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Martial Peak – Chapter 4130, Returning to Seven Wonders Land

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In the past, after Yang Kai snatched the Golden Crow carcass from the Sun Star, he was chased by several Open Heaven Realm Masters. In the end, he made use of a Space Beacon to escape unscathed. If it weren’t because he was ignorant and wasn’t aware of the Universe Transference Law, he could’ve gotten away cleanly.


Unfortunately, the Proprietress used the Universe Transference Law and returned to First Inn to block Yang Kai, forcing him to use a Mie Meng golden tail feather.


Even though Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, he could never outrun the Hundred Refinements Peak; hence, it was just a matter of time before he was captured. However, using a Space Beacon, he could move to a faraway place in an instant and easily shake off those from Scarlet Star.


“Look for him! I must have him!” Zhao Bai Chuan bellowed with an extremely gloomy expression.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t overly worried. Although Yang Kai had disappeared, he was still in this Great Territory. The other Managers had sealed off the Territory Gates, so it was impossible for Yang Kai to leave this Great Territory.


The people on Hundred Refinements Peak leaped forward and searched for Yang Kai.


In a faraway location, Space Principles undulated around a Space Beacon that was hovering in the void, whereupon two figures appeared out of thin air.


A glint flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes but instead of storing the Space Beacon, he left it.


The bead was left behind here when he was fleeing previously. In fact, he had left more than ten Space Beacons across this Great Territory. The Space Beacons were petite and inconspicuous in this expansive void, so hardly anyone would notice them.


He decided to leave it here as he might need it in the future.


Yue He looked around and realised that the people from Scarlet Star were nowhere in sight. Knowing that they were safe for now, she asked, “Young Master, where are we going now? Will we leave this Great Territory?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “We can’t do that. Chen Tian Fei and the others were missing. If I’m not mistaken, they must have headed to the Territory Gates. If we want to leave, we’ll have to confront them. You’re indeed powerful, but there are more people on their side, so you might not be able to get rid of them quickly enough. It’s like walking right into the trap if we go to a Territory Gate.”


After a pause, he asked, “Have you refined the thing that I gave you?”


There was a piece of jade in Yue He’s hand that she was continuously refining and studying. Hearing that, she replied, “We didn’t have much time to spare, so I’ve only managed to refine 10% of it.”


“10%…” Yang Kai gave it a thought, “It’s good enough.”


“Young Master, is this the Array Jade of a Grand Array?” Yue He asked in puzzlement.


While they were fleeing previously, Yang Kai suddenly passed this jade to her and told her to do her best to refine it. Although Yue He didn’t understand why, she didn’t ask any questions as she just had to do it; however, as she refined the jade, she realised that it was a token of a Grand Array.


It was just like the Master Token of the Grand Array in Small Orchid Palace. She had never heard that Yang Kai had something to do with any great force. Although he was from First Inn, it was impossible that he could keep the Array Jade of the inn. The Proprietress was the only person who was qualified to hold such a thing.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Do you know which Great Territory this is?”


Not knowing the answer, Yue He fished out a Universe Chart and took a look, whereupon a realisation dawned upon her, “Seven Wonder Territory.”


The 3,000 Worlds was made up of countless Great Territories, and in any Great Territory, there were numerous forces of different sizes. Generally, if a Second Class great force existed in a Great Territory, that territory would be named after that great force.


It was just like the Great Territories where those Cave-Heavens and Paradises were established. Free and Unfettered Paradise was located in Free and Unfettered Territory, while Yin-Yang Cave Heaven was located in Yin-Yang Territory. There was a Second Class great force called Seven Wonders Land in this Great Territory, so it was naturally named Seven Wonder Territory.


Those Great Territories without any Second Class great force were usually nameless and only had identifiers like D9 Territory, C17 Territory, and so on.


“Yes, we’re in Seven Wonder Territory,” Yang Kai said with some reminiscence.


A thought flashed through Yue He’s mind as she covered her lips and said in shock, “Young Master, is this jade the Grand Array Token of Seven Wonders Land?”


The reason she had this speculation was that she could feel that this token was fairly powerful, which meant it should belong to a Second Class great force. Nevertheless, how did Yang Kai obtain the Grand Array Token of Seven Wonders Land?


Yang Kai guffawed, “This is exactly the Grand Array Token of Seven Wonders Land. With this thing in our possession, we can sneak into Seven Wonders Land and hide for a while. If those guys from Scarlet Star can’t find us, they’ll eventually leave.”


A startled Yue He looked dazedly at the jade in her hand and became speechless. This was indeed the Array Jade of Seven Wonders Land; however, she still didn’t understand.


Such a precious item was normally in the sole possession of the leader of a great force, so why was it in Yang Kai’s hands? As far as she was concerned, the leader of Seven Wonders Land was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch. It wasn’t easy to deal with him as he was just as powerful as Yue He.


A puzzled Yue He asked, “Young Master, how did you obtain this?”


After identifying the direction, Yang Kai replied, “It’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you on the way.”


