Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4131, Borrowing People


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Yue He activated the jade’s power and sent a ray of light forward. The thin layer of fog faltered and separated to the sides, revealing a passageway that led to the inside.


Yang Kai and Yue He traded glances and dashed into it in succession without hesitation. After they were gone, the fog closed and appeared normal again.


A moment later, they snuck into Seven Wonders Land. The process was surprisingly easy. Not daring to make any rash moves, they hurriedly concealed their figures and auras, then remained in place for some time.


An incense stick later, seeing as there was no movement in Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai could finally confirm that they hadn’t alerted anyone.


After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising. Over ten years ago, Xu Huang had made a scene and caused many weaknesses to appear in the Grand Array. On the other hand, Yue He had refined 10% of the jade’s power, so they were able to get in without alerting anyone.


If Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch remained vigilant at all times, he could’ve discovered them; however, Yang Kai reckoned that he was still recuperating.


In the past, Xu Huang told him that Qi Qiao was severely injured and it would take him years to recuperate.


Looking around, Yang Kai realised that the superficial traces of the great battle had been cleaned up already. Seven Wonders Land was expansive, with seven Spirit Provinces. It was because of these seven Spirit Provinces that this place was called Seven Wonders Land. All seven Spirit Provinces were special as each one of them was rich in a different Element. Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements were found in the same place, and fruit trees of each Element were grown in Seven Wonders Land. These spirit fruits were the main ingredients for refining Open Heaven Pills. Relying on this source of income, Seven Wonders Land were able to gain a footing in the 3,000 Worlds.


At this moment, many cultivators were flying through the air as they were heading to a place that was hovering in the sky above Seven Wonders Land.


That was the shopping district for the Workers.


“Is this the time when the shopping district opens every month?” After a moment of observation, Yang Kai fell into his thoughts.


The shopping district was built on a small Spirit Province fragment that Qi Qiao had supposedly moved here long ago. Every month, this shopping district would be open for three days, and the Workers from Seven Wonders Land would use this opportunity to communicate and trade with each other as well as the disciples of the Sect.


Back then, Yang Kai bought a Third-Order Metal Element material, the Stainless Golden Dew, in this place and gave it to Dié You.


When he arrived in the 3,000 Worlds for the first time, it was extremely difficult for him to earn Open Heaven Pills. Now, he had over a billion pills in his possession. He couldn’t help thinking that many things had changed drastically in the past ten years.


Yang Kai was quite familiar with this shopping district; after all, he had been to this place many times, and his destination this time was actually the Universe Fragment where this shopping district was located.


Besides Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, there were also several Venerable Protectors in Seven Wonders Land, so it wasn’t safe for Yue He and him to hide in this place. However, the shopping district was different. Most of the people gathering in this place were Workers, and the real disciples of Seven Wonders Land would rarely come here; therefore, they didn’t have to worry that their whereabouts would be exposed in this place.


As such, Yang Kai secretly spoke to Yue He before following the others. Soon, they landed on the Universe Fragment.


This Universe Fragment wasn’t big, but it couldn’t be considered small either. The shopping district was just a small part of this place while everywhere else was just barren and undeveloped.


Yang Kai and Yue He found a quiet place and dug a cave for themselves before hiding inside it.


It was then Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief as they could finally stop fleeing. Now, they just had to stay here and wait for those from Scarlet Star to give up before looking for a chance to leave.


Just then, a sense of fatigue came over Yang Kai. This couldn’t be helped. Since the closure of the Primordial Land, he had been on the run. First, he was hunted down by the Divine Spirits as his life was hanging by a thread. Now, he was pursued by those from Scarlet Star, which caused him to be battered.


He secretly swore that when he became an Open Heaven Realm Master in the future, he would raze Scarlet Star to the ground and let Zhao Bai Chuan know the consequences of offending him.


Then, he sent his Divine Sense into the special space on the back of his hand. He wanted to ask Zhu Jiu Yin how she was doing, but he was surprised to see that she had fallen into a deep sleep. 


He knew that she was in urgent need of recuperation as her Source had been damaged; otherwise, she wouldn’t have fallen into such a state. To any Divine Spirit, their Source was their foundation, just like how a Dao Seal was to a cultivator. As her Source was damaged, it was difficult for her to restore it and she would need to spend a long time healing.


Then, he turned to look at Yue He and became somewhat puzzled, “Why are you still refining this jade?”


Presently, Yue He was seated crossed-legged with the jade firmly held in her hand as she was focused on refining it. Some time ago, he passed this jade to Yue He because her cultivation was much greater than his, so it would be quicker for her to refine it than him. This proved to be the correct decision. If Yang Kai had been the one to refine it over the past few days, he wouldn’t have been able to break through the Grand Array and sneak into this place. Now that they were inside though, there wasn’t a need to keep refining the jade.


Yue He opened her eyes and asked, “Young Master, don’t you want this Seven Wonders Land?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai became startled for a moment before realising what she meant.


Bursting into laughter, he shook his head, “Even if you fully refine this jade and take control of the Grand Array, it won’t be easy to snatch Seven Wonders Land.”


