Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4142, A Shocked Chen Tian Fei


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Despite costing a lot of energy, the result of the strike was excellent. After being engulfed in the purple lightning, Bei Yu Shan started trembling violently as all his hair was standing on end. The lightning roamed around his body and shattered the blood mist, which caused him to be rooted to the spot.


Just then, the Azure Dragon Spear pierced towards him. Just like a Dragon, the spear jabbed into his chest and stuck out from his back.


He widened his eyes and grabbed the spear with both hands before pulling it towards himself. He was so forceful that Yang Kai lost his balance and tilted forward.


Then, a fist was seen coming at Yang Kai’s face. The aura of death alarmed him as he bellowed, “Dragon Shield!”


The Dao Seal in Yang Kai’s body radiated a dazzling glow as a light brown power streamed out of his figure and turned into layers of sturdy Dragon Shields, blocking the space between Bei Yu Shan and him. In the blink of an eye, over a hundred Dragon Shields had been formed.


The Earth Element Power Yang Kai had condensed was High-Order, but due to the fact that he hadn’t ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, this was just a simple use of Earth Element Power. Even though its defence was strong, it might not be good enough when faced with a rampaging Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s World Force. That was the reason Yang Kai hurriedly condensed so many Dragon Shields at the same time.


That was also the reason his Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was resisted by some of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters earlier.




Wherever Bei Yu Shan’s fist passed, the Dragon Shields shattered as though they were made of paper.


Although the Dragon Shields shattered, they were not totally useless. At the very least, they had weakened the power of Bei Yu Shan’s attack.


After just three breaths, the more than a hundred Dragon Shields broke and the fist expanded rapidly in Yang Kai’s eyes before striking his chest.


His Dragon Scales were blasted off his body, and his huge figure was sent flying away as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood in mid-air.


Suppressing the pain he felt, Yang Kai summoned the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and opened the lid, whereupon the thick Yuan Magnetic Divine Light shot towards Bei Yu Shan.


Initially, after Bei Yu Shan activated his Secret Technique, his body expanded and his strength surged while the blood mist around his body served as a layer of extremely sturdy defence. However, after he was struck by the lightning controlled by Yue He, the blood mist broke apart, and a weakness in his defence was revealed, which was why Yang Kai managed to impale him with his spear.


Presently, there was a big hole that went right through Bei Yu Shan’s chest, and his heart had been shredded. His injuries could be said to be fatal, but he hadn’t lost his life yet, which went to show how astonishing his vitality was.


The thick Yuan Magnetic Divine Light streamed into his body through this hole and rampaged around violently. Oblivious to it though, Bei Yu Shan strode towards Yang Kai as though he was determined to destroy his opponent before he died.


Rays of Sword Qi criss-crossed each other as dazzling sword lights slashed across Bei Yu Shan. Lu Xue attempted to stop him, but the result wasn’t ideal. Seeing as Bei Yu Shan was about to reach Yang Kai, she felt her heart leaping to her throat.


A severely injured Yang Kai was no longer able to sustain his Half-Dragon Form. Although Bei Yu Shan had only hit him once, it was a head-on strike from a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Yang Kai was already extremely lucky to not have instantly lost his life. Fortunately, the more than a hundred Dragon Shields and the sturdiness of his Half-Dragon Form saved his life. When he was sent flying away though, he turned back into his Human form.


The giant charged forward and pushed out his fist; however, Yang Kai didn’t dodge the attack as he looked up at him with an impassive expression.


Just as the fist was about to strike, Bei Yu Shan suddenly froze, and following that, he started wailing. A multi-coloured light radiated from all his seven orifices, and countless rays started shooting out of his body.


The light was the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that had streamed into his body earlier.


The unceasing light lasted for more than ten breaths before it finally stopped. Yang Kai put the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light away, and Bei Yu Shan, who was standing in front of him, lost all traces of vitality. Like a statue, he was standing there with his fist raised.


The next instant, Bei Yu Shan burst into a blood mist that fell to the ground with a splash. He had died!


Initially, his heart was already destroyed by Yang Kai’s spear thrust, which was a fatal injury. Then, Lu Xue attacked him furiously, accumulating numerous injuries on his body. Furthermore, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light flooded into his body and damaged his flesh and meridians. He was extraordinary to have lasted up to this point. Nevertheless, he still passed on in the end.


Lu Xue let out a long breath and set her mind at ease. For a moment, she thought that Yang Kai was going to be killed.


It could be said to have been an extremely difficult battle. Both Lu Xue and Bei Yu Shan were in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so they were equally matched. If they were in a one-on-one fight, it was hard to tell who would emerge as the winner. During the battle, she had the help of the Grand Array controlled by Yue He, and Yang Kai revealed his trump cards one by one. Furthermore, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon were of great help. These were the reasons they could end Bei Yu Shan’s life so quickly.


In addition, the Secret Technique Bei Yu Shan used had clearly affected his mental state. If he had decided to flee instead of battling against them until the end, Yang Kai and Lu Xue might not have been able to make him stay. Unfortunately for him, after the Secret Technique was activated, though his might had increased tremendously, all thoughts other than battling to the death never occurred to him.


“We need to recover our strength quickly!” Yang Kai coughed and stuffed some Spirit Pills into his mouth. Then, he sat down cross-legged and adjusted his breathing to heal his wounds.


Although Bei Yu Shan was dead, Chen Tian Fei and Zhao Bai Chuan were still alive. They had to die. Only once they were dead could Yang Kai really take control of Seven Wonders Land.


