Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4119, Fight


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After a while, the battlefield became increasingly chaotic. Everyone was trying to pounce on the Innate Fruit Tree, but none of them succeeded. Once anyone got within 30 metres of the tree, they would face a concentrated assault from all sides.


No one could possibly bear all the Secret Techniques that contained Fifth, Sixth, and even Seventh-Order Element Powers.


Yang Kai believed that if he didn’t use his Half-Dragon Form, he also couldn’t withstand such a bombardment. Even then, he still wouldn’t persevere for more than a few breaths’ time.


Some of the Bearers had lost their lives because of this, their corpses dismembered. Although they had the support of Divine Spirits, an individual’s strength was simply too small in such a melee. If one made a rash move at the wrong moment, they would only put their life at risk.


During the scuffle, the spirit fruit on the Innate Fruit Tree became completely mature. It was translucent and alluring, and although no fragrant scent was wafting from it, everyone was tempted to have a taste of it.


All of a sudden, someone was heard guffawing, “Is that the Innate Spirit Fruit? This Fang will gladly take it then!”


As soon as the person’s voice was heard, a figure was seen rapidly approaching the fruit tree.


Upon hearing that, the Bearers, who were locked in an intense battle, became enraged and looked in that direction. They wanted to find out who this shameless guy was. They had been fighting for some time now, but none of them could even get close to the fruit tree. Certainly, they were displeased at this person’s arrogance.


However, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he said in a small voice, “Our opportunity is here. Get ready to move.”


He had been waiting for the best chance, and his patience had paid off. Upon hearing that, Qu Hua Shang and Gu Pan became solemn and secretly circulated their strength.


On the other hand, a figure arrived at the battlefield and directly reached for the Innate Fruit Tree.




The sounds of breaking through the air were heard and the lights of Secret Techniques and artifacts expanded as they shot towards this person. However, this man was unperturbed as he kept a smile on his face. When the attacks were about to reach him, he moved and yelled, “Stand Eternal as a Mountain!”


A thick and heavy Earth Element Power surged out and a gigantic tortoise illusory phantom was formed, creating an impenetrable defence. Countless attacks struck the illusory phantom and indeed shook it, but they were unable to harm the person inside it.


“This…” Everyone became dumbfounded and fell into a dazed state.


Since the battle began, it was the first time they saw someone using such a powerful defensive technique. The tortoise illusory phantom gave off a feeling that it was so hard that nothing in the world could break it.


“Solid Earth Black Tortoise!” Someone recognised the tortoise illusory phantom.


Since the illusory phantom was of the Solid Earth Black Tortoise, that person must be the Solid Earth Black Tortoise’s Bearer. Only the Bearer of that Divine Spirit could activate such a defensive Secret Technique.


The person was none other than Fang Yue. Yang Kai had come into contact with him once and even plundered most of his Space Ring. No one knew where he had been, but he finally appeared because of the Innate Fruit Tree.


The Earth Element Power of the Solid Earth Black Tortoise was Seventh-Order at the very least, so ordinary techniques were unable to damage it in the slightest. Unless Fang Yue’s opponent also had a Seventh-Order Element Power of a different Element, it would be all but impossible to deal with him.


Therefore, after the tortoise illusory phantom appeared, someone used an extraordinary Wood Element Power, which transformed into many shadows as they struck out at Fang Yue.


The illusory phantom kept shaking and its light dimmed significantly; nevertheless, Fang Yue was already within 30 metres of the fruit tree as he reached out his hand for the spirit fruit.


“Do you think you’re invincible inside that turtle shell? I’ll cut you in half!” Ding Yi was heard bellowing as he raised his sword and his entire figure was engulfed in flames. A fire was seen swirling around the blade, and following a howl, a three-legged exotic bird left the sword and swooped down on Fang Yue.


Ding Yi was the Bearer of the Divine Spirit Bi Fang. Bi Fang was a Fire Attribute Divine Spirit who had used his own Monster Core to help Ding Yi condense his Fire Element.


Some time ago, at the bottom of the 3,000 Worlds Tree, Ding Yi had used this move when battling the man surnamed Gou. The power of this slash was majestic, as though it could burn the entire world down.


Fang Yue sported a solemn expression at last. Although the illusory phantom of Solid Earth Black Turtle was remarkable, and it allowed him to ignore most attacks, he was still wary of a Seventh-Order Fire Element Power. Moreover, his defensive Secret Technique had been greatly worn down already.


After just a moment of hesitation though, he still steadfastly reached for the spirit fruit. Following a loud boom, Fang Yue shook a little as countless cracks appeared on his illusory phantom, as though it would fall apart at any moment. Still, it was able to protect him.


On the other hand, after Ding Yi made such a move, all his skin turned red as though he was a shrimp that had been cooked. Steam was billowing from his body, and blood was streaming out of his seven orifices. His sword-holding hand was trembling slightly.


Although his aptitude was not bad, it wasn’t good enough to condense a Seventh-Order Element. Be it his Dao Seal or his own physique, neither were able to bear the Seventh-Order Fire Element Power; however, Bi Fang didn’t care about this and forcefully had Ding Yi condense that power to increase his chance of snatching the Innate Spirit Fruit.


