Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4123, Hanging by a Thread


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Seeing that, Jin Wu and the others knew that they were in an unfavourable position. As soon as Zhu Jiu Yin and Yang Kai came together, their plan would fall through. At the thought of this, a ferocious glint flashed across Jin Wu’s eyes as he bellowed, “Zhu Jiu Yin, if this King can’t leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, I won’t allow you to feel any better! I’ll make sure you stay here forever!”


Upon finishing his words, he widened his mouth and roared, after which a golden light that lit up a hundred-kilometre radius shot towards Yang Kai.


A great sense of danger rose within Yang Kai as his pupils contracted. He had a feeling that he was engulfed in an aura of death.


Even though the Divine Spirits were suppressed in Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, which made sure that they couldn’t fully use their strength, this strike was still horrifying. Wherever the golden light passed, Heaven and Earth collapsed and space warped and tore asunder.


What terrified Yang Kai was that Jin Wu’s world-shaking strike had shattered the surrounding space, which disrupted the local Principles, making it impossible for him to use Instantaneous Movement.


Following a howl, the aura of a Divine Spirit permeated the air. A gigantic eight-legged spider illusory phantom suddenly appeared behind Zhu Jiu Yin. The spider was so massive that it almost covered the entire sky. There was a silver crescent moon on the back of the spider. It was the manifestation of her Heavenly Moon Demon Spider True Body.


At that instant, the entire world seemed to be filled with Monster Qi.


The golden light clashed with the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Manifestation, which then shook and dimmed a little.


“Jin Wu, you court death!” Zhu Jiu Yin was so infuriated that her beautiful facial features contorted.


Fortunately, she had reacted quickly just now; otherwise, Yang Kai would’ve been killed by that attack. Once that happened, she wouldn’t be able to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and she could only wait for the next opportunity.


However, it never crossed her mind that Jin Wu would be so resolute. As soon as he realised that there was no hope for him, he decided to end Yang Kai’s life. Even though he didn’t get the opportunity, he wouldn’t let someone else have it either. He was basically harming another person’s interest without benefiting himself.


Jin Wu cackled, “Cheap slut, kill this King if you can! I’m just afraid that you can’t!”


The competition between them had continued for countless years, so they basically had an irreconcilable grudge between them now. However, both of them were equally matched, so neither of them could gain the upper hand. Seeing as Zhu Jiu Yin was furious only pleased Jin Wu further.


Then, Jin Wu said in a grim voice, “Brothers, what are you waiting for? Stop your wishful thinking! That brat has to save those three captives, so there’s no way he’ll side with any of you!”


He had practically hit the nail on the head. The other Divine Spirits sighed and made a move without hesitation.


The horrifying attacks came right at Yang Kai, as though the Divine Spirits were determined to end his life on the spot.


All of Yang Kai’s hair stood on end as he felt a crawling sensation on his head. Earlier, Jin Wu’s attack alone almost sent him to the Yellow Springs. Now that eight Divine Spirits had made a move together, there was no way he could survive.


Even though Zhu Jiu Yin would protect him at all costs, he was still doomed.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai hurriedly used his Golden Crow Casts the Sun. A Great Sun immediately leapt from behind him as his aura surged.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The attacks from the Divine Spirits collided with Zhu Jiu Yin’s True Body Manifestation and caused it to shatter. Her Soul shook and blood started leaking from her lips.


The Great Sun was destroyed at the same time and Yang Kai sprayed out a mouthful of blood as he became battered.


Just one round of attacks almost made him unable to endure. Fortunately, Zhu Jiu Yin had blocked most of the attacks for him, and he had a strong foundation as well as a sturdy Half-Dragon Body; otherwise, he would’ve lost his life by now.


“Oh, that brat actually survived!” Jin Wu was slightly shocked, but that was all. Even though Yang Kai could survive the first round of attacks, there was no way he would still be alive and kicking after the second round struck.


Before they could make a move again though, a severely injured Yang Kai suddenly vanished into thin air.


Despite the fact that this place was covered with the Divine Spirits’ Divine Senses, they had actually lost track of Yang Kai’s aura entirely.


Jin Wu was stunned as he gawked and asked, “Where is he?”


The other Divine Spirits were both shocked and doubtful, not knowing what had happened.


On the other hand, a glint flashed across Zhu Jiu Yin’s eyes. A blood mist suddenly surged around her as she shot forward in a particular direction like a bolt of lightning. Apparently, she had used a Secret Technique to significantly increase her speed.


“Follow her!” Jin Wu bellowed and relentlessly raced after her.


Yang Kai had disappeared for no reason, but as long as they pursued Zhu Jiu Yin, they could definitely find him.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in his home in the Scarlet Star’s Star City. As soon as he appeared, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground, his aura extremely weak. Still reeling from the shock, he panted heavily.


He was fairly powerful now, and he emerged to be the top among the Bearers in the Spirit Seizing War. Without fighting against the Bearers, he was able to convince them to concede defeat and entrust their lives to him. However, compared to those Divine Spirits, he was still far too weak, to the point that they could kill him at will.


