Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4127, Bluffing


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Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “Don’t forget your oath! If I die, you’ll end up in a miserable state as well!” As Yang Kai’s Protector, Zhu Jiu Yin had a duty to ensure his safety. If something unfortunate happened to him, she would also suffer a backlash.


Zhu Jiu Yin replied, “That’s why I told you to run. Aren’t you adept at it?”


Their secret conversation lasted only for a moment. On the other hand, Yue He stared at Zhao Bai Chuan with a cold face and said grimly, “Head Manager, why have you blocked our way?”


She was asking the obvious. These people must have some ill intentions for blocking them in this place. At the same time, she secretly spoke to Yang Kai, “I’ll hold them up later. You should seize the chance and run.”


She was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even though she couldn’t defeat these people from Scarlet Star, it wouldn’t be easy for them to kill her.


Without replying to her, Zhao Bai Chuan gazed dispassionately at Yang Kai as though the latter was an ant.


There was an amiable smile on Chen Tian Fei’s face as he stepped from behind Zhao Bai Chuan and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Foreign Elder Yang, Lady Yue He!”


He was putting himself in a lower position as though they were still in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Yang Kai replied impassively, “Manager Chen, is something the matter?”


Chen Tian Fei said, “Not at all. This Chen just wanted to ask where you’re going. If you don’t mind, why don’t you join us?”


“Where are you going?”


There was a bitter smile on Chen Tian Fei’s face, “The Star City has been destroyed, so we’re practically homeless right now and don’t know where we can go. You are a Foreign Elder from Scarlet Star, so we’re all on the same boat. If there’s a good place you know, please bring us with you so that we can have a place to settle down. We don’t want to wander around anymore.”


Yang Kai didn’t show any emotions on his face, but he thought that something was amiss. It was apparent that these guys had ill intentions by blocking his way; however, why didn’t they make a move when they were at an advantage? Instead, Chen Tian Fei was having a small talk with him, and judging from his expression, it was obvious that he was wary of something.


[What are they wary of?] A thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind and soon realisation dawned upon him. They hadn’t made a move because they were wary of Zhu Jiu Yin!


It was a well-known fact that he was a Bearer; after all, Zhu Jiu Yin had lived in Scarlet Star’s Star City for a few years. At that time, Zhao Bai Chuan had even brought Chen Tian Fei and the others to greet her. Now that the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was closed, they weren’t certain whether Yang Kai had brought her out.


Even though Zhu Jiu Yin was nowhere in sight, they had to be careful. If she was really with Yang Kai, there was no way they could defeat her. That was the reason they were acting so polite yet insincere.


[So, that’s why.] Upon realizing what was on their minds, Yang Kai relaxed and curled his lips into a smile, “Manager Chen is right. All of you have assisted me greatly over the past few years. As a Foreign Elder of Scarlet Star, this King will not stand on the sidelines when you’re in trouble. Good. If all of you are fine with it, you can come with me.”


Chen Tian Fei’s brow twitched when he heard that as he asked probingly, “Foreign Elder, where are you going?”


Yang Kai summoned a Universe Chart and infused his energy into it. A route immediately appeared on the chart, which was the one he had mapped out earlier. He then pointed at a spot and said, “There’s a Star City here. I’m going there.”


“A Star City?” Chen Tian Fei was puzzled. 


Yang Kai chuckled, “Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you. This King is from First Inn, and my Proprietress is Madam Lan. I was trapped in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the past. Now that I’m free, I certainly have to look for her.”


“Madam Lan?!” Chen Tian Fei was stunned, and even Zhao Bai Chuan, who was originally calm and collected, narrowed his eyes.


Lady Qin asked hesitantly, “Are you talking about Lan You Ruo?”


In the 3,000 Worlds, there were not many famous women, but many people had heard of the Proprietress before. As a woman, Lady Qin was naturally aware of the matters regarding the Proprietress.


“En.” Yang Kai nodded and stared at her, “Madame, do you know my Proprietress as well?”


Lady Qin smirked, “I’ve heard a lot about her.” 


Madam Lan was someone she looked up to greatly. She thought to herself countless times that if she could ever have any achievements that were as great as those of Madam Lan, she would die with no regret.


Chen Tian Fei said in shock, “Foreign Elder, you’re from First Inn?”


A bashful Yang Kai replied, “It is embarrassing to admit, but I am just a shophand in the inn.”


Realising that the matter was thornier than expected, Chen Tian Fei turned to look at Zhao Bai Chuan. The reason they blocked Yang Kai’s way was indeed to kill him; after all, he had snatched countless treasures from Scarlet Star over the years, which was why they were unresigned. Moreover, they knew he had obtained many Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones from the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, which translated to some immense wealth. They had heard that Yang Kai had collected over a dozen Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.


Their Star City had been destroyed, so they had suffered tremendous losses. In order to rebuild, they needed a lot of resources, which was why they had their eyes on Yang Kai.


However, they had never expected that he was from First Inn.


They were not aware of his background previously, so it wasn’t until this moment that they found out he had something to do with First Inn. It was no wonder that he had such a strong heritage as an Emperor Realm Junior. With guidance from Madam Lan, it wasn’t so surprising.


