Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4115, The World Tree Attacks


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“Sir!” Lang Qing Shan sported a solemn expression and approached Yang Kai while the shaved-headed man gulped and turned pale.


The three of them pressed their backs against one another and circulated their strength, preparing to strike back.


Following a howl, the several dozen wolves pounced on them. Yang Kai flicked his fingers and shot out a Moon Blade. Nevertheless, the Moon Blade was much weaker than usual as it was only as long as a palm.


The Moon Blade slashed across a wolf’s shoulder and formed a cut on its body, but it couldn’t kill the beast on the spot.


Yang Kai’s expression darkened. His strength had been greatly suppressed in this strange world.


On the other hand, Lang Qing Shan and the shaved-headed man had also made a move; however, their heritage was already much weaker than Yang Kai’s, so now that their strength had been suppressed, regardless of how hard they tried, they could only cause some minor injuries to the wolves.


Several dozen wolves surrounded them and took turns to attack them. The smell of blood made them feel excited and turned them increasingly ferocious.


Yang Kai and the others made several attempts to break the siege, but they couldn’t find a chance. If this battle dragged on, they would be torn to pieces by these wolves soon.


“Sir, I can’t hold on!” As soon as the shaved-headed man finished speaking, he exclaimed as a wolf bit into his shoulder, which caused it to be drenched in blood.


Yang Kai racked his brain in an attempt to come up with a solution. There was always a clue in every World Fruit world. In the world of bubbles, the key to leaving that place lay in a particular bubble. In the world of swords, he could kill other swords to strengthen himself and rise to the top.


There must be some rules in this world as well that he hadn’t discovered yet. As long as he could make use of these rules, he could conquer this place. At the thought of this, Yang Kai took a glance at the pouch on his waist and fished out a worm from it.


Presently, a wolf was pouncing on him from the front. The beast had a terrible breath and its fangs glistened with a cold light. Yang Kai surged his Divine Sense and directly threw the worm at the wolf.


What was strange was that the worm immediately turned into a dazzling white light and engulfed the wolf. After the originally imposing wolf was engulfed by the white light, it seemed to have been struck by an immense force as it fell to the ground and shook its head.


At the same time, Yang Kai could feel that there was a faint connection between the wolf’s Soul and his own. It seemed that he was able to control this beast now, so without hesitation, he activated his Divine Sense and pressured the beast.


The wolf seemed to be trying to resist, but Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was immensely powerful, so there was no way it could fend off Yang Kai’s full assault. After just one breath’s time, the white light completely penetrated the wolf’s head.


A thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as the wolf turned around and widened its mouth before biting another wolf’s neck. Blood started spurting out of the other wolf’s wound as the beast staggered backwards.


“We can use these worms to control the wolves!” Yang Kai yelled.


Hearing that, Lang Qing Shan and the shaved-headed man hurriedly fished out the worms from their pouches and threw them at the wolves, just like how Yang Kai had done earlier. The worms turned into white lights and covered the wolves. When the white lights fully streamed into the beasts, they were able to start controlling them.


The tide had been turned as Yang Kai kept throwing the worms out and tamed one beast after another. Lang Qing Shan and the shaved-headed man were doing the same thing.


Soon, Yang Kai figured out the secret behind it. For now, he named these worms as Beast Taming Worms. They could be summoned just like an artifact, but these worms were one-offs. After they were summoned, they would transform into white lights and engulf the wolves. It was at this moment that the user’s Divine Sense clashed with that of the wolf. If they could suppress the wolf’s Soul, the white light would stream into the beast. If they failed, the white light would burst apart and the worm would perish. Even the cultivator might be harmed.


The shaved-headed man suffered a setback once. He summoned too many Beast Taming Worms at once, and in the end, he couldn’t control so many of them. Two white lights exploded, which caused blood to drip down from his nostrils as his face turned pale.


Initially, they were surrounded by these several dozen wolves, but as time passed, the situation was reversed with the help of these Beast Taming Worms.


An incense stick later, half of the wolves were dead, while the remaining ones had been tamed by Yang Kai and the others.


The shaved-headed man was panting heavily and still reeling from shock. Previously, he was hiding inside the Small Sealed World and witnessing Yang Kai and Lang Qing Shan’s adventure in the world of swords. Nevertheless, he was just an observer at that point. Although he was horrified by what they had gone through, he hadn’t experienced it personally.


After the incident just now, he came to the realisation that it wasn’t easy to venture into a World Fruit. If it weren’t because Yang Kai had figured out the secret at the most critical moment, they would’ve lost their lives by now.


“Sir, is this a beast taming world?” Lang Qing Shan asked.


Yang Kai nodded, “Judging from what we’ve just gone through, that seems to be the case.” Nevertheless, he had to explore this world before he could be certain about it.


A few days later, their speculation was proven to be right. This was indeed a beast taming world. There were countless beasts in this world and the powers of Yang Kai and the others had been greatly suppressed. If they wanted to win any battle, they had to rely on the Monster Beasts they had tamed.


