Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4143, I Am Willing to Surrender


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The seven bottle gourds corresponded to each of the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements of the Fifth Order. In the Primordial Land, the Bearer surnamed Gou, who was selected by Divine Spirit Jin Wu, activated the Powers of these bottle gourds and thoroughly shocked Yang Kai.


It wasn’t until he was hunted down by the relentless Yang Kai inside the World Fruit that he was forced to use this as a last resort.


Presently, Yang Kai did the same thing, gathering the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements together. Lights of different colours blended with each other as the Powers mutually reinforced one another. 


With the help of the Open Heaven Power derived from the gourd vine, Yang Kai launched a strike at Chen Tian Fei.


Seeing that, Chen Tian Fei was completely flustered; after all, he was just a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Although it was only the difference of a single Order, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. That was the reason he had to be so respectful to Zhao Bai Chuan.


Raising both hands, Chen Tian Fei surged all his power and pushed out innumerable palm shadows. At the same time, he hurriedly retreated.


The palm shadows collapsed when they were struck by the vine strike, and Chen Tian Fei’s expression was transformed by horror as he was struck.


“My predestined end has come!” Chen Tian Fei lamented with an unwilling expression.


However, the next instant, he realised that reality was a little different from what he had imagined. He was indeed struck by the vine, but he wasn’t seriously injured. It was true that a Fifth-Order Open Heaven aura radiated from the vine, but the real force behind the strike could only be compared to that of the Third-Order.


The gourd vine wasn’t as powerful as it appeared to be.


In truth, it wasn’t that the gourd vine was weak, but it was Yang Kai who wasn’t strong enough. Just like the man surnamed Gou, his foundation wasn’t strong enough to bring out the full power of the gourd vine; therefore, despite having such a wonderful weapon in his possession, he couldn’t wield it completely.


Inside the World Fruit at that time, if the man surnamed Gou was able to really bring forth Fifth-Order Open Heaven Power, he wouldn’t have lost his life. It would’ve been Yang Kai who died instead.


Even though Yang Kai could battle against Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters with his Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation, he was basically powerless when dealing with Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


The man surnamed Gou was killed by Yang Kai because he couldn’t fully use the gourd vine’s power. Presently, Yang Kai was facing the same problem as he couldn’t bring out all of the gourd vine’s power.


However, Yang Kai had never expected to kill Chen Tian Fei with this gourd vine. A moment of intimidation was more than enough.


Before Chen Tian Fei could recover, Yang Kai shouted, “Lu Xue!”


A fully prepared Lu Xue had already activated her Secret Technique the moment Yang Kai summoned the gourd vine. Presently, a crack appeared on her glabella as though a third eye had been developed, and from that crack a finger-length golden Sword Qi suddenly shot out.


Third Eye Sword!


This Secret Technique was Lu Xue’s strongest trump card. In the past, she used this move to almost kill the Scarlet Flood Dragon in the Grand Ancients Ruins Boundary. Fortunately, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was enormous and had a Dragon Clan bloodline which granted it immense vitality, which was why it managed to survive. Despite that, a huge wound was formed on its neck, one that almost decapitated it. It wasn’t until days later that it was able to somewhat recover.


When battling against Bei Yu Shan, Lu Xue didn’t use this Secret Technique because it couldn’t be used as she pleased. It required some time to accumulate the necessary strength, and she could only display it once before needing to rest and recover for a time. She had basically saved this Secret Technique to deal with Chen Tian Fei. 


In the blink of an eye, the Third Eye Sword Qi reached the back of Chen Tian Fei. Although Chen Tian Fei couldn’t see it, he instinctively twisted his body and dodged the attack as though a pair of eyes had grown on the back of his head.


Following a slashing sound, blood started spurting from a huge wound on his shoulder. The wound was bone deep and extended from his shoulder to the centre of his chest. Through the wound, one could see his pounding heart and squirming lungs.


This kind of injury was critical, to say nothing of the fact that a pure Sword Qi was still lingering around the wound that continuously damaged Chen Tian Fei’s physique.


Despite the fact that he was badly injured, he still hadn’t lost his life.


Lu Xue thought that it was such a shame. If her attack had tilted slightly to the left, she could’ve decapitated Chen Tian Fei. With that said, this damn fatty was indeed swift as he was able to dodge the fatal attack even in such a situation.


Presently, Chen Tian Fei was terribly injured. His eyes were trembling, and his expression had been transformed by terror as he decided to abandon the Head Manager, who was still trapped inside the fog. Then, he shot into the sky and headed towards the weakest part of the Grand Array. Apparently, he wanted to escape from this place.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Lu Xue wielded her sword and relentlessly raced after him.


On the other hand, Yang Kai moved and directly got in the way of Chen Tian Fei. Following that, he swung his gourd vine and lashed him.


With a furious expression, Chen Tian Fei gritted his teeth and bellowed, “Scram if you don’t want to die!”


Earlier, he had seen Yang Kai use the gourd vine and realised that it wasn’t as powerful as it appeared to be, so he wasn’t so afraid now. Then, he directly charged towards Yang Kai and raised his hand to deal with the gourd vine.


Following a boom, Chen Tian Fei’s figure shook slightly. On the vine, the seven bottle gourds turned back into their original form upon impact as the Open Heaven Power dissipated.


Although it was easy to use this vine, it couldn’t withstand too powerful a strike. If the bottle gourds were injured, they would fall unconscious and it would be impossible to activate them again.


After defeating the gourd vine, Chen Tian Fei increased his speed. 


Yang Kai stored the gourd vine and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear before saying impassively, “Fatty, Seven Wonders Land will be your final resting place, stop making futile attempts to survive!”


