Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4111, Blocking


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It was a difficult battle. On the flatland, armies from opposing sides were clashing with one another. The battlefield seemed to have turned into a mincer as countless swords fell apart and their glow turned dim. On the battlefield, hundreds of thousands of swords were locked in an intense melee!


On one side, was the army led by Yang Kai. On the other, was an army led by a Gold Sword.


Previously, Yang Kai had occupied six mines and it took his 300,000 soldiers 4 months to find a single gold ore. After absorbing the power within the gold ore, he successfully became a Gold Sword.


Nevertheless, this approach was too inefficient. No one knew when he would be able to find the next gold ore. In order to further improve himself, it was better to look for another Gold Sword and kill it.


In this world of swords, there weren’t many Gold Swords, so it took a month of searching by several teams to finally find one.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai summoned his armies and waged war against the enemy.


Hundreds of thousands of swords clashed. Countless swords had been broken, but there were also swords that absorbed enough power and ascended to the next grade.


However, this was not the key to winning the war, the battle in the sky was.


Presently, two Gold Swords were circling around as though they were dancing in the sky. Their Golden Sword Qi broke through the void in an imposing manner. Both swords were incredibly fast with one of them appearing noticeably brighter than the other.


On the battlefield, Lang Qing Shan looked up at the sky and gazed attentively at the movements of the dimmer Gold Sword, who was none other than Yang Kai. He had just achieved a breakthrough, so he paled in many ways when compared to the other, older, Gold Sword. Be it his sturdiness, sharpness, or the power of his Sword Qi, Yang Kai was slightly weaker than his opponent.


Nevertheless, he had the capital to fight against a Gold Sword now! It was unlike in the past when he was completely powerless to resist such an enemy. As long as he had this qualification, Yang Kai stood a good chance to gain victory. That was the reason he had the guts to launch an attack on an army led by this Gold Sword.


Knowing that he was less powerful, Yang Kai directly expended all his energy when dealing with his opponent. The Gold Sword had never expected Yang Kai to be so ferocious, so despite the fact that he had a stronger heritage, he was dumbfounded when fighting against his enemy.


However, he was still at an advantage due to his greater strength, and after pulling himself together, he started attacking Yang Kai and made him suffer quite a few setbacks.


Half a day later, many gaps had appeared on Yang Kai’s blade. Even though the Gold Sword wasn’t in a better state, he obviously fared better than Yang Kai did. Yang Kai’s fierce attacks would always result in harming himself as well.


If this battle dragged on, Yang Kai was bound to lose his life in this place. Although he was fully aware of this fact, he didn’t intend to change his plans as he continued hacking at his opponent.


Two hours later, the Gold Sword turned around and shot downwards. He was still able to keep fighting as he was in a better state than Yang Kai, but he was damaged as well. In order to heal himself, the best way was to kill the swords on the battlefield and absorb their energy.


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he yelled, “Qing Shan!”


He had been waiting for this chance, and it had finally come.


After one year of waging war against different armies, Yang Kai realised that these swords were all terrified of death. Once they became severely damaged, they would try to repair themselves before anything else. They would only risk their lives if they were left with no other choice.


The fact that the Gold Sword had made such a move suggested that he was now seriously damaged.


In the blink of an eye, the Gold Sword reached the battlefield as he swirled around and shot out a Golden Sword Qi at a mass of swords. His attack covered a large area, and he didn’t care if he might harm his own subordinates.


The Golden Sword Qi was extremely sharp. Those who weren’t Gold Swords would be unable to resist.


“Dream on!” Lang Qing Shan bellowed with a cold expression on his blade. With him as the leader, over thirty Silver Swords followed him as they charged forward in an imposing manner.


This was a team that had been specifically formed to deal with this kind of situation. All the Silver Swords in the team had reached the peak of their grade. As long as there was golden liquid, they could achieve a further breakthrough.


Silver Sword Qi shot out from these Silver Swords and turned into more than thirty dazzling blades of light as they clashed with the Golden Sword Qi.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The golden light and the silver lights collided. The former turned dim while the latter collapsed.


Although Silver Sword Qi was no match for Golden Sword Qi, with over thirty of them attacking, they could still weaken the golden light.


*Chi chi chi…* 


The team of Silver Swords led by Lang Qing Shan shot out Silver Sword Qi again.


They did it three times in a row, unleashing over a hundred beams of Silver Sword Qi that were promptly shattered by the Golden Sword Qi. However, now, the Golden Sword Qi only had half of its original power left, and its glow had dimmed significantly.


There was no time for them to send out Sword Qi again, so without hesitation, Lang Qing Shan led his Silver Swords to escape. They wouldn’t dare to clash with the Golden Sword Qi directly.


Although half of the Golden Sword Qi’s power had vanished, it could still easily destroy these Silver Swords. Once they were struck, they would break into pieces.


When the Golden Sword Qi was about to reach the swords, another Golden Sword Qi appeared out of thin air and slashed across the first Golden Sword Qi, which disintegrated upon impact. Without stopping, the second Golden Sword Qi struck the swords.