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s explanation, Yue He learned that when he first arrived in the Outer Universe, he was tricked by Duan Hai, who was the Venerable Protector of Seven Wonders Land’s Fire Spirit Land, and abducted to become a Worker. After living in that place for some time, Yang Kai was ordered to hunt down a man called Fang Tai. It was then he came across an old man called Xu Huang, who was deeply connected to Seven Wonders Land. Yang Kai speculated that Seven Wonders Land originally belonged to Xu Huang, and for some reason, Qi Qiao managed to snatch it from him.


After his territory was taken away from him, Xu Huang was determined to get his revenge. The Six Fated Paths Bag was his treasure.


At that time, Xu Huang planted an Exotic Ancient Insect called the Soaring Black Centipede in Yang Kai’s Dao Seal and threatened the latter to bring him into Seven Wonders Land using the Six Fated Paths Bag.


Xu Huang was the original owner of Seven Wonders Land, so he naturally possessed the Grand Array Token. Secretly, he stayed there and took control of the Grand Array. Before he achieved his goal though, his plan was unexpectedly exposed. Left with no choice, he was forced to confront all the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Seven Wonders Land before he was fully prepared.


The battle shook the world and dyed the rivers red with blood. Several Venerable Protectors of Seven Wonders Land were killed. Yang Kai knew at least two of those Venerables who died. The Venerable of Water Spirit Land passed away right in front of Yang Kai, who then snatched away the former’s Space Ring. It was the reason he had so many Open Heaven Pills to stay in First Inn in the past.


The Venerable Protector of Fire Spirit Land, Duan Hai, was also killed while Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was seriously injured.


During the battle, gaps started appearing on the Grand Defence Array of Seven Wonders Land, allowing many unwilling Workers to flee from that place. It was also the time when Yang Kai seized the chance and escaped.


At that time, he had also brought Fang Bi Qi, Dié You, and Ah Sun with him. Subsequently, he helped Ruler of the Dawn Great General look for his mother, checked into First Inn, explored the Sun Star, then snatched the Golden Crow carcass.


Seven Wonders Land was the first great force Yang Kai came into contact with after he arrived at the 3,000 Worlds; however, he wasn’t fond of this great force at all. If it weren’t because Xu Huang was accidentally exposed and forced to make a move, Yang Kai’s Wood Element Power would’ve been taken away by Duan Hai.


While Yang Kai was fleeing, the severely injured Xu Huang chased after him. With his last breath, he passed this Array Jade to Yang Kai and told him to get revenge for him by taking back Seven Wonders Land.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to reject him, so he took the jade. Following that, Xu Huang passed away, and Yang Kai buried his remains in the Small Sealed World.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t seriously seek revenge for Xu Huang. He had indeed suffered a lot of setbacks in Seven Wonders Land, but he eventually escaped unscathed. When he became powerful enough in the future, he could come back here and settle the score with them; however, before that happened, he never thought about returning to Seven Wonders Land and it was completely beyond his expectations that this jade would be useful to him so soon.


While Yang Kai was calmly narrating his story, Yue He became incensed upon hearing it and snarled, “How can those bastards abduct newcomers to the 3,000 Worlds and enslave them? This is absolutely unforgivable! Such a great force doesn’t need to exist at all. Young Master, don’t worry. I’ll settle this score with them on your behalf.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “We don’t necessarily have to do it now. Let’s see what the Heavens have arranged for us.”


The speed at which they were moving forward was slow, as they had to conceal themselves. The several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters of Scarlet Star were scattered across this Great Territory, so Yang Kai and Yue He might come across them at any moment. That was why they had to be careful. Fortunately, it had been smooth sailing for them.


A few days later, a fog bank suddenly appeared in the void in front of them. The fog was so thick that one couldn’t even penetrate it with their Divine Sense.


They finally arrived at Seven Wonders Land. Respectively, they used a Secret Technique to conceal themselves before stealthily approaching the fog.


Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so her concealment methods were naturally extraordinary. Unless the other party was as powerful as she was, it would be difficult to notice her. On the other hand, even though Yang Kai was weaker, he had the Shadowless Veil, which could deceive the senses of anyone below the Mid-Rank, so his whereabouts were not easily exposed.


As they approached the fog, Yang Kai could see that it was roiling like a large grey storm cloud. Nevertheless, there were many obviously weaker patches in the fog.


Yang Kai knew that Xu Huang must have caused some catastrophic damage to Seven Wonders Land previously. These weaker parts in the fog were the vulnerable spots of Seven Wonders Land’s Grand Array.


More than ten years had passed, but it wasn’t easy to repair these flaws, not to mention that Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was still recuperating. Therefore, he didn’t have much energy to deal with this issue.


Yang Kai finally set his mind at ease. Although the jade was the Grand Array Control Token of Seven Wonders Land, Yue He had only managed to refine 10% of it. Initially, he was worried that they might not be able to sneak into this place, but now it seemed that there was no problem.


Without the need for Yang Kai to say anything, Yue He flew towards one of the weak spots, and after observing it for some time, she spoke to him via Divine Sense, “Young Master, I am confident in bringing you in, but I’m not sure whether we’ll be exposed after we enter. If someone sees us, we’ll have to leave immediately.”


“I understand. Let’s get started.” Yang Kai nodded. They were already hunted down by those from Scarlet Star. In the worst-case scenario, they just had to seek refuge in the local Universe Temple.



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