Lu Xue wasn’t badly injured as she had kept her distance from Bei Yu Shan instead of fighting with him head-on; therefore, she was still full of energy.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was relentlessly hunted down by Bei Yu Shan, so he was seriously wounded. Fortunately, his restorative abilities were incredible. In just one hour, he managed to get back on his feet. Although he hadn’t fully recovered, he was already able to fight.


Just then, Yue He’s voice entered his ears. Apparently, she had been paying attention to the situation outside the fog. Yang Kai communicated with her for a bit and came up with a plan, which he then told Lu Xue about.


Lu Xue nodded and flew up to the periphery of the fog. With her cold water longsword raised, she began condensing immense Sword Qi and World Force onto her blade.


As soon as she was prepared, a fat figure dashed out of the fog. It was none other than Chen Tian Fei.


Yue He controlled the Grand Array, which was why she was able to hold down the two Scarlet Star’s Managers on her own. It could be said that she made the biggest contribution in this battle. Chen Tian Fei would never have been able to leave the fog if she hadn’t released him.


It was Yue He who had intentionally let Chen Tian Fei appear, just like what she had done with Bei Yu Shan earlier.


Chen Tian Fei’s cultivation technique was pretty unique. The extra weight on his body wasn’t a burden but a means to protect himself. Presently, he had significantly slimmed down, and there were lots of visible injuries on his body.


Obviously, he hadn’t been doing well inside the fog. Initially, he couldn’t identify his direction inside the mist, nor could he find out the opponents’ whereabouts. When the view around him became clear all of a sudden, he was evidently startled. The next instant, a shocking sword light came into his sight. 


A horrified Chen Tian Fei immediately knew that he had been set up, so he hurriedly took a deep breath as his figure expanded.


The Secret Technique Bei Yu Shan had used allowed his figure to expand and turn into a giant that was several dozen metres in height. On the other hand, Chen Tian Fei’s Secret Technique made him transform into a literal meatball. Unlike how imposing Bei Yu Shan was, Chen Tian Fei appeared quite comical.


He was engulfed by the sword light as a slashing sound echoed through the air and blood splattered everywhere. He was caught off guard when Lu Xue attacked him, which was why he was so seriously injured. His rotund figure visibly shrunk like a popped balloon. 


After the sword light dissipated, Chen Tian Fei was seen covered in blood. He was still reeling from the shock as he was panting heavily; however, at this moment, he looked just like an average person as all his extra weight was gone. His originally tight-fitting clothes became so loose they were practically slipping off.


“Lu Xue, you cheap slut! How dare you set me up!” Chen Tian Fei widened his eyes in fury.


Lu Xue sported a grim expression, “How did he even survive?”


She had hidden outside the fog in advance and made plenty of preparations to deliver a fatal strike. Initially, she thought that she could kill Chen Tian Fei on the spot, but it turned out that her attack only made his extra weight fall off. This was a surprising outcome for her. Both Bei Yu Shan and Chen Tian Fei proved that it wasn’t easy to deal with these Managers from Scarlet Star.


The reason they could kill the Ou Yang Brothers was that Yang Kai had changed into a different appearance and managed to catch them completely off guard. Moreover, Yue He’s pressure as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master suppressed them, which was why they could easily achieve their goal.


“Go to Hell!” Chen Tian Fei bellowed and pounced on Lu Xue.


Following a snort, Lu Xue wielded her sword and thrust it forward before jabbing her weapon right into Chen Tian Fei’s chest. However, as soon as her sword came into contact with his clothes, she felt as if she had pierced through a hollow space.


“Damn it!” She felt her chest tightening, knowing that she had fallen into a trap.


Her sword light shattered the clothes, but Chen Tian Fei was nowhere to be found. After he became slim, his clothes were so loose they could perfectly conceal his figure; therefore, he managed to get rid of Lu Xue’s attack by shedding his clothes.


She turned her head and saw that Chen Tian Fei was pouncing towards Yang Kai. Apparently, he intended to capture him first.


It had to be said that Chen Tian Fei was indeed a smart person. Given the condition he was in, there was no way he could defeat Lu Xue. In order to live, he had to capture Yang Kai and use him as a bargaining chip.


He had been trusted by Zhao Bai Chuan to run Scarlet Star for many years, so it was apparent that his extra weight wasn’t his only virtue. 


Lu Xue rushed over, but it was too late. In the sky, the howling of wind and the rumbling of lightning were heard. Yue He must have noticed that Yang Kai was in danger, which was why she attempted to help him with the Grand Array’s power.


Just then, Yang Kai took out a long vine that was tied with seven bottle gourds of different colours. These bottle gourds were sound asleep when Yang Kai wielded the vine, but at that instant, they rolled away and transformed into tiny bottle-gourd-shaped Humans with sleepy eyes.


“What are these?” Chen Tian Fei was stunned.


He was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he didn’t have the chance to enter the Primordial Land, that was the reason he hadn’t met an amazing treasure like the gourd vine.


Yang Kai swung the vine again as it strung up all seven bottle gourds. At that instant, Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers gathered together on that vine, forming a mutually suppressive and reinforcing cycle that soon burst forth with a shocking World Force aura.


Chen Tian Fei widened his eyes in disbelief and exclaimed, “Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm?”


A Fifth-Order Open Heaven aura burst from the gourd vine, which horrified Chen Tian Fei to the point that he froze on the spot.




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