Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4137, Seven Wonders Land’s New Owner


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Zhao Bai Chuan knew little about Flying Smoke Temple, but he had carefully surveyed Seven Wonders Land and concluded that it was a terrific place. The seven Spirit Provinces were attuned to each of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. The seven kinds of spirit fruits grown in each respective Spirit Province could be used to make Open Heaven Pills, which was a stable source of income.


If the people of Scarlet Star could settle down in this place, they would have the capital to rise again.


Moreover, compared to Yu Xiu Shan, it was easier to kill Qi Qiao; after all, Qi Qiao had been seriously wounded, so Zhao Bai Chuan wouldn’t have to worry that he would put up a desperate last struggle and drag him down with him. On the other hand, Yu Xiu Shan was completely healthy. If he had a Secret Technique that could overdraft his strength and greatly boost his power before his death, Zhao Bai Chuan would have to suffer.


After going through all the pros and cons, he decided to snatch Seven Wonders Land.


The light in Qi Qiao’s eyes went out. Before his death, he still couldn’t believe that while he was plotting against others, he was also walking into someone else’s plot.


“Zhao Bai Chuan… you’ll die a horrible death!” He cursed before passing away.


There was no emotion on Zhao Bai Chuan’s face, “That’s none of your concern.”


Right after Qi Qiao lost his life, Chen Tian Fei turned into a gigantic meatball and rolled into the battlefield. In an imposing manner, he charged towards Earth Spirit Land Venerable Wei Hua.


Wei Hua was already in a perilous situation as he was besieged by two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Flying Smoke Temple. Now that Chen Tian Fei also came at him, how was he supposed to fend him off?


While horrified, he still tried his best to ward off the attacks from his current enemies, but after ten breaths of time, he was struck by the gigantic meatball. In an instant, his chest became indented, and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with the pieces of his organs.


The two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters charged forward, and as a glint flashed across their blades, Wei Hua’s head flew into the air and blood started spurting out of his neck.


First, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was betrayed and killed, then the Earth Spirit Land Venerable was murdered. All this happened in just ten breaths of time. The turn of events terrified the Open Heaven Realm Masters from Seven Wonders Land.


“Retreat!” Seeing as the situation wasn’t in their favour, Wood Spirit Land Venerable Miao Yue yelled and shot into the sky. He wouldn’t dare to keep battling against their enemies.


Behind him, the Open Heaven Realm Masters from Seven Wonders Land ditched their opponents and ran for their lives.


“Hahaha! Where do you think you’re going?” A burly figure suddenly emerged from the gap in the Grand Array, blocking the only exit. He was none other than Bei Yu Shan from Scarlet Star. Besides him, Lady Qin, the Ou Yang Brothers, and other Open Heaven Realm Masters had also come.


Seeing this, Miao Yue and the others felt their hearts sinking.


Bei Yu Shan and the others were all Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, so there was no way they could defeat the four of them and flee.


Instantaneously, Bei Yu Shan and the Ou Yang Brothers led the Scarlet Star Open Heaven Realm Masters and dashed towards Miao Yue and his group. Soon, they fell into another melee.


Lady Qin stood guard before the gap on her own. After she sat down with her legs crossed, she placed a zither in front of her and plucked its strings, whereupon melodious music permeated the air.


Shrieks were continuously heard as the Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed. Those from Seven Wonders Land were easily defeated as they were powerless to resist; after all, they had already lost all morale, and they indeed were less powerful than Bei Yu Shan and the others.


Just one hour later, more than ten people had been killed. Even the Yang Spirit Land Venerable’s corpse had been ground into dust. Miao Yue’s hair was dishevelled, and he was soaked in blood as he exclaimed, “Don’t kill me! I’m willing to surrender!”


Ignoring his plea, Bei Yu Shan continued hunting him down.


On the other hand, Yu Xiu Shan’s expression changed as he said, “Head Manager Zhao, will you please tell your subordinate to spare Miao Yue’s life?”


