Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4112, Lightning Strike


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When a loud crack was heard, a Gold Sword broke into pieces. A golden light streamed out of the sword and enveloped Yang Kai, which nourished and strengthened him.


It had been a year since Yang Kai helped Lang Qing Shan destroy the first Gold Sword.


During this period of time, Yang Kai led his army to wage war in different parts of this world of swords. There had been difficult as well as easy battles. As they destroyed army after army, countless Gold Swords had been shattered by Lang Qing Shan and him.


Presently, both of them had reached the peak of their powers as Gold Swords, and they were unable to improve any further. Besides that, there were over ten Gold Swords that worked under them now.


They couldn’t find a way to upgrade themselves, so they could only let their subordinates gain the benefits.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was still on top of everything as he couldn’t let his subordinates overpower him lest any unexpected events take place. After one year of campaigning, he had amassed over 1 million soldiers.


There wasn’t even a single Rusty Iron Sword or Bronze Sword among these 1 million swords. The lowest grade ones were Black Iron Swords, while the majority of them were Silver Swords.


It was apparent that his army had smashed countless swords in the past year, which was why they had grown to be so powerful.


The reason he had gathered all his soldiers together today was to prepare for the final battle.


When they were on an expedition half a year ago, they found a gigantic mine where there were over 1 million swords, which was as great as Yang Kai’s army. There were over ten Gold Swords on the opposing side as well.


Moreover, that location was the only remaining mine in this world of swords they hadn’t raided. As long as Yang Kai could destroy the other party, he would have no more opponents in this world. By then, perhaps he and Lang Qing Shan could leave this world.


This was the only clue he had found, so Yang Kai would never let it slip through his fingers.


After a rest, they set off on their journey. The Sword Qi of these imposing 1 million soldiers surged and penetrated the sky. Wherever they went, Heaven and Earth seemed to pale.


Half a month later, they finally arrived at the last mine. Looking from afar, they could see that their enemies’ Sword Intent was equally majestic. There were many Gold Swords and countless Silver Swords on the opposing side.


Without any unnecessary investigation, Yang Kai directly led his 1 million soldiers to charge forward.


Although the other party was ambushed, they were not flustered at all. Soon, they formed into an array and calmly fended off their opponents.


Over 2 million swords took part in the final battle in this world of swords. With every breath, swords were shattered. Even Silver Swords seemed trivial in this expansive battlefield, and they were unable to ensure their own safety. If there was any negligence, they would be hacked into pieces.


Only the Gold Swords were able to take charge of everything.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan joined forces and flew back and forth in this battlefield as they specifically targeted enemy Gold Swords and killed them. Both of them had reached the peak of their powers as Gold Swords, so even if either of them was on their own, they were able to easily destroy the average Gold Sword, not to mention now that they were working together.


Over ten Gold Swords had been shattered on the opposing side. Yang Kai had also suffered immense losses as half of his Gold Swords were gone. Nevertheless, the losses were worth it as the situation tipped in their favour.


After days of intense battle, the originally 2 million swords had shrunk to 1 million. 70 percent of them belonged to Yang Kai while the remaining 30 percent of them were on the opposing side.


Basically, there was no mystery as to who the winner would be.


There was only the last Gold Sword who was in charge of everything on the opposing side. Even though countless of his subordinates had been killed, he had remained dispassionate in the past few days. However, Yang Kai could feel an indescribable pressure coming from that Gold Sword.


With Yang Kai leading the way, 7 Gold Swords hovered in the air as they confronted the last enemy Gold Sword from a distance.


Presently, the Gold Sword was hovering on an exquisite throne. The face on the blade appeared majestic even though he lacked emotion. It was as though he was an indifferent deity and even if the world around him fell apart, he would not bat an eye.


This Gold Sword was a little different from the ones Yang Kai had come across before as there was a purple gemstone embedded in his hilt that exuded a faint purple light, which looked extremely odd.


Yang Kai stared at the purple gemstone and frowned as he wasn’t sure if the gemstone contained any mysterious power.


The face on the blade slightly raised his eyes and took an impassive glance at Yang Kai and the others before his stern voice reverberated, “Surrender, or die!”


Yang Kai swirled around and yelled, “Kill!”


*Chi chi chi chi…* 


Beams of Golden Sword Qi broke through the void and came at their target. They were so horrifying that it was as though they could tear space apart.


Countless enemy swords rushed over to protect their Master, but all the Gold Swords on the opposing side had already been killed. The ones that had come over were all Silver Swords, so how were they supposed to parry the Golden Sword Qi?


Upon impact, they immediately shattered. Despite that, those Silver Swords were not afraid of death as they continuously charged forward to block the attack.


