Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4124, I’m in No Rush


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Since the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was closing, all the outsiders would be forced out. If Yang Kai couldn’t reach Zhu Jiu Yin before that, Yue He and the others would be forced to remain here forever.


Without the hope to break free from this cage, Zhu Jiu Yin would vent her anger on them without a doubt.


With no time to spare, Yang Kai ignored the fact that he was seriously injured as he continuously manipulated Space Principles to charge forward at full speed.


Two hours later, the fog had thickened and was weltering. It seemed that the entire world would be filled with it soon.


Yang Kai could clearly feel that there was an aura in the fog that was connected to a different world. He knew that the fog had built a bridge between the outside world and the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary now.


However, Zhu Jiu Yin was still nowhere in sight, which made him feel anxious.


A moment later, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as a ray of light was fast approaching him from the distance. It was none other than Zhu Jiu Yin. At this critical moment, they finally reunited.


Nevertheless, things were on the gloomy side as Jin Wu and the other Divine Spirits were still relentlessly pursuing her.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s gaze lit up when she saw Yang Kai as she hastened her pace. Before she even came close to him, she pulled him towards her using a thread of spider silk and continued fleeing.


“Why haven’t you gotten rid of them yet?” Yang Kai asked with displeasure.


Previously, he had made use of a Space Beacon to return to the Star City. First of all, he had to flee because Jin Wu and the others were determined to end his life. If he had stayed there, he would’ve fallen into mortal danger. Secondly, he had intended to distract their attention so that Zhu Jiu Yin would stand a chance to shake them off.


Nonetheless, his efforts apparently yielded no results.


Zhu Jiu Yin snorted, “This Queen is not skilled at fleeing. How am I supposed to get rid of them?” Her face was pale as she spoke.


In order to return to the Scarlet Star’s Star City as soon as possible, she had no choice but to use a Secret Technique that sacrificed her Blood Essence. Besides that, she was attacked by Jin Wu and the others on the way to her destination, so she was badly injured.


If she were on her own, she would have fared better. The problem was that she was bringing Yue He and the others with her and had to protect them.


Yue He and the others were what allowed her to control Yang Kai, but they had also become her burden while running away and made her suffer a setback. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t dare to dump any of them. If Yang Kai became infuriated, she wouldn’t be able to achieve her goal.


“Brat, we’re in trouble,” Zhu Jiu Yin sported a gloomy expression. She had completed the first step of her plan by reuniting with Yang Kai. Now, she just had to get into the strange space on the back of his hand, and when the Boundary closed, she would be able to leave with him.


All that took time though, and no matter how quick she was it would still require a few breaths, but that was enough for Jin Wu and the others to cut Yang Kai into ten thousand pieces.


“Can you leave this place just like how you did it previously?” Zhu Jiu Yin asked in a grim voice.


In a solemn manner, Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m sure you can sense that these guys have sealed off the surrounding space. Apparently, they’re worried that I’ll use the same trick again.”


As soon as Yang Kai and Zhu Jiu Yin came into contact, Jin Wu and the others surged their auras to seal off a large area of space around them. They had suffered a setback previously, which was why they wouldn’t allow Yang Kai to use the same trick.


“But…” Yang Kai paused for a moment, “If you’re able to break their seal, we can escape. Can you do it?”


“I’ll give it a try,” Zhu Jiu Yin nodded solemnly.


“Pass them to me,” Yang Kai said.


With a doubtful look, Zhu Jiu Yin shot him a glance.


Yang Kai snarled, “We’ve gone through so much together already, are you still worried that I’ll go back on my word now? Now that the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog has appeared, there’s not much time left. Who else can I work with other than you?”


Zhu Jiu Yin’s expression turned milder and nodded, “I hope that you are not lying to me.”


Upon saying that, she released Yue He and the others. 


After telling them to relax, Yang Kai summoned the Six Fated Paths Bag and stuffed them into it. The three of them were Open Heaven Realm Masters, so there was no way the Small Sealed World could accommodate them; he had no choice but to put them inside the Six Fated Paths Bag.


Just a moment later, the fog around them thickened as they almost couldn’t see the view around them clearly. Upon realising that they were running out of time, Jin Wu and the other pursuing Divine Spirits became agitated and their auras flared. While they were preparing to strike out again, they also cursed incessantly at their opponent.


Yang Kai took Zhu Jiu Yin’s wrist and said, “Do it now.”


Zhu Jiu Yin yelled, “Act swiftly!”


Saying so, a horrifying aura exploded from her body as the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Manifestation reappeared. All eight of its legs were dancing through the air while the silver moon on its back radiated a blinding glow. Countless threads of spider silk broke through the Void and attacked Jin Wu and the others in the next moment.


The Divine Spirits became furious and counterattacked, causing waves of energy to surge and turn the world pale.


As Zhu Jiu Yin’s Manifestation came apart under the bombardment, she grunted and sprayed out a mouthful of blood. She was facing eight Divine Spirits all on her own, which was why she suffered a total defeat. Even her Source had been damaged and her aura, which was originally near its peak still, plummeted significantly.


