Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4108, Gaining Strength in Battle


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One day later, Yang Kai’s force arrived at a valley that was much larger than the one they had previously occupied. On the cliff existed many mine passageways where swords of different grades continuously entered and left the place to mine ores.


Three Silver Swords were standing at different spots with mountains of ore piled before them from which they absorbed streams of energy.


Yang Kai was standing on a hill while Lang Qing Shan was just beside him. Behind them were the hundreds of swords that had come with them. Although they had several hundred swords on their side, they paled in number when compared to their opponents.


There were ten times more swords on the opposing side, so if they got into a frontal fight, the swords on Yang Kai’s side would be easily destroyed.


“Sir, I believe that the Silver Sword in the middle is the strongest while the ones on his sides are weaker. Judging from the colour of his blade, the one in the middle should be able to use a sword wave as well,” Lang Qing Shan commented.


Yang Kai nodded in agreement. Lang Qing Shan was right to say that the powers of these three Silver Swords varied. Judging from the colours of their blades, the one in the middle was indeed the strongest. The radiance of his blade was even brighter than that of Yang Kai. Although the other two Silver Swords were no match for Yang Kai, they were still stronger than Lang Qing Shan.


Certainly, he was only taking the sharpness and sturdiness into consideration. If they really got into a fight, it was hard to tell which side would turn out to be stronger.


Not long after Yang Kai became a Silver Sword, he managed to kill another Silver Sword that could release a sword wave. That was because he drew on his decades of combat experience. These Silver Swords had been staying in the same place for a long time and relying on the energy inside the ores to strengthen themselves. Although they had raw power, they might not be adept at fighting.


“Sir, what should we do? Please give the order,” Lang Qing Shan said solemnly.


With narrowed eyes, Yang Kai observed them for a while before replying slowly, “Qing Shan, do you have the confidence to hold up the Silver Sword in the middle?”


Presently, the three silver swords were standing at different spots, which gave Yang Kai a chance to deal with them one by one. The one in the middle was the strongest, so if they got into a fight, it would take a long time before a winner would emerge. However, if Yang Kai could kill the other two swords first before dealing with the strongest one, things would become easier.


“Yes,” Lang Qing Shan replied without hesitation.


“Be careful, then. After I destroy the other two Silver Swords, I’ll come help you,” Yang Kai said and turned around before gazing at the hundreds of swords he had brought with him. “Fight!” he ordered.


There was nothing much these hundreds of swords could do. In that case, he decided to use them to distract his enemies. Even if they were all destroyed, Yang Kai wouldn’t feel heartbroken.


The hundreds of swords appeared hesitant while the over twenty Black Iron Swords sported horrified expressions.


They had limited sentience, so they knew what the consequences would be if they charged forward.


Seeing this, Yang Kai swirled around and shattered two Black Iron Swords nearest to him before he said coldly, “Go destroy the enemy, or I’ll kill you all myself!”


His threat was useful. Seeing as Yang Kai was unyielding, the other swords wouldn’t dare to stall for time even though they were apprehensive. With the Black Iron Swords leading the way, they hopped towards the valley.


The swords in the valley finally noticed them. The three Silver Swords stopped absorbing the energy from the ores and turned to look in that direction.


“Sir, I’m going now,” Lang Qing Shan said and charged towards the strongest Silver Sword in the middle. No one could come in his way while he was dashing forward. He was also a Silver Sword now, so the lower-grade swords were no match for him. He directly shattered the swords in front of him, leaving the broken pieces behind.


Seeing as the swords in the valley were distracted, Yang Kai started making a move. Instead of dashing towards the valley, he headed to another peak.


Clanging sounds were continuously heard in the valley as the swords on Yang Kai’s side broke apart. Beams of light shot into the enemies’ figures and strengthened their blades.


Seeing that, Yang Kai reckoned that all his swords would be destroyed within an hour. He had already expected this though, so he still steadfastly bolted towards the peak.


Looking down, he saw a Silver Sword gazing attentively at the battlefield, completely unaware that danger was right above his head.


Following that, Yang Kai leapt into the air and brought himself down on the Silver Sword. The wind howled as a sword wave exuded from the tip of his blade while murderous intent exploded.


By the time the Silver Sword realised that something was off, it was already too late. Yang Kai directly landed a fatal blow on the opponent’s hilt, sending his sword wave into the blade and breaking it to pieces.


With just one strike, Yang Kai managed to send the Silver Sword to its death.


Although it was partially thanks to the Silver Sword being distracted by the battle, and that Yang Kai had launched a sneak attack, the biggest contributor was the sword wave. The Silver Sword was already weaker than Yang Kai, so it was expected that he’d be shattered to pieces upon getting struck by the powerful sword wave.


Even Yang Kai was almost cut in half when he was attacked in a similar fashion some time ago.


After destroying the Silver Sword, Yang Kai directly dashed towards the other Silver Sword, a thick light radiating from his figure as he strengthened the power of his sword wave.


It was a mess in the valley as countless swords attempted to stop him, but Yang Kai simply whirled around and ended their lives with his sword wave.


Wherever he went, the wind was heard howling and beams of light were seen shooting out.


