Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4109, Gold Sword


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The noises slowly died down. After the three Silver Swords were destroyed, there were no more leaders for the thousands of swords in this valley. In an instant, they gave up any attempt to resist. Just like what happened in the first valley, the Black Iron Swords in this place pushed the ores towards Yang Kai to indicate that they had surrendered.


Perhaps this was the rule in this world. As long as one could kill the leader of the enemies, they could get his opponent’s subordinates.


Yang Kai had brought hundreds of swords with him, and after the battle, the number of his subordinates had increased by tenfold. It could be said that he had gained a handsome reward. The ores in this valley were also much richer than those in the previous one. Many of the ores that had been excavated were silver ores. If Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan could absorb the power in them, it would be greatly beneficial to them.


That was not to say there were only gains. Yang Kai suffered an immense loss as the hundreds of swords he had brought with him were almost wiped out while the thousands of swords that were originally in this valley had suffered heavy casualties and damage.


Yang Kai simply told Lang Qing Shan to kill the tattered swords to help restore his power as well as get rid of some burdens.


They went on to stay in this valley for the next few days to absorb the power in the mined ores. The ordinary ores were no longer useful for them, so they only drew in energy from the silver ores. The rest of the ores were given to the others, which helped those Black Iron Swords increase their strength.


Seven days later, Lang Qing Shan’s power had increased significantly, and he was also able to use a sword wave now.


During this period of time, Yang Kai sent out over ten teams to scout the surroundings. If he and Lang Qing Shan wanted to grow their power, they had to look for more Silver Swords to kill. However, they were not aware of where the Silver Swords were located in this world inside the fruit, so they had no choice but to take it slow.


Fortunately, the scout teams returned and brought some useful information back.


Two days later, they set off on their journey. Under the leadership of Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan, thousands of swords headed to their destination in an imposing manner.


After just three days, they reached a location that was managed by a Silver Sword. This location was similar to the first place Yang Kai managed to snatch with only one Silver Sword in charge and hundreds of swords working under him. Certainly, they were not able to resist Yang Kai’s army.


Thousands of swords charged forward and easily destroyed their enemies. Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan directly dealt with the Silver Sword, who wasn’t even able to use a sword wave yet. After just two moves, Yang Kai managed to end his life.


Since the leader was dead, the rest of the swords immediately surrendered.


Without stopping, Yang Kai led his army and headed to the next Silver Sword’s base.


These attacks continued on at a brisk pace. There were easy battles as well as difficult ones and it was not long before Yang Kai’s army had grown from thousands to several tens of thousands to now a hundred thousand, just like a rolling snowball.


Besides quantity, their collective power had increased as well. There were many new Silver Swords under Yang Kai’s leadership now. These Silver Swords were originally Black Iron Swords that as they assisted Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan in battle, killed countless enemies and absorbed their opponents’ energy, which allowed them to ascend to become Silver Swords.


Besides Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan, there were over 50 Silver Swords in this hundred-thousand-strong army with several thousand Black Iron Swords.


Yang Kai was experienced in leading an army, so he divided the hundred thousand troops into more than fifty teams. Every team was led by a Silver Sword and as they worked well with one another on the battlefield, they could always win each battle even if there were more swords on the opposing side.


Presently, they were taking a rest atop a certain mountain. Yang Kai was standing on the crest while the glow on his blade suggested that he might achieve a breakthrough soon. Lang Qing Shan was standing just behind him.


“Qing Shan, how long have we been in this place?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


Without hesitation, Lang Qing Shan replied, “Sir, we will have been here for half a year in four days.”


“Half a year!” Yang Kai tutted.


Previously, he had been held up in the world of bubbles for a month. He thought that it was already a pretty long time, but he hadn’t expected to get stuck in this world of swords for half a year.


Although time passed faster in the world inside the fruit than in the outside world, Yang Kai felt he had stayed in this place for far too long.


In the past six months, even though Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had gained lots of rewards and had been continuously growing stronger, they had yet to find out how to unravel the secrets of this place.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that by launching more attacks, he would begin to see a glimmer of hope. But now, he realised that he still had not the foggiest idea of what he needed to accomplish in this world.


This was a little distressing. If he had no idea how to decode the secret in this world, he would not have a goal, thus losing motivation to keep putting more effort into it.


It was no wonder that Xu Zhen said there was a danger associated with entering a World Fruit. If they couldn’t unravel its secrets, they might get stuck inside the fruit forever. Presently, he and Lang Qing Shan were trapped inside this world, so it was pointless for them to have a hundred thousand army follow them.


What made Yang Kai feel even more depressed was that he seemed to have reached a bottleneck as a Silver Sword. Even if he destroyed more swords, his power wouldn’t increase one bit, nor could he ascend to the next level.


Lang Qing Shan was in the same situation. Yang Kai had reached the peak of his power before Lang Qing Shan did, but in the past six months, they had wiped out countless bases and Lang Qing Shan had destroyed innumerable Silver Swords. After absorbing so much power, he had also reached this bottleneck.


