Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4129, Relentless


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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In an instant, Yue He’s face turned ashen. She wasn’t heartbroken because her artifact was shattered. Even though the artifact was not bad, it wasn’t extremely precious; however, their future appeared bleak as their ship was destroyed while they were fleeing.


She knew that Yang Kai was an expert in the Dao of Space, so he was adept at fleeing, but as they were being hunted down by all of Scarlet Star, Space Principles might not be useful.


In the past, she had chased after Yang Kai and had a taste of his Instantaneous Movement; however, in the end, he had to surrender without a fight. She was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and it was the same for Zhao Bai Chuan. Since she was able to capture Yang Kai at that time, there was no way Zhao Bai Chuan would fail in his attempt now.


Just when she was ready to tell Yang Kai to leave first so that she would stay here and fend off their attacks, she heard the man sneering, “Since you want to mess with me, I’ll gladly accept your challenge. Let’s see who will have the last laugh.”


After that, he manipulated Space Principles and used Instantaneous Movement. The next moment, they were already a thousand kilometres away.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t even a place where they could hide in this expansive void. Even though they had moved a long distance, those from Scarlet Star soon discovered and pursued them. The Hundred Refinements Peak was unbelievably fast as their gap shortened again.


Yue He said, “Young Master, why don’t we go to a Universe Temple? There’s one in this Great Territory, and I’ve left a Universe Transference Seal there, so I can bring you with me.”


Universe Temples were jointly built by the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, and no fights were allowed in any of them. As long as they could enter a Universe Temple, they would be safe. It was impossible for Zhao Bai Chuan and the others to rush into a Universe Temple and make things difficult for them.


Yang Kai shook his head, “We can’t hide forever. Even if we manage to get into a Universe Temple, it will be impossible for us to leave again.”


After giving it a thought, Yue realised that he was right. Even though it was safe in a Universe Temple, they couldn’t hide inside it for eternity; therefore, she stopped persuading him.


Following the Instantaneous Movement, Yang Kai set his mind at ease and let Yue He drag him along. His pure speed was inferior to that of Yue He’s, so he let her take charge at this point.


Soon, the Hundred Refinements Peak was about to reach them again, but once it closed to a certain distance, Yang Kai took over and widened the gap with Instantaneous Movement again.


On the Hundred Refinements Peak, Zhao Bai Chuan stomped his foot while Chen Tian Fei cursed. This brat surnamed Yang was truly adept at fleeing. Even though they knew that he was an expert in Space Principles, it wasn’t until this day that they witnessed it. If they couldn’t seal off the space around him, they would never be able to stop him.


However, Yang Kai had always kept a certain minimum distance from them, thus ensuring that they couldn’t block his escape.


After a few days of pursuit, those from Scarlet Star were still unable to capture him and there came a moment when Yue He suddenly exclaimed, “Young Master, some of them have left the artifact!”


Yang Kai turned his head and saw a few figures leaping away from the Hundred Refinements Peak. As they flew into different positions, a Spirit Array beneath their feet started glowing. It was apparently the glow of Universe Transference Law.


He couldn’t help but snort, “They’re going to the Universe Temple.”


They too were heading in the direction where the Universe Temple in this Great Territory was located. Those from Scarlet Star must be thinking that Yang Kai and Yue He were going to seek refuge there, so they sent some people ahead to block them.


However, they had no idea that if Yang Kai and Yue He really wanted to go to the Universe Temple, they would’ve done so a long time ago instead of slowly flying over. With that said, it was the outcome Yang Kai wanted to see. After those people left, he immediately told Yue He to move in a different direction.


Knowing that they had fallen for Yang Kai’s tricks again, Zhao Bai Chuan almost spat blood in rage atop the Hundred Refinements Peak. Nevertheless, it was no use crying over spilt milk. The Universe Temple those Open Heaven Realm Masters had gone to was too far away, so they couldn’t rejoin them for some time.


A puzzled Chen Tian Fei asked, “Where is that brat going?”


Zhao Bai Chuan wasn’t certain about it either, but two days later, he figured out Yang Kai’s plan. Yang Kai intended to leave this Great Territory and enter another one.


In front of the Territory Gate, Yang Kai summoned his Territory Shuttle and passed through it with Yue He, whereupon they arrived at a different Great Territory.


Half an hour later, the Hundred Refinements Peak rushed into the Territory Gate, but as they looked around, they realised that the Void was practically desolate, and Yang Kai was nowhere in sight.


“Look for him at all costs! If we miss this chance, we will never be able to capture him!” Zhao Bai Chuan bellowed. 


Hurriedly, over thirty figures flew away from the Hundred Refinements Peak and dispersed in all directions. Some of them activated the Universe Transference Law and headed to the Universe Temple.


On the other hand, Zhao Bai Chuan drove the Hundred Refinements Peak forward and kept searching.


After what Yang Kai had done, his opponents had no choice but to scatter in different directions. Now, only more than ten Open Heaven Realm Masters were left on the Hundred Refinements Peak. The more people there were to activate this artifact, the faster it could move, so with only a dozen or so left, the artifact’s speed had significantly slowed down.


Soon, one of Zhao Bai Chuan’s subordinates informed him that they had found Yang Kai. Judging from the direction he was heading, it seemed that he was going to another Territory Gate.


Then, Zhao Bai Chuan took out a Universe Chart and identified their location. After making a decision, he stored the Hundred Refinements Peak and activated Universe Transference Law with the remaining Open Heaven Realm Masters as they headed to the Universe Temple in this Great Territory.