The wolves they had tamed some time ago were just the most ordinary beasts. Among the various beasts, there even existed Beast Kings, which couldn’t be tamed by using the Beast Taming Worms in their pouches. Yang Kai made several attempts and saw the white lights exploding each time. It wasn’t that his Divine Sense wasn’t powerful enough to suppress the other party, but the worms couldn’t bear the clashes between their Divine Senses.


Yang Kai speculated that there must be higher grade Beast Taming Worms than the white ones they had that could be used against these Beast Kings.


After the three of them suffered a setback when fighting a group of over 100 beasts, they set off on their journey to look for better worms.


Soon, they discovered that there were indeed better Beast Taming Worms than the white ones. They came in different colours, which included black, green, purple, and so on.


By using these High-Grade Beast Taming Worms, they soon domesticated a number of Beast Kings. Once they were tamed, it was easy to subdue the Monster Beasts under them.


There was a huge gap in power between these Beast Kings as well. Yang Kai categorised them into Hundred Beast Kings, Thousand Beast Kings, and Ten Thousand Beast Kings. A Hundred Beast King could control a hundred Monster Beasts while Thousand Beast Kings could control a thousand Monster Beasts. As for the Ten Thousand Beast King, it ruled over ten thousand beasts and was truly powerful.


One month later, they respectively led a 10,000-beast army and launched an attack on the last group of beasts.


There were over 100,000 beasts in this last group, and the Beast King was noble and majestic; a force to be reckoned with. The Beast King was covered in golden fur and was as big as a house. Looking from afar, Yang Kai could feel that the Ten Thousand Beast he rode was apprehensive.


The Beast King on the opposing side seemed to be intimidating to a Ten Thousand Beast King. Yang Kai reckoned that it was no longer a Beast King, but a Beast Emperor!


Soon, the final battle began and countless beasts lost their lives.


Although there were a lot of beasts on the opposing side, and a Beast Emperor taking charge, Yang Kai and the others launched an attack from three different directions and cooperated with one another. As they killed their enemies, they also subdued the Beast Kings on the opposing side. Soon, they gained the upper hand.


Three days later, even though Yang Kai was bitten by the Beast Emperor, he managed to tame it in the end. As soon as that happened, a gentle force engulfed them and sent them out of this world.


When they reappeared at the bottom of the World Tree, Yang Kai was already covered in blood, but he was laughing as he had obtained another World Fruit, even though it was just a Low-Rank one.


After taking a rest, he used the same trick by releasing a different person from the Small Sealed World and telling him to enter a World Fruit while he tagged along inside the Sealed World Bead.


As time passed, more and more people from Yang Kai’s team would venture into a World Fruit together, and their collective power was tremendous. Basically, everyone else entered a World Fruit on their own, but Yang Kai had many people to assist him, which was why he was at an advantage.


The worlds inside the fruits were all peculiar. There was a world where they had to overcome everything else by force, and there was a world where they had to reach the maximum limit in power permitted in that world and break free from its suppression before they could leave. There was also a labyrinth where they couldn’t even identify what direction they were moving. All the worlds were different.


However, Yang Kai soon figured out a regular pattern. It took a shorter time to break free from a Low-Rank World Fruit. Usually, he would need 3 months at most. On the other hand, it was much harder to get out of a Mid-Rank World Fruit, requiring 1 or 2 years at the very least. 


Fortunately, time passed faster inside the World Fruits, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried about spending too much time there. Even though he had spent a few years inside various World Fruits now, only ten days or so had passed in the outside world.


One day, one of his subordinates brought the Sealed World Bead with him and plunged into a World Fruit and Yang Kai immediately left the Small Sealed World and released more than ten people who had entered World Fruits before.


However, before he could examine the rank of this world, he suddenly felt an immense rejection force engulfing him, and by the time he recovered, Yang Kai realised that he was already standing at the bottom of the 3,000 Worlds Tree.


The same thing happened to the more than ten people he had released earlier.


A stunned Lang Qing Shan asked, “What happened?”


Yang Kai was also puzzled as it was the first time he came across such an incident. He had no idea why they were ejected from the World Fruit.


Just then, following a rumbling sound, the ground shook as a root abruptly shot out from the soil and swept across Yang Kai and the others like a long whip. This was obviously the root of the 3,000 Worlds Tree.


None of them had expected such a turn of events, so half of the unsuspecting people were sent flying away and tumbled down the mountain.


Yang Kai was agile enough to have dodged the attack. When he turned his head and saw that the people rolling down the mountain were not at risk of losing their lives as they only looked a little battered, he set his mind at ease.


“Ouch!” Someone exclaimed. It was the shaved-headed man who was sent flying away, and the same thing happened to the others at the scene as Yang Kai kept jumping around to dodge the root’s attack.


While he was dodging, Yang Kai realised that a pair of eyes were staring at him, and when he turned his head, he was horrified.


That was because a wrinkled face had appeared on the 3,000 Worlds Tree, glaring at Yang Kai!




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