Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4117, The Innate Fruit Tree Appears


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Yang Kai was not pretending to be courteous. World Fruits were rare, but he had obtained many of them now. In total, he now had 13 Low-Rank World Fruits and 2 Mid-Rank ones in his possession, so he didn’t need to take this one from Meng Hong.


Nevertheless, Meng Hong shook his head, “My fellow brothers and I have survived in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary thanks to your protection. If it weren’t for Brother Yang, we would’ve lost our lives by now. You have also given us many treasures that have helped us to condense our Open Heaven Realm Elements. If it weren’t because of you, we wouldn’t have achieved any of this. This Meng has nothing else with me as this fruit is the most valuable thing I possess. Moreover, it was thanks to Brother Yang that I even obtained this fruit. Please don’t turn me down; otherwise, this Meng will be too embarrassed to show his face in public again.”


Seeing as Yang Kai was about to say something, Meng Hong pretended to be angry, “Brother Yang, if you turn me down, it’s no different from looking down on me. I’d rather… throw this World Fruit away!”


Upon finishing his words, he hurled the World Fruit at the peak of the mountain. Seeing that, the people around him exclaimed.


Yang Kai reached out to grab the fruit and felt speechless at that, “Brother Meng, many thanks for your kindness. I will keep this fruit for now. When you need it in the future, you can take it back from me.”


Despite saying that, Yang Kai knew that since Meng Hong had made his stance clear, he would never ask for the fruit back.


As expected, Meng Hong guffawed and said, “This Meng is confident that I can ascend to the Sixth Order by myself.”


The several dozen people around them were dumbfounded at the sight that neither of these two were willing to accept this invaluable Mid-Rank World Fruit. In the outside world, even those powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters would kill to snatch this treasure; however, the two of them were trying to push the fruit away, almost resulting in it being hurled into the fog and lost forever.


After putting all of the others inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai went through the rewards he had obtained so far.


The 16 World Fruits in possession could be said to be a great harvest. The 13 Low-Rank World Fruits could be put aside for now as they couldn’t be sold for a good price; after all, they could only help a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master ascend to the next Order, and the maximum limit was the Third Order. However, the three Mid-Rank World Fruits were different.


The maximum limit a Mid-Rank World Fruit could help a cultivator achieve was the Sixth-Order. In other words, it would be best consumed by a Fifth-Order Master. This was an extremely rare treasure.


What made Yang Kai feel regretful was that he didn’t manage to get a High-Rank World Fruit. At the thought of this, he burst into laughter and felt that he really was indeed too greedy. Xu Zhen had said that although there were 3,000 World Fruits on the 3,000 Worlds Tree, most of the fruits were Low-Rank, and only a small number of them were Mid-Rank. As for the High-Rank ones, there might not even be one. He was already extremely lucky to have gotten 3 Mid-Rank ones.


Besides these World Fruits, Yang Kai also had a surprising reward, which was a root from the World Tree. Earlier, he had transformed into a Half-Dragon before he shamelessly clung onto this root and haggled with the World Tree, which infuriated the latter. The old tree broke off the root and swept him away from the peak, which was how he obtained this root.


Some time ago, Yang Kai randomly threw it into the Small Sealed World, but after sending his Divine Sense into the Sealed World Bead, he was shocked to learn that the root had burrowed into the ground and turned into a sapling as it swayed lightly with the wind.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but be awed by the vitality of this World Tree’s root. Only a short time had passed, but it had already started growing strong.


What made him feel even more surprised was that he could clearly feel that the sapling was just like a bottomless pit. All the World Energy in the Small Sealed World was madly streaming into this sapling, and following its growth, the World Principles became more complete, strengthening the world itself.


Beneath the ground, the roots of the sapling had already extended to a hundred kilometres radius, and the tiny roots were still rapidly spreading around. It seemed determined to cover the entire Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai felt his chest tightening and his throat becoming dry.


The roots of World Tree could strengthen the World Principles in the Small Sealed World and further stabilise it, so what would happen if he planted it in the Star Boundary?


In the past, he had asked Giant Spirit God Ah Da about how to save the Star Boundary from collapsing. Ah Da only mentioned the words ‘World Tree’ to him in response. It had only been a short time since Yang Kai arrived in the Outer Universe, and he hadn’t even gained a footing here, so he hadn’t managed to find out more about the World Tree.


There was the 3,000 Worlds Tree in the Primordial Land though, so was it the World Tree that Ah Da had mentioned?


When Yang Kai heard Xu Zhen talking about the 3,000 Worlds Tree, he had already started speculating about this possibility, and after observing the growth of this sapling, he believed that his speculation was right. The World Tree that Ah Da had mentioned might just be the 3,000 Worlds Tree!


In that case, the biggest reward he had obtained during the trip to the Primordial Land wasn’t the 3 Divine Medicines or the 16 World Fruits, but the root of the World Tree.


Yang Kai had the urge to throw his head back and laugh out loud as he had just gotten what he desired the most completely by accident.


However, he had to return to the Star Boundary to try it out before he could be certain about it. Previously, Yang Kai had bought a Universe Chart from a Star City and found some possible locations of the Star Boundary in it. Comparing the paths he had taken and the place where he was separated from Zhang Ruo Xi, he already had some clues in mind. Nevertheless, he had to go over and have a look to find out its exact location.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai decided not to suppress the sapling’s growth.