Yang Kai even doubted whether the next level even existed.


Perhaps in this world of swords, Silver Swords were already the most powerful existences. If that was the case, how were they supposed to leave this place?


He had asked the other Silver Swords about it, but they knew nothing as well. These Silver Swords were all upgraded from Black Iron Swords, so the information they had was rather limited.


Just then, a Silver Sword leapt onto the crest with an excited expression, “Sir, we’ve found new enemies!”


Yang Kai turned to look at him and asked nonchalantly, “How many are there?”


“There are over ten thousand swords.” The Silver Sword skipped towards Yang Kai and pointed at the bottom of the mountain with his blade, “In one hour, they will pass by this place.”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai said, “Qing Shan, you handle it.”


Although there were over ten thousand swords on the opposing side, they were too weak when compared to Yang Kai’s hundred thousand army. It wasn’t necessary for him to personally make a move and he wouldn’t get any benefits by killing more opponents, so he’d rather preserve his strength.


After receiving the order, Lang Qing Shan left to carry out his task while Yang Kai looked up at the sky with his deep gaze.


The information that had been collected was right. After just one hour, an army of swords came into Yang Kai’s sight.


In this peculiar world, most swords would stay only in one place, and they wouldn’t easily move around. They would only look for a new location when all the ores had been excavated in their original mine.


This ten thousand army was clearly looking for a new mine.


However, after just a glance, Yang Kai became startled and frowned. That was because there seemed to be too many Silver Swords in this army.


Usually, there were only 6 or 7 Silver Swords in a ten-thousand-strong army. Nevertheless, Yang Kai could see that there were almost 40 Silver Swords in this troop.


That was an astonishing ratio because there were just over 50 Silver Swords in Yang Kai’s hundred thousand army.


Despite that, Yang Kai wasn’t too worried. In the past six months, he had led his army to take part in countless battles, and they had also gone against several armies with a hundred thousand swords as well; therefore, he believed he could destroy this ten thousand army easily.


To be safe, he told a Silver Sword to send a message to Lang Qing Shan to keep his guard up.


A moment later, the battle began. 


Due to the fact that they had scouted the enemy fairly early on, the hundred thousand swords had hidden in nearby places, and when the enemy army passed by, the over fifty teams, each led by a Silver Sword, charged forward from all directions and surrounded their enemies.


An intense battle immediately broke out. The Silver Swords activated their sword waves and shot out gusts of Sword Qi which easily shattered the enemy Black Iron and Bronze Swords. These weaker swords were completely powerless to resist them.


Every moment, there were swords being destroyed as very pure energy emerged from their blades and nourished the swords that had killed them.


Yang Kai watched over the battlefield for a moment before retracting his gaze.


Although the ten thousand sword army was powerful, they paled when compared to Yang Kai’s own. There was no way they were a match for his army, so it was just a matter of time before they were all slaughtered.


One hour later, the ten thousand army shrunk by 70%. Their defence circle was getting smaller as they resisted their enemies with difficulty.


Standing in the middle, Lang Qing Shan kept mobilising the swords and giving orders, looking very much like a commanding general.


One more hour later, only 10% of the enemy army remained, and their defence circle had shrunk significantly.


Certainly, Lang Qing Shan wouldn’t hold back as he ordered his swords to keep attacking in an attempt to wipe out all their enemies as quickly as possible.


Just then, a golden light radiated from the defence circle. Initially, the golden light was extremely weak, but it soon became dazzling.


The golden light immediately caught Yang Kai’s attention and looking down, he saw a layer of golden light radiating from the centre of the enemy troops and spreading around until it covered a radius of three kilometres.


Seeing that, Yang Kai turned solemn.


There was a Gold Sword rising from the opposing army, its aura undulating wildly as it released a visible golden ripple from its blade.


Following the proliferation of the ripple, all the swords that were caught in its rage stopped fighting and gazed at the Gold Sword with admiring looks on their blades as though they were staring at their King.


Yang Kai was also gaping at the Gold Sword. Although he was just a sword now, he could still feel his heart pounding against his chest.


It was a Gold Sword! He couldn’t believe that a Gold Sword existed in this world!


He had never seen a Gold Sword here before as the strongest enemies he had come across were all Silver Swords. He had reached the peak of his power as a Silver Sword, and there was seemingly no way for him to achieve a breakthrough; therefore, he had never expected that a Gold Sword existed in this world.


This Gold Sword was certainly more powerful than any Silver Sword.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt as though a realisation dawned upon him. In the past, he was clueless and didn’t know what direction to take, but upon seeing this Gold Sword, he immediately had a goal.


However, before he could rejoice at this revelation, a strange change broke out on the battlefield.


All the swords that had been affected by the Gold Sword’s aura, regardless of which side they were on, turned around and rushed towards Yang Kai’s army.




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