Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4121, Making Peace


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In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai slowly returned from three kilometres away.


All of them were dumbstruck as they looked dazedly at him. A long while later, Xu Zhen put on a helpless smile and commented, “Alright. You win.”


He decided to cast away the plan he had come up with. First, Yang Kai showcased exceptional combat strength, then he revealed his Space Secret Technique. Basically, no one at the scene could defeat or capture him.


He was fine with battling against them, but no one could stop him if he wanted to leave, unless someone could seal off the local space in advance. Nevertheless, once a battle took place, any hastily arranged seal would be broken.


At that instant, many of their expressions turned dark and solemn.


Since the Spirit Seizing War started, Yang Kai had undoubtedly become the clear winner, and the other Bearers only served as foils, which was why they were upset.


“Brother Yang, do you mind enlightening us on what you want?” Ning Dao Ran asked with a frown.


Yang Kai had already snatched the Innate Spirit Fruit, so he must have his own intentions for not leaving. Nevertheless, no one knew what he was up to.


“I wouldn’t dare to enlighten Brother Ning in any way.” Yang Kai shot him a look, “I just want to give all of you a chance to live.”


“Yang Kai, stop stalling and just spit it out!” Lin Feng appeared incensed. He was one of the top disciples from True Martial Cave Heaven, but he was now defeated by some guy that came from nowhere, which was why he was displeased.


Yang Kai explained, “There’s only one Innate Spirit Fruit. Now that it’s in my hands, you’ll have to kill me if you want to snatch it, but that will be difficult. However, if you can’t get the spirit fruit, you won’t be able to explain yourselves to your respective Divine Spirits.”


Everyone’s expression darkened when they heard that. This matter was what they were worried about. Divine Spirits were naturally not easy-going beings. They had paid a hefty price to nurture these Bearers and increase their strength. Some of the Divine Spirits even used the powers of their Monster Cores to help their Bearers so that they could leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Now that these Bearers had failed to accomplish their missions, they would have to face the Divine Spirits’ wrath right after they left this place.


“Do you have a suggestion, then? Can you appease the Divine Spirits?” Someone yelled. In that case, their safety could be guaranteed at the very least.


Yang Kai replied with a wry smile, “No one can appease the Divine Spirits. I’m not capable of doing that. But… What if I told you that I can help you avoid them? If they can’t find you, they won’t be able to harm you. Right?”


Ning Dao Ran’s interest was piqued, “Tell us more.”


All of these Bearers had been left with an imprint by their respective Divine Spirits, so once they left the Primordial Land, there was no way they could escape from their eyes.


They had no idea whether Yang Kai was given such an imprint, but they believed he had one.


Yang Kai opened his palm and summoned a bead into it. Then, he raised it and said, “This is the Sealed World Bead, a self-contained world. It can accommodate any living creatures that are below the Open Heaven Realm. If all of you trust me, you can hide inside the bead and avoid the Divine Spirits’ eyes.”


“Sealed World Bead?”


“An independent world?”


“Isn’t that like a Small Universe?”


A commotion broke out as everyone observed the Sealed World Bead in amazement.


There were rarely any artifacts that could accommodate living creatures; however, the Small Universe inside an Open Heaven Realm Master’s body could do that because it was a world of its own. It could be said that an Open Heaven Realm Master’s strength was directly correlated to the Small Universe inside their body.


After Yang Kai fished out the Sealed World Bead, many gazes brightened as they became less hostile. If they could make use of this thing to avoid the Divine Spirits’ search, it was actually a feasible solution.


However, all of them were cautious. Yang Kai’s suggestion sounded terrific, but they didn’t know what was really on his mind.


A moment later, someone asked what everyone else was wondering, “What benefits will you get from doing this? What do you want?”


Just like what Yang Kai had said, no one at the scene could stop him if he wanted to leave; however, instead of doing just that, he made such a suggestion, which was why they were doubtful. 


Yang Kai broke into laughter, “There’s nothing that I want. If there’s any benefit to be gained… It’s just that, we can end the Spirit Seizing War. Moreover, after all of you enter the Sealed World Bead, you won’t tell anyone that I’ve obtained the Innate Spirit Fruit. After I leave the Primordial Land, I can buy some time to flee that way.”


He was left with no other choice. It wasn’t that he was selfless, but if he didn’t do this, regardless of whether these Bearers could stop him, they would never let him off, which was troublesome. Furthermore, once they left the Primordial Land, the Divine Spirits would immediately find out what had happened. By then, not only would Yang Kai be hunted down by these people, but also by the Divine Spirits behind them.


In that case, Yang Kai decided to bring them all away. By doing so, he could also make them owe him a favour. These people were bound to achieve great things in the future, so having them owe him a life-saving debt would not be a bad idea. Moreover, just like what Yang Kai had said, he could buy some time to flee by doing this.


The Spirit Seizing War didn’t stop after someone snatched the Innate Spirit Fruit, it would only end if he could safely leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


If it weren’t for this reason, Yang Kai would’ve fled as soon as he got the Innate Spirit Fruit instead of remaining here.


