Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4122, Escape


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The Divine Senses of the Divine Spirits kept criss-crossing one another, forcing Yang Kai to stop and hide, which significantly slowed him down, resulting in him taking an entire hour just to move a hundred kilometres.


At the same time, the Divine Spirits outside the Primordial Land sported dark expressions because they couldn’t detect the auras of their Bearers at all.


It wouldn’t have mattered if it happened only to some individuals, which would suggest that these Bearers were too weak or unlucky and had died in the Primordial Land. However, something clearly was off as all of them had gone missing.


Throughout history, the Primordial Land had opened countless times, and there wasn’t a single time where the situation was so strange. All of the Bearers had gone missing, and it wasn’t certain whether they were dead or alive.


The Divine Spirits looked inquisitively at each other as they were both shocked and doubtful. What happened in the Primordial Land that made all of their Bearers disappear?


Atop a certain hill, Yue He anxiously gazed around. Even though she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it wasn’t easy for her to detect Yang Kai among these several tens of thousands of people. Unable to find him, she looked to Zhu Jiu Yin and asked, “Have you found Young Master?”


Zhu Jiu Yin’s expression was extremely dark, and hearing this question, she snorted, “No. I guess that little brat has lost his life.”


Since Yang Kai couldn’t immediately leave the Primordial Land, he must have fallen into danger.


She didn’t understand though. Yang Kai couldn’t be considered weak; in fact, he was undoubtedly the most powerful among all the Bearers, so how was it possible that he had lost his life? His death didn’t matter to Zhu Jiu Yin, but it had ruined her plans, [Am I going to be stuck in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary again?]


No one knew when the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary would open up again, and even if it did, there might not be a single person who could come in.


Guo Zi Yan comforted Yue He by saying, “Sir is an extremely lucky man, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Lady Yue He, please don’t worry. Maybe he was held up by something.”


Hearing that, Zhu Jiu Yin sneered, “When the Primordial Land closes, all who are still alive inside it will be forced out. Since Yang Kai hasn’t appeared, there’s no way… Hmm?”


As she spoke, she suddenly turned to look in a particular direction as her eyes flashed. For a brief moment, she detected Yang Kai’s aura before it disappeared. Recalling a certain artifact in Yang Kai’s possession, Zhu Jiu Yin soon figured everything out.


Following a loud boom, a surge of energy caused over a thousand cultivators to lose their lives on the spot. Some Divine Spirits furiously made a move because they couldn’t find their Bearers.


With no hope to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, these Divine Spirits wouldn’t care whether these people lived or died, so they went on a killing spree to vent their fury.


Fei Yi’s burly figure moved across the crowd as he hissed and widened his bloody mouth. There was a horrifying suction coming from his gaping jaws as he continuously swallowed up cultivators. Previously, Qu Hua Shang was around to stop him from feasting on these cultivators, but now that she was gone, and with no hope to leave this world, he decided to fill his stomach.


The place descended into chaos. Several tens of thousands of cultivators were both stunned and horrified. Many people had finally escaped from the Primordial Land after having gained immense wealth and opportunities. Initially, they thought that they could surge to great heights in the near future, but before their dreams came true, they were slaughtered.


Countless figures hurriedly ran away. In just half a cup of tea’s time, 30% of the cultivators were killed.


A hundred kilometres away, Yang Kai turned a terrified gaze towards this slaughter.


Fortunately, he had run away earlier; otherwise, he would’ve lost his life by now. Pulling his Shadowless Veil tighter, he thought that if Zhu Jiu Yin had really left a tracking technique on his body, she should’ve noticed him by now.


Regardless, he couldn’t stay in this place. He reckoned that he’d just contact Yue He at a later time.


Half a day later, all the noises behind him died down. Upon entering a certain valley, Yang Kai dispelled the Shadowless Veil’s concealment for a moment before quickly covering himself up again.


A moment later, a ray of light was seen rapidly approaching him from the horizon. Seeing that, Yang Kai snorted, knowing that Zhu Jiu Yin had really left a tracking mark on his body; otherwise, she couldn’t have found him so quickly.


The ray of light was so swift that in the blink of an eye, the distance between them had significantly shortened.


Yang Kai took off the Shadowless Veil and revealed himself fully. Narrowing his eyes, he saw four figures in that ray of light, who were none other than Zhu Jiu Yin, Yue He, and the others.


However, the next instant, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “Zhu Jiu Yin, are you stupid!? How could you not know people were following you!? If I die it will be all your fault!”


Upon finishing his words, he turned around and fled because several rays of light were seen relentlessly chasing after Zhu Jiu Yin.


Among the rays of light, Jin Wu was leading the way while he was followed by Zhu Yan, Kun Sha, and several others. There were seven or eight Divine Spirits in total.


Fei Yi had turned into a two-headed man as one of his heads was seen cackling, “Brother Jin Wu, you’re indeed clever. How did you find out that something was off with the cheap slut Zhu Jiu Yin?”


Jin Wu snorted, “That woman had three captives with her. If they became useless, why would she keep them alive? She wouldn’t let them survive for no reason. What this King doesn’t understand is why the other Bearers have gone missing. Why has only this cheap slut’s Bearer appeared?”


Kun Sha scoffed, “We’ll know after we capture and interrogate him.”