Zhao Bai Chuan asked, “Brother Yu, do you intend to recruit a talented person like him or something?”


Yu Xiu Shan chuckled, “How can he be considered a talented person when he’s afraid of death? However, he’s a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he might be useful to us in the future if we keep him alive.”


Since he had made such a request, Zhao Bai Chuan wouldn’t reject him. In any case, Zhao Bai Chuan had already achieved his goal, so he secretly spoke to Bei Yu Shan and told him to stop.


Soon, the battle ended. Seven Wonders Land had suffered immense losses. Only two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Miao Yue and the Yin Spirit Land Venerable, were left. The Yang Spirit Land Venerable and Earth Spirit Land Venerable Wei Hua were killed in battle while many Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters also lost their lives. As for the lower disciples, more than 40% had died.


Although many were still alive, the people from Seven Wonders Land all appeared apprehensive as they had no idea what kind of fate awaited them.


Yu Xiu Shan leapt into the air and persuaded them to surrender. Seeing as there was a chance to live, the people from Seven Wonders Land fell on their knees and kowtowed. With a satisfied look, Yu Xiu Shan nodded in approval.


Then, he landed on the ground and cupped his fists at Zhao Bai Chuan, “Brother Zhao, it’s been wonderful working with you. Seven Wonders Land has been occupied, and it’s time you fulfilled your promise.”


Although Flying Smoke Temple had won the battle, they had also suffered some losses. Many of their disciples lost their lives, along with ten Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Nevertheless, the purpose of a battle was not the battle itself but the benefits.


After the battle, the people from Scarlet Star could take control of Seven Wonders Land, so certainly, those from Flying Smoke Temple wouldn’t want to make a loss.


Yu Xiu Shan and Zhao Bai Chuan had secretly come to an agreement. After they occupied Seven Wonders Land, those from Scarlet Star would settle down in this place, while the treasures accumulated over the years in Seven Wonders Land would all go to Flying Smoke Temple.


This was a win-win deal as both parties could get what they wanted most. On the surface, it appeared that Scarlet Star had suffered a loss; after all, all the benefits would be taken by Flying Smoke Temple. However, they had just left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so the treasures in Seven Wonders Land didn’t really matter to them.


“I won’t go back on my word. Brother Yu, please help yourself.” Zhao Bai Chuan nodded.


After thanking him, Yu Xiu Shan told his subordinates to follow Miao Yue to the storehouse and take everything. The people from Flying Smoke Temple would handle the corpses on the battlefield, while those from Scarlet Star wouldn’t take part in it; after all, corpses had many treasures on them, so it wasn’t appropriate for Scarlet Star to join.


Even before blood flowed across the battlefield, both parties had agreed on the distribution of benefits.


A moment later, a subordinate came over with Qi Qiao’s Space Ring. Yu Xiu Shan took it and wiped away the imprint left on it. After scanning it with his Divine Sense, he fished out something and gave it to Zhao Bai Chuan, “Brother Zhao, if I’m not mistaken, this should be the Array Jade of Seven Wonders Land.”


Zhao Bai Chuan took it and replied with a smile, “Many thanks, Brother Yu.”


This was also a part of the deal. With this jade in his possession, Zhao Bai Chuan would officially become the owner of Seven Wonders Land.


Yu Xiu Shan guffawed, “It belongs to you anyway. From now on, we’ll be neighbours, so we should help each other out.”


Zhao Bai Chuan nodded in agreement.


Two days later, everything was settled and Zhao Bai Chuan said, “We’ve just come to this place, so we have many things to do. Brother Yu, I’ll not make you stay. After this Zhao handles all the necessary affairs, I will pay you a visit.”


Knowing that he was not welcome any longer, Yu Xiu Shan simply decided to leave. He laughed and replied, “I’ll be waiting, then. Farewell.”


“Farewell.” Zhao Bai Chuan nodded lightly.