In an instant, thousands of swords lost their lives as beams of light shot into Yang Kai’s figure and helped repair the chips on his body.


Undoubtedly, Yang Kai was the one who had cast the second Golden Sword Qi. Not only had he foiled his opponent’s plan by destroying the other Golden Sword Qi, he had also managed to heal himself.


After the incident, Yang Kai’s power became greater than that of the Gold Sword, so without hesitation, he dashed towards his opponent.


The face on the Gold Sword’s blade appeared both shocked and exasperated. He thought that his opponent was extremely cunning as the latter had come up with such a wicked idea.


Before he could curse though, he had no choice but to deal with Yang Kai’s intense attacks. While Yang Kai had been restored, he was still damaged, so his power was already much weaker than when he was at his peak. At that moment, he was at a disadvantage.


For the next few hours, the Gold Sword made several attempts to repair himself, but on the battlefield, Lang Qing Shan and his team of Silver Swords did nothing else but keep an eye on the Gold Sword. Wherever he went, the team would follow. As soon as they saw that he was trying to heal himself, they would immediately block his Golden Sword Qi in an attempt to weaken it, after which Yang Kai would destroy it.


Even after seven or eight attempts, the Gold Sword did not succeed.


One day later, the Gold Sword wasn’t even able to fly stably. He was shaking in the sky. Unable to use Golden Sword Qi anymore, he could only let out a sword wave from the tip of his blade.


Apparently, he was already on his last leg as he had used up all his energy. 


Now, he had no choice but to fight a desperate battle to stay alive. On the other hand, Yang Kai remained calm and collected as he dealt with his opponent.


There came a moment when the last bit of energy left the Golden Sword as he plunged from the sky and obliquely jabbed into the ground. The face on the blade looked dejected and livid.


Upon reaching him, Yang Kai swirled around and slashed at him. The Gold Sword closed his eyes and awaited his imminent death.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai stopped just short of him and grinned and shouted, “Qing Shan!”


Lang Qing Shan rushed over and said respectfully, “Yes, Sir.”


“Kill him,” Yang Kai said, “I’ve already confirmed he’s used up all his strength.”


Upon hearing that, Lang Qing Shan became startled for a moment before replying, “Sir, I don’t deserve it!”


He knew that if he killed this Gold Sword, he would most probably also become a Gold Sword; however, this was the prize Yang Kai had spent two days fighting for, so how could he take it instead?


Yang Kai explained, “If you break through as well, you’ll become a Gold Sword just like me. If we ever come across a Gold Sword again, the battle will be much easier for us as we can work together. I will only gain some power by killing him, so it’s not worth it. End his life now. Don’t give him any chance to restore his strength.”


Hearing that, Lang Qing Shan stopped hesitating and grunted in agreement. Then, he leapt into the air and slashed across the Gold Sword.


Following a loud clang, Lang Qing Shan trembled while the Gold Sword wasn’t harmed one bit; after all, the Gold Sword was of a much higher grade. Although he had no more energy left, his blade was still extremely firm.


Not giving up, Lang Qing Shan repeatedly hacked at the same spot, but he couldn’t achieve his goal.


There was a derisive expression on the Gold Sword’s blade.


Seeing that, Yang Kai rose in the air and reached the Gold Sword. After targeting a particular spot, he shot out a golden light from the tip of his blade. His attack easily caused a huge crack in the Gold Sword’s blade and almost cut it in half.


Understanding Yang Kai’s intention, Lang Qing Shan mercilessly hacked at the gap for one hour before he managed to end the Gold Sword’s life.


A golden glow streamed out of the Gold Sword and poured into Lang Qing Shan. Then, it turned into a dazzling golden mist and engulfed him.


When the golden light dissipated, it was no longer a Silver Sword that was standing in front of Yang Kai. Just like him, Lang Qing Shan had turned into a Gold Sword. A golden glow swirled around his blade, making him look majestic.


“Many thanks, Sir.” Lang Qing Shan was grateful. Realising that he had become much stronger, he appeared elated.


In order to become a Gold Sword, one could either swallow the golden liquid in a gold ore or kill a Gold Sword and absorb its power just like what Lang Qing Shan had done. Yang Kai used the first method while Lang Qing Shan took the second approach.


Turning around, Yang Kai swept a glance over the battlefield.


After the Gold Sword was killed, the noises on the battlefield died down. The Gold Sword’s soldiers stopped resisting and gazed at Yang Kai with admiring looks on their faces.


It was the rule in this world. As long as one could kill the leader of an army, he could take over his soldiers without any hindrance.


Yang Kai originally had 300,000 soldiers while the Gold Sword had 400,000. There were 700,000 swords in total that had battled against one another for two days. Now, only half of them were still alive.


Although the number of soldiers had shrunk, their collective power didn’t decrease one bit. Among these over three hundred thousand soldiers, there were many Silver Swords and countless Black Iron Swords.


In any battle, as long as one wasn’t shattered, he would reap a handsome reward if he managed to survive in the end.




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