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Martial Peak – Chapter 4107, Sword Wave


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After a while, the older Silver Sword was at a disadvantage. Yang Kai attempted to clash with him several times in order to break the blade; however, instead of achieving his goal, he suffered from some setbacks.


The old Silver Sword had remained in this grade for a longer time, after all. Be it the sturdiness or sharpness of the blade, Yang Kai was no match for him. The clashes didn’t harm the older Silver Sword one bit; instead, Yang Kai’s blade had become chipped upon impact.


Seeing as there was a good chance, the older Silver Sword decided to press the attack and managed to gain the upper hand.


Yang Kai was forced backwards until he reached a spot where the Black Iron Swords and Bronze Swords gathered together. Then, he whirled around and slashed across the swords in order to absorb their power and repair himself.


When his blade became complete again, he pounced on the older Silver Sword.


After the same thing happened several times, the old Silver Sword cried out in exasperation, but there was nothing he could do.


One hour later, the old Silver Sword had become chipped as well. Although his blade was sturdier than that of Yang Kai, he couldn’t possibly endure the clashes forever, which was why he had also been damaged.


Realising that he was in a perilous situation, the older Silver Sword retreated and charged towards his subordinates.


Seeing that, Yang Kai immediately figured out his intention. The older Silver Sword wanted to imitate him by killing the lower-grade swords in order to repair himself.


Therefore, Yang Kai hurriedly whizzed past him, and before the older Silver Sword could make a move, he destroyed all of the swords and made his plan fall through.


The older Silver Sword became incensed and thought that his opponent was too cunning and difficult to deal with.


For the next hour of intense battle, Yang Kai managed to continuously nourish himself while the old Silver Sword became seriously damaged, as though he was about to fall apart. He had made several attempts to kill his subordinates to repair himself, but Yang Kai managed to make a move before he did. For the small number of times when he succeeded, he didn’t gain many benefits.


As time passed, the older Silver Sword became increasingly battered while Yang Kai was still high-spirited.


All of a sudden, the old Silver Sword staggered and almost collapsed to the ground.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t miss this chance. His gaze brightened as he dashed forward and targeted the other party’s damaged part. If his attack was successful, he was highly confident that he could break the older Silver Sword.


Nevertheless, for some reason, Yang Kai suddenly felt horrified, as though something terrible was about to happen and instinctively dodged sideways.


At the same time, the older Silver Sword, who seemed about to collapse, suddenly stabilised himself. The wrinkled face on the blade sported an eerie smile and he turned around. A cold glint appeared on the tip of his blade and shot towards Yang Kai.


“A sword wave?” Yang Kai was flabbergasted, finally realising that he had fallen into the old fart’s trap. The older Silver Sword had been holding back his power and pretending to be at a disadvantage just to lure him in and deal a fatal blow.


This old guy was the first Silver Sword Yang Kai had come across, so he wasn’t aware that Silver Swords were capable of releasing sword waves.


Although Yang Kai had no idea how powerful the sword wave was, he was certain that if he was struck by it, he would fall into a miserable state.


Fortunately, he had already realised that something was off and stepped sideways, whereupon the sword wave skirted past him. He could clearly hear the sound of something breaking, which made his heart sink. Ignoring his injuries, Yang Kai slashed at the largest chip in the old Silver Sword’s blade.


Following a clang, metal scraps scattered everywhere. The face on the older Silver Sword’s blade was filled with terror as Yang Kai’s attack almost cut him in half!


He had been pretending to be weak and letting Yang Kai damage him in order to give him a fatal blow at the most critical moment. Nevertheless, Yang Kai had some powerful instincts and managed to sense the looming danger, which was why he escaped unscathed. On the other hand, the older Silver Sword fell into an embarrassing state.


Yang Kai fell to the ground with a huge crack in his blade. He almost fell apart as well as both of them had been severely damaged.


The next instant, the two Silver Swords got up at the same time and charged towards the places where the Black Iron Swords and Bronze Swords gathered together. Both of them were unable to keep fighting, so they had to kill some lower-grade swords to repair themselves first.


Just then, a white light appeared and blocked the older Silver Sword’s way. Lang Qing Shan’s face on the blade sported a cold expression.


While Yang Kai had been battling against the older Silver Sword, Lang Qing Shan managed to kill two or three hundred swords, which allowed him to become a Silver Sword as well. At the most critical moment, he came over and gave Yang Kai a hand.


The old Silver Sword’s expression turned livid and he became rooted to the spot.


A moment later, Yang Kai returned to the battlefield. His blade was still slightly damaged, but after he absorbed a lot of energy, there wasn’t a risk of his blade breaking anymore.


“Watch out for his sword wave!” Yang Kai warned Lang Qing Shan as he stared at the flickering glow around the older Silver Sword. His sword wave was indeed formidable and if it weren’t for Yang Kai dodging it in time, he would’ve fallen into a miserable condition.


“Sir, you have to be careful as well,” Lang Qing Shan replied and leapt into the air before bringing himself down on the old Silver Sword.


