Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4120, Got It


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Yang Kai became rooted to the spot as everyone was staring fixedly at him.


Qu Hua Shang saw this and exclaimed in exasperation, “What are you doing? Take it and run already!”


The three of them had warded off countless attacks and finally got close to the Innate Fruit Tree; however, Yang Kai was just holding the fruit without picking it. Was he sick of living?


Certainly, Yang Kai also intended to pick the fruit and run, but he realised that he couldn’t grab anything. Both the Innate Fruit Tree and the Innate Spirit Fruit had seemingly materialised, but at the same time, they were illusory and intangible. His hand directly passed through the Innate Spirit Fruit without any hindrance.


Realising that something was off, Qu Hua Shang took a closer look and was astounded. Their Divine Spirits had never told them about such a situation. At that instant, both Yang Kai and she didn’t know what to do.


After giving it a thought, they realised that the Divine Spirits might not have intentionally hidden anything from them. The Divine Spirits might not know what would happen either. They only knew that in order to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, they had to rely on the power of the Innate Spirit Fruit; however, throughout history, the Bearers who had gotten the Innate Spirit Fruits and their Divine Spirits would leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary as soon as possible, so the rest of the Divine Spirits would have no idea what happened in the Primordial Land.


[What should we do?] Qu Hua Shang looked anxiously at Yang Kai as she thought.


Gu Pan said in a hushed voice, “Do we keep staying here?”


Everyone stopped attacking and looked dazedly at Yang Kai while furrowing their brows. None of them had expected that the thing they were scrambling to snatch was so uncanny. Since Yang Kai was unable to pick the spirit fruit, the rest of them probably wouldn’t be able to either.


At that instant, the place fell into silence. Nevertheless, anyone in Yang Kai’s shoes would’ve felt apprehensive as all eyes were still on him.


Yang Kai continuously tried, but he just couldn’t grab the spirit fruit no matter what he did. Furious, he released his Divine Sense to grasp at it.


The next instant, following a crack, the spirit fruit broke apart and turned into wisps of light right in front of everyone’s eyes, stunning them all.


Even Yang Kai became rooted to the spot as he felt a cold chill run up his back. He just wanted to give it a try by using his Divine Sense, but he never expected that he would shatter the Innate Spirit Fruit! It never crossed his mind that the spirit fruit was so fragile.


The Innate Spirit Fruit was broken!


Several dozen Bearers bore the missions and responsibilities given to them by their respective Divine Spirits. They scrambled to snatch this Innate Spirit Fruit and some of them were severely injured or even killed, but now, the spirit fruit was shattered by Yang Kai.


A myriad of emotions like shock, puzzlement, and fury came over the crowd. At that instant, all of them looked resentfully at Yang Kai. Without the Innate Spirit Fruit, none of them could explain themselves to their Divine Spirit backers after they left the Primordial Land. If their Divine Spirits were mild-tempered, they might still stand a chance to survive; however, if their Divine Spirits were like Kun Sha, they were bound to die.


What Yang Kai had done had practically cut off their futures. This was an absolutely irreconcilable enmity!


However, what was strange was that after the Innate Spirit Fruit shattered, its spiritual lights didn’t dissipate immediately and instead, they streamed into the back of Yang Kai’s hand.


At that moment, Yang Kai felt the back of his hand burning, and as more wisps of light streamed into it, a peculiar yet abstruse pattern began to appear on his skin.


Following the formation of the pattern, a realisation suddenly dawned upon Yang Kai. Instantly, he figured out the uses of the Innate Spirit Fruit and the reason that the people selected by the Divine Spirits were called Bearers.


A Divine Spirit needed to use their Bearer’s body as a medium for the Innate Spirit Fruit’s power in order to escape the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary’s restrictions and leave this place.


The Innate Spirit Fruit was always destined to shatter and form this peculiar pattern. These pitiful Bearers thought that they had to pick the Innate Spirit Fruit and bring it back to their Divine Spirits, and even Yang Kai believed that was the case. It was probably how the Divine Spirits thought the spirit fruit was used as well.


In fact, the truth was different from their imagination. Regardless, Yang Kai had now truly obtained the Innate Spirit Fruit!


The turn of events took place too quickly. First, Yang Kai shattered the Innate Spirit Fruit and stunned everyone. Following that, the wisps of lights streamed into the back of his hand and formed an intricate pattern. All of this happened in the blink of an eye.


Although the others had no idea what the pattern was for, they believed that it was the key to their survival and rise. Since the spirit fruit was gone, they had to snatch this key!


In unison, all of them activated their Secret Techniques and attacked Yang Kai.


The expressions of Qu Hua Shang and Gu Pan changed as they hurriedly used their own methods to fend off the approaching attacks. Although they were strong even amongst the Bearers present, there were too many people on the opposing side, so after just three breaths later, they fell into a perilous situation.


Yang Kai activated his Dragon Shield Technique again to protect them before he manipulated Space Principles to bring all of them away. When they reappeared, they were already three kilometres away.


Before he even stood firm though, Fang Yue charged towards him with a solemn expression and bellowed, “Senior Brother Yang, pardon my offence!”


Upon saying so, a stone lotus suddenly appeared beneath his feet. Initially, the stone lotus was small as it swirled around but it expanded rapidly. The lotus leaves probably came in a thousand layers.


Yang Kai arched his brow as he could clearly feel a Divine Medicine’s aura coming from this stone lotus. In other words, this stone lotus was a Divine Medicine. He wondered what the stone lotus was capable of doing and when Fang Yue obtained it.