Saying so, a great Sun rose from behind his back and blinded everyone’s eyes. A Golden Crow was seen flying and cawing around the great Sun.


“So what if you can use a Divine Manifestation? Whoever blocks my way must die!” Chen Tian Fei bellowed.


A Divine Manifestation was indeed powerful, and Zhao Bai Chuan once commented that with this Divine Manifestation, Yang Kai could fight Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, but Chen Tian Fei was in the Mid-Rank. In the Open Heaven Realm, Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Master couldn’t even be compared as the difference between them was further apart than the Heavens and Earth.


As long as he could break through the blockade set up by Yang Kai and leave Seven Wonders Land, he would be safe. By then, he could look for any place to settle down in the 3,000 Worlds.


Unfortunately, the people from Scarlet Star had just gained a footing when they were plotted against by Yang Kai. Not only had they let the chance slip through their fingers, but many Managers had also lost their lives.


Therefore, it was expected that the resentment Chen Tian Fei had against Yang Kai could never be resolved.


Just then, a rumble was heard, which made Chen Tian Fei feel horrified. A bolt of lightning descended from the sky and filled his vision.


At the most critical moment, Yue He diverted her attention and gave Yang Kai a hand.


She could control the Grand Array’s power. Earlier, she was able to trap both Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei on her own, so now that there was only Zhao Bai Chuan in the fog, she could deal with him with ease and pay more attention to the situation outside. Once she made a move, she directly stopped Chen Tian Fei from running away.


Seeing as the lightning was about to reach him, Chen Tian Fei hurriedly dodged; however, the lightning was incredibly fast, so there was no way he could evade it.


As soon as the lightning hit his head, he roared in pain. An electrocuted Chen Tian Fei trembled violently, and a burnt smell wafted from the wound on his shoulder.


Just then, Yang Kai arrived with his spear. The horrifying power of the Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation condensed at the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear before engulfing Chen Tian Fei.


*Hong long long…* 


A battered figure was seen rapidly falling from the sky, and his aura was extremely unstable. It was none other than Chen Tian Fei.


First, his extra weight was shaved off by Lu Xue’s initial strike, which caused him to lose his strongest defence, then he was badly injured by her Third Eye Sword. Following that, he was struck by the lightning controlled by Yue He. That was why Yang Kai could easily defeat him with his Golden Crow Casts the Sun.


Strictly speaking, what Yang Kai had done was basically adding a last flower to the bouquet. Although his Divine Manifestation was powerful, Yang Kai wasn’t. Usually, Chen Tian Fei could have easily blocked or even destroyed the Divine Manifestation, but he was already heavily wounded by Lu Xue and Yue He, which was why Yang Kai could gain the upper hand.


Following a loud crash, Chen Tian Fei fell to the ground and formed a huge pit, and before he could get back up, Lu Xue charged forward.


Standing in the void, Yang Kai stored his Azure Dragon Spear and looked down before letting out a long breath. They had won.


Chen Tian Fei was seriously injured, so he could probably only display thirty percent of his power now. On the other hand, Lu Xue was unharmed, so it wasn’t difficult for her to defeat him.


Once they settled Chen Tian Fei, they only had to deal with Zhao Bai Chuan. Faced with Yue He, who could control the Grand Array, Scarlet Star’s Head Manager couldn’t even escape, so it was just a matter of time before he was killed.


Gazing at the expansive Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai felt somewhat odd. After he leapt out from his Universe World’s restrictions and arrived in the Outer Universe, this was the first place he settled down. Due to the horrible experiences he faced here though, he wasn’t fond of this place.


However, he had never expected that, completely by chance, Seven Wonders Land would fall into his hands one day. All this started because Xu Huang gave him the Array Jade before his death.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think that fate was truly unpredictable.


With that said, this outcome was beyond highest expectations. With this place in his possession, there was somewhere he could call home in the Outer Universe. First Inn was good, and he had many friends like Bai Qi and the others there. The Proprietress also took good care of him; however, that force didn’t belong to him. If he wanted to bring his friends and family out from the Star Boundary, he would need his own foundation.


Therefore, Seven Wonders Land was exactly what he needed at the moment. It seemed that he didn’t need to go back to First Inn in a hurry; instead, he should return to the Star Boundary first.


Now, he possessed a World Tree root, so he had to see whether this thing could help the Star Boundary recover.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Chen Tian Fei suddenly exclaimed, “Don’t kill me! I’m willing to surrender! Foreign Elder Yang, please spare my life!”


Yang Kai turned his head and saw that Chen Tian Fei appeared extremely pitiful. Under Lu Xue’s suppression, he wasn’t even able to lift his head. He was practically covered in wounds and blood. It wouldn’t take long before he was killed.


At this life-and-death moment, his dignity no longer mattered as he begged for Yang Kai’s mercy.


Lu Xue frowned and slowed down her attacks before looking inquisitively at Yang Kai.


An unfazed Yang Kai said dispassionately, “Fatty, it’s too late to surrender. Moreover, even if you’re willing to surrender, I’m not strong enough to control you. So it’s best we send you on your way now.”


Yang Kai was fully aware of his own capabilities. As an Emperor Realm cultivator, how was he supposed to control a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master even if they were willing to submit to him?




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  1. Thinking about it, Yang Kai should have given Lu Xue or the other 2nd Order (still in his bag) the bottle gourd. They should be able to bring out its full 5th order power, which would have made it an even easier victory.

    1. Well, he is too afraid to trust these items to them unless he can control them. Just like Yue He, if she trusted her that much he could have given her a fruit to promote to lvl 6th to finish the problem but nope, he’d rather die than entrust his treasures to them at these moments.

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