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Martial Peak – Chapter 4140, The Help of the Grand Array

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Yue He and Zhao Bai Chuan were both Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but they had never traded moves before; after all, there was no reason for them to fight when they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. At that time, Zhao Bai Chuan had to show deference to Yang Kai.


Upon Zhao Bai Chuan’s appearance, Chen Tian Fei managed to shake off Yue He’s pursuit and hurriedly stood beside the Head Manager along with Bei Yu Shan. The Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had arranged themselves into a Formation which linked their auras closely together. After sealing off the surrounding space, they drifted back and forth while concealing themselves. It wasn’t certain what else this Formation was for.


Sword Pavilion had their Sword Formation, and Scarlet Star had their own heritage as well. Although Yang Kai was also a part of Scarlet Star for a time as the Sixth Manager, he had no access to its secrets.


“The Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin…” Zhao Bai Chuan frowned and stared at Yue He, “Are they dead or alive?”


Earlier, he was getting ready to refine the Array Jade of Seven Wonders Land in seclusion, but before he even started, he received an urgent message from Chen Tian Fei which said that the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin couldn’t be contacted, so something must have happened to them.


Initially, he didn’t believe it; after all, they had just joined forces with Flying Smoke Temple and snatched Seven Wonders Land, and before Zhao Bai Chuan left, the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin were still alive and well. What could’ve happened to them in such a short time? Now, they were the only people in Seven Wonders Land, so who could’ve harmed them?


Then, he tried to contact them and realised that just like what Chen Tian Fei had said, they were unreachable. It was then he became aware that something was off. Following that, he halted his plan to refine the Array Jade and stayed hidden to observe what was going on.


Yang Kai was a mere Emperor Realm Junior who was much weaker than Zhao Bai Chuan, so it wasn’t surprising that he couldn’t sense his presence.


Seeing Yue He and the others now, Zhao Bai Chuan immediately knew that three of his best subordinates had been killed.


Yue He giggled, “Well… Of course, they’re dead.”


Zhao Bai Chuan’s face fell, “Lady Yue He, I commend you for your bravery, but your move is unwise. Do you think we have no one to deal with you all?”


Although Yue He had Lu Xue and Yang Kai as well as the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon, Zhao Bai Chuan had no regard for everyone else other than Yue He, a Fifth-Order Master. As long as he could kill her, he could do whatever he pleased with the others.


With a smile, Yue He replied, “Head Manager, what’s the point of saying that? Since this Mistress has the guts to appear, naturally I’m not afraid of you.”


In a grim voice, Zhao Bai Chuan said, “Are you really confident that you can defeat this King?” Besides the fact that he was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he also had two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters as well as several dozen Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and hundreds of disciples who had joined together in a Formation. On the opposing side, there was one Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, one Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, an Emperor Realm Junior, and two exotic beasts. The numbers and powers of the two sides were in stark contrast, so there wasn’t any hope for Yue He to win the battle.


“We’ll have to fight before we can find out who will win,” Yue He said calmly.


With a straight face, Zhao Bai Chuan said, “Perhaps we can discuss this. It’s not necessary for us to battle against one another.”


Chen Tian Fei was stunned as the Head Manager seemed to have the intention of making peace with them. Were they not going to avenge the deaths of the three Managers?


A startled Yue He asked with a smile, “Head Manager, how do you propose we discuss this matter?”


Zhao Bai Chuan explained, “We’ve just obtained Seven Wonders Land, so we do need more people to help us build up this place. You’ve killed three of our Managers, and this feud should be unresolvable; however, if you can swear upon your Dao Heart that you will never betray us after joining Scarlet Star, we will be one family. In that case, it isn’t necessary for us to destroy one another.”


Chen Tian Fei’s eyes brightened when he heard that as he admired the Head Manager’s farsightedness.


He was set on killing the people in front of him to avenge the deaths of the Ou Yang Brothers and the others to recover the face Scarlet Star had lost. Furthermore, they could snatch Yang Kai’s wealth and use it to build a bright future for Scarlet Star.


However, if Head Manager’s suggestion worked, it would be more helpful to Scarlet Star than outright killing them.


After all, Yue He was a powerful Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. With her help, their force would reach greater heights. If she was willing to surrender, Yang Kai could no longer make a fuss, and his wealth would naturally belong to them.


Certainly, it was a clever way to solve this problem without having to resort to battle, but would these people agree to it?


As expected, Yue He’s laughter rang out like a silver bell as she turned to look at Yang Kai, “Young Master, Head Manager wants us to surrender to him.”


With a long face, Yang Kai said dispassionately, “In his dreams!”


Yue He gazed at Zhao Bai Chuan, “Head Manager, you’ve heard my Young Master.”


Zhao Bai Chuan shot him a cold glance, “Brat, you only have one life, and there’s only one chance. Don’t throw it away pointlessly.” He didn’t understand why Yue He, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, would listen to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai said arrogantly in reply, “If you fall on your knees now and swear upon your Dao Heart that you will only obey this Young Master’s orders from now on, I can consider sparing your life; otherwise, you shall meet the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin in Hell!”


Zhao Bai Chuan bellowed, “Boy, how dare you speak like that to this King!”