Just now, before the Divine Spirits launched the second round of attacks, he found an opening to flee by making use of a Space Beacon to return to the Star City.


It couldn’t be helped. If he remained there, he would’ve been greeted with even more horrifying attacks. He managed to survive the first round, but Yang Kai wasn’t confident that he could do the same again.


After he scanned himself with Divine Sense, his expression darkened. His injuries were truly severe. His physique was battered, and many of his bones were broken. His five viscera and six organs were shifted heavily and even his Dao Seal was shaking violently. Anyone else with such injuries could only wait for death. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s Wood Element Power was condensed from the Immortal Tree’s essence and his Dragon Vein was also extremely strong. As long as he wasn’t struck by a fatal attack, he could definitely restore himself.


With difficulty, he sat up by pressing his hands against the ground. After stuffing many Spirit Pills into his mouth, he started circulating his strength to adjust his breathing.


Just now, before he left, he had told Zhu Jiu Yin where he was heading. The Star City of Scarlet Star was pretty far away from the Primordial Land, and while he could make use of a Space Beacon and return in the blink of an eye, it would take Zhu Jiu Yin at least a day to come here.


With one day as a buffer, she might be able to get rid of Jin Wu and the others. The crux of the problem now was whether he had enough time to wait for her arrival.


She had said that after the Primordial Land closed, the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog might appear at any moment. Once that happened, outsiders like Yang Kai would be ejected. If she hadn’t come back by then, things would become terrible.


Therefore, Yang Kai had to restore some strength as soon as possible and then go look for her. By doing so, he could save some time.


Four hours later, Yang Kai pushed the door open and left. Even though he was still injured, he was able to move around at the very least.


As soon as he passed through the door, he saw two burly figures waiting for him in the yard. They were none other than the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon. After the Primordial Land opened up, everyone in the Star City left, leaving only these two exotic beasts behind to guard this place. 


Both of them had been subdued by Yang Kai not long after he arrived at the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and they had stayed by his side for a long time and been quite loyal to him.


When the Scarlet Flood Dragon saw Yang Kai, a hint of surprise lit up in its huge eyes. On the other hand, the Earth Dragon directly widened his mouth and squirmed as its saliva scattered everywhere.


Yang Kai burst into laughter and respectively gave them a Dragon Blood Pill; then, he patted their heads and said, “Thanks for your company, but I have to leave soon. Take care. I hope that we will meet again one day.”


These guys had a bit of the Dragon Clan’s bloodlines, and Yang Kai had been feeding them with Dragon Blood Pills over the years, so they might be able to become Divine Spirits one day. If there was an opportunity for them, they might be able to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Nevertheless, that wasn’t likely to happen as their competitors were people like Jin Wu.


They already had some spirituality, and after Zhu Jiu Yin taught them, they had developed some sentience. Hearing what Yang Kai had said, they fell silent.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon looked longingly at him as it was unwilling to part with him. The bean-like eyes on the Earth Dragon’s smooth-looking head batted as well.


“Alright. I have to leave now,” Without wasting any more time, Yang Kai waved his hand and shot into the sky.


While the Scarlet Flood Dragon growled in a small voice, the Earth Dragon howled loudly.


The next instant, Yang Kai returned and sized up the two guys before glancing at the peculiar pattern on the back of his hand.


He had figured out the uses of this pattern as soon as he obtained it. Rather than a mere tattoo, it was actually a strange space, which could accommodate a Divine Spirit.


The Divine Spirits were born and bred in this place, so they were marked with the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary’s aura. That was why even when the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog appeared, which caused it to close, they were still unable to get rid of this place’s restrictions. However, if they hid inside the strange space, they could deceive the Heavens and avoid the inspection, thus allowing them to break free from the cage called the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


There was no other way they could achieve this.


Even if Yang Kai kept the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon inside the Small Sealed World, they would be intercepted by the World Principles here when he was forced to leave. That was why he had never intended to keep them inside the Sealed World Bead.


However, since the pattern on the back of his hand was able to accommodate a Divine Spirit, it should be alright for him to stuff these two into it as well. He shook the pattern and infused his energy into it, and the next moment, a glow radiated from the back of his hand and engulfed the pair.


Following that, these two guys were sucked into that strange space.


Yang Kai grunted and felt that half of the energy he had just restored was drained. It then dawned upon him that he had to pay a price for activating this pattern.


A lot of energy was needed to stuff these two into it, so he wondered how much energy he would have to spend to put Zhu Jiu Yin inside; after all, she was a Divine Spirit who was far stronger than these two.


A moment later, Yang Kai shot into the sky again and moved in a particular direction. Without any delay, he kept consuming pills to restore his strength on his way to his destination.


Two hours later, while he was moving forward at full speed, he suddenly sensed something and looked around, only to quickly curse, “Damn it!”


At this moment, a seemingly endless fog was billowing from the Void and filling the world. Yang Kai found the fog familiar as it was none other than the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog.


In the past, the entire Star City where Scarlet Star once stood was covered in this fog, whereupon they were sent into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Now that the fog reappeared, it meant that the process was about to be reversed.




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