“So, are you coming to First Inn with me?” Yang Kai asked.


Zhao Bai Chuan chuckled, “I’ve heard a lot about First Inn. In fact, I had even made some deals with First Inn in the past. The way they do business is always fair. However, what can we do if we head to First Inn? As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t so easy to join them.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Of course the average person wouldn’t be accepted; however, if all of you are willing to start from the lowest positions, I can put in a word for you. You know how to serve customers, right?”


While Zhao Bai Chuan’s face twitched, Chen Tian Fei let out a hollow laugh.


They were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters after all, so there was no way they would serve customers in a lobby. If word got out, they would be too embarrassed to show their faces.


Zhao Bai Chuan resolutely said, “Many thanks for your invitation, Foreign Elder, but we will have to respectfully decline. We are used to living a free life, so we can’t be restrained in any way. We will not be going to First Inn.”


“That’s a shame.” Yang Kai sighed and patted Chen Tian Fei’s shoulder, “Manager Chen, I thought I could help you get rid of some extra weight if you could join me.”


The muscles around Chen Tian Fei’s mouth were stiff as he smiled fawningly.


Zhao Bai Chuan said, “You’ll have to pass through several Great Territories, so the road ahead of you is long and paved with danger. If you don’t mind, we’re willing to escort you.”


“Oh… there’s no need to go through so much trouble.” Yang Kai raised his hand and smiled lightly, “If anyone dares to rob me, I’ll make sure that they do not return alive.”


At that instant, a light flashed across the pattern on the back of his hand, whereupon a Divine Spirit’s aura filled the air.


That was the result of Yang Kai’s discussion with Zhu Jiu Yin. She was unable to make a move, but there was no problem for her to reveal her aura.


The expressions of Zhao Bai Chuan and the others changed drastically as their backs became drenched in cold sweat. 


Swiftly withdrawing a few steps, Zhao Bai Chuan cupped his fists, “In that case, we’ll not delay Foreign Elder Yang any further. Farewell.”


Yang Kai nodded smilingly, “I’m sure we’ll meet again.”


Following that, he led Yue He and the others to pass through the crowd and left in a casual manner.


After they were gone, Chen Tian Fei wiped the sweat from his forehead as he said fearfully, “That brat really brought Zhu Jiu Yin out!”


The expressions of the Ou Yang Brothers were dark, with Ou Yang Lei saying, “A Divine Spirit’s aura is indeed terrifying!”


When the aura descended upon them, he didn’t even have the courage to resist, as though he would suffocate and die the next moment if he even tried.


Ou Yang Bing looked admiringly at Zhao Bai Chuan, “Head Manager indeed stands higher and sees further. It was the right choice not to confront him immediately; otherwise, we would have fallen into a terrible situation right now.”


Chen Tian Fei put on a fawning smile, “There’s no doubt that Head Manager is brave and intelligent. Now that that brat has Zhu Jiu Yin with him, I’m afraid we can’t do anything to him.”


Then, all of them looked at Zhao Bai Chuan and waited for his decision.


A myriad of expressions came over Zhao Bai Chuan. There was a glint behind his eyes as he seemed lost in his thoughts.


A moment later, he raised his head to look in the direction Yang Kai had left, then he bellowed, “Damn it! We’ve been tricked!”


“What?” Chen Tian Fei and the others gazed at him in puzzlement.


“That brat was just bluffing. Pursue him, now!” Zhao Bai Chuan yelled and charged forward. Not daring to disobey his order, Chen Tian Fei and the others hurriedly followed him.


Lady Qin asked on the way, “Head Manager, why did you say that the brat was bluffing?”


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “If he weren’t bluffing, he wouldn’t have mentioned Madam Lan from First Inn and revealed Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura. We’ve dealt with that boy for years now, so how can you not be clear about his temperament yet? If he was able to defeat us, he would’ve used force right away instead of wasting time talking.”


Their hearts sank, and upon pondering on it, they realised that it was indeed the case.


The first time they came into contact with Yang Kai was when he forcefully took control of Scarlet Star and killed two of their Managers, Gan Hong and Poison Lady. Then, he showcased a peerless power and oppressed others in the Star City as he stole most of Scarlet Star’s income and resources.


It could be said that it was difficult to get along with such a person; however, Yang Kai was polite to them just now. He had never treated them in such a way over the past few years. His behaviour suggested that he was diffident.


They all agreed with Zhao Bai Chuan’s remark. Yang Kai was just bluffing by revealing his relationship with First Inn and Madam Lan as well as Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura.


A cautious Chen Tian Fei said hesitantly, “Head Manager, what if he is just playing the pig? How should we deal with him?”


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “Whether he was bluffing or feigning weakness, we’ll find out after we capture him.”


At the same time, in a place that was a few thousand kilometres away, Yang Kai and the others were flying at full speed. A perplexed Yue He asked, “Young Master, why are you running away so quickly?”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai replied, “I have not frequently come into contact with Zhao Bai Chuan, but since he’s able to be the leader of Scarlet Star, there’s no way he’s dumb. What I had said could stun him for a moment, but he would soon figure out everything. When that happens, he’ll certainly chase after us. So, we’d better quickly run away.




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