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Martial Peak – Chapter 4133, Ulterior Motives

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In the evening, those from Scarlet Star were given fitting accommodations to rest in. Inside one of the palaces, Zhao Bai Chuan was looking out the window. Without saying a word, Chen Tian Fei was standing behind him.


A long time later, Zhao Bai Chuan sighed, “This is such a beautiful view. Old Chen, how do you find Seven Wonders Land?”


Chen Tian Fei wasn’t sure what the Head Manager meant by that, so after giving it a thought, he replied, “The seven Spirit Provinces can nurture Yin, Yang and the Five Elements, so it’s indeed a precious piece of land. Moreover, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch has been developing this place for years. Although Seven Wonders Land is not as powerful as the Cave-Heavens or Paradises, it’s pretty extraordinary among the Second Class great forces.”


Zhao Bai Chuan nodded his head, “I’ve been to the Headquarters of some Second Class forces before, and I can tell you that the heritage of Seven Wonders Land can be considered upper-middle rank amongst them.”


There was a bitter smile on Chen Tian Fei’s face, “In the past, if we could’ve resisted the pressure from the other forces and carefully managed Scarlet Star, we would’ve become as great as Seven Wonders Land. Unfortunately, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light came along, and we had no choice but to share territory with them.”


Strictly speaking, Scarlet Star was also a Second Class great force, and it was the same case for Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light. All three of them had Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in command as well as numerous Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. At that time, the Star City could have been considered a single Spirit Province. However, since three great forces were crammed together, there were bound to be conflicts, and it was difficult for any one of them to develop rapidly.


This was the reason Scarlet Star was inferior to Seven Wonders Land.


Zhao Bai Chuan put on a faint smile, “Fortunately, both Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light are gone for good, while Scarlet Star has survived.”


“But our Star City was also destroyed,” Chen Tian Fei appeared dejected. He felt his heart aching every time he thought about it. The Star City was engulfed by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog and broken into countless pieces. It had completely disappeared. Now, they were not even certain where they could settle down. It wasn’t like they could bring so many people to wander around the 3,000 Worlds forever.


“As long as we’re still around, we can always rise again,” Zhao Bai Chuan appeared confident.


“Head Manager is right,” Chen Tian Fei said respectfully, “But, since we’re here to borrow people, why did you stop me from bringing up this issue to Qi Qiao? Yang Kai is a cunning brat. If this matter drags on, he’ll find a chance and flee.”


“Don’t mention borrowing people again.” Zhao Bai Chuan waved his hand, “Judging from the current situation, it is Qi Qiao who will want to borrow people from us, not the other way round.”


Chen Tian Fei wasn’t a fool, so his expression changed when he heard that and began to ask, “Head Manager, you mean…”


Zhao Bai Chuan grinned, “At the banquet before, after giving it a thought, this King recalled that Yu Xiu Shan is the Temple Master of Flying Smoke Temple. He is also a Fifth-Order Master while Flying Smoke Temple is situated in the adjacent Great Territory, so they and Seven Wonders Land are neighbours.”


Hearing that, Chen Tian Fei nodded, “There are bound to be conflicts between neighbours. Qi Qiao said that he was injured a few years ago, and even the Grand Array around Seven Wonders Land had been damaged. Yu Xiu Shan must have smelled blood and decided to make a move to annex Seven Wonders Land in order to strengthen his own force.”


Zhao Bai Chuan said, “That’s what this King thinks as well. Moreover, you might not be aware of it, but of the seven Venerable Protectors of Seven Wonders Land, only four of them are in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. The remaining three are only Third-Order Open Heaven Realms.”


After giving it a thought, Chen Tian Fei realised that Zhao Bai Chuan was right. The three Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were the Venerable Protectors of Fire Spirit Land, Water Spirit Land, and Metal Spirit Land. It didn’t catch his attention at that time, but now he found it strange. Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were Low-Rank, so how could they become Venerable Protectors?


Zhao Bai Chuan smiled, “If I’m not mistaken, the misfortune that befell Seven Wonders Land in the past was tremendous. The previous Venerable Protectors must be dead, so three Third-Orders were promoted by Qi Qiao as there were no other suitable candidates.”


Upon hearing his reasoning, Chen Tian Fei did not miss a chance to flatter, “Head Manager is indeed intelligent. Just like what you’ve said, Qi Qiao might want to borrow some people from us.” Then, he observed his expression for a bit, “Do you intend to interfere in this matter? But, how will this benefit us in any way? These are their grudges. Even if we help Qi Qiao fend off the attacks from Flying Smoke Temple, he will only thank us. On the other hand, Yang Kai has so many treasures with him that can help us rise up again.”


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “Certainly, Qi Qiao’s gratitude doesn’t matter to this King.” Then, with a smug expression, he pointed forward and asked, “Old Chen, how do you find this place? Wouldn’t it be better if its name was changed to Scarlet Star?”


Chen Tian Fei felt his chest tightening as his usually narrowed eyes widened.


Since Zhao Bai Chuan had said so, it was apparent to Chen Tian Fei that the Head Manager intended to snatch Seven Wonders Land. At that instant, he felt apprehensive as Seven Wonders Land wasn’t so weak that they could oppress as they pleased. There was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as well as a number of Fourth-Order Masters assuming command. Moreover, they were in the other party’s headquarters. If they wanted to make a fuss here, they might fall into trouble should they act recklessly.


However, after pondering on it for a moment, Chen Tian Fei realised that it was actually feasible. Presently, Flying Smoke Temple had their eyes on Seven Wonders Land, so if they waited until the two parties became mutually wounded before making a move, they might stand a chance to seize this treasured land.