However, after the Divine Spirits traded moves, a crack appeared in their seal.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he activated his Space Beacon. A light covered Zhu Jiu Yin and him before they disappeared.


The next instant, eight attacks whizzed past the place where they had stayed earlier and shattered the Void; however, they were nowhere to be seen.


Jin Wu and the others reached the place and scanned the surroundings with their Divine Senses. Discovering nothing, they knew that Yang Kai had fled again. Unable to take it anymore, Jin Wu howled at the sky while the other Divine Spirits sighed, knowing that Zhu Jiu Yin was the winner this time.


On Crouching Dragon Mountain, two figures abruptly appeared in front of a small log house and collapsed to the ground.


Yang Kai had spent two years cultivating his spear technique here, so he had naturally left a Space Beacon in this place. He wouldn’t dare to return to the Star City as he was worried that Jin Wu and the others would go there to search for him, so Crouching Dragon Mountain was a natural choice. There was no way Jin Wu and the others were aware of this place, and they didn’t have the time to come all the way here to look for him. It could be said that they were completely safe in this place. 


Yang Kai suddenly felt a soft and tender body under him and he caught a whiff of a pleasant scent tickling his nose. Raising his head, he saw Zhu Jiu Yin staring at him with a pair of ice-cold eyes.


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her and rolled away from her. With his limbs spread on the ground, he panted heavily.


Zhu Jiu Yin remained unmoving as she lay beside Yang Kai. The last strike cost her an immense amount of strength. After trading moves with Jin Wu and the others, she became severely injured so now she didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.


After batting her lashes though, Zhu Jiu Yin suddenly started laughing in a pleasant voice.


Upon escaping Jin Wu’s pursuit, she could achieve her goal and leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. When she reached the outside world, she would definitely become one of the most powerful Masters as she was a Divine Spirit.


“Hand over your entire collection and be my Protector for a thousand years,” Yang Kai suddenly said, which made her abruptly choke on her laughter.


Suppressing the fury in her heart, Zhu Jiu Yin turned her head and glared fiercely at him, “Brat, don’t go too far!”


In a calm manner, Yang Kai looked up at the sky, “You can sleep on it. I’m in no rush.”


While he could remain calm, there was no way Zhu Jiu Yin could. The Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog was extremely thick and might send him away at any moment. There wasn’t much time for her to ponder on it. If she wanted to leave this prison, she had to agree to Yang Kai’s terms.


Since Zhu Jiu Yin found him and made him a Bearer, he had never talked about conditions with her. The other Bearers had already come to an agreement with their Divine Spirits in advance.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t want to get any benefits, it was just that he was waiting for the last moment when Zhu Jiu Yin would not be able to reject him.


“Brat, don’t forget that it was me who taught you the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture. It was me who gave you the Divine Dao Water to strengthen your Dao Seal. It was also me who helped you look for a Metal Element treasure without any complaint,” Zhu Jiu Yin said through clenched teeth as she had the urge to bite Yang Kai to death.


Yang Kai grinned, “Of course I will never forget those favours. but I know you only made such efforts so that I could snatch the opportunity for you to leave, and I’ve proven that I did not disappoint you, haven’t I?” As he spoke, he raised his hand and showed her the pattern on the back of his hand.


“As for the Metal Element treasure… you didn’t find one in the end. By the way, Jin Wu’s Monster Core is a Metal Element treasure. If I had cooperated with him, I would’ve gained the maximum benefits; however, I didn’t do so because I’m a man of my word. Since I’ve come to an agreement with you, I won’t betray you.”


Zhu Jiu Yin had the overwhelming urge to spit in his face when she heard that. If it weren’t because she had captured Yue He and the others, she knew Yang Kai would’ve dumped her in an instant and sided with Jin Wu.


“Your conditions are too harsh,” Zhu Jiu Yin suppressed her fury and haggled with him.


“Wealth doesn’t matter as you can’t bring it with you when you pass away.” Yang Kai grinned, “Moreover, you’re a Divine Spirit. Once you leave this place, you’ll be able to use your full strength and become as powerful as a Seventh or Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. What do you need those items for?”


Zhu Jiu Yin snorted, “I can give you those things, but a thousand years is too long.”


“Divine Spirits live extremely long lives. I know a thousand years will pass in a snap of your fingers.”


“Brat, are you sick of living?”


“Do you have any energy left to kill me?”


Zhu Jiu Yin took a deep breath as her plump trembled, “Three hundred years!”


“A thousand years!”


“Five hundred years!”


“A thousand years!!”


“Eight hundred years!!” Zhu Jiu Yin screamed hysterically.


“A thousand years!!!” Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “Oh, no! The fog has thickened. I’m worried that I’ll need to leave soon.”


“Little bastard!” Zhu Jiu Yin was utterly incensed.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Have you agreed to it? Your word carries no weight. I want you to swear on your Source!”


“This Queen swears she will make you suffer the most excruciating torture after a thousand years!” Zhu Jiu Yin bellowed as she widened her mouth and spat out her Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Source. The Source was a petite eight-legged spider, but its glow had dimmed. Apparently, it was injured.




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