Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4114, Mid-Rank World Fruit


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With no more opponents in this world, the purple gemstone was useless to Yang Kai so he remained standing in the same spot as he recalled his experiences in this world of swords and sighed.


This world was more dangerous than the world of bubbles by far. In this world, one might be shattered at any moment. Yang Kai felt fortunate that he was able to make use of the Small Sealed World and enter this place. If Lang Qing Shan were on his own, he might’ve died or gotten stuck in this world forever.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had joined forces and defeated countless powerful enemies; however, neither of them could defeat the last Gold Sword in the final battle on their own.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai felt worried about Meng Hong, who had also entered a World Fruit. He wondered how the latter was doing. Since he had stayed in this world of swords for two years, a few days should have passed in the outside world.


After waiting for a long time though, Yang Kai furrowed his brows and stared at Lang Qing Shan before asking, “Qing Shan, do you feel anything?”


Lang Qing Shan replied, “No, Sir. Do you feel anything?”


Yang Kai’s face fell as the problem was exactly that he felt nothing. He thought that after the final battle, he could directly leave this world and obtain the World Fruit; however, nothing seemed to be happening at this moment.


He and Lang Qing Shan had reached the maximum limit in power that was permitted in this world, and they had killed their last opponent with great difficulty. He was certain that there were no more opponents for them in this world, so why weren’t they able to leave? What was the key to achieving ultimate victory?


Then, Yang Kai recalled his experience in the previous world. During the battle against the man surnamed Gou, he was able to use a power that transcended the Open Heaven Realm and burst all the remaining bubbles but one, leaving behind only the key to the world, which was how he found the secret to leaving.


When he thought of this, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened and he asked, “Where’s the army?”


“Sir, please come with me,” Lang Qing Shan replied and led the way for him.


Previously, he ordered their 700,000 swords to leave the battlefield and settled them down on a flatland some distance away so that the enemy Gold Sword wasn’t able to absorb their energy. That place was about a thousand kilometres away from their current location.


With Lang Qing Shan leading the way, they soon arrived at their destination.


As Yang Kai slowly descended to where several hundred thousand swords gazed up at him with admiring looks on their faces. These swords had followed Yang Kai on a campaign of conquest in different parts of this world for the past year and were all the best of the best. Although there were no more Gold Swords, there were countless Silver Swords.


Without uttering a word, Yang Kai activated the power of the purple gemstone on his hilt.


A purple light glowed as a ripple spread out. Following the proliferation of the ripple, countless swords fell apart and cracking sounds were continuously heard. Innumerable lights streamed into Yang Kai and helped the purple gemstone become brighter.


Soon, the glow on the purple gemstone reached its limit. The purple light on the tip of his blade flickered, and there were signs that the purple lightning was about to reappear.


This horrifying aura forced Lang Qing Shan to stay as far away as possible.


The purple light was dazzling, and Yang Kai had gathered enough power to cast the purple lightning; after all, previously, the Gold Sword had only destroyed several ten thousand swords before he could make a strike.


Presently, more than 50,000 swords had been shattered; however, Yang Kai wasn’t satisfied as he tried his best to stop the purple lightning from appearing and continuously pushed the purple gemstone’s power.


Cracking sounds were heard as over 100,000 swords had been destroyed so far. The aura exuding from Yang Kai far exceeded what was seen on the Gold Sword some time ago, which astounded Lang Qing Shan.


The purple light was still undulating as more and more swords were broken into pieces. 150,000, 200,000… Soon, the death toll had amounted to 300,000!


Half of the 700,000 swords were destroyed in a short moment.


Yang Kai’s sword body kept trembling as cracks started appearing on his blade. Apparently, he was enduring immense pressure, and once he faltered, he would burst into pieces.


Lang Qing Shan wanted to stop him, but he wouldn’t dare to disturb Yang Kai lest he cause an accident.


After 400,000 swords were shattered, more cracks had appeared on Yang Kai’s blade as though it would disintegrate at any moment.


When 500,000 swords were broken, a crack was heard as a fracture had also appeared on the purple gemstone.


Yang Kai had reached his limit. There was no way he could suppress the tremendous power within his blade as he turned around and slashed at the sky.


A ray of purple lightning shot out of the blade and turned into a purple light before it blasted into the sky. The entire world seemed to shake at that moment as space itself broke apart.


A gigantic hole was ripped open in the sky.


Yang Kai slumped to the side and plunged from the air. His blade had fallen apart and appeared dim. He had used up all his energy in that strike. Nevertheless, he stared fixedly at the hole in the sky.


A moment later, he became elated and couldn’t help but guffaw. While he was laughing, a force engulfed him, and as Lang Qing Shan gazed at him in shock, he slowly disappeared.


The next instant, Lang Qing Shan felt his vision darkening. When he recovered, he was already at the bottom of the 3,000 Worlds Tree.


