Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4128, Can’t Be Fooled for Long


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A quarter-hour later, Yue He’s expression changed as she exclaimed, “Damn it! They’re really pursuing us!”


Yang Kai turned his head and saw dozens of lights coming at him at full speed. He was furious because as the weaker one, he was unable to resist any form of oppression. Then, he stared at Lu Xue, “I’m worried that this matter can’t be resolved peacefully. If you don’t want to be dragged into this mess, you’d better part ways with me now.”


A surprised Lu Xue shot him a glance as she had never expected that he’d think of this at this point. Feeling warmth in her heart, she shook her head, “Even if I part ways with you now, I still can’t get away from them. By staying here, I can help you fend them off.”


Without trying to dissuade her again, Yang Kai nodded and summoned the Six Fated Paths Bag before covering her and Guo Zi Yan. Knowing his intention, they didn’t resist and were put inside the bag.


He let Yue He stay by his side so that they could support one another, then they hurriedly fled.


First of all, as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Yue He was swift. Secondly, if something happened, she could help ward off the enemy’s attacks.


Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue, who were respectively Second and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, were weaker. They might slow Yang Kai down if he brought them with him, so he decided to keep them inside the Six Fated Paths Bag.


Behind them, Chen Tian Fei’s gaze brightened as he yelled, “He was really bluffing. This brat is too cunning!”


If Yang Kai were confident, he wouldn’t have quickened his pace upon seeing them, which suggested that he didn’t have a way to deal with them. Chen Tian Fei even suspected that he hadn’t brought Zhu Jiu Yin out. The Divine Spirit’s aura they had felt might not necessarily be coming from Zhu Jiu Yin. The aura was true, but there were other ways to release it; she might have planted a Secret Technique on Yang Kai prior to this.


“He’s running pretty fast,” Ou Yang Lei snorted.


His brother, Ou Yang Bing, said, “Yue He is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, after all. Only Head Manager can be as swift as her.”


He had unobtrusively buttered Zhao Bai Chuan up.


A puzzled Lady Qin asked, “Why are two people missing?”


Chen Tian Fei explained, “That brat surnamed Yang has an artifact that can accommodate living creatures. In the past, the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flood Dragon were released by him all of a sudden using a similar method.”


They had witnessed the battle in which Yang Kai killed Gan Hong and Poison Lady, and although many years had passed, they could still remember the incident vividly. After giving it a thought, they realised that the weaker Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue must have been put inside that artifact.


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted and raised his hand. Following a flash of light, a thing suddenly appeared and spun around. Soon, it expanded to be a 300-metre-tall mountain.


“Board!” Head Manager yelled and shot towards the mountain.


Their eyes lit up as they realised that Head Manager was determined to get Yang Kai by using this artifact. Without hesitation, they all leaped towards the mountain.


There were many peaks on the mountain and the several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters landed on these peaks and infused their energy into the mountain. The Head Manager stood on the highest peak as he was on top of everything, then he started forming hand seals to activate a Secret Technique.


The 300-metre mountain immediately charged forward at a speed that was as swift as lightning.


Noticing the disturbance behind them, Yue He turned her head to look and became pale, “Zhao Bai Chuan has summoned the Hundred Refinements Peak. How shameless!”


The Hundred Refinements Peak was a flight-type artifact with great defensive and offensive strength. It was a true multi-purpose vessel. This artifact was famous among Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, so it wasn’t surprising that Yue He was aware of it.


As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she was initially able to drag Yang Kai along with her at a speed no less than that of Scarlet Star; after all, there was only one Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, who was Zhao Bai Chuan, on the opposing side. The other Managers were all in the Fourth Order, and the rest of them were Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Therefore, the speed at which they moved forward wasn’t unified.


However, with the Hundred Refinements Peak, all of them could infuse their strength into it at the same time. Not only could their movements be unified, but their speed had also significantly increased.


Hurriedly, Yue He summoned her own flight-type artifact, which was a small ship. After she pulled Yang Kai towards the ship, they turned into a ray of light and shot forward.


Apparently, her flight-type artifact was inferior to that of Zhao Bai Chuan. Moreover, there were over several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters powering the Hundred Refinements Peak at the same time. The gap between the two sides was rapidly shortening.


Initially, there was a distance of several tens of thousands of kilometres between the two parties, but it soon became just a few thousand kilometres and then several hundred kilometres.


Zhao Bai Chuan’s voice was heard coming from behind and penetrating the Souls of Yang Kai and Yue He, “Wait a moment. Foreign Elder Yang, this Zhao has suddenly thought of something and would like to discuss it with you. Please stop running.”


The reason he still hadn’t confronted him at this point was that he was a prudent man; after all, even though he was confident that his speculation was right, he was still wary of that Divine Spirit’s aura. He had to be prepared for any eventualities.


It was because of his prudence that he was able to build a great force in the 3,000 Worlds without a powerful background; otherwise, he would’ve been killed countless times over by now.


Yang Kai was standing on the stern of the ship as he stared coldly at Zhao Bai Chuan and scoffed, “Head Manager, what is it that you want to discuss with me?”


