Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4113, No More Opponents


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As the purple light flickered, a mysterious power streamed out of the gemstone and spread around.


The next instant, Yang Kai’s expression changed because under the influence of that power, he saw that a thread of golden aura was streaming out of his figure and penetrating the leader of the enemy forces.


The same thing was happening to Lang Qing Shan. They traded glances and saw the horror behind each other’s gazes.


The last Gold Sword on the opposing side was able to forcefully absorb powers from other swords!


Upon that realization, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan hurriedly sealed off their own auras to prevent them from leaving their bodies. They had reached the peak of their powers as Gold Swords, so their blades were extremely sturdy, and they were able to resist the purple light’s effects.


However, the other swords on the battlefield were not capable of doing that. Cracking sounds were continuously heard as countless swords broke apart for no reason. Lights of different colours wafted from the broken swords and gushed into the leader on the opposing side from all directions.


At that instant, several tens of thousands of swords, regardless of which side they were from, shattered.


The purple lightning appeared again, like a Thunder Dragon coming right at Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan! Certainly, they wouldn’t dare to parry it as they separated and dashed in opposite directions. The Thunder Dragon ignored Yang Kai and raced after Lang Qing Shan as though it was determined to kill him.


Seeing that, Yang Kai returned and swept a gush of Sword Qi against the Gold Sword. Presently, he was unable to lend Lang Qing Shan a hand. The purple lightning was too horrifying, and anyone would immediately lose their life when struck by it. He could only pray that Lang Qing Shan was smart enough to shake off the lightning.


Yang Kai and the Gold Sword were equally matched as they launched into an intense struggle. Neither of them could gain the upper hand as they were both at the peak of their grade. Although Yang Kai’s blade had been damaged by the purple lightning earlier, he was more experienced than the Gold Sword when it came to battles, which was why he wasn’t at a disadvantage when going against the other party.


After a stick of incense, Lang Qing Shan came back with a battered figure. Yang Kai took a glance at him and realised that his blade had been damaged by the purple lightning, but he wasn’t at risk of losing his life.


Instead of immediately assisting Yang Kai, Lang Qing Shan ordered their remaining troops to retreat and stay as far away from the battlefield as possible.


Seeing that, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief and thought that Lang Qing Shan was truly clever. If he were Lang Qing Shan, he would’ve done the same thing.


The purple gemstone on the Gold Sword’s hilt was too unpredictable. Not only could it intercept the powers that were supposed to go to the killers, but it could also forcefully absorb energy from the swords that were still alive. If the 700,000 or so remaining swords stayed, they would only serve as a source of power for the Gold Sword to use the purple lightning again.


Soon, all other swords were out of sight. A moment later, Lang Qing Shan returned to the battlefield. All of his damaged parts had been restored, and the glow on his blade was dazzling. Apparently, he had healed himself.


Upon returning to the battlefield, he traded glances with Yang Kai. No words were needed as they could read each other’s minds. They had decided to wear the Gold Sword down!


They were not afraid of the Gold Sword’s individual strength and there was no way he could defeat the two of them. Nevertheless, they were wary of the purple gemstone on his hilt and the purple lightning he could cast. With that said, there must be a price to pay in order to use the purple lightning.


For the first strike, he had absorbed the powers of over several tens of thousands of Silver Swords, and for the second strike, he had sucked in the powers of five Gold Swords. As for the third strike, which happened just now, he had taken in the energy of several tens of thousands of swords around them, which caused them to break apart on the spot.


Now, all of Yang Kai’s army had retreated, and only about 150,000 swords remained on the opposing side. The Gold Sword could only cast the purple lightning five more times at most.


As long as they could escape from these five strikes unscathed, they would gain victory. Rather than waiting passively though, they decided to launch an attack to seize the initiative. Yang Kai gave Lang Qing Shan a look to hint at him to stay in this place and hold down their opponent. Then, he moved and charged towards the crowd.


At that instant, all the swords became flustered. Although there were 150,000 swords on the opposing side, none of them could oppose Yang Kai. For every flash of Golden Sword Qi that Yang Kai released, he could easily destroy innumerable swords. 


As expected, even though the swords were killed by Yang Kai, the powers in these swords didn’t go to him. Instead, they were all absorbed by the purple gemstone. The light on the purple gemstone became increasingly brighter.


“Qing Shan, watch out!” Realising that it was about time the purple lightning was cast, Yang Kai slashed across hundreds of swords, upon which their powers streamed into the purple gemstone. Then, the purple light finally reached its limit.


The Gold Sword shook and shot a beam of purple lightning at Lang Qing Shan, who had been engaging in an intense battle with him.


A fully prepared Lang Qing Shan left the battlefield as soon as Yang Kai called out to him, but instead of going somewhere else, he headed straight to the enemy swords in an attempt to make use of their powers to wear out the purple lightning.


