Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4134, Open Conspiracy


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“The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary opened?”


Inside the Grand Hall, Qi Qiao was dumbfounded upon hearing the Earth Spirit Land Venerable’s report, while the other Open Heaven Realm Masters were equally stunned.


The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was a wondrous place. Even though many people had heard about its existence, it took a great opportunity for anyone to be able to enter. Moreover, even if one managed to enter, it wasn’t certain if they could come out alive. It was an opportunity as well as a risk.


Wei Hua nodded, “That was what Chen Tian Fei told me.”


The female Venerable of Yin Spirit Land asked, “Senior Brother Wei, do you think he was telling the truth?”


Wei Hua shook his head, “I’ll need to investigate further before I can verify his claim. However, based on my observation, Chen Tian Fei didn’t seem to be lying. Moreover, this matter has far-reaching implications, and the news will be spread quickly. I don’t think they would do something so foolish as to tell such an easily exposed lie.”


Qi Qiao nodded, “That’s right. The opening of Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary is a major event, and no one can hide it.”


Wei Hua said, “Apparently, their Star City was swallowed by the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so they’re homeless now. When they were finally able to leave, they happened to be around this place. Heavenly Monarch, Chen Tian Fei remembered you, which was why he decided to come to Seven Wonders Land to have a short stay.”


“I see,” Qi Qiao muttered.


Previously, he wondered why those from Scarlet Star would come all the way here to his territory. He came to find now that it was because of the opening of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, which was a valid reason.


The eyes of Yang Spirit Land Venerable brightened as he said, “Heavenly Monarch, in that case, we can consider taking in those people from Scarlet Star. Now that they’re homeless, we can make them stay in Seven Wonders Land to strengthen our power. By then, we won’t have to be afraid of Yu Xiu Shan anymore.”


Wood Spirit Land Venerable snorted, “Are you out of your mind? Chen Tian Fei doesn’t matter as he’s just a Fourth-Order, but Zhao Bai Chuan is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who is in the same realm as Heavenly Monarch. Regardless of whether we can take them in or not, I’m worried that they will not be loyal to us.”


Yang Spirit Land Venerable found this to be sensible. Zhao Bai Chuan was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so if he was allowed to stay in Seven Wonders Land, it was difficult to subdue him as he might not be willing to work under the Heavenly Monarch. Moreover, those from Scarlet Star had lost their Star City, so they needed a new place to call home; therefore, they might covet Seven Wonders Land. It was akin to welcoming wolves into one’s home if they were allowed to stay.


After giving it a thought, Yang Spirit Land Venerable said, “We don’t have to take them in, but we can employ them.”


Qi Qiao gazed at him, “You mean…”


There was a smile on Yang Spirit Land Venerable’s face, “They don’t have a place to call home anyway, and Chen Tian Fei is an old acquaintance of yours. If we can offer a good price, they might be willing to lend us a hand. One of them is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and the other is a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If we put them in the right places, they can help us destroy Flying Smoke Temple.”


The Wood Spirit Land Venerable scoffed, “You’re oversimplifying things.”


There seemed to be some grudges between the two Venerables. Seeing as the other party refuted him again, Yang Spirit Land Venerable sported a dark expression and glared at him, “What opinion do you have, then?”


Wood Spirit Land Venerable said, “They have just left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Even though we’ve never been to that place, we’ve heard about it. There’s great danger as well as opportunities inside. As long as one is able to leave that place alive, they will undoubtedly bring with them immense rewards. Now, they’re alive and kicking. Although I have no idea what they’ve obtained, they’re definitely not poor. What can we offer that will make them willing to lend us a hand? They will brush us off if the benefits are not good enough, and we’ll suffer a loss if the benefits are too tremendous.”


Yang Spirit Land Venerable tried to argue, “But, Chen Tian Fei is an old friend of Heavenly Monarch. If Heavenly Monarch personally…”


“Have you cultivated too long and lost your mind?” Wood Spirit Land Venerable gave him a disdainful look, “Regardless of whether Chen Tian Fei will value this friendship and decide to lend us a hand, he’s not the Head Manager of Scarlet Star. The Head Manager is Zhao Bai Chuan! If Heavenly Monarch is turned down, our force will be thoroughly embarrassed!”


Yang Spirit Land Venerable was fuming with rage, but he had to admit that the other Venerable was right; therefore, he was lost for words at the moment.


Qi Qiao was seated at the head of the hall as he stared coldly at his subordinates, who were bickering with each other, only interjecting after some time to ask, “Miao Yue, since you keep refuting him, you must have a plan in mind. Why don’t you tell us about it?”


Miao Yue was the name of the Wood Spirit Land Venerable.


Hearing that, Yang Spirit Land Venerable became elated as he took pleasure in Miao Yue’s misfortune, waiting for the latter to embarrass himself in front of the Heavenly Monarch.


Nevertheless, with a confident look on his face, Miao Yue explained, “Yes, Heavenly Monarch. I do have an idea. If this plan works, not only can we pay nothing to get the help of those from Scarlet Star, but we can also have a chance to get rid of Yu Xiu Shan forever. However, you have to personally act to express our sincerity.”


Yang Spirit Land Venerable glowered at him, “Nonsense!”


However, Qi Qiao’s interest had been piqued, “Tell me about it.”


As Miao Yue explained his idea, the eyes of the people in the Grand Hall brightened as they appeared excited. Even though Yang Spirit Land Venerable was displeased, he had to admit that the other Venerable was a clever person. He hated himself for not being able to come up with such a simple solution, which allowed his rival to gain all the credit.