Many people were convinced by his sincerity and it was not long before someone was heard laughing. With his sword over his shoulder, Ding Yi strode towards Yang Kai and said happily, “Brother Yang, I trust you. This Ding will quit the Spirit Seizing War!”


Upon reaching Yang Kai, he turned around and faced the others.


Qu Hua Shang and Gu Pan traded glances before stepping towards him. Previously, they had come to an agreement with Yang Kai that they would fend off their opponents and snatch the spirit fruit before coming up with any further plans. Since there was a way that could avoid a battle now, they no longer had the urge to snatch the spirit fruit.


After giving it a thought, the little fatty, Xu Zhen, approached Yang Kai, and he was followed by Xiang Ying.


Just a moment later, seven or eight Bearers had come to Yang Kai’s side. Following this good start, things became easier. Subsequently, more people flew over and nodded at Yang Kai before curbing their aura and hostility.


With an apologetic expression, Fang Yue came over with the Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus beneath his feet, “Senior Brother Yang, count me in!”


Yang Kai nodded at him, and seeing as Yang Kai didn’t hold a grudge with him, Fang Yue breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he turned his head and glared at the Bearers who were still hesitant, “Senior Brother Yang is magnanimous enough to leave the past behind and bring all of us out of this place! What are you hesitating for? Or, do you want to inform the Divine Spirits what has happened after you leave the Primordial Land?”


Fang Yue’s words were extremely vicious, and as soon as he finished speaking, the expressions of the people beside Yang Kai turned cold as they looked cautiously at the Bearers who remained indecisive.


Since they had accepted Yang Kai’s suggestion, they were now riding the same boat as him. If Yang Kai was safe, they would stand a chance to live; however, if he fell into a perilous situation, they would also suffer.


Earlier, Yang Kai was the only one who was worried that word would get out, but now, a large group of people had the same concern. Faced with the threatening glares, the twenty or so Bearers who hadn’t made a decision yet felt their hearts jumping to their throats. They came to the realisation that if they didn’t make their stance clear immediately, they would have to face their rage.


Hesitating no more, they leapt towards Yang Kai and cupped his fists at him before calling him ‘Senior Brother Yang’.


Yang Kai replied to them in a humble manner.


Things were looking up as none of the Bearers had rejected his suggestion.


Since everything had been decided, Yang Kai told them to set their minds at ease and put them all inside the Sealed World Bead before settling them down in a particular place. After he was done with all that, he let out a long breath.


The Spirit Seizing War had finally come to an end. He had gotten the Innate Spirit Fruit, and now, he had to deal with those Divine Spirits. In order to safely leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he had to come up with a proper plan.


With a deep gaze, he stared fixedly at the abstruse pattern on the back of his hand. With this thing in his possession, Yang Kai could flip the situation around and make Zhu Jiu Yin pay for what she had done.


While he was lost in his thoughts though, he suddenly felt an immense repulsive force coming at him from all directions. Looking up, he saw that the Innate Fruit Tree disintegrated and turned into points of light before leaving with the wind.


The Innate Fruit Tree was intangible as was just a convergence of energy. Now that the spirit fruit was taken away by Yang Kai, the foundation on which it existed was gone.


Since the fruit tree fell apart, the Primordial Land would soon close. 


Yang Kai relaxed and let the force send him away. After the world around him spun for a moment, he realised that he was already outside the Primordial Land. Without hesitation, he summoned the Shadowless Veil and covered himself with it in order to conceal his aura and whereabouts.


Right after he was done with all that, many powerful Divine Senses swept across the place he stood from all directions and engulfed him.


It was apparent to Yang Kai that these Divine Senses belonged to the Divine Spirits who had been waiting outside the Primordial Land.


Since the Primordial Land had closed, they had to immediately look for their Bearers to find out whether they had succeeded.


Yang Kai held his breath and fell silent. 


Soon, the Divine Senses left and went on to investigate other places. Knowing that the Shadowless Veil had worked, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.


In the outside world, there was no way an artifact like the Shadowless Veil could deceive the Divine Spirits’ senses as each of them was just as powerful as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. The Shadowless Veil could only block off the investigation of Low-Rank Masters while Mid-Rank cultivators would not see through it without careful probing. These Divine Spirits on the other hand were immensely powerful in comparison.


However, they were now in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary where the powers of these Divine Spirits had been greatly suppressed, giving Yang Kai a chance to take advantage of the situation.


The area around him was a mess. After the Primordial Land was closed, all the cultivators who were still alive inside it were sent out and scattered in a radius of a few hundred kilometres.


Yang Kai swept a glance over his surroundings and realised that only forty or fifty thousand cultivators had survived. It had to be noted that more than two hundred thousand people had entered the Primordial Land, but after just a short period of time, so many people had lost their lives, which went to show how dangerous this adventure had been.


Yang Kai dared not stay in this place nor use too much of his strength, so he cautiously moved away in silence.




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