With Yu Xiu Shan leading the way, the people from Flying Smoke Temple escorted the captives from Seven Wonders Land and shot into the sky. Soon, they were gone.


Following that, Chen Tian Fei appeared distressed as he said, “Those captives would have been useful. Yu Xiu Shan is so greedy, bringing all of them away. He’s such a despicable person.”


With a smile, Zhao Bai Chuan replied, “Let him be. Those captives don’t really matter. Now that we’ve taken control of Seven Wonders Land, we don’t have to worry about recruiting people or making money.”


Chen Tian Fei said after a laugh, “Head Manager is right. In any case, isn’t life full of surprises? Initially, we were here to borrow some people from Qi Qiao to look for Yang Kai. Who could have expected that things would turn out this way?”


Yang Kai possessed unimaginable wealth, so if they could capture him and snatch everything he had, Scarlet Star’s wealth would increase significantly. However, it was hard to tell whether securing a new territory or capturing Yang Kai was more important.


With a solemn expression, Chen Tian Fei said, “We’re not afraid of that brat surnamed Yang, but he said that he’s from First Inn, and he has the support of Madam Lan. We don’t know if it’s true or not. If what he is saying is true though, things will become thorny.”


After all, Madam Lan from First Inn was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, while their Head Manager was only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If Madam Lan stormed into their new place, they wouldn’t be able to fend her off.


Zhao Bai Chuan snorted, “Why would we be afraid of that woman? This King will also ascend to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm sooner or later. If she has the guts to come here, this King will teach her a lesson.”


Chen Tian Fei became excited and cupped his fists, “Congratulations, Head Manager.”


The Ou Yang Brothers, Lady Qin, and the others also said in unison, “Congratulations, Head Manager.”


Over the years, Zhao Bai Chuan had been trying to achieve a breakthrough to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he hadn’t managed to do so. Now, it seemed that he had reached a point where he could achieve his goal.


With the jade in his hand, Zhao Bai Chuan said, “Moreover, as long as I can refine this jade, I will be able to control the Grand Array.”


With the help of the Grand Array, he would be able to use a power that was far greater than his own even if he just broke through to the Sixth Order. Moreover, the news that they had occupied Seven Wonders Land hadn’t spread around, so it would be at least eight to ten years later before Madam Lan could find them.


Upon that realization, Chen Tian Fei cast away his worries.


“This King has to enter seclusion, so you will handle everything,” Zhao Bai Chuan said. After delegating power to Chen Tian Fei, he left. Over the years, Scarlet Star had been managed by Chen Tian Fei, so there was nothing to worry about.


Chen Tian Fei and the others bowed their heads and saw him off. Then, they set about cleaning up the battlefield, burying the corpses, and repairing the Spirit Arrays. All of them were swamped with work.


Initially, Scarlet Star had some pretty decent development in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and they had more than ten thousand disciples. However, many of them had lost their lives in the Primordial Land, and there were now only about three or four thousand left. Previously, these people were not swift enough to follow Zhao Bai Chuan and the others as they passed through several Great Territories.


Two months had passed since that initial chase though, so naturally, these disciples had reunited with Bei Yu Shan and the others.


Seven Wonders Land, which consisted of seven Spirit Provinces, was vast, able to accommodate over a million people with ease; therefore, these three or four thousand people were like a basin of water being poured into the ocean. They were nowhere in sight just a moment later.


Rebuilding this place was a difficult task as it would take him several dozen to a hundred years to finish; after all, they had too few people on their side. However, since there was hope, they were all energetic and tireless.


Chen Tian Fei personally surveyed the entire land. Although he had followed Wei Hua to walk around some of the places in Seven Wonders Land, he was a guest at that time. Now, from the perspective of an owner, he needed to more thoroughly understand Seven Wonders Land.