Upon hearing the full plan, Qi Qiao guffawed, “Miao Yue, your idea will help us chase the wolves away while getting all the benefits, and with an overt plot at that. Even if those from Scarlet Star see through it, they will still be tempted. Wonderful. If this plan works, you will be rewarded greatly.”


There was a polite smile on Miao Yue’s face, “Heavenly Monarch, it is my duty to help you share your burden, so I wouldn’t dare to take any credit for it.” Then, with a smug expression, he shot a glance at Yang Spirit Land Venerable, which infuriated the latter.


After rising from his chair, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch declared, “We should get it done quickly as Yu Xiu Shan might strike again at any moment. This King will look for Zhao Bai Chuan and discuss this matter with him now.”


Miao Yue then said, “Heavenly Monarch, regarding the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary…”


Qi Qiao stopped in his tracks and fell silent for a moment, “Get some people to look into this matter. If the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary really opened, news would have spread quickly and caused a great commotion. Just ask around in the Universe Temple and we will soon know the truth.”


“Yes,” Miao Yue replied respectfully.


Half a day later, in the palace where those from Scarlet Star lived, Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei hospitably saw Qi Qiao off. It wasn’t certain what the discussion was about, but all of them sported bright smiles on their faces. Apparently, they were happy with the outcome.


“It’s decided, then. I will be counting on your assistance then, Brother Zhao,” Qi Qiao cupped his fists. His face had been pale due to his injury, but at this moment, it seemed to be glowing.


Zhao Bai Chuan cupped his fists back and said, “Many thanks, Heavenly Monarch. This Zhao and all of us from Scarlet Star are grateful that you’ve found such a great opportunity for us. If everything works out, we will certainly prepare a great gift for you.”


“You’re too polite,” Qi Qiao chuckled and bid them farewell before leaving.


In his heart, he was extremely pleased. Initially, if they wanted to seek the help of those from Scarlet Star, they would have had to pay a hefty price; however, by using Miao Yue’s plan, not only could they pay nothing, they also stood to gain a reward from Scarlet Star after the incident. This was indeed a perfect plan with all the benefits going to them.


After Qi Qiao was gone, Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei returned to their hall and opened a barrier to prevent anyone from eavesdropping on them.


With an awkward expression, Chen Tian Fei stroked his chin, “Head Manager, just like what you had expected, Qi Qiao came to borrow some people from us, but his idea is… interesting.”


Zhao Bai Chuan chuckled, “This open conspiracy is indeed ingenious.”


Chen Tian Fei nodded his head, “They know that we’re homeless, so we need a place to settle down. As long as we can help them get rid of Yu Xiu Shan, we can take over Flying Smoke Temple. Tsk… It’s such a perfect plan. Head Manager, what do you think?”


He knew that Zhao Bai Chuan intended to snatch Seven Wonders Land, but Qi Qiao had presented Flying Smoke Temple to them as bait, so he wasn’t sure if they should accept it.


Strictly speaking, Qi Qiao’s suggestion would most likely work; after all, if they joined forces, there was no way those from Flying Smoke Temple could defeat them. If they could come up with a proper plan, they certainly could snatch the Temple. On the other hand, they were not confident that they could take control of Seven Wonders Land.


Zhao Bai Chuan just wanted a place to settle down, and Seven Wonders Land and Flying Smoke Temple were both Second Class forces, so either of them would be fine. There was no reason for them to insist on choosing Seven Wonders Land; therefore, the Head Manager would have to make a decision.


Zhao Bai Chuan, however, just sneered and replied, “This King knows nothing about Flying Smoke Temple, but I’ve taken a liking to Seven Wonders Land.”


Hearing that, Chen Tian Fei knew that the Head Manager was determined to obtain Seven Wonders Land. After pondering on it for a moment, he said, “Should we pretend to play along and act according to the circumstances, then?”


Zhao Bai Chuan said, “Don’t worry. I’ve already made some arrangements. Now, we’ll have to see if we can pull in one more pawn. If we can do that, we’ll definitely achieve our goal.”


Right then, Zhao Bai Chuan’s expression changed as he waved his hand to undo the barrier.


The next moment, a Third-Order Master stepped into the hall with an unconscious woman in his hand. Then, he cupped his fists and said, “Manager Zhao, Manager Chen.”


This Third-Order Master was one of the Great Commanders of Scarlet Star, and his position was only below the Managers. Previously, he had followed Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei to enter Seven Wonders Land. There were more than ten Low-Rank cultivators just like him, but their powers varied.


“How was it?” Zhao Bai Chuan asked.


The man replied excitedly, “Just as Head Manager expected, some of the disciples from Seven Wonders Land have left in succession.”


Zhao Bai Chuan scoffed, “The news of the opening of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary has been spread, so they’d definitely send some people to gather information; after all, they don’t fully trust us.”


The person said, “I was waiting for a long time before I found a chance to capture one of them. Soon, the other one will come into contact with the other Managers.”


Initially, Chen Tian Fei had no idea what this person was saying, but after listening for a while, he became excited and immediately realised the Head Manager’s plan. Secretly, he admired the Head Manager’s cunning. Previously, while the Head Manager told Chen Tian Fei to unobtrusively reveal the news regarding the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he also secretly set up a plot. Chen Tian Fei felt that he was no match for the Head Manager when it came to intelligence, so he became even more respectful of the latter.




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