Zhu Yan said, “Since he’s the only one out of the dozens of Bearers who has appeared, it’s likely that the Innate Spirit Fruit is with him. If we capture him, one of us will be able to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary!”


“Let’s see who will be able to catch him, then. Oh… that Brat is running away pretty quickly. Is he using some kind of Space Secret Technique? Incredible!”


Given Yang Kai’s cultivation and speed, there was no way he could get rid of the Divine Spirits, but his Space Secret Technique made it possible for him to stay ahead of them somewhat.


Between them, Zhu Jiu Yin was so mad that she almost spat blood. Certainly, she wanted to secretly contact Yang Kai and obtain the Innate Spirit Fruit. She didn’t know what was up with Jin Wu, but as soon as she left, he immediately chased after her, and she was unable to get rid of him.


Given enough time, she could have attempted to get rid of these annoying fellows. Nevertheless, since the Primordial Land had closed, it meant that there wasn’t much time left for them. That was why she didn’t have the time to brush off Jin Wu and the others as she directly chased after Yang Kai.


As she approached him, she spoke to him via Divine Sense, “Smelly brat, stop running! Did you get the Innate Spirit Fruit?”


A furious Yang Kai naturally hastened his pace further as he shouted, “Should I wait for death if I don’t run? Of course, I obtained the Innate Spirit Fruit!”


“Show me.” Zhu Jiu Yin’s voice was trembling.


Yang Kai almost couldn’t contain the urge to curse. He was trying his best to hide the spirit fruit, but this woman was making him fish it out instead.


Nevertheless, she couldn’t be blamed for this suggestion. If she couldn’t see the spirit fruit, she couldn’t be certain whether Yang Kai was telling the truth. If he had obtained it, the coming fight would be worth it. However, if he was lying, she didn’t have to keep wasting time.


With a dark expression, Yang Kai raised his right hand and revealed the pattern.


A puzzled Zhu Jiu Yin asked, “What is this?”


Yang Kai bellowed, “It’s the Innate Spirit Fruit! The fruit broke apart and became this.”


After becoming startled for a moment, Zhu Jiu Yin soon realised something and exclaimed, “I see!”


“Are you happy now?” Yang Kai said through clenched teeth. He didn’t mind showing her the pattern, but the problem was that Jin Wu and the others could also see it. Presently, their gazes sparkled as they had also realised the crux of the matter. They stared fixedly at Yang Kai as their expressions were filled with greed and excitement.


“Come close to me. I’ll take you away!” Zhu Jiu Yin secretly spoke to him as she suppressed the excitement in her heart.


Without turning his head, Yang Kai kept dashing forward. He didn’t care that his energy was rapidly depleting, “You should get rid of them first, then we’ll talk!”


Following that, Jin Wu suddenly yelled, “Brat, whatever Zhu Jiu Yin promised you, I can double it! Besides that, if you help this King leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, this King can be your Protector for 300 years!”


Hearing that, Zhu Yan hurriedly countered, “Brat, I’m willing to give you my entire collection and become your Protector for 300 years!”


One of Fei Yi’s heads was seen grinning, “This King can be your Protector for 500 years!”


All of these Divine Spirits competed against each other and made very attractive offers, and upon hearing them, Yang Kai was indeed tempted.


Nonetheless, to Yang Kai, all of these Divine Spirits were not as important as Jin Wu. That guy’s Monster Core was of the Metal Attribute, which was what Yang Kai needed the most right now. If they could come to an agreement, Yang Kai wouldn’t have to worry about gathering his Metal Element Power.


Apparently, Zhu Jiu Yin understood what was on his mind though. She was aware that Yang Kai needed a Metal Element treasure because she had helped him look for one before. Unfortunately, she was unable to find one.


Worried that Yang Kai would be tempted by Jin Wu’s offer, Zhu Jiu Yin snorted, “Brat, don’t forget that these three people are still in my hands!”


Before Yang Kai entered the Primordial Land, Zhu Jiu Yin had captured Yue He, Lu Xue, and Guo Zi Yan. Unless he didn’t care whether they lived or died, he would have to listen to her commands.


Lu Xue could be ignored as Yang Kai wasn’t that close to her. They came into contact because of the matter regarding Sword Pavilion and she decided to side with him to seek his protection. That was all.


Nevertheless, he could never abandon Yue He and Guo Zi Yan. The former had helped him a lot while the latter was extremely loyal to him.


Zhu Jiu Yan didn’t dump them because she had to use them to threaten Yang Kai. By bringing these people with her, she had to expend more energy and it only served to slow her down.


Yang Kai scoffed, “Since I’ve come to an agreement with you, I won’t go back on my word, so you don’t have to worry. However, how are we supposed to get rid of them now?”


Zhu Jiu Yin hurriedly said, “After the Primordial Land closes, there isn’t much time left. A fog will cover the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary at any moment, and when that happens, all of you will have to leave. Stop running and come closer to me!”


“The entire Grand Ancients Ruins Boundary is closing as well?” Yang Kai was elated upon hearing that, knowing that she wouldn’t lie to him at this point. It was no wonder that Zhu Jiu Yin was so eager to look for him even if she had to expose herself.


According to her, a fog would cover the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary at any moment. If she couldn’t achieve her goal by that time, all her efforts would go to waste. After giving it a thought, Yang Kai slowed down and waited for her to reach him.




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