Seeing that, Chen Tian Fei knew that there was no room for discussion, so he immediately yelled, “Go!”


Upon hearing the command, the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters around Yang Kai all formed a set of hand seals as they pushed their might through their Formation in an attempt to wipe out Yang Kai and his group all at once.


Earlier, they had simply linked their auras through their Formation but had yet to act. As soon as they made a move, space collapsed, which went to show how powerful this Formation was. More importantly, the Formation had the effect of sealing off the local space, making it impossible for Yang Kai and the others to flee.


However, Yang Kai remained calm and collected. There wasn’t a tinge of fluster behind his gaze.


Yue He raised her hand and smiled, “You have the help of a Formation, but it just so happens I have the help of a Grand Array.”


Upon finishing her words, she waved her hand gently. Following a rumble, a bolt of lightning appeared in the sky and struck one of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


The man targeted had his expression change drastically when he sensed the looming danger, but before he could react, he was hit.


In silence, he turned into a pile of dust that scattered with the wind. Only a trace of the attack was left on the ground.


The expressions of those from Scarlet Star changed drastically as Zhao Bai Chuan became horrified as though he had just run into a ghost, “How are you able to control the Grand Array of this place!?”


The lightning obviously came from the Grand Array of Seven Wonders Land, not from Yue He’s own power. Previously, when Qi Qiao was still in charge of the Grand Array, he had used this lightning to fend off the people from Flying Smoke Temple; therefore, Zhao Bai Chuan could immediately recognise it.


This was the Grand Array of a Second Class great force. Even though Yue He had only refined 50% of it, she could utilize a significant portion of its power.


The dead Open Heaven Realm Master was only in the Second Order, so he was totally powerless to resist the Grand Array’s strike. As soon as he was hit, he lost his life.


Yue He giggled, “There are many things that you don’t know.”


Following more rumbling sounds, a thunderstorm formed overhead and attacked Scarlet Star from all directions.


Zhao Bai Chuan and the others turned pale and cried out as they surged their strength to protect themselves.


The Managers were strong, so they were able to fend off the lightning bolts to a certain extent, but the Low-Rank Masters were not so lucky. As the rays of lightning continuously struck them, they were completely unable to counter them.


Shrieks were continuously heard as half of the couple dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives in an instant, which shattered the Formation they had arranged. With the burden lifted off, Yang Kai hurriedly opened the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd, after which the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light swept across his opponents alongside the thunderstorm.


Lu Xue wielded her cold water longsword as icy sword lights filled the air and slaughtered her opponents.


The gigantic Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon also charged into the crowd. Horrifying all who were still standing.


“Cheap slut, stop this instant!” Zhao Bai Chuan widened his eyes and bellowed. As the aura of his World Force undulated, he charged at Yue He.


Yue He sneered, and as a thought flashed through her mind, the Grand Array changed again. A thick fog suddenly appeared and engulfed a large region. Yue He, Zhao Bai Chuan, Chen Tian Fei, and Bei Yu Shan were all covered in it.


The fog roiled as the sound of battle was heard coming from it. The three Managers of Scarlet Star were heard shouting and yelling, but their figures couldn’t be seen.


This was the convenience of being able to control the Grand Array. Yue He was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so her strength was only on par with that of Zhao Bai Chuan; however, with the help of the powerful Grand Array, she could deal with three people on her own, which allowed Lu Xue to kill the other opponents with ease.


Initially, there were several dozen Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Nevertheless, over ten of them lost their lives following Yang Kai’s sneak attack, and half of them were killed by the lightning that was controlled by Yue He. Now, the remaining ones were all injured. As the aura of Lu Xue’s Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm might permeated the air, they did not dare to confront her.


Furthermore, the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light controlled by Yang Kai spread throughout the sky, damaging all who were caught in it. In addition, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon were ferociously attacking their enemies.


The Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives as their corpses fell from the sky, and in just several dozen breaths of time, most of them were dead. Only three to five people managed to survive and flee.


Lu Xue wanted to kill to the last, but Yang Kai stopped her, “There’s no need to chase after them!”


He turned to look at the fog. The Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had fled, didn’t matter. Now, they had to focus on dealing with the remaining three Managers of Scarlet Star.


Yue He was relying on the Grand Array to contend with the three of them at once, but she hadn’t fully refined the Array Jade yet, so the power she could wield was limited. Presently, she was battling against three people on her own, so it wasn’t certain how long she could trap them.


All of a sudden, a burly figure shot out of the fog. It was none other than Bei Yu Shan. This guy’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was shrouded in murderous intent. After he left the fog, he appeared startled.


When he was inside the fog earlier, he was unable to fully display his power, and he wasn’t even sure where Yue He was, which enraged him. As he charged around violently, he unexpectedly got out of the fog.


When he raised his head and saw Yang Kai and Lu Xue, he directly yelled, “I’ll kill you two!”


Cracks started appearing on the ground beneath his feet, and like a beast that had broken free of its cage, Bei Yu Shan pounced on Yang Kai and Lu Xue.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon dashed forward, but they were sent flying away by his fists, their huge figures falling to the ground and damaging a large part of the orchard.



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