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  1. what a nonsense

    i thought vaping smoke tempe want to annex this 7 wonderland. how come they just satisfied with just whatever in vault? and this scarlet star manager, i thought their greed so big, weakened this vaping smoke and 7 wonderland then kill both of them to take it all. then yang kai came to the rescue. take all at the end with the help of grand array.

    but momo said, that was too easy for yang kai. we need him to struggle. then we give him powerup. later we nerf him back to fulfill the plot.

    1. No, you are seriously simplifying the situation. Scarlet star doesn’t have the manpower to take over the territories of 2 second class forces. Like we have seen they only have a few thousand people, barely enough to manage just one of these places, and they would have lost quite a few people if they tried to forcibly take down both the forces. Even if they managed to take down both forces they would then need to split up into 2 groups in order to manage both places, which would make it harder to protect both the territories. Better to just take over one place and have all your forces there. As for Smoke whatever , they wouldn’t stand a chance at beating 7 wonders land if they didn’t agree to scarlet star’s proposal, which means they wouldn’t get anything. This way, they practically got hundreds or thousands of years of accumulated wealth for practically nothing, so for flying smoke temple this was much better than trying to take over 7 wonders land. After all, even if 7 wonders land has the potential to make a lot of money, it would take alot of effort and manpower to manage the orchards, and alot of time for the fruits to mature and they would need a very skilled alchemist to make the pills as well. Depending on how you look at it, all that effort might not even be as valuable as just taking the accumulated wealth from the vaults.

      1. We have seen that, the head manager of scarlet star is very cautious and doesn’t like to take too many risks or sacrificing too much. Trying to beat both 7 wonders land and flying smoke temple is too risky, too greedy and very self destructive.

        On another note, Yang kai has no intentions to come to anyone’s rescue. Why would he stick his neck out for 7 wonders land. I suppose if scarlet star got too greedy and and weakened themselves by attacking both 7 wonders land and flying smoke temple, they would give yamg kai a chance to easily destroy them, but that’s only an ideal situation from Yang kai’s perspective. Even if they don’t know Yang kai is here and that he could take advantage of them after they got weakened, why would they go out of their way to weaken themselves in the first place when they don’t have to?

        This was a smarter move for scarlet star. Flying smoke temple is satisfied because they get the wealth from the vaults for practically nothing. Scarlet star is satisfied because they get an excellent new home for practically nothing. Both sides are happy, it’s a win win. Sure its not as good for Yang kai, but expecting other people to just put themselves in a worse situation for Yang kai’s benefit is just ridiculous. We might have been able to expect it if we knew that the head manager was a short sighted, greedy, and foolish man. But that’s not what we know of him, is it? In fact we k ow he is the opposite, he is careful and cunning. Too careful for his own good to be sure, but because he is careful he wouldn’t make any self destructive moves.

        Besides it’s not like its so bad for Yang kai. Because qi qiao heavenly monarch is now dead, yue he can now further refine the grand array surrounding 7 wonders land. Sure the head manager now has the token for the array as well, but because he has yet to refine it, he won’t notice yue he taking control of the array until its too late. At that point Yang kai’s team would have the home field advantage. Also scarlet star has brought back all of their forces to 7 wonders land, which means they shouldn’t have too many people, if any patrolling the territory gates. Which means it will be easier for Yang kai to escape if he has to.

        1. To add to that:
          Either Scarlet Star helps Smoke Temple soon (like they did here) or they wait until both sides are more exhausted, which would make it easier to defeat both. But before that happens, both 7 wonder Land and Smoke Temple would notice that Scarlet Star isn’t acting like they agreed to, so they’ll retreat and then neither force trusts Scarlet Star anymore.
          So working with Smoke Temple like they did here seems smarter

    2. In the first place the smoke temple only came looking for easy profit. One thing to loot a vault of organization equal to yours in power for practically free and take it home the same day, another – to fight 3-way annihilation war to take over an additional territory, and then defend it AND your equally valuable home territory with the remaining forces, essentially setting yourself up for a long haul multi-front defensive play, when all the neighbors drop by looking for a piece of you.

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