Yang Kai was just standing in front of him with a glowing World Fruit in his hand.


They had finally left that world! Lang Qing Shan breathed a sigh of relief. Earlier, Yang Kai had amassed the power of 500,000 swords, causing him the worry Yang Kai would really explode.


Now, it seemed that Yang Kai was right to do that. The key to leaving that world was the purple gemstone. As long as Yang Kai could swallow enough power and cast a powerful enough strike, he could break through the World Barrier and leave that world.


Earlier, he shared Yang Kai’s thoughts and felt that the purple gemstone was useless since they had no more opponents in that world. He hadn’t expected that the gemstone was the key to leaving.


After Lang Qing Shan took a glance at the World Fruit in Yang Kai’s hand, his expression changed, “Sir, is this a Mid-Rank World Fruit?”


Yang Kai could barely contain his excitement, “That’s right. This is a Mid-Rank World Fruit!”


The World Fruit he had obtained previously was just a Low-Rank one, which could help a cultivator ascend to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm at most, so it wasn’t that valuable; after all, one could easily reach the Third-Order by working hard.


However, this Mid-Rank fruit was different. It was a treasure that could help a cultivator reach the Sixth Order.


A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could be a leader of a powerful Sect that ruled over an entire Territory. 


It was difficult to estimate the value of this World Fruit. It was especially precious to Fifth-Order cultivators who wanted to ascend to the next Order.


After carefully storing the World Fruit, Yang Kai turned his head and saw that those who were going down the mountain previously were all gone by now. After all, he and Lang Qing Shan had stayed in the world of swords for two years. Although the speed of time flowing in the outside world was different, a few days must have passed already, so all of them should have departed by far.


Then, Yang Kai looked up at the 3,000 Worlds Tree and arched his brow. That was because a small number of fruits were already missing from this tree. In other words, while he and Lang Qing Shan were wandering in the world of swords, some others had obtained World Fruits.


Yang Kai wondered what rank their World Fruits were, but regardless, there was no way their rewards were as handsome as his own.


After the previous experience, Yang Kai found it easier to enter a new World Fruit. He kept Lang Qing Shan inside the Small Sealed World and hid in it as well before passing the Sealed World Bead to the shaved-headed man. Standing on the fruit tree, the shaved-headed man found a World Fruit and plunged into it.


After he entered the world, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan appeared together.


The mysterious 3,000 Worlds Tree was able to bear 3,000 World Fruits that could help Open Heaven Realm Masters rise to the next Order. However, everyone could only enter it once in their lifetime. If he succeeded, he or she would obtain the fruit. If they failed, they would remain in that world forever.


Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had entered World Fruits before, so they couldn’t have gotten into the current one without using this trick.


There were about forty people hiding inside the Sealed World Bead, so given enough time, and if everything went well, Yang Kai might be able to obtain several dozen World Fruits in the end!


Compared to the Innate Fruit Tree and its Innate Spirit Fruit, Yang Kai was far more interested in these World Fruits.


As soon as he appeared though, Yang Kai sensed the aura in the world and became disappointed. That was because the aura in this world wasn’t too strong, so it should be a Low-Rank World Fruit.


The three of them didn’t transform into anything else as they still looked the same; however, all of their powers had been greatly suppressed. They weren’t even able to use 30% of their full strength under the influence of the World Principles here.


“What’s this?” The shaved-headed man found something and looked down at his waist, where there was a bulging pouch. He wondered what was inside it.


“Sir, both of us have a pouch as well.” Lang Qing Shan took a glance at Yang Kai’s waist and his own before realising that they were wearing pouches on their waists.


“Let’s see what’s inside.” The shaved-headed man grinned and took off the pouch before taking a look. Then, he said in surprise, “There are so many worms inside.”


Meanwhile, Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan had also opened their pouches. Just like what the shaved-headed man had said, there were some strange-looking worms inside the pouch. In fact, there were only several dozen of them in the pouch. Just like silkworms, they were as white as snow.


Yang Kai scanned them with his Divine Sense, but he couldn’t find any immense power coming from them. Instead, he could clearly feel that there was a faint connection between his Divine Sense and the worms.


“What are these for?” The shaved-headed man was puzzled.


Lang Qing Shan had ventured into a World Fruit before, so after giving it a thought, he replied, “Perhaps this has something to do with the secret in this world.”


“How are we going to use them? Eat them?” The shaved-headed man picked up a worm and examined it. Besides sniffing at it, he also stuck out his tongue to have a taste.


Lang Qing Shan’s face turned ugly as he watched that.


“Beasts are coming!” Yang Kai frowned and turned his head, only to see several dozen wolves that were as burly as cows coming at them from all directions. As they bared their fangs, they soon surrounded the three of them.


These wolves all exuded very ferocious auras as they kept growling. It seemed that it would be difficult to deal with them.




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