The last time they met, Fang Yue didn’t possess such a thing. It seemed that he had come across an amazing opportunity as well.


The stone lotus twirled as its petals turned into sharp blades that loudly cut through the Void. No one dared to go near a radius of 300 metres around him.


Although Fang Yue was outstanding, he had only showcased his defensive capabilities so far. Now that he used such a move, it was apparent that he no longer intended to hide his true capabilities.


“Run!” Qu Hua Shang exclaimed. Now that Yang Kai had acquired the Innate Spirit Fruit, the best plan for him was to escape. If he stayed here, he would put himself in a tight spot after being besieged.


Ignoring her though, Yang Kai extended his hand. Following a Dragon Roar, the Azure Dragon Spear appeared and he thrust out. A fist-sized black hole flashed at the tip of his spear as he shouted, “Brother Fang, defend yourself.”


Sensing the spear thrust’s terrifying power, Fang Yue became extremely solemn. The black hole expanded right before his eyes, as though it was going to cover the entire world and he felt as if he would never be able to escape from it.


The speed at which the Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus beneath his feet whirled around increased dramatically.


Following a loud boom, a gigantic black hole came into everyone’s view. The black hole seemed to have been filled with the aura of chaos and nothingness. The Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus stopped rotating and Fang Yue was sent flying away.


At the same time, Yang Kai staggered back a couple of steps. Even though he successfully warded Fang Yue off with his spear, he had also suffered some impact.


The next instant, countless attacks came right at Yang Kai. Qu Hua Shang’s face turned ashen. She was standing alongside Yang Kai, so she was also in the middle of this barrage of attacks. Even if she wouldn’t lose her life, being severely injured was a given. At that moment, she had the urge to give Yang Kai a real piece of her mind.


All of a sudden, a Sun leapt out of Yang Kai’s back. The Golden Crow was heard cawing and it flew around the Sun. At the same time, a terrifying aura out.


Gold Crow Casts the Sun!


With the Great Sun hanging in the sky, many Divine Abilities melted away before they even got close to Yang Kai while those that remained had their power significantly reduced. Yang Kai wielded his spear as innumerable spear shadows blocked those attacks.


A series of explosions was continuously heard and a moment later, Yang Kai kept his spear while panted slightly.


Everyone stared dazedly at the Sun behind Yang Kai and felt extremely helpless in their hearts. They had heard that a Divine Manifestation was insanely powerful, but not everyone had seen or witnessed it before. It wasn’t until this moment that they experienced the might of a Divine Manifestation.


A glimmer of hope radiated from Qu Hua Shang’s eyes as she took Yang Kai’s arm and urged, “Let’s now escape!”


However, Yang Kai patted her hand and flashed a smile at her to get her to calm down. Qu Hua Shang frowned, not knowing what he was up to now.


Many figures swooped towards them from all directions, and even the sky above them had been shaded as everyone surrounded Yang Kai and the ladies. Despite knowing that Yang Kai’s Divine Manifestation was horrifying, they were not willing to give up as their lives were at risk now.


Yang Kai swept a glance over them and said slowly, “Does any one of you want to challenge me?”


With the Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus beneath his feet, Fang Yue flew back over and glanced at the Sun behind Yang Kai before heaving a sigh. He had given it his all just now and knew that he was no match for Yang Kai, so he didn’t want to embarrass himself again.


Although some people were eager to give it a shot, they wouldn’t dare to make the first move.


A moment later, someone bellowed, “Yang Kai, although you are indeed peerless here, it doesn’t mean you can defeat all of us. Since you’ve obtained the Innate Spirit Fruit, why are you still trying to embarrass us? Do you enjoy taunting us? In that case, we’d rather kill you and go to Hell together. None of us can escape unscathed anyways!”


Hearing this, many people nodded in agreement.


Yang Kai shot that person a glance and put on a smile, “Fellow Brother, you’ve misunderstood my intentions. I’m not trying to embarrass all of you; instead, I want to make a deal with you all.”


Xu Zhen sighed and called out, “Brother Yang, please just speak plainly.”


He was on good terms with Yang Kai, so he wasn’t sure if he should make a move now. If he did nothing, he couldn’t explain himself to Zhu Yan. Nevertheless, even if he made a move, he might not be able to gain the upper hand.


Yang Kai raised his right hand, and the peculiar pattern on the back of his hand immediately attracted everyone’s attention, “I have no idea why the Innate Spirit Fruit has turned into this pattern, but this should be what the Divine Spirits want. If I’m not mistaken, as long as anyone can kill me, this pattern will also be transferred to that person.”


Hearing that, everyone broke out into a commotion, and several of the gazes turned piercing.


Qu Hua Shang turned to look at Yang Kai and became anguished. Was this guy an idiot? Why would you reveal such a secret at this point in time?


Yang Kai grinned widely seeing the crowd’s reaction and continued, “However, anyone who intends to do so should be prepared to be killed by me.” 


He paused for a moment before mentioning, “Also…”


Then, he disappeared all of a sudden. Their expressions of everyone changed as none of them noticed how Yang Kai disappeared despite the fact that they had surrounded him and locked onto his aura.


Before they could figure out what happened, Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from a different direction, “If I want to flee, none of you can stop me.”




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    1. The seductress can get away from the snake Divine Spirit if she fails and the Lang Ya girl has a benevolent Divine Spirit. He told her that coming back safely was more important. This was the only possible ally line-up for YK.

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