Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4138, Taking Action


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Inside the cave in the shopping district, a myriad of expressions came over Yang Kai as he fell into his thoughts.


The battle two days ago shocked him. Initially, he thought that those from Seven Wonders Land and Scarlet Star had come to an agreement, and the people from Flying Smoke Temple would definitely suffer a grave defeat, but in the end, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch was plotted against by Zhao Bai Chuan and Yu Xiu Shan. In just two days, Seven Wonders Land had changed owners.


He could not figure out how Zhao Bai Chuan and Yu Xiu Shan came into contact with each other.


Nevertheless, he could understand why Zhao Bai Chuan coveted Seven Wonders Land; after all, their Star City had been destroyed, so they indeed needed a place to settle down.


It was because of this temptation that the two parties came to an agreement. The turn of events in Seven Wonders Land was actually a great opportunity for Yang Kai.


Initially, Qi Qiao was the owner of this place, and he possessed the Array Jade, so Yang Kai hadn’t thought about taking any action; however, it was a different case when Zhao Bai Chuan was in charge.


In order to control the Grand Array, Zhao Bai Chuan had to first refine the Array Jade. In other words, Seven Wonders Land was basically defenceless at the moment.


Given Yue He’s capabilities, she could easily take control of the Grand Array.


Licking his dry lips, Yang Kai decided that since those from Scarlet Star had been relentlessly trying to kill him as they had hunted him down through several Great Territories, he had to take this perfect opportunity to retaliate against them.


Upon that realization, Yue He looked at him with a gaze filled with anticipation. Yang Kai traded glances with her and gently nodded.


At that instant, she was excited as she said, “Young Master, what should we do? I will follow your orders.”


Yang Kai asked, “Do you have the confidence to defeat Zhao Bai Chuan?”


Yue He smiled, “Both of us are Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Under normal circumstances, we should be equally matched with neither side able to easily defeat the other. However, I have the help of the Grand Array now. If it is a one-on-one fight, I’m confident that I’ll defeat him within one hour.”


She was confident of achieving this goal because she had refined 50% of the Grand Array Control Token over the past two months, so she was able to use its power to a great extent. On the other hand, Zhao Bai Chuan wasn’t able to do so.


That was the reason Xu Huang, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, could raise such a huge fuss in Seven Wonders Land, severely injuring Qi Qiao and killing three Venerable Protectors in the past. He had made use of the Grand Array’s power to do so. Unfortunately, he lost the battle in the end and journeyed to the Yellow Springs.


Zhao Bai Chuan was the strongest cultivator in Scarlet Star, and Yue He could handle him. The rest of them were the other Managers. Chen Tian Fei, the Ou Yang Brothers, Bei Yu Shan, and Lady Qin were all powerful Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters as well. Presently, Yang Kai could only make use of Lu Xue. Even if she made a move, she could only hold down a single Fourth-Order cultivator, leaving her unable to deal with the remaining four.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon might be able to contribute. Guo Zi Yan wasn’t taken into consideration as a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him would likely end up in a horrible state in such a battle.


The lack of manpower gave Yang Kai a headache. Unfortunately, Zhu Jiu Yin was in a state of deep sleep. If she could make a move, everything would be simple.


Since he didn’t have enough people, he could only deal with his opponents one by one. As long as he could take out Zhao Bai Chuan’s subordinates, it would be easier to deal with him when the time came.


“Can you locate Chen Tian Fei, Bei Yu Shan, and the other Fourth Orders?” Yang Kai asked in a grim voice.


Yue He replied, “I’ll give it a try.”


Then, she closed her eyes and grasped the Array Jade before trying to locate their opponents.


With the help of the Grand Array, she could faintly sense what was going on in Seven Wonders Land, but due to the fact that she hadn’t fully refined it yet, she was unable to sense everything.


A moment later, she opened her eyes and said, “There’s one in Water Spirit Land, two people in Fire Spirit Land, and also people in Earth Spirit Land. I’m not sure who the people are in Water Spirit Land and Fire Spirit Land, but the auras of the two people in Earth Spirit Land are very similar, and there isn’t much difference about the fluctuations of their Souls, so I believe they’re the Ou Yang Brothers.”


A glint flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes when he heard that, “Then we’ll deal with them first.”


Ou Yang Bing and Ou Yang Lei were twin brothers who were experts in Combined Attack Techniques. Any one of them was no match for the other Managers in Scarlet Star, but after they joined forces, it was extremely difficult to deal with them. In the past, Yang Kai had traded moves with the people from Scarlet Star in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so he was fully aware of that.


If he could kill the Ou Yang Brothers, the collective power of Scarlet Star would be reduced significantly.


Thinking so, he fished out a mask as thin as a cicada’s wings and placed it on his face. As a thought flashed through his mind, Yang Kai transformed into a clean-looking man.


“Seven Faces…” Yue He stared at him and muttered under her breath. Her eyes appeared conflicted as though she was walking down memory lane.


“You recognise this?” Yang Kai was surprised, but he soon figured that she might have seen this mask before.


Seven Faces was given to him by the Proprietress, and Yue He had a complicated relationship with her, so it wasn’t surprising that she had seen Seven Faces before.


