


With a loud clang, the Silver Sword flew back several tens of metres. Upon impact, Yang Kai felt dizzy as well, but he had already expected this, so he managed to quickly pull himself together and charge forward in an imposing manner.


Upon seeing that, the Silver Sword’s bodyguards, several Black Iron Swords and over ten Bronze Swords, dashed forward and besieged Yang Kai.


Yang Kai swirled around and slashed across them. Following a series of clangs, the Black Iron Swords and Bronze Swords shattered as streams of energy emerged from the pieces and shot into Yang Kai’s figure, which helped increase his power.


Seeing this, the Silver Sword bellowed, “All of you, back away!”


In this world of swords, for every new grade one ascended to, their power would increase significantly. The Black Iron Swords and Bronze Swords were no match for Yang Kai. If they forcefully went up against him, not only were they sending themselves to their deaths, but they would also help strengthen Yang Kai. Certainly, the Silver Sword didn’t want that to happen.


After making his subordinates retreat, the Silver Sword clashed with Yang Kai. The Silver Sword immediately turned into two beams of white light and caused the sand to rise.


At the same time, Lang Qing Shan managed to barge into the valley. Spotting him, other Black Iron Swords and Bronze Swords sprinted forward.


Without getting caught up by them, Lang Qing Shan hopped around the valley and hacked at those Bronze Swords and Rusty Iron Swords in order to gobble up their energy and strengthen himself.


At that instant, two battlefields had been formed in the valley. One of them was the life-and-death battle between Yang Kai and the old Silver Sword. The other was Lang Qing Shan, who was leading countless swords to circle around the valley. The place was bustling with noise.


Yang Kai had just been upgraded to a Silver Sword, so supposedly, his blade wasn’t as sturdy and sharp as that of the older Silver Sword; after all, it had been a long time since the older Silver Sword reached this grade, so he had ample time to strengthen himself. Yang Kai was supposed to be at a disadvantage in a fight against him.


However, in reality, the two Silver Swords were equally matched. Most of the time, Yang Kai was even at an advantage. That was because Yang Kai was dextrous while the older Silver Sword was inflexible.




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