Zhao Bai Chuan said, “This is an important matter that has something to do with the survival of Scarlet Star, so I have to discuss it with you face-to-face. Please stop for now.”


Yang Kai secretly cursed at him, knowing that the latter was coveting the treasures he had obtained from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. It was just nonsense that the Scarlet Star’s survival was at stake. Without showing any emotions on his face though, Yang nodded lightly, “That does sound serious. In that case, I can spare some time to listen.”


Then, he turned his head and called out to Yue He, “Stop the ship.”


Yue He obeyed his order and slowed down the ship.


Seeing that, Zhao Bai Chuan was both shocked and doubtful. Initially, the Hundred Refinements Peak was moving at full speed, but just ten breaths later, it directly stopped in the void.


Yang Kai mocked, “Head Manager, did you not want to discuss something with me face-to-face? Why have you stopped so far away? Were you making a poor joke? Come over to my ship now if the matter is so urgent.”


Hearing that, Zhao Bai Chuan was stunned and almost suspected that his speculation was wrong. Was this boy putting on a pretence or luring him into a trap? If his speculation was wrong, he would end up dead after boarding that ship.


At that moment, he fell into a dilemma.


Yang Kai kept urging him, but seeing as Zhao Bai Chuan remained unmoving, he bellowed, “Zhao Bai Chuan, you dare mess with me?”


Zhao Bai Chuan’s face twitched but he remained silent.


A resentful Yang Kai said, “This King has important matters to attend to, so I’ll not settle the score with you. If this happens again, I’ll not let you off so easily!” Then, he turned to look at Yue He, “Let’s go!”


Yue He was already covered in cold sweat as she hurriedly activated the ship and fled. Secretly, she admired Yang Kai for his audacity. He had repeatedly bluffed, but Zhao Bai Chuan was still fooled.


Then, she reckoned that Zhao Bai Chuan’s intelligence had actually backfired. If this happened to Chen Tian Fei and the others, they wouldn’t have been easily fooled. It might not necessarily be a good thing to be overthinking.


“We’ve fallen for his trick again!” Zhao Bai Chuan sported a gloomy expression as he watched the ship leave, “I’ll crush his bones, pull out his flesh, and skin him alive!” He snarled through clenched teeth.


Chen Tian Fei hurriedly said, “Head Manager, please calm yourself. That brat is indeed cunning; however, in the face of absolute power, all schemes are useless. Once we catch him, I will personally bring him before you to allow you to do whatever you want to him.”


All of them quickly surged their powers and drove the Hundred Refinements Peak forward. The gap between them quickly shortened again.


Standing on the stern of the ship, Yang Kai bellowed, “Zhao Bai Chuan, if you’re so eager to go to Hell, I can grant your wish. Do you think I don’t dare to end your life?”


Without replying to him, Zhao Bai Chuan sent out a beam of light from his peak.


Yang Kai shrank his neck and directly snuck into the cabin while Yue He moved the ship sideways and dodged the horrifying attack.


“I can no longer fool him,” Yang Kai sighed, knowing that he had reached the limit. Zhao Bai Chuan was a sly person, so it was impossible to brush him off with some cheap deception without showing him some true power. He had been fooled twice, and the limit had been reached. Now, it could only be a life-and-death getaway.


Yang Kai was furious as he was hunted down by the Divine Spirits in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and after he returned to the outside world, he was chased after by those from Scarlet Star. He suddenly felt that most of his life was spent running away from his enemies.


The Hundred Refinements Peak could attack as well as defend, and it was also a fast flight-type artifact. There was no doubt that it was a powerful treasure. Now that several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters were standing on it, the mountain had become immensely powerful. While they were racing after Yang Kai, they sent out attacks from their respective peaks, which forced Yue He to keep dodging. The ship felt as if it was on an ocean in the middle of a thunderstorm, at risk of capsizing at any moment.


Seeing that, the cultivators from Scarlet Star were excited. They had confronted and made a move against Yang Kai. If he had any way to counter their attacks, he wouldn’t have hidden it.


He could only flee and avoid their attacks. In other words, he hadn’t brought Zhu Jiu Yin out of the Boundary. The Divine Spirit’s aura he had released must have been left on him by Zhu Jiu Yin previously.


With their minds at ease, they infused even more energy into the mountain.


As time passed, the distance between both parties continuously shortened. Sensing a ray of light from behind, Yue He hurriedly drove the ship to avoid it. At the same time, another attack shot in the direction the ship was fleeing, as though it had already predicted it.


Yang Kai’s vision was immediately filled with a dazzling light. Engulfed by a great sense of danger, he bellowed, “Damn it!”


On the other hand, Yue He appeared despondent. The attack was about to reach them, so it was too late for them to dodge it. Judging from the fluctuations of the attack, she and Yang Kai would suffer horribly if they were struck.


While she was at a loss, Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her waist, and following that, the world started spinning around them. When she recovered, she realised that she was already somewhere that was several hundred kilometres away.


A dazzling light was expanding from a particular spot in the void and Yue He felt her heart sinking as her Soul shook. At that instant, she realised that the connection between the ship and her was broken off as it was destroyed.




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