Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4141, Fierce Battle With Bei Yu Shan


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Bei Yu Shan charged forward like a beast and Lu Xue confronted him as her cold water longsword radiated a glow that was as gentle as moonlight.


“Be careful. This guy possesses immense strength, so don’t fight with him head-on,” Yang Kai warned. At the same time, he assisted her with the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd in his hands.


As the sounds of breaking through the air were heard, Sword Intent surged as rays of Sword Qi slashed across Bei Yu Shan.


On the other hand, Bei Yu Shan was covered in a layer of golden light. With his arms crossed, he didn’t care about the Sword Qi that was striking him.


*Duo duo duo…* 


The rays of Sword Qi were blocked by the protective barrier around Bei Yu Shan. Even though the barrier was slightly damaged, the attacks only left some faint marks on his body.


Although Bei Yu Shan was naive and simple-minded, he had great innate strength, and his defensive capabilities were incredible. Both of them were in the Fourth Order, but Lu Xue’s Sword Qi was unable to harm him.


Despite the fact that both of them had served in different great forces in the Star City for many years, it was actually the first time they traded moves. At that instant, Lu Xue furrowed her brow.


After warding off her first strike, Bei Yu Shan dashed towards her and pushed out his fist at her face with a grin.


Lu Xue hurriedly retreated as she made circular movements with her sword. The small circles were engulfed by the large circles, which were then covered in even larger circles. There seemed to be an endless layer of ripples formed from Sword Qi.


The sword circles seemed to contain a special power. Bei Yu Shan was extremely strong, and he could shatter a star with his fist; however, presently, he was trapped by the endless sword circles. As soon as he came into contact with the circles, it was as though he had fallen into a quagmire. The harder he struggled, the more difficult it was for him to use his strength.


Besides that, he realised that his movements had also slowed down.


Seeing that, Yang Kaid didn’t hesitate to open the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and send a stream of Divine Light at Bei Yu Shan.


The Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was incredibly powerful, so not daring to be negligent, Bei Yu Shan quickly surged his World Force to block the attack.


When Yang Kai activated the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light some time ago, the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were barely able to resist it for a short while, but a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master like Bei Yu Shan only had the golden light around his body flicker. At that moment, the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was unable to injure him.


Yang Kai wasn’t surprised. Given his current cultivation, he was unable to interfere in a battle between two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. He was already pleased with the fact that he could make use of the Divine Light to distract and wear down Bei Yu Shan somewhat.


Now that Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei were trapped inside a fog that was controlled by Yue He, Yang Kai and Lu Xue could gain the upper hand by joining forces to kill Bei Yu Shan.


Following some roars, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon came rushing back. Earlier, they were sent flying away by Bei Yu Shan. Although they were not badly injured, their bestial natures had been ignited. Both of them had learned their lesson though so after rejoining the battle, they didn’t go near Bei Yu Shan again. Instead, one of them continuously let out a jet of flame while the other spat corrosive saliva at Bei Yu Shan.


Unfortunately, the flames only had a similar effect as Yang Kai’s Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. On the other hand, the Earth Dragon’s saliva was surprisingly useful. Its saliva was extremely corrosive, so as soon as it came into contact with Bei Yu Shan, the golden light around his body flickered violently.


A furious Bei Yu Shan roared as he wanted to end the Earth Dragon’s life, but he was unable to get rid of Lu Xue’s sword circles, which greatly annoyed him.


With a calm expression, Yang Kai unceasingly activated the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. Judging from the current situation, if Bei Yu Shan didn’t have any trump cards, he was bound to lose his life. However, Yang Kai had to wear down his power in order to kill him.


For a moment, the two sides entered a stalemate. Finally, there came a moment when Bei Yu Shan realised that half of his energy had left him. If this situation dragged on, this would be his final resting place. He turned to look at the fog and listened to the noises of the battle coming from it, but he was unable to see anything clearly. It was then he became aware that the Head Manager and Chen Tian Fei couldn’t even get out of the fog, let alone lend him a helping hand.


As such, he bellowed as his aura surged.


“Watch out!” Yang Kai yelled.


Right after that, Bei Yu Shan’s figure suddenly expanded. He was already a burly man who was much taller than the average person, but after using some unknown Secret Technique, the golden light around his body was replaced by a bloody glow. Following the sounds of bones cracking, he grew into a giant that was several dozen metres tall.


The giant appeared imposing, and the blood mist could be seen flushing out of his skin and surrounding him.


Lu Xue’s pupils contracted as she realised the shocking power of Bei Yu Shan’s move. Even though he seemed to have to pay a hefty price for it, his power had certainly grown tremendously.


Before, she was equally powerful as, if not stronger than Bei Yu Shan; however, after he activated this Secret Technique, it was apparent that he was, now, much stronger than she was.


The sword circles were still engulfing Bei Yu Shan and restraining him, but as he pushed out a fist, all the sword circles collapsed, and even Lu Xue grunted as blood started leaking from her lips.


Following that, he grabbed at the Scarlet Flood Dragon, who was wandering around him, spun its figure, and smashed it onto the Earth Dragon. The two exotic beasts rolled away together as their auras plunged.


“Slut, go to Hell!” After shaking off Lu Xue’s sword circles, he charged towards her. Visible hot breaths were seen puffing out of his nose. 