Soon, they left the Universe Temple and met with a subordinate. That person immediately said, “Head Manager, we’ve found them. They came to this Universe Temple earlier, and they’re now moving in that direction.”


Without hesitation, Zhao Bai Chuan summoned the Hundred Refinements Peak again and swung his hand, “After them!”


Two days later, they really saw Yang Kai and Yue He from a distance.


Noticing them, Yang Kai turned his head as his expression darkened, “They’re so relentless!” These guys from Scarlet Star were just like maggots on rotting bones, impossible to shake off.


Yue He suggested, “Young Master, why don’t we go to Small Orchid Palace?”


Small Orchid Palace was her force. According to the categorisation in the 3,000 Worlds, with a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as its leader, her force could be considered a Second Class one; however, the situation was pretty complicated because she was the only Open Heaven Realm Master in Small Orchid Palace, and it was just a small Spirit Province. Other than her, the rest of the people were homeless Emperor Realm or below cultivators.


There were only several hundred people in Small Orchid Palace, so her force was not really strong. Even though there was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master assuming command, it was still quite weak. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before it faded away.


With that said, Yue He had managed Small Orchid Palace for years, so they had a pretty good defensive power. As long as they could arrive, they wouldn’t have to be afraid of those from Scarlet Star.


“Where is Small Orchid Palace?” Yang Kai asked.


After taking out a Universe Chart, Yue He infused her energy into it and pointed at a location, “Here.”


Yang Kai took a glance and shook his head, “It’s too far away as we have to pass through seven Great Territories. We don’t have so much time to spare.” Accidents might happen if they were to move through seven Great Territories.


“What should we do, then?” Yue He had run out of ideas.


Yang Kai replied, “I know a place, but it will be risky.”


Initially, he intended to return to First Inn, but now it seemed that this wasn’t feasible. First Inn was far away as they had to go through several Great Territories. In that case, he would rather take a risk. In the worst-case scenario, they would just head to a Universe Temple to seek refuge.


Three days later, the pair passed through another Territory Gate and arrived at the next Great Territory. After just an hour, the Hundred Refinements Peak reached them again, which went to show that it was incredibly fast. If Yang Kai wasn’t a Master of the Dao of Space, he would’ve been captured by now.


On the other hand, Zhao Bai Chuan had learned his lesson. He immediately told his subordinates to head to the different Territory Gates and block them to prevent Yang Kai from fleeing again.


During the pursuit, the several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters working under him were scattered everywhere, but from time to time, some people would rendezvous with him. Therefore, he could still command over thirty subordinates at this moment.


Yang Kai had Yue He, who was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, by his side, so apart from Zhao Bai Chuan, the rest from Scarlet Star were no match for her. Nevertheless, he had some Fourth-Order cultivators on his side, so he could deploy them to at least hold her up.


At this moment, Chen Tian Fei and Lady Qin, the Ou Yang Brothers, and Bei Yu Shan had taken some people with them to block the Territory Gates while Zhao Bai Chuan was still relentlessly pursuing Yang Kai.


A few days later, Yang Kai and Yue He suddenly stopped and remained unmoving in the void.


Seeing that, Zhao Bai Chuan frowned as he had no idea what Yang Kai was up to. Nevertheless, he was determined to ignore whatever Yang Kai had to say. He would capture him first and think about it later.


Then, he drove the Hundred Refinements Peak forward and sneered, “Keep running. Why have you stopped?”


“We have no more strength left,” Yang Kai grinned.


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “In that case, you’d better surrender without a fight so as to prevent being tortured.”


Yang Kai said, “Head Manager, if you make a move on me, aren’t you worried that Madam Lan will pursue this matter? My Proprietress is very protective of her subordinates. If she becomes furious, you will suffer miserably.”


It was a well-known fact that the Proprietress was protective of her subordinates. In the past, when Bai Qi was disturbed while ascending to the Open Heaven Realm, she became incensed and swore that before she trampled flat the great forces like Golden Rainbow Province that belonged to Qin Ji and the other ambushers, she would never ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. This kind of oath showed her determination. If she couldn’t follow through, she would never be able to reach the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


At the mention of the Proprietress, Zhao Bai Chuan appeared wary. Although he had been trying to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, his heritage was insufficient; therefore, he was certainly no match for a peak Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like the Proprietress. If she targeted Scarlet Star, they would be doomed.


Nevertheless, his hesitation lasted only for a short moment as the immense wealth in Yang Kai’s possession was too tempting a target; thus, he scoffed, “As long as I kill both of you, Lan You Ruo will never find out about it!”


After a nod, Yang Kai replied, “So, you want to ruthlessly kill us. How could you tell me to surrender without a fight, then?”


“Are you really such a naïve boy?” Zhao Bai Chuan sneered. As he spoke, he was already just a few hundred kilometres away from Yang Kai. He would soon reach the minimum distance from where he could make a move to seal off the space around Yang Kai to prevent him from disappearing again.


Just then, Yang Kai grinned at him and waved his hand, “Head Manager, I shall never forget what you’ve done to me today and will definitely make you pay for it in the future.”


Sensing that something was off, Zhao Bao Chuan hurriedly reached out his hand towards Yang Kai and bellowed, “Where do you think you’re going!?”


A gigantic hand suddenly appeared and stretched across the void, but as soon as that happened, Yang Kai and Yue He vanished into thin air.


Zhao Bai Chuan quickly looked around and realised that Yang Kai was nowhere in sight, and even after scanning the surroundings with his Divine Sense, he still couldn’t detect Yang Kai’s aura.


“How is this possible!?” He was stunned.




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