Seven Faces was an amazing Camouflage Artifact that could allow the user to assume seven different faces. The best part was that not only could this thing change a person’s face, but it could also alter his aura.


However, the Proprietress had said that Seven Faces shared the same disadvantage as the Shadowless Veil. While Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could never see through it, there was a risk of exposure in the eyes of those in the Mid-Rank. The more powerful the opponent was, the easier it would be to see through this disguise. As for dealing with High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, trying to use Seven Faces or the Shadowless Veil would only lead to embarrassing oneself.


After Yang Kai altered his face and aura, even the people closest to him wouldn’t recognise him.


Seeing as he fished out the Six Fated Paths Bag, Yue He got his hint and relaxed her guard.


Before putting her inside it, Yang Kai said, “If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll bring you to see the Proprietress. Just apologise to her. I’m sure she will be forgiving.”


Yue He forced a smile, “The mistake has been made, and Big Sister Lan will never forgive me for it. Regardless, I don’t mind being beaten to death by her.”


A speechless Yang Kai didn’t speak further as he activated the Six Fated Paths Bag and put her inside it. Then, he swung the Shadowless Veil to conceal his aura and figure before leaving his hiding place.


It had to be said that Seven Faces and the Shadowless Veil worked perfectly together. One could hide the user’s aura and figure while the other could alter the user’s face. They were best used to do things that must not be exposed.


Yang Kai was familiar with Seven Wonders Land; after all, he had lived here for a while in the past. Nevertheless, he was only familiar with the shopping district and Fire Spirit Land, as he had never visited the other six Spirit Provinces.


After identifying the right direction, he headed straight to Earth Spirit Land.


Presently, the Ou Yang Brothers were leading their subordinates to patrol around Earth Spirit Land. There were seven Spirit Provinces in Seven Wonders Land. Besides the Head Manager, there were five Managers left. According to Chen Tian Fei’s arrangements, he wanted everyone to respectively take control of one Spirit Province and handle all the matters related to it. However, it was a special case for the Ou Yang Brothers. They had never been separated since birth, so they insisted on occupying the same Spirit Province.


From now on, Earth Spirit Land was their territory, and both of them were thrilled. It had been a long time since they started cultivating, but they had never been in charge of such a vast territory before. As they patrolled around, they talked about the future they were going to build.


As they spoke, they turned their heads to look in a particular direction. There was a ray of light rapidly coming to them. When it landed on the ground, it faded to reveal a clean-looking young man.


The Ou Yang Brothers were startled as they didn’t think they had met this man before; however, before they could ponder over it, the young man cupped his fists and said, “Sirs, Manager Chen has a message for you.”


Upon saying that, he held out a jade slip with both hands.


Ou Yang Lei frowned and said with displeasure, “What’s wrong with Chen Tian Fei now?” Then, he reached out for the jade slip.


Ou Yang Bing furrowed his brow as he felt that something was off about this whole situation, but he couldn’t really tell what it was. While he was hesitating, Ou Yang Lei took the jade slip and infused his Divine Sense into it.


Right then, a horrifying aura permeated the air. The aura was so terrifying that even Fourth-Order cultivators like the Ou Yang Brothers felt cold all over their bodies, and the expressions of the other disciples changed drastically.


“Divine Spirit!” Ou Yang Bing exclaimed.


It was evidently a Divine Spirit’s aura; more specifically, it was Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura. 


[It’s a trap!] All of Ou Yang Bing’s hair was standing on end as he finally realised what was off. However, before he could come to his senses, two figures, both women, abruptly appeared. One of them raised her hand and gently landed a palm on Ou Yang Lei’s chest. The other person wielded her cold water longsword as innumerable sword lights engulfed Ou Yang Bing.


At the same time, two gigantic figures manifested all of a sudden. One of them blew out a mouthful of flames to burn the disciples from Scarlet Star while the other one widened its mouth as its sticky saliva spread around and corroded space itself.


World Force undulated and following a loud crack, Ou Yang Lei’s eyes protruded as his chest caved in.


He was caught completely off guard, so Yue He’s attack almost instantly claimed his life; after all, there was already a gap of a single Order between their powers, so he wasn’t a match for her to begin with. Furthermore, he was stunned by the Divine Spirit’s aura and then struck by a sneak attack.


Nevertheless, after being struck by her attack, Ou Yang Lei still hadn’t lost his life. A Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had extremely strong vitality, so it wasn’t easy to simply kill him.


Just then, a deafening Dragon Roar was heard. A long spear abruptly appeared from behind Yue He. Earlier, it was concealed by her figure, but at this moment, the spear shot past her shoulder and stabbed into Ou Yang Lei’s forehead.


Following a loud boom, his head exploded, and blood started spurting out of his neck.


“Big Brother!” Ou Yang Bing howled as his eyes reddened. The twin brothers had always been together since birth, and they had never been separated. Now that his Big Brother was killed right in front of him, Ou Yang Bing nearly went mad with rage.


While he was both shocked and furious though, Lu Xue wielded her sword and landed attacks on all his vital parts. At that instant, blood started gushing out of his wounds as he had been slashed countless times in his moment of distraction.




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  1. Will this be the shortest ownership of territory ever? I thought the record would remain in Dragon Cave Mountain back in the Shadowed Star. But it seems the new Scarlet Star will fall just as it was established.

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