In the past, Xu Huang was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, equal in strength to Yue He. What’s more, he was the original owner of Seven Wonders Land, so he knew this place better than anyone. By making use of the jade, he took control of the Grand Array but still fell into a life-and-death battle with Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch and the Venerable Protectors. In the end, he lost his life instead of achieving his goal.


Therefore, even if Yue He fully refined this jade, she wouldn’t stand a chance to snatch this place from Qi Qiao.


Then, he nodded and spoke in a different tone, “You can do whatever you want. Anyway, it’s better to refine it as much as possible.”


Presently, it was safe for them to hide in this place, but they couldn’t guarantee that no one would discover them. If that happened, they could gain an advantage if Yue He had further refined the jade.


Yue He nodded her head and focused on refining it again. Without speaking further, Yang Kai closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing to restore his strength.




Time slowly went by. In the void, standing on the Hundred Refinements Peak, Zhao Bai Chuan sported an extremely dark expression. According to the information gathered by his subordinates, there were no leads that could help them find Yang Kai, which infuriated him.


All of them had spent the past ten-plus years in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but the biggest winner was undoubtedly Yang Kai. On the other hand, the Scarlet Star was second.


Although Yang Kai had unashamedly taken 70% of Scarlet Star’s income and stuffed it into his own pocket, they had also made use of Yang Kai’s fame and power to develop in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and amass immense wealth and subordinates.


There were three great forces in the former Star City, which were Sword Pavilion, Thunder Light, and Scarlet Star. Initially, Scarlet Star was ranked at the bottom, but because they managed to get Yang Kai to side with them, they were spared from annihilation and instead rose rapidly in the face of adversity. On the contrary, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light were gone for good.


However, it was one thing when they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and it was another thing after they left.


In the Boundary, Zhao Bai Chuan was willing to work under Yang Kai because the latter had the support of Zhu Jiu Yan, and Yang Kai had overwhelming power in that place; however, in the outside world, there was no suppression from the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, so he no longer had any regard for Yang Kai.


Recalling the fact that Yang Kai had snatched 70% of their income, Zhao Bai Chuan could simply not tolerate it. 30% of the income was already a tremendous amount of wealth, not to mention 70%. If he could kill Yang Kai and get that wealth back, the future for Scarlet Star would be bright, and he had the confidence to reach the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm within ten years.


Unfortunately, that brat had fled. Even though he had deployed dozens of Open Heaven Realm Masters and used the Hundred Refinements Peak, they were still unable to capture him.


The Territory Gates had been sealed off, so he was certain that Yang Kai was still in this Great Territory; however, he had no idea where he was. 


Over the next few days, the smaller great forces in Seven Wonder Territory suffered miserably.


In this Great Territory, Seven Wonder Territory wasn’t the only great force. There were other, weaker forces as well as many Universe Worlds.


In order to capture Yang Kai, those from Scarlet Star acted recklessly. There were a lot of Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side, and a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Zhao Bai Chuan was assuming command; therefore, even though those from the smaller great forces were incensed, they wouldn’t dare to criticize those from Scarlet Star. They had no choice but to let them search around their Headquarters freely.


Since the arrival of those from Scarlet Star, Seven Wonder Territory had fallen into a horrible state.


Zhao Bai Chuan turned to Chen Tian Fei and asked in a grim voice, “Haven’t you found him yet?”


Sensing the former’s suppressed fury, Chen Tian Fei brushed away the cold sweat on his forehead and replied, “Not yet, but don’t worry, Head Manager. That brat will never be able to escape.”


The Territory Gates were still blockaded, so Yang Kai would have to confront them in order to leave this Great Territory.


“Hmph!” Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “This King knows that he can’t flee, but what if he keeps hiding? How are we supposed to find him?”


With a bitter expression, Chen Tian Fei said, “Head Manager, it isn’t that we haven’t done our best, but we’re currently lacking manpower.”


In order to capture Yang Kai, they had passed through several Great Territories. Zhao Bai Chuan had only brought several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters with him, while most people from Scarlet Star were still heading to this place. It would take them a month or two to arrive at this Great Territory at best.


With only several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters, it was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack if they wanted to find Yang Kai.


Upon that realization, Zhao Bai Chuan furrowed his brow. After observing his expression for a bit, Chen Tian Fei said, “Head Manager, the only solution for us now is to borrow some people.”


“Borrow some people? What do you mean?” Zhao Bai Chuan looked over at him.


Chen Tian Fei chuckled, “To be honest with you, there’s a great force called Seven Wonders Land in this Great Territory, led by Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch. I’m on fairly good terms with him, so if you don’t mind, we can head to Seven Wonders Land first. I’ll try to borrow some people from him. If he’s willing to help, things will become much easier.”


“Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch?” Zhao Bai Chuan seemed to have recalled something, “Is he the one who came to our Star City to negotiate some business deals with us a few years ago?”


He was aware of Qi Qiao’s existence, but in the past, he had been focused on breaking through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so he had never met him. While he was cultivating in seclusion, all the matters in Scarlet Star were handled by Chen Tian Fei. It was during this period of time that Chen Tian Fei came into contact with Qi Qiao, and he subsequently informed Zhao Bai Chuan about it. That was how Zhao Bai Chuan heard about Qi Qiao.




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