Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4126, Here Comes the Trouble


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When a cultivator condensed their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements Powers, they would naturally strive to look for the ones that were suitable for them rather than the highest Order ones. The limits of their physique, Dao Seal, and foundation were invisible, but they would restrict a cultivator’s growth. If they condensed Elements beyond those limits, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.


Although Ding Yi had an excellent aptitude, he was unable to bear the impact of a Seventh-Order Element. As a result, he suffered a backlash after he activated his Fire Element Power.


Besides him, there were other Bearers who faced similar problems. If they couldn’t solve this issue, they would fall into danger when ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had no right to interfere in their matters.


Next, he released Yue He, Lu Xue, and Guo Zi Yan from the Six Fated Paths Bag. Upon learning that they had left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and returned to the outside world, they were elated.


At this time, no one else was around them as all of the other cultivators were gone. Only Yang Kai and they were left.


He took a glance at Yue He and felt that life was full of uncertainties. The reason he came into contact with her was that she was worried that the Proprietress would find fault with her, so she decided to hold him hostage; however, none of them could have expected to be engulfed by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog when they were in the Star City.


They had spent over ten years suffering together and supporting each other in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so there were no more grudges between them now.


Nonetheless, since they had left the Boundary, it was time they parted ways.


Realising that as well, Yue He no longer felt joyful about leaving the Boundary. Hanging her head low, she fiddled with the hem of her clothes and fell silent.


“Sir, where should we go?” Guo Zi Yan cupped his fists and asked.


Previously, he was a Great Commander of Scarlet Star, but now, the Star City was gone, and he had nothing to do with Scarlet Star anymore. Naturally, he wanted to follow Yang Kai around.


Yang Kai fished out a Universe Chart and took a look at their current location as well as the Star City where First Inn was in. Then, he felt speechless as the inn was far away.


In order to return to First Inn, he would have to cross five Great Territories. Without the help of the Universe Transference Law, it would take him a few months to fly over.


Then, he turned to look at Yue He, “Do you want to come with me and apologise to her?”


He had no idea about the relationship between Yue He and the Proprietress, but judging from their conversation over ten years ago, they knew each other, and they were on pretty good terms prior to that. Something must have happened that made them go against each other. Yue He even joined forces with Qin Ji and the others to frame the Proprietress and almost ruined Bai Qi’s ascension.


This was a serious matter. Fortunately, with Yang Kai’s help, Bai Qi got out of the woods and there wasn’t any irreversible outcome. If Bai Qi lost his life because of that, the grudges between the Proprietress and her would’ve become irresolvable.


Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to repair their relationship.


“Why should I apologise to her? I’ve done nothing wrong.” Yue He looked away and pouted.


“You should apologise to her because you’re in the wrong!” Yang Kai sported a grim expression, “Since you two were as close as Sisters, why did you fall out in the end? You two should sit down and talk it out. The Proprietress isn’t an unreasonable person.”


After a moment of silence, Yue He replied in a hushed voice, “Young Master, since you’ve told me to apologise to her, I will do so. The worst that can happen is that she will beat me to death.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “That won’t happen. Alright, follow me to see her. If she really wants to beat you up, I’ll help you fend off her attacks.”


Yue He nodded gently.


Following that, Yang Kai turned to look at Lu Xue, “What about you? Is there any place you can go to?”


There was a sense of perplexity behind Lu Xue’s eyes as she shook her head. Since Sword Pavilion was gone, she was practically homeless. Nevertheless, she was a powerful Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it wasn’t difficult for her to support herself. Even if she decided to join a Second Class great force, she would be warmly welcomed.


“We’re going to a certain Star City. If you don’t mind, you can join us,” Yang Kai suggested.


When they reached the Star City, she could go wherever she wanted, and Yang Kai wouldn’t stop her.


Lu Xue replied, “En.”


He didn’t bother to ask Guo Zi Yan. This guy and another group of people had become his subordinates, so they were supposed to follow him around. First Inn probably couldn’t accommodate so many of them, but after they arrived at the Star City, the Proprietress could find some jobs for them.


These guys were loyal to him, and they had gained immense benefits from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Given enough time, they would grow to be powerful and help him make a name for himself in the 3,000 Worlds.


After a brief discussion, Yang Kai mapped out a route and set off towards the Great Territory where First Inn was located.


He decided to go to First Inn to meet up with the Proprietress and Bai Qi and then help Guo Zi Yan and the others to settle down before returning to the Star Boundary.


He had obtained a World Tree root in the Primordial Land. The amazing root was able to stabilize a world, so he was eager to go back and find out whether it could repair the Star Boundary.


If it was feasible, Yang Kai would have no more worries; however, if that didn’t work, he had to keep looking for the World Tree that Ah Da had mentioned. He could never set his mind at ease as long as the crisis facing the Star Boundary wasn’t solved.


As they flew forward, Yue He’s mind seemed elsewhere. Apparently, she was apprehensive; after all, she had committed a huge mistake, so she was anxious about seeing the Proprietress and worried that the latter might not forgive her.


Yang Kai wasn’t in the mood to comfort her as he had expended too much energy in Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. On his way to his destination, he grasped at every chance to restore his energy.


Suddenly, Lu Xue spoke to Yang Kai via Divine Sense, “Someone is tailing us.”


A shocked Yang Kai turned his head and saw that there was indeed a tiny black dot in the distance behind them. The black dot was too far away, so Yang Kai wasn’t able to make out that person’s face, but he could tell it was an Open Heaven Realm Master.