Therefore, even though Ding Yi possessed a Seventh-Order Fire Element, he wouldn’t dare to hastily use it, for it put a huge burden on himself. If he used it too many times, he might suffer fatal backlash.


This was the same case for many Bearers. Without building a solid enough foundation, a High-Rank Element Power was forced upon them by their Divine Spirit. They might appear to be powerful on the surface, but they would be haunted by endless trouble in the future.


On the other hand, the Divine Spirit behind Qu Hua Shang was Fei Yi, who wasn’t focused on a particular Element, making it impossible for her to condense a specific Seventh-Order Element. Fei Yi could only help improve her using other ways. This kind of benefit was far more reliable and without any potential trouble.


Although there were many cracks on the tortoise illusory phantom, it didn’t show signs of coming apart any time soon.


Following Ding Yi’s move, Lin Feng from True Martial Cave Heaven released a roar as a river appeared in the sky. Water was seen moving rapidly as though it was a real flood that was coming at its target.


This guy was abducted by Kun Sha previously. Kun Sha was a Water Attribute Divine Spirit, so it was expected that he would help Lin Feng condense his Water Element.


Nevertheless, since the Water Element was the gentlest amongst the Five Elements, despite it being Seventh-Order, it wasn’t as awe-inspiring as Ding Yi’s move. Still, there were many ferocious-looking illusory sharks in the river that gnawed at their target.




The tortoise illusory phantom around Fang Yue dimmed and almost collapsed, but he still guffawed, “This fruit is mine now!”


During this exchange of blows, he had already reached the Innate Fruit Tree and was about to pick the fruit.


Just then, a purple bamboo lightly whizzed towards him. It was Xiang Ying who had made a move!


The purple bamboo was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The tortoise illusory phantom finally shattered and Fang Yue’s figure was revealed.


The smile on Fang Yue’s face froze as a sense of crisis rose within him. Without thinking, he hurriedly moved aside and didn’t dare take the spirit fruit.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Countless attacks struck the place where he was standing just before. If he hadn’t fled in time, he would’ve passed away on the spot since he didn’t have the illusory phantom’s protection now.


“You…” Fang Yue was exasperated. He was about to obtain the spirit fruit, but failed in his attempt at the last moment. He was so furious that he almost spat blood.


All of them finally fended off this reckless guy who relied on the protection of a turtle shell, but before they could breathe a sigh of relief, their hearts leapt to their throats again. That was because three figures, one man and two women, had silently managed to approach the Innate Fruit Tree. They were none other than Yang Kai, Qu Hua Shang, and Gu Pan.


When Yang Kai heard Fang Yue’s voice earlier, he knew that the chance he had been waiting for had arrived.


He had come into contact with Fang Yue once, so he knew that the latter’s defence was remarkable. With Fang Yue attracting everyone’s attention and attacks, Yang Kai and the two women could easily approach the fruit tree.


Everyone turned to look at the three of them and got ready to strike. Both apprehensive and excited, Qu Hua Shang whispered to Yang Kai, “I can fend off their attacks for one breath.”


After she finished speaking, she swung her hair as a red hairband came apart and turned into countless threads before guarding the space around them.


She meant it when she said that she could fend off the attacks for one breath, as one breath later, all the red threads disintegrated. Qu Hua Shang grunted, and her face turned pale.


Yang Kai bellowed, “Dragon Shield!”


After he surged his Earth Element Power, Dragon Shields appeared and hovered around the three of them. Every Dragon Shield was made from a life-like Dragon that appeared quite imposing.


Yang Kai’s Earth Element Power was derived from the essence of a True Earth Dragon’s Dragon Bead. It was just as solid as, if not more so than Fang Yue’s Solid Earth Black Tortoise Power.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had to comprehend this Dragon Shield Divine Ability on his own, while Fang Yue inherited his technique straight from a real Solid Earth Black Tortoise. Moreover, the Solid Earth Black Tortoise was an expert in defence, so the Earth Attribute Great Dragon was no match for the tortoise in this regard.


Therefore, the defence capability of Yang Kai’s Dragon Shield wasn’t on par with the one cast by Fang Yue earlier. Still, Yang Kai could condense them in large numbers, so he and the two ladies were surrounded on all eight sides.


Struck by innumerable attacks, the Dragon Shields broke apart one by one. These eight Dragon Shields lasted only three breaths.


Yang Kai reached out his hand and was about to pick the Innate Spirit Fruit the next instant.


“Junior Sister Gu!” Qu Hua Shang exclaimed.


Without uttering a word, Gu Pan fished out a paintbrush that was half her height. Hugging it with both hands, she swiped it at the void and shouted, “Ink!”


It was as though she was about to draw a painting in the sky. Following her move, a gigantic ink dot appeared and rapidly expanded.


The next instant, the entire world turned dim and all anyone could see was darkness. Even their Divine Senses had been shrouded and they could no longer hear anything. All of them had become blind and deaf.


One breath later, the strange anomaly dissipated, and when they all turned to look at the spirit tree, their eyes widened. That was because Yang Kai was already grabbing the Innate Spirit Fruit with an excited expression.


However, his expression soon became awkward, turning from excited to shocked and puzzled.




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