Seeing as Yang Kai was so ferocious, the weaker Silver Sword was horrified. Instead of staying in the same spot, he bolted towards the middle Silver Sword. Apparently, he was trying to seek his protection.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t let him achieve his goal. He pushed all his strength and released a potent sword wave.


Previously, after he killed his first Silver Sword, Yang Kai obtained the power of a sword wave, but it was only a palm length at best. Nevertheless, upon killing the second Silver Sword earlier, he realised that his sword wave had doubled in length to the size of a forearm. As he destroyed countless swords along the way, his sword wave had grown even larger.


Despite releasing a far more powerful sword wave than before, the distance between the enemy Silver Sword and him widened because there were too many enemies in his way. These swords were Black Iron Swords, Bronze Swords, and Rusty Iron Swords, and although they were no match for Yang Kai, they had successfully slowed him down. The continuous attacks also caused Yang Kai’s blade to tremble.


Although Yang Kai was much stronger, in the end, he was just one man, or one sword. After a short time, many small nicks and scratches appeared on his blade. Nevertheless, after he destroyed more enemies, these minor blemishes would heal, as if they were never there in the first place.


Inside the Small Sealed World, the shaved-headed man and the others had been spectating what was going on in the outside world, and all of them were astounded.


If Yang Kai couldn’t stop the weaker Silver Sword, Lang Qing Shan would fall into danger when the two enemy Silver Swords joined forces. Lang Qing Shan was already no match for the strongest Silver Sword, and could barely parry his opponent’s attacks at the moment. If it weren’t because he had lots of combat experience, he would’ve lost his life already.


Although they were extremely worried, there was nothing they could do. Presently, Yang Kai couldn’t even access the Small Sealed World, let alone release them.


Even if they could be released, under the influence of the strange Principles in this world, they would only become some useless Rusty Iron Swords.


30 metres, 60 metres, 90 metres… Seeing as the Silver Sword was moving further away from him, Yang Kai widened his eyes and leapt into the air. A light shone brightly on the top of his blade as he slashed at the front and bellowed, “Die!”


All of a sudden, the sword wave at the tip of the blade shot forward and turned into a sharp burst of Sword Qi. As it charged forward, over 100 swords were destroyed in an instant, and it soon slashed across the Silver Sword.


However, upon making the strike, Yang Kai collapsed to the ground and the silver glow on his blade dimmed.


He had exhausted all of his strength with that one attack!


Someone in the Small Sealed World turned pale, “It’s over!”


Nevertheless, the shaved-headed man’s gaze brightened, “What do you mean it’s over? Sir won!”


Many people were puzzled, but they soon understood what he meant. Beams of light penetrated Yang Kai from all directions and made the glow on his blade appear brighter again. Those lights were the energy from the swords that he had just killed.


Although Yang Kai had used up all his strength to launch his last attack, he managed to kill many enemies and received lots of nourishment the next instant.


With a pair of bright eyes, Yang Kai got up and realised that his speculation was indeed right. When he obtained the power of the sword wave some time ago, he thought that since there was a sword wave, there must also be Sword Qi when its power reached a certain point.


During the life-and-death moment just now, he was able to unleash a burst of Sword Qi. Unfortunately, his background was still too weak, so he had to expend all his energy to make a single strike.


The other swords looked at him in terror, but they wouldn’t dare to come any closer. They were horrified by the Sword Qi just now.


Yang Kai snorted and hopped up to the fallen Silver Sword. After getting struck by a blast of Sword Qi, the Silver Sword didn’t directly die. Nevertheless, his blade was now covered in cracks, as though it would break into pieces if it was lightly touched.


Seeing as Yang Kai was standing in front of him, the Silver Sword wanted to get up, but as soon as he moved, metal scraps started falling off his blade.


A merciless Yang Kai directly slashed at him and ended his life.


A stream of rich energy penetrated Yang Kai and made him feel energised in an instant. Moreover, it was a power that was greater than those that he had absorbed earlier. Looking up, he saw that Lang Qing Shan was in a perilous situation. He was forced to jump around in an attempt to evade the strongest Silver Sword’s attacks.


Given the huge gap between their strength, Lang Qing Shan wouldn’t dare to fight against this enemy head-on, so he could only dodge his attacks. He was already at a disadvantage and the longer the battle dragged on, the worse his situation would get.


If things continued, and if Yang Kai couldn’t lend him a hand in time, Lang Qing Shan would die within an incense stick of time.


At the most critical moment though, Yang Kai was heard shouting, “Qing Shan, retreat!”


Without hesitation, Lang Qing Shan left the battlefield while Yang Kai whizzed past him and parried the opponent’s attack.


One hour later, following a loud crack, the last Silver Sword shattered. With his blade damaged, Yang Kai stood firmly on the spot and basked in the energy that was streaming into his figure. Soon, his blade was repaired.


Initially, the Silver Sword was slightly stronger than Yang Kai. However, after Yang Kai killed the other two Silver Swords and countless of his subordinates, he grew to be just as strong.


Since they were equally matched in terms of power, there was no way the Silver Sword could survive Yang Kai’s assault. After the life-and-death battle, he eventually died along with his companions.




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