Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4116, Insatiable Greed


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Yang Kai felt embarrassed at the stare, knowing that the 3,000 Worlds Tree was aware of the fact that he had been cheating. In the Primordial Land, many Divine Medicines had developed their own sentience, which was what happened to Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom, not to mention the 3,000 Worlds Tree, it was just that the tree never revealed any signs of awareness until now. 


Yang Kai repeatedly made use of the Sealed World Bead to enter one World Fruit after another, and so far, he had obtained over ten fruits. Even though the World Tree had 3,000 fruits, he apparently could no longer put up with Yang Kai’s insatiable greed. If he allowed Yang Kai to keep flouting the rules it had set, most of his fruits would be gone.


Therefore, when he once again detected Yang Kai’s aura, he immediately sent him and his subordinates out of the World Fruit. He didn’t give them a chance to experience the world inside the fruit. Besides that, he had also sent them rolling down the mountain to prevent them from using the same trick again.


His root danced in the air and swept across Yang Kai one more time in a menacing manner. Nevertheless, he didn’t intend to kill Yang Kai; he just wanted to send him tumbling down the mountain.


Yang Kai repeatedly manipulated Space Principles to dodge the attacks.


He had earned some handsome rewards as he had obtained more than ten World Fruits, including two Mid-Rank ones; however, he hadn’t gotten even one High-Rank World Fruit, which was why he wasn’t willing to give up.


A High-Rank World Fruit would be able to help a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master ascend to the next Order. If he could reach the Seventh Order in his initial breakthrough, he could make use of that World Fruit and directly ascend to the Eighth Order!


There should only be a small number of Eighth-Order Masters in those Cave-Heavens and Paradises, so someone in that realm was no different from an overlord. By then, not only could he gain a footing in this 3,000 Worlds, but he could also achieve great things.


As he dodged the attacks, Yang Kai unashamedly pleaded with the tree, “Old Tree, please forgive me and allow us to enter the World Fruit for the last time!”


The World Tree became even more furious. Certainly, he wouldn’t agree to his request as he madly wielded his root. However, with the help of Space Principles, Yang Kai was elusive, so how was the tree supposed to accurately strike his target?


Incensed, the World Tree drew out 10 more roots from the soil and covered Yang Kai like a web.


At the bottom of the mountain, Lang Qing Shan and the others looked up and became dumbfounded.


The corner of the shaved-headed man’s mouth twitched, “The World Tree must have been enraged by Sir Yang.”


“Oh, no! Sir, watch out!” Lang Qing Shan exclaimed.


Upon finishing his words, he dashed towards the peak of the mountain, followed by more than ten others. It was a difficult trek, as they had to keep dodging the deadly insect fog and lightning strikes.


On the peak of the mountain, Yang Kai flitted about, but the ten-plus roots from the World Tree had sealed off the surrounding space, which made it difficult for him to escape.


In a moment of negligence, Yang Kai was struck by a root. Impacted by the immense force, he felt a metallic taste in his throat. Undeterred though, he gripped onto the root and choked down the blood before putting on a fawning smile, “Old Tree, just one more time, please! The previous fruit will do!”


Although he hadn’t managed to examine the rank of that world, he was certain that it wasn’t a Low-Rank World Fruit. It was most likely a Mid-Rank one, but there was a small probability that it was a High-Rank one.


If he could successfully persuade the World Tree, he could obtain that World Fruit at the very least.


The 3,000 Worlds Tree naturally ignored him and swung his root violently. Unable to shake off Yang Kai, he became infuriated and wielded his other roots to lash at him.


Yang Kai kept grunting and couldn’t take it anymore after just three breaths. Although the World Tree didn’t have the intention of killing him, its roots were still extremely powerful and painful.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai yelled, “Dragon Transformation!”


Instantly, his figure expanded and transformed into a giant Half-Dragon. A pair of horns had grown on his forehead, and his hands had turned into Dragon Claws. Hot dragon breath puffed out from his nostrils, and he was now covered in extremely sturdy Dragon Scales. His beard flapped in the wind and his enormous figure stood tall atop the mountain, almost reaching the height of the World Tree itself.


In Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had consumed countless Dragon Blood Pills and started showing signs of transforming into a True Dragon; hence, he was much stronger than he was in the past.


Slapping sounds were continuously heard as the tree’s roots kept lashing Yang Kai’s back.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai could still bear with it. His defence in his Half-Dragon Form was much greater than that of his Human form.


Yang Kai grinned as he stared at the World Tree, “Old Tree, please let me get into the World Fruit one more time, and after I succeed, I’ll leave immediately!” He wasn’t willing to give up the previous World Fruit.


As he spoke, he clung on tightly to the root around his waist to show the tree that he was determined.


The World Tree’s attacks became increasingly violent, and even Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon Form wasn’t able to take it. His Dragon Scales fell from his back as blood began to leak from his wounds.


However, Yang Kai’s restorative power was incredible. The Wood Element Power in his Dao Seal swirled and his Dragon Blood had been stimulated greatly, so his wounds were rapidly healed.