Although it required a horrendous amount of World Energy to support the sapling’s growth, the Small Sealed World had greatly benefited from it. In that case, the pros were much greater than the cons. As for the depleted World Energy, he had countless Source Crystals with him, so he could just shatter them and use them to replenish the World Energy.


After working for a while, Yang Kai settled all his issues. Then, he let out a long breath. Now that he had offended the 3,000 Worlds Tree, there was no way he could obtain more World Fruits. It had been a few days since the Primordial Land had opened, so all the treasures and opportunities must have been discovered by now. The only thing that was left was the Spirit Seizing War.


Initially, Yang Kai intended to look for a Metal Element treasure that was suitable for him; unfortunately, he hadn’t found any clues yet. In the past, Zhu Jiu Yin had told him that there were only two places in Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary where High-Rank Metal Element treasures might exist. One was Golden Eagle Palace, which was Jin Wu’s territory. Jin Wu was a Metal Attribute Divine Spirit, and the power of his Monster Core was what Yang Kai needed. As long as he was willing to help, Yang Kai could easily condense a Seventh-Order Metal Element Power.


However, Jin Wu and Zhu Jiu Yin were arch-enemies, so there was no way Jin Wu would help Zhu Jiu Yin’s Bearer. His Bearer had even been ordered to kill Yang Kai at all costs. Unfortunately, he had been killed by Yang Kai in one of the World Fruits.


The second place was the Primordial Land where many opportunities still existed. The Metal Element material Yang Kai needed might just be there; however, up until this moment, he hadn’t discovered such a treasure.


While Yang Kai was lost in his thoughts, the world suddenly shook, as though a bolt of lightning had struck the ground. A shocked Yang Kai hurriedly released his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings.


A moment later, the same thing happened again. This time, he could clearly feel that all the World Energy seemed to have been directed to a particular place.


Turning his head, he stared fixedly in that direction. The strange phenomenon happening at the moment suggested that an anomaly had taken place. Perhaps a great treasure was about to appear.


Then, Yang Kai saw many rays of light flying towards the place where World Energy was converging. Just like Yang Kai, they must have noticed the anomaly, which was why they wanted to get their hands on the treasure that was about to appear.


After just a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai leapt into the air and flew in that direction as well.


On his way there, the world shook several times before the illusory phantom of a fruit tree appeared in mid-air. The fruit tree was majestic, translucent, and alluring. As the World Energy streamed into the illusory phantom, it seemed to be slowly materialising.


“Innate Fruit Tree!” Yang Kai’s gaze brightened.


He was just wondering where the Innate Fruit Tree was located. Following Pu Bai Xiong’s directions, they had found the old tree that he had mentioned, but it was the 3,000 Worlds Tree instead of the Innate Fruit Tree.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai realised why they couldn’t find the Innate Fruit Tree previously. It would only appear at a very special moment.


Had someone done something to trigger the appearance of the Innate Fruit Tree? Perhaps, or perhaps not. The Innate Fruit Tree might have just appeared because the time was now right.


Whatever the case, since the Innate Fruit Tree had emerged, many parties would scramble to snatch it. Those Bearers had taken on the responsibilities given to them by their respective Divine Spirits. If they succeeded, they would gain a powerful backer and many riches, but if they failed, their lives would be at risk. With this kind of pressure weighing on them, none of them dared to be negligent.


In Yang Kai’s case, Yue He and the others were still in Zhu Jiu Yin’s grasp. If he wanted Yue He and the others to live, he had to get the Innate Spirit Fruit.


Many figures were heading to the Innate Fruit Tree from all directions. At this moment, those Bearers who had been trying to conceal themselves had no choice but to show up.


As the Innate Fruit Tree absorbed more World Energy, it became increasingly corporeal.


It wasn’t until 2 hours later that Yang Kai finally arrived at his destination and he realised that many people had already gathered together. There were over 30 people that he knew as well as didn’t know.


Xu Zhen, Ding Yi, and Xiang Ying were all present. Just like Yang Kai, these guys had entered the worlds inside the fruits. Nevertheless, Yang Kai found a loophole and entered more than a dozen World Fruits, which was why he had been held up for much longer. It was expected that these three people had come out of the World Fruits before he did.


Since they had left the worlds inside the fruits, they must have respectively obtained a World Fruit.


Besides them, the seductress Qu Hua Shang, as well as the little girl Gu Pan, had arrived at this place. Both of them were speaking to each other in a small voice. Spotting Yang Kai, Qu Hua Shang’s gaze brightened as she passionately waved her hand, “Little Brother Yang, over here!”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her and nodded at Xu Zhen and the others before landing beside Qu Hua Shang.


Seeing that, Ding Yi immediately felt envious. Qu Hua Shang was a disciple from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven so she possessed some ‘special’ cultivation techniques on top of being a stunning beauty. Ding Yi already had his eyes on her, and he wanted to chat her up. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the courage as he was worried that he might frighten her off. Seeing as she was so hospitable to Yang Kai, he couldn’t help but admire Yang Kai and be envious of him at the same time.


“Senior Sister Qu, Junior Sister Gu,” Yang Kai greeted.


Qu Hua Shang looked smilingly at him. There seemed to be some special emotions behind her gaze, “Little Brother Yang, the Innate Fruit Tree has appeared, so this place will become chaotic when everyone starts scrambling for it. You have to protect me well.”




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