At the same time, Yang Kai charged towards the Gold Sword and engaged him in combat.




Wherever the purple lightning flew, countless swords shattered. In the blink of an eye, several tens of thousands of swords were broken again.


Once again, a purple light flickered on the purple gemstone on the Gold Sword’s hilt. Yang Kai felt his chest tightening as he hurriedly retreated and left the battlefield. The next instant, the Gold Sword sent out another ray of purple lightning.


Yang Kai turned around and fled while the Gold Sword turned into a ray of golden light. At the same time, the purple lightning was racing after him.


“Sir!” Lang Qing Shan suddenly exclaimed.


Yang Kai turned his head and saw Lang Qing Shan coming to him. His gaze brightened as he realised his intention. Then, he moved and dashed towards him as well.


Two golden rays of light broke through the void as two beams of purple lightning respectively raced after them in a menacing manner. In the blink of an eye, they became very close to one another, and just as they were about to collide, they dodged slightly to shoot past one another. Both of them were not harmed.


Nevertheless, the beams of purple lightning behind them were not as agile. Following a loud boom, they clashed with one another as lightning snakes danced in the air, burning a huge hole in the fabric of space.


Two beams of purple lightning disappeared just like this.


An ecstatic Yang Kai said to Lang Qing Shan, “Again!”


Then, he bolted towards the Gold Sword while Lang Qing Shan used the same trick by madly slaughtering the enemy swords.


According to Yang Kai’s estimation, the energy in these 150,000 swords was enough for the enemy Gold Sword to use purple lightning five times. Earlier, Yang Kai had destroyed several tens of thousands of swords, and Lang Qing Shan also managed to make use of the purple lightning to shatter several tens of thousands of swords. Now, there were only 100,000 or so swords left.


As long as they could shatter all of them, the Gold Sword would have no power source to draw from and become unable to use the purple lightning again. Without this fatal strike, there was no way the Gold Sword could defeat Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan.


An incense stick later, Lang Qing Shan finished smashing the required number of swords and the third ray of purple lightning was unleashed. A fully prepared Yang Kai led the purple lightning to the swords where, soon, several tens of thousands were broken and the fourth beam of purple lightning was used as it slashed towards Lang Qing Shan, who had been holding down the Gold Sword.


Both of them used the same trick by leading the two beams of lightning to clash and wear out each other.


Seeing that, the Gold Sword was incensed, but there was nothing he could do.


After several attempts, there were only 30,000 swords left. The powers in these swords were only enough for the Gold Sword to use one more beam of purple lightning.


Presently, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan were no longer in a rush to destroy these swords. Instead, they joined forces to deal damage to the Gold Sword.


Despite knowing their intention, the Gold Sword had no choice but to activate the purple gemstone and absorb the energy of his remaining subordinates, after which he sent out his last ray of purple lightning.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan retreated together. Seeing as the purple lightning had targeted Lang Qing Shan, he quickly fled from this place without hesitation.


There was a grin on Yang Kai’s face as he sneered, “There are only the two of us now. Let’s fight until either one of us perishes!”


He wasn’t worried about Lang Qing Shan’s safety. Since Lang Qing Shan was able to get rid of the purple lightning previously, he could do the same this time. His blade would be damaged at most. Nevertheless, with some 700,000 swords on their side, even if he was hurt, he could easily repair himself.


Realising that it was the final battle, the enemy Gold Sword no longer appeared as calm and collected. The face on the blade sported a solemn expression. The golden sword light on the tip of the blade was flicking like a snake’s tongue.


As soon as Yang Kai finished speaking, he shot forward and brought himself down on the Gold Sword. His Golden Sword Qi broke through the void and reached the target in an instant.


The Gold Sword parried the attack with his own Sword Qi before diving into a fierce battle with Yang Kai. Both of them were equally matched in terms of power, so no one could gain the upper hand. However, Yang Kai knew that he was already the winner.


One hour later, the fully repaired Lang Qing Shan returned and joined the battle. With it being two against one, the Gold Sword immediately fell into a disadvantage and regardless of how hard he tried, he was unable to turn the tide.


Half a day later, following a slash from Yang Kai, the enemy Gold Sword cracked and broke in half. The face on the blade no longer appeared majestic as he passed away with fury and regret.


A golden light wafted from the Gold Sword and streamed into Yang Kai. There was a hint of dazzling purple light within the golden light.


Yang Kai’s damaged parts were instantly restored. Besides that, a purple swirl appeared and whirled around on his hilt before becoming a purple gemstone, which belonged to the Gold Sword that had been killed.


Yang Kai was astounded as he hadn’t expected that after he killed his opponent, he would also inherit his purple gemstone, which had made Lang Qing Shan and him suffer some setbacks earlier. Nevertheless, it was useless to him now. This was the final battle, after which he had no more opponents in this world of swords, for all the mines had been wiped out.




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