A thought flashed through his mind as he realised that someone must have their eyes on him because he was practically the brightest star in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. With the suppression of the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog in place, Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to fully use their strength; therefore, some of them must be displeased that a mere Emperor Realm Junior like him was able to stand peerless. There were rewards to be gained by targeting him; after all, he had gained lots of benefits in the Boundary. Besides the income from Scarlet Star, they must be jealous of the rewards he had gotten from his numerous adventures.


Benefits moved the world. Just like tigers returning to mountains or Dragons plunging back into the ocean, these Open Heaven Realm Masters became unrestrained after they left the Boundary, so it wasn’t surprising that some of them had their eyes on Yang Kai.


Although Yang Kai was unafraid, he preferred to avoid trouble for now. As he led the other three to keep changing directions, he intended to get rid of the person behind them; however, that person was relentlessly pursuing them, which made Yang Kai furious.


A while later, Lu Xue suddenly raised her hand and exclaimed, “Wait a moment! There’s something off in front of us!” Then, she stared at the front with narrowed eyes.


Yang Kai scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense but couldn’t find anything. 


This wasn’t surprising though as he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so his heritage was no match for that of Lu Xue, who was a Fourth-Order Master. It was expected that she could discover things that he couldn’t see; thus, he turned to look at Yue He.


This woman had been absent-minded all the way, but she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she was much stronger than Lu Xue. Supposedly, if there was something that was amiss, she should be the first one to discover it. Nevertheless, the fact was that without Lu Xue’s warning, Yang Kai wouldn’t even have found out that they had been targeted.


Finally, Yue He came to her senses as her eyes flashed coldly. She scanned the front with her Divine Sense and stared fixedly at a particular spot. Then, she raised her hand and gently pushed it towards the void.


Her attack was soft and light, but following her movement, World Force undulated. A layer of ripple swept across the void in front of them and like a fog that had been uncovered, several dozen people were abruptly revealed.


Yang Kai swept a glance over their faces and scoffed, “It’s you guys!”


The people that had blocked their way were none other than those from Scarlet Star. With the Head Manager Zhao Bai Chuan at the front, Chen Tian Fei, the Ou Yang Brothers, Lady Qin, and Bei Yu Shan all present. Apart from these Mid-Rank Masters, the others were all Low-Rank. There were indeed many people as over forty people had gathered.


Apparently, the person who had been tailing them was also from Scarlet Star.


Yang Kai felt his heart sinking as he hurriedly spoke to Zhu Jiu Yin, “We’ve come across some trouble and might need your help.”


Although he had Yue He and Lu Xue, who were respectively Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, on his side, the people on the opposing side had greater numbers. What’s more, the Head Manager of Scarlet Star, Zhao Bai Chuan, was a Fifth Order, and the other Managers were all in the Fourth Order. Besides the fact that there were more people on the opposing side, their collective power was also much stronger. If they got into a fight, those from Scarlet Star were bound to gain the upper hand.


Now, Zhu Jiu Yin was the only person who could help them win the battle. Given her strength as a Divine Spirit, as long as she made a single move, these Fourth and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be easily defeated.


Yang Kai knew that these people had come all the way here to seek revenge as he had oppressed Scarlet Star horribly in the past.


While he had placed all his hope on Zhu Jiu Yin though, she unexpectedly replied, “Run. I can’t fight with anyone for now.”


Yang Kai widened his eyes as he asked, “What do you mean?”


He regarded Zhu Jiu Yin as his trump card, so he hadn’t expected to hear such a reply.


Zhu Jiu Yin said, “First of all, my Source has been damaged, so I need time to recuperate. If I fight against others, it will worsen my injuries. Secondly, I was born and raised in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary where the World Principles are different from those in the outside world. Even if I make a move, I can’t use my full strength. I need some time to adjust to the new World Principles.”


“Some time? How long will that be?” Yang Kai asked.


“Three to five months? Maybe six months to a year. Perhaps it will take ten to twenty years. I’m not sure,” Zhu Jiu Yin replied solemnly, but her tone suggested that she was taking pleasure in Yang Kai’s misfortune.


Yang Kai almost wanted to curse. He was aware that her Source had been damaged as at the most critical moment, she fended off the attacks from eight Divine Spirits on her own, so there was no way she wasn’t harmed in the process. Damage to a Divine Spirit’s Source was indeed horrifying, so she truly needed time to recuperate; otherwise, she would be left with some grave concerns.


Yang Kai wasn’t certain whether she really needed time to get used to the new World Principles; however, he was in deep trouble, and she would not get off easy if he were to fall here, so she most likely wasn’t lying to him.




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    1. Did you skip the past four thousand chapters? It’s clearly a set up for bluff play. He’ll probably shake them down, and have them thank him for his magnanimity.

      1. Lol, looks like it’s you who didn’t read the last 4k chapters my friend. Just the last paragraph it was mentioned “however, he was in deep trouble”. Meaning it’s not for bluff play as you say. Besides the enemies have a peak lvl 5 and 5-lvl 3 or 4 and his side have lvl2, 4 and 5 while he can approximately battle an ORDINARY lvl 1 or 2 OH but he definitely can’t beat higher than that as he himself mentioned it also.

    2. True, after coming out he should have thought that the OH realm enemies came out as well. He could have used his veil for some time to drift and go away far while recuperating while flicking out space beads beacons from time to time as a way out. But his stupidity overcame again releasing bearers while he is still not fully OK and staying at the same place. These people stayed in GARB for more than 10yrs, what is a few days to months more staying in the SWB?

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