It was no wonder that the Head Manager requested to have a look around Seven Wonders Land. He wanted to survey his new domain.


Chen Tian Fei felt his heart pounding against his chest as his lips went dry. He was both anxious and excited. Secretly, he admired the Head Manager for his boldness. If they could snatch this treasured land, the value would be as great as capturing Yang Kai. Moreover, while Yang Kai was nowhere to be found, Seven Wonders Land was right in front of them.


With a solemn expression, he took a step back and cupped his fists, “Head Manager, please give the order. This Chen will do whatever it takes to repay your favour for nurturing me.”


Zhao Bai Chuan chuckled and patted his shoulder, “There’s no rush. We have to come up with a detailed plan first.”


Then, he turned around and looked down before saying quietly, “We do need a place where we can settle down.”


Meanwhile, in another Grand Hall, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was quietly listening to the report from the Venerable of Earth Spirit Land. Previously, he told this man to lead those from Scarlet Star to have a stroll around Seven Wonders Land because he was a scrupulous person who could observe things that others couldn’t.


After the report, Qi Qiao asked, “Did you find anything that was amiss?”


Hearing that, the Earth Spirit Land Venerable shook his head, “No. Those from Scarlet Star were acting normally. I couldn’t find anything wrong with them.”


The Venerable Protector of Yin Spirit Land, a middle-aged woman, heard this and frowned, “Heavenly Monarch, why have those from Scarlet Star come to Seven Wonders Land at such a critical moment? Could there be a plot afoot?”


Qi Qiao stared at her and said, “I know what you’re worried about, but Scarlet Star is quite far away from this place. Moreover, as far as I know, they’ve never come into contact with the Flying Smoke Temple, so it’s unlikely that they have joined forces to harm us. Certainly, we can’t rule out this possibility, so we have to investigate further.”


“I’m relieved that you’ve taken that into consideration.” The woman bowed her head.


The Venerable Protector of Yang Spirit Land landed a fist on the table and bellowed, “Damn it! If it weren’t because Xu Huang made a fuss in the past, we wouldn’t have fallen into such a state. If the Grand Array were still intact, Yu Xiu Shan wouldn’t have the guts to create trouble.”


In order to break through a Grand Array that protected a Spirit Province, one had to pay a hefty price. It wasn’t certain how Yu Xiu Shan found out that the Grand Array around Seven Wonders Land had been damaged, but like a cat catching a whiff of a fishy smell, Yu Xiu Shan hurriedly came over. In the past few years, there had been more than 20 fights, and there had been losses on both sides. Although those from Flying Smoke Temple hadn’t gained the upper hand, the weaknesses of the Grand Array around Seven Wonders Land had worsened. The Grand Array was at risk of falling apart.


Qi Qiao’s expression turned gloomy when he heard the name ‘Xu Huang’. In the past, Xu Huang had raised Hell in this place. Qi Qiao and other Venerable Protectors joined forces and severely injured him, so it was most likely that he was dead; however, during the battle, three Venerable Protectors lost their lives, while Qi Qiao was severely injured. Many of their disciples were killed, and a large number of Workers had escaped. It could be said that they had suffered immense losses.


However, the bigger problem was that Xu Huang had secretly altered the controlling rights of the Grand Array, which made it impossible for Qi Qiao to fully control it now. Therefore, he could only make use of 60% of the Grand Array’s power.


He was injured, but at the same time, he had to refine the Grand Array again. It could be said that he was exhausted both physically and mentally.


What made him feel even more apprehensive was that Xu Huang had brought the Array Jade with him when he ran away. He had a Grand Array Control Token as well, but it was only a copy of the original one. The real jade was in Xu Huang’s possession. That jade was superior to the one Qi Qiao had when it came to manipulating the Grand Array.


If he could obtain the jade, he could solve the crisis they were facing by regaining control over the Grand Array; however, he wasn’t sure if Xu Huang was dead or alive, and the jade was nowhere to be found.


It could be said that the situation wasn’t in his favour. After a sigh, Qi Qiao looked at the Venerable Protector of Earth Spirit Land, “Wei Hua, I’ll let you deal with those from Scarlet Star. Find out their intentions as soon as possible.”


Scarlet Star and Seven Wonders Land were separated by many Great Territories, so he didn’t believe that they would come all the way here for no reason. However, he was a reserved individual, so he didn’t inquire about it at the banquet.


Following a grunt, the Venerable Protector of Earth Spirit Land rose from his chair and cupped his fists, “Yes.”


“All of you may leave now,” Qi Qiao waved his hand, whereupon all of them streamed out of the hall.


After receiving Qi Qiao’s order, Venerable Protector Wei Hua went on to hospitably treat those from Scarlet Star over the next few days. He would hold a banquet every evening and share with them the local products of Seven Wonders Land and this Great Territory, slowly building up a rapport.


Nevertheless, Wei Hua felt speechless at the fact that these people from Scarlet Star never revealed their intentions for coming to this place, as though they had really come all the way here just to have a stroll. They would attend the banquet every day and drink the wine presented to them. They would also gladly accept the female disciples sent to serve them in bed.


Wei Hua had no idea what they were up to.


One day, during another banquet, Wei Hua was tipsy and unable to take it anymore, he asked directly, “Brother Chen, why have all of you come all the way to Seven Wonders Land? Just tell me if there’s anything you need. Our Heavenly Monarch is a generous person, so he won’t disappoint you.”


Chen Tian Fei’s face was red as he appeared intoxicated as well, but in fact, he was totally sober. Hearing this, he thought to himself that those from Seven Wonders Land couldn’t hold back their curiosity and anxiety anymore.



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