Not daring to be careless, Lu Xue placed two fingers on her sword and ran them across the blade. Following a shout, the sword turned into a ray of light as it slashed across Bei Yu Shan’s head.


Bei Yu Shan attempted to grab this sword light, but it pierced a hole through his palm the next instant and blood streamed out of his wound. Seeing as the sword was about to strike him though, he still didn’t seem to be flustered at all. A blood arrow shot out of his mouth and clashed with the ray of sword light.


Following a clang, the sword was revealed and sent flying away.


Bei Yu Shan grinned and pushed his huge palm on Lu Xue. She turned pale and hurriedly dodged the attack. With the help of Yang Kai’s Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, she was able to escape unscathed.


After his attack failed, Bei Yu Shan turned to look at Yang Kai with a hideous expression and roared, “How dare an Emperor Realm trash like you act so presumptuous in front of this King!? Die!”


He directly ditched Lu Xue and sprinted towards Yang Kai. After he transformed into a giant, his mind seemed to have been affected as well, resulting in him becoming more hot-blooded and easily provoked.


Yang Kai lowered his gaze and stared at him in silence.


“Watch out!” Lu Xue exclaimed and gripped her sword before trying to rush forward, but she was too late. She could only watch as Bei Yu Shan landed a palm on the spot Yang Kai was standing.


Yang Kai was only in the Emperor Realm, so if he was struck by this palm, there was no way he would survive. Lu Xue almost wanted to look away as she didn’t have the heart to watch.


Right then, a shocking Dragon Roar was heard as a Divine Spirit’s aura surged. Even though this aura wasn’t as powerful as that of Zhu Jiu Yin, it felt just as horrifying.


Before Lu Xue’s stunned eyes, she witnessed Yang Kai transform into a gigantic figure that was unbelievably tall. The figure was covered in Dragon Scales. There were Dragon Horns on his forehead, and his Dragon Claws were extremely sharp. The Dragon Tail behind him swayed back and forth as the beard on his chin flapped in the wind.


A rich Dragon Pressure suddenly filled the air.


“Dragon Clan?” Lu Xue was dumbfounded.


The giant Bei Yu Shan had turned into was huge, but faced with such an enormous figure, Bei Yu Shan was like a grandson who was standing beside his grandfather. He was totally incomparable to Yang Kai.


Presently, he was stunned as well. Since he turned into a giant, he had looked down at everyone all the time, so he had never expected that he would one day have to look up at someone in this form.


A gigantic shadow that seemed able to shade the entire world appeared. It was actually a Dragon Claw that was coming at him. At that instant, he yelled and raised his hands above his head in an attempt to ward off the claw.


As soon as he went into this posture, the Dragon Claw struck him.


Following a loud boom, the entire world shook, and Bei Yu Shan disappeared from where he stood. The several dozen metres tall giant was directly pushed into the ground.


Lu Xue felt her alluring eyes trembling.


Just when she thought that everything had been settled, Bei Yu Shan’s roar was heard coming from beneath the Dragon Claw. Following that, the claw was hoisted up as Bei Yu Shan slowly revealed his figure.


All his muscles had bulged as he forcefully raised the Dragon Claw. He was born with great strength, and after using his Secret Technique, his power increased significantly. Although Yang Kai used his Dragon Transformation, he still couldn’t gain the upper hand when it came to strength.


World Force surged, and Yang Kai’s humongous figure was sent flying away.


Bei Yu Shan laughed like a lunatic, “Hahaha! Good! Again!”


As though he had gone mad, he directly charged towards Yang Kai. It seemed that he wanted to compete against Yang Kai with pure physical strength again. Lu Xue quickly sent out a Sword Wave to stop him, but he ignored her attacks and simply allowed the Sword Qi to slash across him. Soon, he was wounded and covered in blood.


[This guy has lost his mind!] Lu Xue thought, speculating that he might have been affected by his Secret Technique.


On the other hand, Yang Kai stabilised himself and looked down at Bei Yu Shan, who was bolting towards him. With a dispassionate expression, he balled up his claw and struck out with his fist.


A glint flashed through Bei Yu Shan’s eyes as he met the attack with his fist. This kind of battle was blood-boiling for him. The opponents he had come across in the past were never willing to compete against him with strength. They would always jump around like monkeys, trying to wear him down by attacking from a distance, which always displeased him.


The gap between the fists, one was huge and the other was tiny, was rapidly shortening. With that said, Bei Yu Shan’s fist was only smaller in a relative sense. There was no way the fist of a several dozen metres tall giant was small, not to mention that World Force swirled around his fist, making it appear larger than it was.


Just then, a spear appeared and expanded with the wind. Yang Kai grasped the enormous Azure Dragon Spear and roared. As he infused all his strength into his spear, he thrust it out.


The excitement and joy behind Bei Yu Shan’s eyes were replaced by shock and then fury. The blood mist around his body surged as he yelled, “I’ll kill you!”


A furious Bei Yu Shan charged forward instead of retreating. With his hands cupping around Azure Dragon Spear, he seemed determined to snatch the weapon.


Right then, a rumble was heard as an extremely thick beam of lightning descended from the sky and accurately struck Bei Yu Shan’s head.


The bolt of lightning was different from the ones seen previously. The colour was richer and it was clearly more powerful. After the lightning appeared, Yang Kai could feel that the World Energy around him had decreased significantly. Apparently, Yue He had used a lot of Seven Wonders Land’s background to make this strike.




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