At this life-and-death moment, the older Silver Sword naturally wouldn’t wait to die, so he immediately went all out with Lang Qing Shan. From the side, Yang Kai bolted forward and joined the battle.


Presently, it was two swords fighting against one, and although the older Silver Sword was able to release sword waves, there was no way he could survive. After just an incense of time, Yang Kai found a chance and hacked at the biggest crack in his enemy’s body.


Following a clang, the older Silver Sword broke in two and a thick light exuded from the broken sword and penetrated Yang Kai’s figure.


Yang Kai examined himself and realised that his blade had been fully restored while a silver glow radiated from his body, which seemed much sturdier than before.


Killing an opponent in the same grade had benefited him greatly.


Besides that, after absorbing the older Silver Sword’s essence, Yang Kai could feel that he had gained something new. A thought flashed through his mind as a sword wave exuded from the tip of his blade.


“Haha!” He guffawed.


Seeing the older Silver Sword able to use a sword wave just now, Yang Kai felt jealous. He thought that it would take him a longer time before he could use a similar skill, but he hadn’t expected that his wish had come true so soon.


Now, it seemed that he had inherited the old Silver Sword’s powers after absorbing his energy and essence. With the sword wave as one of his skills, Yang Kai figured his power had increased by over 30 percent.


“Sir, how should we deal with these guys? Kill them all?” Lang Qing Shan stared at the front and asked.


Initially, there were over 1,000 swords of different grades in the valley; however, Lang Qing Shan had destroyed about 200 to 300 of them, and during the battle between Yang Kai and the older Silver Sword, they had shattered quite a large number of weaker swords. Presently, only half of the swords were left, most of which were Rusty Iron Swords. There were also over twenty Black Iron Swords and some Bronze Swords.


At this moment, these swords were pushing the ores towards Yang Kai, sporting obsequious expressions as they stood there in silence.


Seeing that, Lang Qing Shan was startled and commented, “It seems that they want to surrender to you.”


Certainly, Yang Kai had figured it out as well. It seemed that after he killed the old Silver Sword, these swords had lost the courage to resist, or more accurately, they were simply obeying the rules of this world.


“Since they’ve surrendered, we shouldn’t kill them,” Yang Kai swept a glance over them.


After a long battle, both of them came to the realization that in order to upgrade themselves further, it was better for them to kill opponents in the same grade. It wouldn’t help much by destroying the lower-grade swords. Although there were many such swords in the valley, they wouldn’t gain many benefits even if they killed all of them.


On the other hand, the ores they had presented attracted Yang Kai’s attention.


Earlier, he had realised that these ores seemed to contain a mysterious power that could allow a sword to strengthen itself. Just like the swords, the ores were categorised into different grades. There were miscellaneous ores, bronze ores, black iron ores, and so on. Yang Kai had even seen a fist-sized silver ore.


Turning around, he hopped towards the silver ore and jabbed his blade into it. As expected, a burst of energy flowed into his figure and helped strengthen him.


The benefits were not as great as killing a Silver Sword, but it was better than nothing.


After just a moment, the power within the silver ore was completely absorbed by Yang Kai, whereupon the ore crumbled into dust.


Then, he went on to gobble up some black iron ores and realised that the result was the same. He had to swallow the power of ten ores to gain the same benefits as killing a sword of the same grade.


Nevertheless, it was clear to Yang Kai now why the older Silver Sword kept these subordinates instead of killing them. By leaving them here to mine ores, he would have an inexhaustible source of energy to strengthen himself. However, if he killed them, the benefits were only one-off. Naturally, it was better to keep them alive to work for him.


After ordering the swords to keep mining ores, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan went around to absorb the power within the ores to nourish themselves.


Five days later, while Yang Kai was absorbing the power of an ore, Lang Qing Shan returned to the mine with some other Black Iron Swords and said excitedly, “Sir, we’ve found a place where there are three Silver Swords!”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened, “Where is it?”


Lang Qing Shan wanted to point out the direction, but he had no limbs. Helplessly, he replied, “It’s northwest of here, and it’ll take us about a day to reach there.”


“How many swords are there?”


With a solemn expression, Lang Qing Shan said, “There are a lot of swords. According to my estimation, there are over 5,000 in total. Besides the 3 Silver Swords, there are also over 200 Black Iron Swords.”


Yang Kai tutted, “There are indeed a lot of swords, but that doesn’t mean they’re more powerful than us. Qing Shan, bring these swords with us. We’re going to launch an attack!”


An excited Lang Qing Shan replied, “Yes, Sir!”


In the past few days, they had been absorbing the energy within the ores, but the effects had been negligible. Yang Kai came to the realization that in order to quickly increase his strength, he couldn’t rely on sucking in the power in these ores. If he wanted to stay in this world for a long time, this plan could work in the long term; however, he was eager to master the Principles of this world and obtain its World Fruit, so he had no time to waste.


The best way was still to kill opponents in the same grade. Killing the 3 Silver Swords would provide the same energy as absorbing the power in the ores for 3 months.




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