After an incense stick of deadlock, the World Tree stopped attacking, and the wrinkled face on the trunk was seen sighing.


An elated Yang Kai asked, “Old Tree, you agree?”


The World Tree shot him a disdainful look and wielded his other root.


Yang Kai beamed at him, “Old Tree, what’s the point of doing this? This kind of attack is… ah…”


Before he could finish his words, he realised that the root in his hands felt lighter, as it had broken apart on its own. Following that, he was swept across by another root and sent flying down the mountain.


While in mid-air, Yang Kai was dumbfounded as he hadn’t expected the 3,000 Worlds Tree to be so obstinate that he would rather break off one of his roots than let him stay.


Following a loud crash, Yang Kai fell to the ground. He quickly got to his feet and looked at the root in his hand as he felt speechless.


Although this root had been abandoned by the 3,000 Worlds Tree, it didn’t show signs of withering; instead, it still possessed an enormous amount of vitality. Raising his brow, Yang Kai put it inside the Small Sealed World.


Looking up, he realised that the mountain was covered in a fog and lightning strikes were seen everywhere. He was unable to see through the mist anymore.


A relentless Yang Kai dashed into the fog, but came back out after just ten breaths. The horrifying fog was actually made up of countless tiny insects and even his Half-Dragon Form was unable to take it. After just a while, he was covered in blood.


Then, he saw that Lang Qing Shan and the others were also ejected from the fog. Although they looked battered, they were not at risk of losing their lives, which was the result of the World Tree’s mercy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have escaped from the fog safely.


When they turned around and saw that Yang Kai’s face was swollen and he was soaked in blood, they were stunned.


Moreover, it was the first time they saw Yang Kai in his Half-Dragon Form, so they were astounded. It wasn’t until this moment that they realised Yang Kai had a Dragon Clan’s bloodline, and judging from his figure, his bloodline was quite extraordinary.


Yang Kai looked down at them with a hideous expression as he was enraged by the 3,000 Worlds Tree. The tree was so obstinate that he preferred to sacrifice one of his root hairs than give Yang Kai one last chance.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai roared, “Old Tree, everyone has one chance to enter a World Fruit in their lifetime, yes? How can you seal off the mountain and deny our entry? I still have several dozen people with me who wish to enter the World Fruits. How can you snatch that right from them? This is unfair!”


Upon finishing his words, he raised his hand and released the remaining people from the Small Sealed World.


Lang Qing Shan and the others couldn’t help feeling second-hand embarrassment. Yang Kai had obtained more than ten fruits essentially by cheating to repeatedly enter the World Fruits. How did he have the nerve to accuse the World Tree of unfairness now?


Yang Kai went on to say, “I will not enter any World Fruits again, but you have to let them in!”


After he finished speaking, his expression changed as he listened carefully. The next instant, a figure was sent flying out of the fog with a startled shout.


Yang Kai reached out to grab that person and took a look, only to become shocked as he muttered, “Brother Meng?”


The person who was ejected from the fog was none other than Meng Hong, who was still reeling from the shock. Seeing a gigantic Half-Dragon staring right at him, he was stunned; however, upon making out the Half-Dragon’s facial features, he asked hesitantly, “Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai nodded and put him down. Then, he returned to his Human form and asked puzzledly, “Brother Meng, why… were you sent out at this moment?”


It was such a coincidence that Meng Hong appeared at this point, which made Yang Kai feel that something was off.


Meng Hong replied, “I have no idea. I was experiencing the world inside the fruit when a force pushed me out. Hm… is this a World Fruit?”


As he spoke, he suddenly took a glance at his hand and realised that he had obtained a World Fruit.


Yang Kai took a look as well and felt speechless, knowing that it was thanks to the World Tree that Meng Hong could leave halfway and even obtain a World Fruit. The World Tree must have realised Meng Hong’s relationship with Yang Kai, so he sent him out.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai sighed, knowing that it was impossible to enter another World Fruit.


The 3,000 Worlds Tree broke off one of his roots and forcefully sent Meng Hong out, even giving the latter a World Fruit for free in order to make Yang Kai give up.


Meng Hong was pretty lucky as the World Fruit in his hand was a Mid-Rank one. He had been wandering in that world for a few years on his own, and he didn’t know how long it would take before he could leave. Just as he thought he was doomed to remain there forever, an unexpected turn of events took place.


Honestly, he couldn’t believe what had happened and was still perplexed.


Two disciples from Great Moon Province walked up to him and briefly explained what had happened. It was then that Meng Hong realised that the reason he could easily leave the World Fruit was that Yang Kai had been pestering the 3,000 Worlds Tree endlessly.


Upon learning that, he burst into laughter. Initially, he intended to get a World Fruit to repay Yang Kai for his many favours, but in the end, he was saved by him. Now, he wasn’t sure whether he still owed him anything or not.


“Brother Yang, please take this World Fruit.” Meng Hong held out the fruit to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “Brother Meng, I’ve already earned many rewards. Moreover, you’ll need this when you become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so you don’t have to give it to me.”




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