The Golden Sword Qi shot past them, leaving countless metal scraps behind.


Yang Kai was stunned because the beams of Golden Sword Qi had been worn down greatly, to the point that when they reached the enemy Gold Sword, they disintegrated and didn’t harm their target one bit.


In order to stop these beams of Golden Sword Qi, several tens of thousands of Silver Swords had been destroyed in an instant.


What was strange was that the silver lights from the Silver Swords destroyed by Yang Kai’s army didn’t shoot towards Yang Kai’s side; instead, they flowed towards the leader on the opposing side.


The purple gemstone on this sword’s hilt glowed faintly. Following that, he whirled around and slashed out.


The whole world seemed to turn pale. No words were good enough to describe this sword’s noble bearing. Instead of Golden Sword Qi, the other party had seemingly unleashed a purple lightning strike.


Following a thunderclap, all the swords on the battlefield, regardless of which side they were from or their grade, trembled.


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he yelled, “Qing Shan, dodge!”


Upon finishing his words, he immediately evaded.


The purple lightning strike skirted past him. At that moment, time seemed to have slowed down significantly. Yang Kai could clearly see that one part of his extremely sturdy blade dissolved upon impact, sending a sense of terror shooting up his spine.


He had already reached the peak of his power as a Gold Sword, so initially, Yang Kai believed that no one else could harm him in this world. However, he hadn’t expected his blade to be so frail when it was struck by the purple lightning.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan reacted quickly and dodged the attack in time; however, their five subordinates were not so lucky.


The purple lightning strike flew past Yang Kai’s blade and shot towards his subordinates. Silently, the five Gold Swords vanished into thin air as though they had never existed before.


There wasn’t even any trace that could prove they had existed previously. The lightning strike was truly horrifying.


Turning around, Yang Kai didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent as he stared fixedly at the purple gemstone on his hilt, knowing that it was the key to everything.


This world had its own rules. When one killed another sword, he could absorb the other party’s energy to strengthen himself. However, the gemstone was able to subvert this rule.


Earlier, Yang Kai and the others had destroyed several tens of thousands of Silver Swords, but the powers within those weapons didn’t come to them. Instead, they were absorbed by the leader on the opposing side and turned into this lightning strike.


At this moment, after the five Gold Swords were shattered, five golden lights penetrated the enemy leader’s blade and the purple gemstone on his hilt flickered.


Yang Kai felt his heart pounding as he was engulfed in the aura of death. While he was still lost in his thoughts, he saw a purple lightning strike breaking through the air and coming at him like a great serpent.


There was no way he could parry it! Yang Kai immediately shot away, but the purple lightning was relentless. Left with no choice, Yang Kai flew around in the sky in an attempt to shake off the attack.


After several attempts, he realised that he was unable to do so. The purple lightning seemed to have targeted his aura, so it could easily follow him around.


Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai plunged and shot into the ground. A sword wave swirled around on the tip of his blade to bore a tunnel for him.


Only after a long time did he break out from the ground. The purple lightning had finally been exhausted and dissipated.


Turning around, he saw that Lang Qing Shan was already fearlessly battling against the enemy Gold Sword. A pleasantly surprised Yang Kai realised that the Gold Sword wasn’t as strong as he had imagined. Just like Lang Qing Shan and him, the Gold Sword was at the peak of its grade.


Yang Kai came to this conclusion upon seeing that Lang Qing Shan and the Gold Sword were equally matched. The enemy’s overwhelming power was built around the purple gemstone, which could unleash purple lightning.


In order to use the purple lightning though, he had to absorb a lot of energy first. For the first strike, he used the energy of all those fallen Silver Swords, and for the second strike, he sucked in the powers of five Gold Swords. If there was no free energy for him to take in, he might not be able to release the purple lightning.


Instantaneously, Yang Kai figured out everything. Without hesitation, he charged towards the battlefield and joined forces with Lang Qing Shan to launch a series of attacks against the enemy Gold Sword.


At that moment, sword waves were seen glittering as the three Gold Swords were locked in an intense battle.


All of them stood at the peak of Gold Swords, but Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan were at an advantage as it was two against one. Over the past two years, they had joined forces countless times to deal with numerous enemies, so they could read each other’s intentions without any verbal communication.


Presently, the situation was in their favour; however, there wasn’t a tinge of fluster behind the enemy Gold Sword’s gaze. Instead, he sported a derisive expression.


Yang Kai had no idea why the Gold Sword was still so calm and collected, but based on his observation just now, as long as the Gold Sword had no chance to absorb any energy, there was no way he could use the purple lightning, without which Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan could definitely defeat him.


Just as Yang Kai thought this though, the purple gemstone on the Gold Sword’s hilt flickered.




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